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Poker Face: Bionicle Style!

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I do not own the song or bionicle. Song: Poker Face by Lady Gaga
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Text Comments (8)
Happy Suicide (7 years ago)
bionicle with poker face? T.T
Joetepoet (7 years ago)
worst song to mix with bionicle T.T
Jerome Lee (7 years ago)
im gonna do born this way soon.
snakeboyguam10 (7 years ago)
This was posted one day after my birthday.
Jerome Lee (8 years ago)
@skelescorch10 its amazing how the lyrics match up with the actions... i just puts some random clips together...:P the hit me part where pohatu bumps the rock is lol
Rsunfable (8 years ago)
go mistika go!
skelescorch10 (8 years ago)
awesome i wonder why no one else doesnt comment
MagnuS (8 years ago)

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