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The Worst Beauty Brands EVER For POC!

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Hello guys! Todays video I'll be talking about some of the WORST makeup and beauty brands for people of color. I am judging them based on lack of diversity and and scarce shade ranges. This video is not intended to maliciously harm the brands but to give feedback on how they can improve for the products they carry. Thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe :) Almay (side note: I just realized their slogan is "The American Look", yikes...) http://bit.ly/2hyAwXE It Cosmetics (phenomenal brushes and brow products but complexion stuff needs WERK!) http://bit.ly/2gqrdgj Physicians Formula http://bit.ly/2hjRBG0 Laneige http://bit.ly/2hjPbax What I'm wearing! Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette http://bit.ly/2hgKFsA Urban Decay Mightnight Coyboy glitter liner http://bit.ly/2hkz8sK Beauty Bakarie The Grape Life lip whip http://bit.ly/2gnlEdO Fashion Nova shaggy sweater http://bit.ly/2hjSJcM Hair: The Virgin Hair Fantasy http://bit.ly/2frIS6n D I S C O U N T C O D E S: http://www.Artistcouture.com discount code LABRONZE Jouer Discount! use code JACKIE15 for discount www.jouercosmetics.com/‎ Use code JACKIE for discount on all PUR Cosmetics purchases! http://www.purminerals.com/ 10% off all Nailhur.com purchases! (Where I get all my cute PRESS ON nails! YAS gworl, PRESS ONS!) ♡ use code jackiea for 10% off your total purchase! Use code JACKIE1 and save 15% off all Sacha makeup http://www.sachacosmetics.com/ Makeupgeek - my FAVE inexpensive eyeshadows and pigments http://bit.ly/182WcpL Sigma Makeup Brushes http://bit.ly/1FkFUYl use code JACKIESIGMA for 10% off MUSIC: I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling by Sostenuto. https://soundcloud.com/sostenutohiphop http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/nPH-a8YTjd4 ______ Casey Calhoun - Classic http://bit.ly/2hhT7Ll ______ Joakim Karud - Canals http://bit.ly/2hhByIs ______ Joakim Karud - Wild Flower https://goo.gl/TAJUFT Wild Flower by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud C O N N E C T W I T H M E: instagram: @jackieaina snapchat: jackieaina facebook: Jackie Aina twitter: @jackieaina B U S I N E S S: For business inquiries please contact [email protected] *Affiliate links are used Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :) Phil 4:13
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Indrias Rosmeifinda (3 hours ago)
@6:50 the fuck... even I’m darker than that. And I’m Asian....... 🤦🏻‍♀️😑😩
Elyssa ForLife (1 day ago)
Her skin looks so flawless at the beginning
Nicole Wilkerson (1 day ago)
Glad IT cosmetics got a little better and made deep and it got a little better. It may be that the company may feel offended going darker to us. Too bad they don’t know we do get darker.
SkyNet (2 days ago)
I respect this video a lot. I’ve never liked this mob mentality against companies just because they don’t cater to specific shades. A better way is to create demand they can see and they will supply! Deliberately trying to sabotage them for vengeance is so petty and evil, and hurts the people who are able to benefit from their products. Anyway, love you girl. Keep slaying 💚
Vanessa Zavala (2 days ago)
Myshela From Tanelorn (5 days ago)
I dont think there is 5 shades darker than you, it must be at least 20 shades darker than you lol. I find so unfair hat dark skin people strugle to find fundation... it is not ok.
Penelope LaFleur (9 days ago)
My sister goes through a lot of trouble because she has size 11 shoes. It’s annoying but I feel bad for her. ☹️
Who tf almay
Ms. Katt Brown Beauty (10 days ago)
So sad that we're still not accepted smh NO shade however black women shouldn't have to struggle to find their color I spend so much money on makeup it's not even funny however I can only buy from certain brands let's get it together makeup industry
Krista Monroe (11 days ago)
This whole entire Makeup and Hair is just SO SO SO GORG !!!!!! LoveLoveLove ! 💘
Krista Monroe (11 days ago)
Helen Hines (11 days ago)
Back in the day it was somewhat difficult to find really fair shades in drugstores. I was so self conscious bc I was like Casper as a preteen and teen. I'm still porcelain-ivory. Makes it easier to find my shade though. It was very frustrating getting the lightest shade in a range and it still be way too dark. Love me some Maybelline cushion foundation, my go to these days. The lightest shade is my prefect match. Maybelline 102 fitme is too light which is impressive. I think brands should have something to offer everyone so more ppl can enjoy the product and not be left out.
