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Major Brands - 80 years HD

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Tyler Korte (4 years ago)
4 Hands is delicious.  Congratulations on 80 years!!
deonza hayes (4 years ago)
I think it's wonderful !! 80 yrs. is a long time to be in business. Congrats!! But Why don't you hire your workers that have been working for you 8-9-10 yrs. You wont hire them full time why??? After 8-10 plus don't you think they've EARNED it!!! Plus they don't have health insurance either. You should be ashamed that you don't help your workers when they have put all them years in working HARD for you. SHAME ON YOU !! For riding off the backs of your workers and not giving insurance. These people help make your company a success, if you really want to "GIVE-BACK" help your own workers.

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