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Denim Vs Leather...Which Is MORE Stylish? | Battle of The Jackets

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Real Men Real Style (22 days ago)
https://goo.gl/59wxP1 - click here and use code RMRS to claim a special discount on your new Original Grain watch. Thanks, Original Grain, for being the paid sponsor of today's post! *WATCH NEXT: Polo Vs Henley | Which Shirt Is More Stylish?* - https://youtu.be/GNJzzgn5k5I https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/deni... - click here to read the article - Denim VS Leather Jackets https://rmrs.live/event8 - Click HERE to discover the power of the style transformation roadmap that will leverage your professional image within 30 days! Video Summary: 0:26 - Round 1 - Versatility 1:55 - Round 2 - Durability 4:17 - Round 3 - Price 5:17 - Round 4 - Sex Appeal 6:23 - Round 5 - Maintenance 7:27 - Round 6 - Protection 8:21 - Round 7 - Tailoring
Laxmi Adhikari (23 days ago)
Real Men Real Style leather
Blake Johnson (1 month ago)
Real Men Real Style leather its just that I can’t afford it
Real Men Real Style when going out with someone Its leather jacket with a white button up under And you Can wear just a normal t shirt under Too Leather wins!
Tatum (9 months ago)
I have both. The only thing matters is how you present yourself. Confidence is the key to everything. Love the vid.100% fire!!!
Soren Roeser (10 months ago)
Leather jackets will always be the most durable, attractive, and versatile! Unless you’re a vegan. Then buy a denim jacket.
tipofmytongue1024 (2 days ago)
Denim forever
Tushar Tiwari (3 days ago)
Make a video on how to clean a leather jacket
MagnetPull (4 days ago)
From my European perspective I must say: screw both, get a wool coat for colder nights and a non-denim cotton jacket, a trenchcoat or a wax jacket for the spring and autumn. For me leather but especially denim are too casual and too "flustered". It's what the "bros" or 80s-style-hipsters would wear here, none of whom you would consider classic.
Nayan Chakraborty (5 days ago)
I'll buy denim jacket first, then I'll buy a leather one.
😺 7:06
Alvaro Arnez (11 days ago)
his leather jacket is dead
Devil XoX (15 days ago)
I m vegetarian that's why denim
Bani Akram (19 days ago)
Lol that squeaky sound at 2:32 you looked exactly like Stiffler from American Pie :D
Ibrahima Cisse (19 days ago)
What is better for rain?
Aditya Sindhwal (19 days ago)
Denim Jacket❤️😍🔥
SilverDOMO (25 days ago)
Team leather
Kevin Sanchez (25 days ago)
Can I pick both? They both look great.
Waggish 483 (1 month ago)
okay so i may be late out but, what colore of my jeans should i have to a light blue sherpa jacket just like the one he has?
A Payze (1 month ago)
can you wear levi denim jacket with levi jeans??
Connor Loewy (1 month ago)
You buttoned your denim jacket?! And you didn't pop the collar?!
arthur willjohnson (1 month ago)
I feel like the sex appeal is different for each, like the leather jacket is bad boy sex machine and the denim is rough around the edges but there's a heart somewehre in there.
hofra moh (1 month ago)
I own two Denim and 6 leather jackets, so it is clear which one wins for me.
Daniel Roy (1 month ago)
leather all the way
Ash Dee (1 month ago)
Both look nice and are pleasant to wear, but at the end of the day... Denim is for boys; leather is for men.
Henry Zhang (1 month ago)
RMRS is a ultra business and family type of man in my opinion, find it a little weird him wearing badass jacket.
Tommy Nguyen (2 months ago)
that leather jacket looks better on you because your jean jacket is too new, doesn't look like the denim is aged so it just looked not natural.
King K's lifestyle (2 months ago)
Get outta here. Denem jackets go out of style for twenty years at a time, and leather jackets are always in style. Two years from now, you won't be able to wear a denim jacket without looking like a farmer, or a bum. You'll be donating those denim jackets, while you're still Rock in your leather.
J SHANGHAI (2 months ago)
Baracuta G9 leather. Expensive but you will have it for life
J SHANGHAI (2 months ago)
I just discovered all this alpha male hack channels. These guys are awesome. I’d love to be one of these guys
Ghoul Funk (2 months ago)
EZ Denim all the way.
silver (2 months ago)
Deep purple, Led Zeppelin, the ramones , the doors , jimi hendrix , janis joplin , the beatles , judas priest , metallica = leather Nuff said
Alpha M vs real men real style. Lol
ThunderHaven AE (2 months ago)
Tailoring costs extra... So basicly the Denim lost.
