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UK's latest fitness craze: Little girls pole dancing?

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In the United Kingdom, little girls are becoming more familiar with fitness by enrolling in classes that involve the ins and outs of pole dancing. Hundreds of youngsters are learning how to maneuver around a pole, and those numbers are steadily growing. RT's Ameera David has more on what the critics are saying about this controversial craze. Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America
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Text Comments (92)
DaTruth Ali (5 years ago)
yh but i mean facts n truth with major things that are of a concern to me, not these little things here. dont get me wrong tho i dont just hear or read something from one outlet n agree straight away im cautious.. n with that respect u get da same respect back
Vegassgodless (5 years ago)
Custom; A practice followed by people of a particular group or region. So yes pole dancing is a custom...
DaTruth Ali (5 years ago)
i hear what u sayin apart from the pole fitness part lol, its still pole dancing .. n i dont know about all that anti british stuff, i just like to see RT news coz its one of the only few who actually give talk facts n truth
DystopianEmpire01 (5 years ago)
As if the world didn't already have enough of a problem with pedophiles. -_-
DaTruth Ali (5 years ago)
x_x i just saw men on a pole... could have told me in the title. but how am i being told about a craze in the UK n i didnt even kno about it, or isit just in da rich parts.. but for real parents these days r just givin birth n not parenting. i see girls at work by themselves or with their parents wearing a hoes uniform like i kno they not poor buy some clothes man
random69ism (5 years ago)
So how is it that you report this is for " little girls" but you put footage of adult male strippers on screen? RT if youre going to report on stuff stay on topic, that said this is just another way to sexualize little kids. If you really want to get pissed look at the cloths they sell for little girls.
Can You .Handle That (5 years ago)
funny looking "Girls". I remember you did this very same story like 3 years ago RT.
Gavin Gill (5 years ago)
Something tells me you think girls in short-shorts are whores... .-.
Frank Later (5 years ago)
Thanks for clearing that up. I had to look up who this Chris Rock person was, but now I know. Still, I'm not sure how it makes a difference that what you wrote was using a quote from someone else.
Brian Gammage (5 years ago)
Down to the government. Sex crimes or murder 8 years. Thieving from the governmet, tax,robbing,etc. A lot more time inside. ITS all about the governments revenue.
Brian Gammage (5 years ago)
TwennyGee (5 years ago)
JL MA (5 years ago)
I find doing this kind of dancing as an adult a matter of personal choice, but when little kids are encourage to do it, it just becomes child pornography acceptance.
T B (5 years ago)
Society in uk is increasingly diseased. Anything goes eh! Liberalisation has been great for us eh?!!!
Alal Telal (5 years ago)
in what society finds little girls pole dancing morally acceptable.
Zeno1999 (5 years ago)
You gonna save plenty of food, water and Oxygen if you exit NOW :)
Zeno1999 (5 years ago)
Thanks; people have short memory. World still have lot of work to do to protect women and children. Besides that majority of people are dumb; no wonder morons rule over them.
Zeno1999 (5 years ago)
It took long time for Tae-kwon-do to get into Olympics.
Zeno1999 (5 years ago)
I've a pole in my bedroom for Ms. Ameera David; ma'am, anytime, come over. You will never be the same :) PM me.
Genuine UK (5 years ago)
Absolutely rubbish i see RT is starting to bring on the anti British propaganda all because the house of commons votes no on the Syria war
balderdashery G (5 years ago)
Watch the clip again. She said about 200 girls were taking classes, (not part of school). They did not talk about a competition. This video they used had nothing to do with the girls, because RT did not want to show the actual girls for obvious reasons.
Gavin Gill (5 years ago)
Atheism has nothing to do with sexualizing anything.
theygunaHATEME (5 years ago)
I wonder if they will and it to the Olympics, now that they have gotten rid of wrestling... and girls softball.
mookixox (5 years ago)
Atheism!...That's the problem.
greg thescaleymanfish (5 years ago)
reverse Transsexuals? XD
Dehzee (5 years ago)
Next up, twerking for tots, coming to a daycare near you!
Vegassgodless (5 years ago)
What morals and to whom's standards? the fact is that society has always been amoral, to another society that has different customs then your own!
jl644 (5 years ago)
What the ****? they lost their minds?
