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WD-40® Specialist® Motorcycle Chain Lube

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WD-40® Specialist® Motorcycle Chain Lube penetrates deep into rollers and between link plates. It's formula sets to prevent fling-offs, avoids attraction of dirt, and will not melt under severe use.
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Flame Repellent (3 months ago)
That how beginner apply their chain lube, right? I can see the future of that sport rim already...
DanDownunder (5 months ago)
Tried this product ... Am now removing the chain to clean all the paste that is all over my front sprocket cover and around.. Not happy at all with this lube.
Min Tong Tee (6 months ago)
What's the performance differences between chain lube and chain wax?
Moto Mania Pk (5 months ago)
chain waxes are much efffective and attracts less dirt and much are affective than chain lubes

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