Nawaf almaneea (2 months ago)
Leather jacket is way better..I find denim jackets really undesirable.
Azeem Mulla (2 months ago)
If u ask 1000 time my answer would be same leather jackets anytime
Devadhipati (2 months ago)
Love it, the way you introduce your sponsors is amazing, you've got this ability to pull it off really well!
Raymond Sbdon (2 months ago)
Denim jackets for trucktors mostly at farm and leather jacket looks luxury even you drive your Toyota Camry
JustTooLit (3 months ago)
Nothing beats a properly made lambskin leather jacket.
THE ROBLOX BOSS Lol (3 months ago)
I like leather jacket
Oliver Brissenden (3 months ago)
God the funny thing with your channel is the way you put your sponsors in. So many other channels are boring with something like "wait till the end of the video to see our sponsor", but every time you put one in its always creatively done.
Edmark Lungay (3 months ago)
The denim you can wear all year around compare to leather it fit for winter and fall only.during summer here in middle east it not works....
Arsalan Ali Khan (3 months ago)
Denim jacket with a leather jacket on top, because I believe both are epic.
dreadthefear pad (3 months ago)
Denim because I am in school at the moment, 615 bucks for a leather jacket is steep. XD
Come on Mate (2 months ago)
dreadthefear pad it could last you until your college graduation, As long as your body shape wouldn’t change.
Jon Coates (3 months ago)
I have a couple of denim jackets, my favorite being a dark wash. Combine that with a watch like the zebra wood minimalist, a good pair of driving mocs, and well fitting pair of chinos - you have a killer casual outfit.
AJINDY TV (3 months ago)
Mark William (3 months ago)
layer a denim jacket under a leather jacket and you won't have to decide
Gryphon Word (4 months ago)
Jacket leather and armor leather is different because of the way they are made. Check out skallagrim
Asher Nevrekar (4 months ago)
Anyone know what kind of jacket he was wearing?
ConfortinDEADHORSE (4 months ago)
it's cold outside? then neither of these will keep you warm
Benjamin Lawrence (4 months ago)
i have both but i prefer leather cause it is way cooler.
Ethan Manuel (4 months ago)
Leather is always my go to!!
arya Rafly F (4 months ago)
top cool for black leather jacket
Musa Khan (4 months ago)
Antonio, i wonder why you wear loose clothes? For eg the sleeves on your denim jacket are very loose and baggy
Rocka-billy the kid (4 months ago)
I go with both.
Niko Vellios (5 months ago)
duli dok (5 months ago)
i have both
Great One (5 months ago)
Both absolutely useless for the elements.
In Sex appeal maybe you may have considered smell. My leather jacket has a smell that instantly turns women on (i bought it in Argentina).
You missed the cousin of the leather jacket... I don´t know how it is called... the one weared by the sheriff in Rambo. That´s epitome form maculinity and protection.
Dustin Radman (5 months ago)
Have a denim jacket with leather arms 😎
Nicholas Cooper (6 months ago)
From where I'm from, I never see guys wearing denim jackets. So to me, denim jackets just look more feminine.
Иван Ковалик (6 months ago)
Kilt and Cocktail (6 months ago)
I wear kilt how td i dress up a kilt
TBS Production (6 months ago)
I have both, wear both, like both, but i kinda prefer the leather but they are both great
narendra naik (6 months ago)
Alex (6 months ago)
denim shirt with leather jacket equals sexiness overload
akshay sutar (7 months ago)
Suit on denim? Seriously?
Alpha Matt (7 months ago)
on paper denim is just better, cheaper, easier to care for, better age range, versatility, but idk, just something about the status, and the vibe that comes off a dude in leather, is just somehow better
ponokunishima1 (7 months ago)
I like them both and I have both, I also have a brown leather jacket. For me, I just wear my denim jacket when I go out to the mall with my girlfriend or to someplace casual. Whereas the leather jackets, I’ll wear them to dinner or to more fancier places.
gibbanz22 (7 months ago)
I got 2 of each! But since I live in So Cal and we really don't have a winter, my denim jackets get a lot more use.
I love denim jackets I'm always wearing the denim jacket with a hoodie underneath
If ur older where leather if ur younger where denim simple
Goji Horror (7 months ago)
I have a denim jacket from my oldest brother and I love it. And I’m also even thinking about getting a leather jacket as well.
