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Principles of Management Lectures | The Line and Staff Organisation

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In This Principles of Management Lectures, We study about the types of Organisation. Basically you will get a brief introduction about the following types of organisation. Types of Organisation: 1. Line Organisation 2. Staff Organisation 3. Functional Organisation 4. Project of Matrix Organisation 5. Committee Organisation
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Thor Gonzales (3 months ago)
Harry Riar (5 months ago)
Helpful for student
Prasannasri Peddi (6 months ago)
sir it's really nice and easy to understand but the only problem is types of organization all types are not explained & thank you sir
saleema laidlaw (8 months ago)
he did good i learned something '
RAJESH YADAV (10 months ago)
Easy to understand thank you
chandu cmh (11 months ago)
better way of understand thanks
Sherly Aparna (1 year ago)
easy to understand
pooja verma (1 year ago)
Sir Mujhe part 3 ka notes me btaiye hindi me
Bharath Naik L (1 year ago)
I'm really sorry!. I don't have notes in Hindi.
suhail shafi (1 year ago)
what about level and roll of any organisation
Bharath Naik L (1 year ago)
suhail shafi You can Google it for that. I'm sure you will get good ready content.
suhail shafi (1 year ago)
i have to make assignment level and roll of any organistion
suhail shafi (1 year ago)
how i will make the Assignment of any organisation
Bharath Naik L (1 year ago)
suhail shafi please check other videos.
Gurjind Bedi (2 years ago)
awesome very simple way to study on it
Bharath Naik L (1 year ago)
Thanks and don't forget check out new videos related marketing.
NadjaAnnelie (2 years ago)
really nice, short and concise lecture! :)
Bharath Naik L (1 year ago)
Thanks you!
Gurjind Bedi (2 years ago)
yeah u r right
Gaurav Shah (2 years ago)
simply undestood

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