Macwylee (5 years ago)
Do you have any evidence to support such a claim?
Wylvien (5 years ago)
Marxist like to oversexualise white children and give them to muslim arab gangs.
ytgv3fc7 (5 years ago)
is this a sign the UK thinks their children's best jobs in the future will be strippers, waitresses & on the dole?
moeOCTX (5 years ago)
tsntana (5 years ago)
Then what the hell is Sam Sacks doing here? :)
Sia (5 years ago)
whore island
Tweak91ify (5 years ago)
Sickening...somehow i find this false, although this type of stuff is considered "illegal" in the USA. Still, this type of stuff should be banned, then again modern world is so fucked up beyond belief.
tsntana (5 years ago)
Well, if it's going to be in the Olympics anyway...
Charles Smyth (5 years ago)
The daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri is a sexy pole dancer.
Charles Smyth (5 years ago)
Via this rationale: A woman with a mobile phone and a nice car is a hooker, a human trafficker and/or a drug dealer? RT Presentresses in high heels are the Kremlin's honey traps... :-)
Charles Smyth (5 years ago)
Enough with the 'Ooer Missus' double entendre already. Pole-fitness is a sine qua non for the war against obesity.
Arius Black (5 years ago)
Why are males used in these visuals? Especially with "Poledancing being a dominantly female activity with tons of adult female videos on YouTube alone? What's the agenda here?
Frank Later (5 years ago)
Yeah, don't worry about her doing drugs, getting raped, prostituting herself, tattooing her face, getting an STD, committing suicide, or getting pregnant, but let's make sure she doesn't pole-dance.
Frank Later (5 years ago)
In a country of over 63 MILLION people, "several hundred" youngsters are "estimated" to attend pole dancing classes. In that same UK, 1,600 girls are estimated to be genitally mutilated every year, 43,000 are forced to wear religious face-veiling garbs, and _at_least_ 520 underage girls were forced into prostitution in 2012 alone. Really, RT, get your priorities straight.
JudeK0pa (5 years ago)
plutocratic london-answers to spooks that go bump in night-the genealogy of every nation in globe carved up after great war ww1-these nations leaders implanted by jew is a jew with made up family tree and these hideous props do bidding of genie taskmaster
gamelord septiva (5 years ago)
Those are not little girls lol
Inmatinus (5 years ago)
People who perform good in ''pole dancing'' will feel compelled to go into that line of work.
frederic bastiat (5 years ago)
so will real fathers please stand up? or will whoring classes, young random pregnancies w/ abortions, stds from random strangers should continue to be encouraged to becoming the standard/norm in the uk.
eskatee (5 years ago)
30 000 children vanish each year in the UK; Jimmy Savile was not a stand alone case
brianpadrickdrake (5 years ago)
So "The West is the Best"? Apparently not anymore. They are more concerned with Sodomy being a right than actual morality which builds and sustains civilizations.
BlindHallway (5 years ago)
"Hey don't judge them, pedophiles are born that way. They can't help it. They are just really little boys and girls trapped in an adults body. So what if he wants to play doctor with lil sally it is none of your business and is doing no harm. It happens in nature so it is normal." Just wait, that sounds crazy now but promoting homosexuality and getting your 9-10 year old children a sex change surgery was just as crazy 50 years ago.
Alal Telal (5 years ago)
talmudian agenda to demoralize society.
Gavin Gill (5 years ago)
What's with the over-sexualization of everything these days.
RT & J (5 years ago)
I...I don't even know...I really don't...wut...
darkdelink (5 years ago)
yup them girl's lift
cantthinkofone77 (5 years ago)
sorry...I missed the inference?,that's okay the religious don't give a damn about reasoning and logic in the first place.Carry on.
ulaghchi (5 years ago)
Oh yeah.
Ledzeppanzer (5 years ago)
Classy stuff.Best to get them trained up for their future jobs,I suppose XD
TylerGhostrider (5 years ago)
Dumbass. What the hell does this have to do with atheism?
LeathalShears (5 years ago)
Thumbs up to the degradation of innocents and morale code.