VeryNormal SimplePerson (7 months ago)
Leather Jacket for sure. Leather is sturdy, eternal, breathable, keeps you warm yet not sweaty, it's just a little bit heavy and overkill for the city. The denim jacket is useless for 90% of guys IMO. It's heavy and bulky, won't keep you warm, just protect you from the wind at best (and not very good at that either). It will protect your clothes from damage mainly but very few people actually need that kind of protection in something that's not work clothing anymore (modern technical/work garments replaced denim with modern fabrics decades ago).
JustZuki (7 months ago)
Why do you need to have a debate, they're both essentials that men need in there wardrobe. It doesn't matter if people have different opinions, they are still ESSENTIALS FOR MEN
The Clout Collector (7 months ago)
Joshua H (7 months ago)
My first high quality jacket was leather and no other type of jacket has been able to match the feel of wearing a leather jacket. There is something about leather that is so awesome.
Mark Borota (7 months ago)
I would choose the leather jacket and I would choose a Armani chrono watch
Eliecer Hernández (7 months ago)
I rather leather, but I must admit that the Denim one is more versatile.
Equinox (7 months ago)
Black leather with seiko
YT Productions (7 months ago)
Denim beats in style
Samuel Keane (7 months ago)
More fun to clean and take care of leather, it’s work but it makes me feel more masculine.
Tim Turbo (7 months ago)
I think jean is more mature looking, like what a dad wears in fall
Roderick Zoutendijk (7 months ago)
okay, that was one of the best sponsor video yet. kudos
rachid lasfar (7 months ago)
Leather need a cold weather, But Denim u can wear in summer too I bought a Salsa leather jacket last week made me feel great
NeCacaluXuxultic (7 months ago)
I am broke so.... denim all the way HAHAHA
red hart kidd (7 months ago)
when i started the video i was like tf but this grew on me lmao
Jingpeng Xu (8 months ago)
Denim is easier for dress up, leather is a bit difficult to pull it off.
hurricanesc (8 months ago)
Leather, a Schott Perfecto 519 model
Paris Pat (8 months ago)
Is it appropriate for a 56 year old man to wear a denim jacket? Which is more versatile, leather or denim. I usually wear khakis, jeans, and chinos with button down shirts and polos. I’m 5’ 9’’ and weigh 205 lbs. Yes, I am a little chubby. Lol!!! I am a physician.
Akhilesh Ap (8 months ago)
Leather definitely...
Victor Ostrin (8 months ago)
Honestly original grain is kinda too trendy, really meh
RL9 (8 months ago)
Denim jacket is better because you can wear it with anything. You can wear a denim jacket with joggers. Can you do that with leather jacket?
AUSSIEDAVEROCKS (8 months ago)
Denim Jacket =  Prison Wear.
Mr Bonanarr (8 months ago)
In sorry but he’s chosen really unstylish leather and denim jackets...
Louis Arv (8 months ago)
Antonio, I like your comparison video between leather vs denim, sometimes it could be hard to choose a clear winner, but what is clear in this video, is that your leather jacket is pulling at your upper waist/chest area making it small on you...as fit is King, size up in this case. As for your paid sponsor, well this is one of the few fashion watch brands that actually look good, the watches have no homological heritage of course but what they do have is a nice look, so for someone going for something different and not wanting to spend thousands on a classic Omega, Breitling or Rolex (top market brands) or for someone not wanting to dive into the micro brand world of watches, Original Grain is a nice option for them. Respectfully, Louis USN(Ret).
Ali Malik (8 months ago)
Leather jacket is the best.
Count Bathory (8 months ago)
I like both
Robert Martinez (8 months ago)
This guy can’t pull off both of these lmfao
Dr Metal (8 months ago)
I prefer denim because it is easier to put patches on and I think it even looks better with them than leather does. Plus, if you have a sleeveless denim, you can put on spiked leather gauntlets or bracelets. I am a little unsure about sleeveless leather jackets.
Its the EzMoneySNIPER (8 months ago)
sports jacket
Cottonmouth Customs (8 months ago)
Leather superior race
my wallet (8 months ago)
we all know shearling is the best option for warmth and style.
GreynSilver7 (8 months ago)
Denim jacket is the winner for the common every day man that just wants something to wear with less maintenance. It is also more versatile without breaking the bank.

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