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Basic Concepts and Principles of Management

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Basic Concepts and Principles of Management
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Very fantastic sir
manoj paudel (1 year ago)
what are the basic principles of management??? please give me in point...
richard chandra (4 years ago)
good story bro :)
Mónica Sanaphre (4 years ago)
OMG!! Are you really speaking English??? I don't understand what you are saying!
RauL8604 (6 years ago)
I... I'm sorry. I can't take this video seriously.
Fawzia Farah (10 months ago)
i laughed too lmao
Greenswan1000 (6 years ago)
Mujee mohmmed (7 years ago)
99lomari ,,badceed,,learn to say thank u ,,they r teaching u ,,do not look at their mistake ,,,get what u want and say thank u ,,
99lomari (8 years ago)
well as mentioned when even grammer is not good, how the material presented has worth, so I decided not to watch, thanks for initial comments:
Clifford Baddist (9 years ago)
I just started to watch this video and I noticed that the grammar in the first slide which you showed was very bad. You might want to consider getting help with written english.

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