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HOW TO: DIY Gold Leaf Frames (West Elm HACK!)

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Text Comments (164)
Kathern Pernell (5 months ago)
I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.
Judith Scott (7 months ago)
Beyonce! Still a great video.
Nicole Sharp (7 months ago)
Love this! Great idea!!
sarah thomas (10 months ago)
You're the cutest....☺
Alanna Loganhjgygtfrdsaq (10 months ago)
My name is Sharrah
Stephanie Psihopedas (1 year ago)
Looking for the list of items for this project, couldn't find it on the blog
Simply Gracie (1 year ago)
MamKumba Sosseh (1 year ago)
The Austin Powers reference!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😭
Shagith shagithyan (1 year ago)
wow thank you
Alena Blankenship (1 year ago)
Check out the frame I just made!!! https://youtu.be/0JhvZq5NEUk
LaurelBlue (1 year ago)
Samantha Freeman (1 year ago)
Love this and can't wait to try it soon!! I also love this necklace, do tell where you got this beauty!! 😍
jay ls (1 year ago)
great job! side note the black and white back drop, where did you get it or if you can, can you show a diy of it.
She is Queen (1 year ago)
Beyoncé 🐝 love it I'm going to gold leaf my desk handles
Mimoun Aziz (1 year ago)
quelle classe ,c'est tres jolie.
Vishal Ram (1 year ago)
awesome I loved this idea! I'll definitely give it a try, thanks for the diy.
Mary Louise Shimkus (1 year ago)
You truly give me the desire to DO IT! Love you and your Mom!
Irene Musyoka (2 years ago)
what do you use to stick them to the wall?
Arlinda S (2 years ago)
Did she just called Beyoncé her "soul sista" 😂 I'm dead!
Tiffany Schramm (2 years ago)
The Queen B!! lol
Micah Mehlhorn (2 years ago)
Can you do a DIY video over how to style wire shelves in a closet? My apartment has a wire shelf system in the closet and it looks so ugly! Not to mention it is very inconvenient for storage.
Fefey Matos (2 years ago)
hey I really like your Channel on this DIY your backsplash did you make that yourself?? luv it !!!!
Rebecca Hadley (2 years ago)
savanna kelley (2 years ago)
Katie Wingert (2 years ago)
where did grayson go lol
Katie Wingert (2 years ago)
+Sk Arif Fuuuck offfff
Sk Arif (2 years ago)
ɷɷɷ Heeyy Friendz I Have Foundddd Workinggg Online Hacck visitt : - https://t.co/UGQ5n9tO1y
BeBeautifulBySofie (2 years ago)
very beautiful! where did you get the lamps hanging in front of your mirror? Love them!
Ankita Jha (2 years ago)
These are so pretty! thanks for the diy :) p.s - you totally look like Emma Roberts !
Ashley Gill (2 years ago)
I love it! Suscribed! Can you PLEASE do a video on your pendant lights or say where they're from/how you did them?
Stefan Boyden (1 year ago)
Hey, you might not see this, however I've been searching and I don't think these are the exact ones but there are pretty accurate!! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/OTI-Lighting-1X-Vintage-Pendant-Lights-Iron-Wire-Around-Glass-Incandescent-for-Bedroom-Bar-Living-Room/32380758944.html?spm=2114.40010408.3.2.zH0p9r&s=p
Lisa Vann (2 years ago)
Those came out looking so chic and expensive.
deepa sajeevan (2 years ago)
hmmm gold frames...looks cool
Sherry Long (2 years ago)
Love the linen over the Mar great tip!
waoo just amazing
sheree lorraine (2 years ago)
loved this! !
Raynara Ortega (2 years ago)
Love it!! Can't wait to try it!
Grace Crawford (2 years ago)
Are Grayson an shiarah together?
pajamagirl123 (2 years ago)
I was wrong and they're just co-workers in her mom's company. I could have sworn i heard Rebecca say he and Scott were her sons though...
pajamagirl123 (2 years ago)
That's her brother lol
Norma Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Queen B - Beyonce! :)
Anew1008 (2 years ago)
omg why did u go to all the trouble i hope you bought something with the extra cash! your room looks so prettty! i love all your inspirational quotes thats a good idea for my guest room!!
Darlene Templeton (2 years ago)
Can anyone help me out, how and where, do you think you can possibly get the prints that are in the frames? ?I have no idea where to look
Connie's Creations (2 years ago)
did you make the pokey looking balls on Wall with frames ?
Anaisa Medina (2 years ago)
you can make them with styrofoam ball toothpicks and gold spray paint 😊
Shenn Morris (2 years ago)
where is your top from? Super cute
Abe Benz (2 years ago)
come in is it Beyonce your soul sister is beyoncé am i right?girl
Abe Benz (2 years ago)
Is your soul sister Beyonce
Abe Benz (2 years ago)
Is your soul sister Beyonce
Alex Furey (3 years ago)
Those glass pendant lights are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Rivera (3 years ago)
Linsey Hornberger (3 years ago)
All of my best wood tools I made with woodprix. Google and try it.
Sabrina Grimm (3 years ago)
What's that very first song called?
Megan Garcia (3 years ago)
so u really returned your expensive frames your mom bought u for your bday for cash??? :/
Megan Garcia (3 years ago)
I mean, that's what you said. but I LOVE your DIY project...just thought that was a little ungrateful. sorry.
