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Girl with multi-coloured eyes discovered in Nigeria

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Photos and video of a young Nigerian girl with multi-coloured eyes recently went viral. NAIJ.COM TV was able to track her down and she told us how she was discovered, her family background, how people react to her eyes amongst other things. Enjoy. #naijcomtv #naijacomtv #naijtv #nigerianews #
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Text Comments (14)
Femi M. (2 months ago)
So beautiful and so simple. I like her.
Everything Africa (11 months ago)
She's beautiful
Nine Ether Truth (11 months ago)
That is boy, not a girl (secret tran).
john klopper (1 month ago)
You are sick in the Head... DumbAss! A.D.F
john klopper (1 month ago)
You are sick in the Head... DumbAss!
African beauties (2 months ago)
A.D. F. unfortunately for you an ugwu seller can't afford money to change her gender so shut up
Nine Ether Truth (11 months ago)
I'm not speaking of any short hair, or any other superficial dumb crap like that. That is the adam's apple, broad shoulder, square jawline, protruding bow bone, and muscle structure of a young MAN!!! Study bone structure gender differences, and stop spewing such baseless, emotional, rubbish!
Mark Coolney (11 months ago)
Your so beautiful with that your lovely eyes
Cheri Kay (1 year ago)
God bless you my dear, I wish you all the best. You are truly peculiar. Gorgeous
Diana Connors (1 year ago)
Beautiful eyes
All Nigerian Recipes (1 year ago)
Such a lovely girl!
rymat okuban (1 year ago)
she's super cute bless her
Maurice . C Okereke (1 year ago)
Love those eyes... what a beautiful girl!

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