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Underwater Sea Walk, Coral Island, Pattaya, Thailand

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Tabia Tahsin (1 month ago)
We didi that too!!!!! We also fed the fishes!!! Missing this more than ever 😭😭❤❤❤
Sudheer Nemani (3 months ago)
How to book this?
syam krishnan (4 months ago)
This activity is only recommended for those know swimming also adults, Please dont even try this for kids, saying this with my experience . Please dont dont try this for your kinds . Divers never says danger because they exp. They are promoting there business.
Ashu Bana (10 months ago)
How many rupees in this activiti
Krishika Arora (4 months ago)
Do **
Krishika Arora (4 months ago)
1000 bhat I also did this and if u take a combo of rs 2000 u can Di underwater walk jetski banana boat and parcelling
Micheal Rajan (9 months ago)
Ashu Bana You'll be charged 1200 baht per person for tis activity, which is equivalent to 2500 rupees..
Yogesh Shinde (9 months ago)
Ashu Bana they have a package of 4 sports charge 2000 tbh equals approx 4k total
Santhosh Skanda (2 years ago)
hey guys wonderful, how u took the videos 😊
babyrani. nuthakki (4 years ago)

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