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Popular men's hairstyle made easy by Conair - How-to video for business haircut

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Popular men's hairstyle made easy by Conair - easy to follow, step by step how-to video for business haircut.
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Text Comments (120)
LEO WILL (5 years ago)
if you listen in the beginning it sounds dirty to aha
andres martinez (5 years ago)
wheres the annoying sound of the hair cutter?
Rodman Shah (5 years ago)
if you're not using a norelco you already fucked up
BreezesofConey (5 years ago)
Well, judging by the amount of likes for this comment I'd say about 191 really musically ignorant ppl have watched this video. The music is about as far from 60s porn music as one can imagine. It sounds, at least to me, like very late 80s early 90s soft core porn or elevator music.
Al Sheehan (5 years ago)
the video is 4:20 friendly...
Renée (5 years ago)
before was better
RAK (6 years ago)
go to amazon and buy a Wahl clipper. it will be much better.
50odeal (6 years ago)
??clipper name and model Pleaseeeeee
ckzj421 (6 years ago)
1 little tip when ur scuping like she said make sure u hold the clip and the geer because u never no it can pup off trust me if it pops off u are going to make a hole the a hole that u will not be abeal to get ridoff unless u use the a 0. So always hold the clip with the geer tight
david hasani (6 years ago)
omg the pony is too short -.-
krzo (6 years ago)
lol he looked better before.
Eliott1L2T (6 years ago)
video lasts 420 :)
narutome2009 (6 years ago)
i like when someone cuts my hair with oone of those razors, it makes me fell special :)
armanithe2nd (6 years ago)
@cheekymonkey69er In her defense, she was being forced to cut away from her body and move so the camera could see his head.
CheekymonkeyGaming (7 years ago)
Looks much better before the cut. She can't cut for shit.
PESOt (7 years ago)
1:18 blood on right ear
TheMichael408 (7 years ago)
@gennkill it makes you wanna laugh haha
LADYSLiiK15 (7 years ago)
she didnt do alot of blending on the sides..
soccerballs12 (7 years ago)
not sexy
Dianna671 (7 years ago)
The BEFORE hairstyle looked better
gennkill (7 years ago)
getting hair shaved off the back of your head gives off a weird azz feeling!!
kevin liset (7 years ago)
i dont know how i got here but i ended up watching the entire video :/
Pax Arbustum (7 years ago)
good job tnx
beej (7 years ago)
1Filmproducer (7 years ago)
Keep pressing 9 it sounds like quagmire "gigalie gigalie"!
Grant (7 years ago)
ha ha the guys face at 3:30
gamblerpete (7 years ago)
She made him look like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber.
TheRealQueefer (7 years ago)
What's up with the porn music?
Jimmy Blumy (7 years ago)
Elevator music or Porn music
slammedc2003 (7 years ago)
@MustNotWatch you have to tell her to taper it
MustNotWatch (7 years ago)
someone pleasew answer do i have to tell my hair stylist to layer my hair so it wont look like a bowl?
anthony p (7 years ago)
why dose his hair line look like a confused face u would put on face book .. look at his head up side down
El Mehdi (7 years ago)
@TheMikoification u right
eltejano1100 (7 years ago)
he loked better before.
Mike Parnaby (7 years ago)
lol the background music sounds like some 60s porn video loool
i think both before and after look good.
noleman07 (7 years ago)
sounds like a flight safety video or something lol, especially the fact that it is "conAIR"
mike johnson (7 years ago)
he looked better before but it was a good video none-the-less
Crystal Dona (7 years ago)
Shoulda stopped at 1:05
n00baki13 (7 years ago)
before is better.....
Regele Brânză (7 years ago)
poor guy
abgamer (8 years ago)
i watch these videos for the cool elevator jazz music
Actual Suffering (8 years ago)
why was this a related video on emo hair O.o
Evan Ng (8 years ago)
that is a very unique haircut, never seen it before...
Evan Ng (8 years ago)
omg what an original haircut bro...
Paco Gonzales (8 years ago)
Haircut for 40y/o virgins.
NosferatusCoffin (8 years ago)
@dafuksup You are exactly right. The clips she used were way too long on top for the shorter buzzcut she gave in the back. Looked like she was mixing #2's with #5's or #6's with nothing in between. That will not work and the end result will appear as though someone was cutting your hair with just random lengths with no thought put into it at all. At around 2:05 you see the damage had already been done and nothing short of taking it down to a #3 or a #2 would save it by that time.
CareandCompassion (8 years ago)
its popular because it requires zero imagination
James Romaine (8 years ago)
gosh that guy looks gay
Matthew Head (8 years ago)
somethings terribly wrong with the porno type music in the background
Tmandapainter (8 years ago)
why did they hire a blind person to do this?