Hannah Peterson (3 years ago)
where is your bed and your cool light from? LOVE IT!
Monique Young Ford (3 years ago)
how did you make the prints?
Donna Jean (3 years ago)
BEYONCÉ!!!!! Xo is maaaa favorite!
DrSF (3 years ago)
Love the DIY! ...and Patty LaBell?
abb baa (3 years ago)
Beyonce! <3
Maya Angole (3 years ago)
Realfav (3 years ago)
Faith Weatherwoods (3 years ago)
beyonce obviously
Mrs. Mary Lamb (3 years ago)
wow ! Very pretty Sharrah !!! Love it !!!!
Gggg (3 years ago)
Looks amazing!!!
Mary Helen Trippet (3 years ago)
Did this last night and the frames turned out great! Thanks so much for this fun DIY!
Neha Arora (3 years ago)
do you have a blog ??
Ace De Ausen (3 years ago)
Idk spice girls maybe Beyoncé
Teresa M (3 years ago)
I luv that necklace!
Angela Mobile Makeup (3 years ago)
They look so chic, fabulous DIY =)
chrysalisrose (3 years ago)
Love this.  Will this work on plastic-like material laminated over particle board type frames (ie like dollar store frames)?? Anyone try it without using wood? THANKS
nikki (3 years ago)
Beyoncé! Haha
kayleen le (3 years ago)
Am I the only one tht laughed at 2:55?
Ace De Ausen (3 years ago)
Payal Poojary (3 years ago)
In lovee wit ur DIYs !!!! Really wonderful and amazing ideas !!!!
CM BN (3 years ago)
-- great explanation. Definitely doing this!
Sheri Harris (3 years ago)
I love this. I probably would've stopped at the gold spray paint but still....
gsatey (3 years ago)
Love this DIY.
Sophia Bonitto (3 years ago)
Flawless Beyoncé
Stanley Gagner (3 years ago)
+Sophia Bonitto yep beyonce
sallianne piltz (3 years ago)
Katherine Swaringen (3 years ago)
JoziGirl (3 years ago)
great idea!  Never thought of this - will give it a blast
NunaFeedsTheDucks (3 years ago)
Great idea I love it 😉 soul sister by Train hey hey hey, your lipstick stains 😜loll
Carrie Li (3 years ago)
i will probably just spray paint the frame gold. Seems a lot of work to apply the gold leaf
Geneva Wilkinson (3 years ago)
LOVE these!
Chris Mermon (3 years ago)
BEYONCE!!!!  i woke up like ths... flawless!
cherylynn927 (3 years ago)
christine rod (3 years ago)
christine rod (3 years ago)
love your necklace, where did you get it from if it don't bother you me asking...:)
amy1651 (3 years ago)
Love the gold member reference
nella kipulu (3 years ago)
suggarachel (3 years ago)
Happy b-day :)
SanctuaryHut (3 years ago)
This is beautiful work and love the video. I think this is the best gold leaf coverage I have seen till date. Perfect n neat work Sharrah :). Hope you are recovering well and as for grandpa hope the hospital is keeping him as comfortable as possible. Take care. Greyson..i never thought I'd ask but HOW did Rebecca find you? 8 years wow! You are a blessing. Hope Mrs Greyson is well with baby on the way..happy for you two.
klhtrading7 (3 years ago)
Great job -- very cool project.  Thanks for sharin', Sharrah.  ;)  They look beautiful on your wall -- and happy belated birthday!!!
Yesenia Milan (3 years ago)
love it! and the new editing haha 
Nancy H (3 years ago)
Where did you get the supplies for the gold leaf?
Wanda Richardson (5 months ago)
Nancy H Craft stores sell them.
Barb Nauman (3 years ago)
Brilliant!!  I love these so much!  They're so beautiful, yet stylish, and very, very classy!!  You did a super duper job, Sharrah, and I'm so glad you are feeling back to normal!  Love your braid, too-very cute!!  The linen just adds that extra touch makes it over the top!  My best to both of you guys!! XXO  Are we taking Beyonce' here??:)
Maria das Santos (3 years ago)
Beautiful job.
Alyssa Macias (3 years ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can't wait to try these! I also love how similar your style is to mine! When your mom did your old apartment- the one with the pallet wall, I thought to myself "FINALLY an apartment decor video that is exactly my style!" haha These gold frames prove it too! I've been needing something to hang on my wall above my bed and these might just be the perfect fit! Love those gold spiked balls on your wall too!!
Julie Dixon (3 years ago)
Beyonce!! Great vid
Jared Martell (3 years ago)
Love this new setup!
pam ledgeway (3 years ago)
👑🐝. Duh
Dora Bramden (3 years ago)
Beautiful. Love the linen covered mounting boards.
Dabney Sorrow (3 years ago)
Absolutely LOVE this! I am gonna have to do this for my bedroom!!
Hadley Iselin (3 years ago)
Andrea (3 years ago)
Love it!!! Could you do a diy on how to get the wooden headboard in this video please and thank you!
Mindy Watkinson (3 years ago)
Fabulous idea! Definitely going to try this. Thanks Sharrah :)
Arielmybelle (3 years ago)
Your soul sista is Beyonce' and I love the gold frames I also recommend the white frames from ikea for this project because they'll be easy to cover in any color aaaaaannnd they look expensive when they're like $5!

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