CZARVII (5 years ago)
CZARVII (5 years ago)
They can with my pole all they want
reeram (5 years ago)
You all do know they are wanting to remove Greco-Roman Wrestling from the Olympics and replacing it with POLE DANCING!!! Shit you not!! Look it up!! Parents need their asses beat until they understand that this is unacceptable! No matter what you call it, you are sexing up your little girls! But, I guess some whore of a mammy or a lech of a daddy wouldn't see anything wrong with this!!!
Dragon Butt (5 years ago)
*shrugs* it happens in russia too. It happens everywhere >>
pipeman451 (5 years ago)
With an aging stripper population this makes since. Look at it as a jobs program for future strippers. They do it all for us
reeram (5 years ago)
I think I figured out why you showed a video of men 'pole dancing' instead of little girls 'pole fitnessing'. Is it because it would still be considered 'child pornography'????
Ninjastuntz (5 years ago)
lol i officially went to hell...
RAMKING61 (5 years ago)
Uh, RT. Perhaps you should actually WATCH your vids before you air them.
danethekid1 (5 years ago)
This is a disgrace. Pole dancing,Terking t's all about the corruption and abuse of the innocence of children..You can try to sugar coat this by saying it's gymnastics as much as you like,but at the end of the day pole dancers is for strippers or women who are of an adult age.So I guess it's going to be okay to start placing money in the leotards of the little girls now!!! What the fuck is going on world!!!! LET KIDS BE KIDS,THEY'RE CHILDREN NOT INANIMATE SEXUALL OBJECTS!!! SHAME ON THE PARENTS
CmdrGendoIkari (5 years ago)
USUK hegemony everybody. Give 'em a round of appalled. ;-P
CmdrGendoIkari (5 years ago)
So, when are they gonna install chrome poles in all the school playgrounds? :-P
Sean James (5 years ago)
They'll ban it in the UK except for parliament members. Sick
Legionarius Augustus (5 years ago)
little hookers
Phoenix (5 years ago)
Sounds like feminist sloganism If its gymnastics on a pole then just do gymnastics and throw out the pole.
judassss (5 years ago)
gymnastics on a pole haha sounds like sex
Red Wraith (5 years ago)
And theists are so great for the world right? Grow the fuck up instead of trying to bash atheists at any chance you get. Anyone with a brain can see how dumb this shit is. Cameron will probably ban it since he went after porn.
Streets of Vancouver (5 years ago)
More ridiculous whoring of the innocent and vulnerable...
djkhaless (5 years ago)
this has nothing to do with atheists, don't be a dumb ass
mookixox (5 years ago)
Good job Atheists, your dreams of turning society into sh*t are becoming a reality.
NevadaTony702 (5 years ago)
if you guys were allowed to have guns i would say kill yourselves
doctordrewl (5 years ago)
Talk about a growth industry...
Lombardist (5 years ago)
Disgusting. What the hell is this world becoming!
Hanzo (5 years ago)
Fucking sick. These European countries are getting more and more degenerate.
Guy Dion (5 years ago)
That's UK women for you
LivinginDogville (5 years ago)
Jeremy Irons once said that British are not cold,but passionate people...He said that they cover tables with long tablecloths because they can be turned on by table leg .....: )
Dale (5 years ago)
Lets see, pole dancing was founded by strippers-CHECK. Little girls now tossing barbie for the pole-CHECK. Looks to me the pedophiles have a whole new sport to look forward too. And any mother that thinks this is ok has serious issues now to deal with if this doesn't make them think. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!! IS THERE NO MORAL COMPASS ANYMORE!!!!
RuRu887 (5 years ago)
So its not just Murica... ugh, its the planet.
Snutih (5 years ago)
A vertical pole can be used as gymnastic apparatus just like horizontal ones. Stop trying to create a fuss where there is nothing.
Standonarock (5 years ago)
Wipe out the filth God.
killop141 (5 years ago)
Pedophiles always getting what they want.
Pinky Green (5 years ago)
DUMB useless video. thumbs down for the video and the commercial I had to watch at the beginning.
Heat Karma (5 years ago)
come on sun go super nova just a few billion years sooner
XtremeNeed (5 years ago)
nobaccos (5 years ago)
i think its f ing stupid.

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