Nabhanyu C (8 years ago)
this wouldn't be as bad if she didn't cut his bangs like a retard
Bro Sen (8 years ago)
1:08 look at the face LOL
Noman Ali (8 years ago)
this is called "GAY CUT "
Al (8 years ago)
@Vindicut hahaa spot on man
Camden Sang (8 years ago)
This is very basic men's haircut done at like a cheap salon. Clippers cut are so bad, and just looks cheap.
RichieTNY (8 years ago)
he's not smiling in the first pic, but he still has that twinkle in his eyes. they can't take that from you.
Irvin Morocho (8 years ago)
he looks whiter after lol
luilui89 (8 years ago)
hahahahahahahaha its true, he looked much better before
Josh (8 years ago)
@0BALLINN0 lol ! really
Massimiliano Losini (8 years ago)
pauljb07 (8 years ago)
@mcmanis20 hahaha, looks like you've joined the crowd.
Fiftyone YT (8 years ago)
"Now i can get out in public every day!"
emo kid (8 years ago)
mushroom head??
M & D (8 years ago)
yeah i agree longer hair looked better in this case
Bobby Douglas (8 years ago)
@0BALLINN0 yeah lol. u can see his fake smile at the after pic.
dom frost (8 years ago)
You ppl suck. So negative. Look at me I have so much of a life I can go on youtube and be negative. You effin tools
SJ (8 years ago)
luks shit !
Alexander Dean (8 years ago)
AWESOME! Now I can look like a prussia General from the comfty of my home! Thanks CONair! :D
Grim Reaper (8 years ago)
Conair is cheap as hell. Their products are cheap and so is their advertisements as witnessed here.
jibberingjon (8 years ago)
Looks much much better afterward.
Humveeburnout (8 years ago)
"Your business cut is now complete" (but you look horrible)
3pelagato3 (8 years ago)
jajaja damnnnn he got $&*^ up , he should ask 4 the money back lmfao... pd: the background (8) was good hahaha
ktsevens (8 years ago)
shes destroying his ear
angel forlife (8 years ago)
@compajunior310 hahahaa :)
Al (8 years ago)
This vid is hilarious..it's absolutely horrible, who the hell would want a haircut like that? The hair should be wet or atleast moisturised when cut with scissors.. Only thing i liked about this vid was the relaxing background music lol
Al (8 years ago)
This vid is hilarious..it's absolutely horrible, who the hell would want a haircut like that?
cipcitoni (8 years ago)
there is a good reason why we can`t see the hairdresser`s face !
jimbominbo (8 years ago)
lolololol only difference was depressed on before and happy after. actually before is much better.
SixStringManiac11 (8 years ago)
the back of his head looks like shit
TheYuLeeAn (8 years ago)
Yuhu a boring nerd-look. Thats what I looked for ;-) X'DDD
Tony C (8 years ago)
she can cut hair she needs to cut my hair
Raindown15 (8 years ago)
no this is an extremely bad haircut!!!
PapaBlueMarlin (8 years ago)
That's a really bad haircut
Cristian Enuica (8 years ago)
i couldn't have said it better
Anon (8 years ago)
lool I love how they never let people smile in the before pic
PsicologiaChannel (8 years ago)
So he can't smile in the first picture? lol
TraumaER (8 years ago)
i cut better than this on my own head LOL!
GOMES (8 years ago)
@JORDANNYC17 Common sense tells us no.
Crunch Buttsteak (8 years ago)
should've left it like it was at 1:13 sec
jerryleo18 (8 years ago)
it is not so difficult to cut hair..=)
Gary Sereni (8 years ago)
you stink, baby tools for the beginner lol, whatch me at work and learn.
Gary Sereni (8 years ago)
lol tools for the lamer. God what is going on with the barber world. You call this barbering.. I fix 6.00 hair cuts. colonial barber shop my videos cuttsxs2 See a pro at work G-Money
Breeslave (8 years ago)
I'd rather look like Michael Scott than jerry garcia hair wise. good haircut.
lachase1 (8 years ago)
When I saw how that razor was chopping out the bottom of his hair, I felt sorry for him. I guess the end result didn't look too bad.
Al (8 years ago)
I mean..i really don't like these haircuts at all...it is so much better when men have medium hair with sides combed slightly back...
MusicStation20 (8 years ago)
it was stylish before, dont never ever do this hairstyle :p :))!!
ddraguti (8 years ago)
He certainly looked better before but that I guess was not the point of the video but to show how to get a haircut. From that point this was excellent video.
wqzxsqqq (8 years ago)
short hair makes people look refreshed but if you put gel in long hair you can get that refreshed look too. I think hispanic like short hair but if they grow long hair they look like they just hop the border
Kevin (8 years ago)
poor man they destroyed his hair

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