ur mom (15 days ago)
I can confirm that white people are sick of almay💀
Chelsea Hays (15 days ago)
omfg this is still a look
Julieta Hernandez (21 days ago)
Tammy James (22 days ago)
Money is green. If they do not want everyone's green, they don't need mine either. OMG I wear 9 1/2-10 shoe. It is a nightmare.
Marita Rindheim (23 days ago)
This norwegian makeup brand named makeupmekka has NO dark shades at all !! So i dont buy their products and like im white so there shouldnt be a problem for me but i just feel guilty for some reason
Melissa A (24 days ago)
Love the lipstick and eye shadow colour
lisa (24 days ago)
i don't use make up, but even if I did i wouldn't struggle with finding the right colour for me. but I sometimes really wonder why there are 20 different variations of light colours and then there are like 2 dark shades?? how do you guys even survive? it's a shame
Moor-ena El (24 days ago)
Moor-ena El (24 days ago)
Moor-ena El (24 days ago)
janay souza (25 days ago)
look at the camera not the viewfinder
L * (25 days ago)
They be like 'I don't see color'.
Gabriella KV (27 days ago)
Can that women become any prettier? 😲😲😍😍
Jewell Morgan (27 days ago)
I’m a light skinned Hispanic woman. And I’m so oddly placed on the spectrum . I would love for darker ppl to have colors of foundation too. And I am sometimes like the 3rd shade and sometimes I’m like the 10th shade. Like light shouldn’t be a 10th shade. So it’s rough to see that most brands don’t go dark enough. My friend is from Sierra Leon and she’s very dark skinned, and she just doesn’t tend to wear make up bc she doesn’t have shades for how dark she is. So when she does wear makeup, she doesn’t even wear foundation. That’s taking away beauty privileges from so many beautiful women
Jewell Morgan (27 days ago)
That’s the darkest powder from it ?! I think they have improved darker shades as of 2018. But yeah that powder is probably lighter than me and I’m not dark .
Sham Issy (29 days ago)
Ok imma through some shade... about not having darker shades I'm not the darkest girl out their, I'm more in the middle with a reddish undertone, but whenever I go to the drug store, the darkest shade I see is the shade one of my best friend's has, AND SHE A TAN WHITE GERMAN GIRL!! Seriously, if makeup brands don't step it up, they're going to lose soo much money to non-mainstream ones who actually include people's skin tones!! If you're not going to change the way you are doing it because it's the right thing to do, then do it cause you will lose so much money. Many makeup brands have already lost me, and as more people of color are born, they'll lose them too.
ツKyubee (1 month ago)
Sis spilled the tea
kelly onkst (1 month ago)
Girl... us white people aren't tired of Almay.... you gotta use it before you can be tired of it. We don't even touch it lol.
Thomas Williams (1 month ago)
This don’t look like it would match me but my keyboard however 😂 girl has me dead shook
Jghuwef dshfue (1 month ago)
My three year old brother thought Jackie Aina was pretty. Aw I agree
Cami *-* (1 month ago)
That Almay shade is literally my Summer shade and I get my tan from being partly Italian like honey anyone has descendants in most of Asia and Africa couldn’t even get something close
Shylah (1 month ago)
brands shouldn't be forced to make products for "POC".
Elizabeth Schuyler (3 days ago)
Shylah Why? Shouldn’t everyone, regardless of skin color, be able to enjoy a product? Imagine walking into a makeup store, and being really excited to buy a certain foundation that you hear EVERYONE raving about, and then you go to find that they don’t have anything even close to your skin color. Wouldn’t you feel excluded, saddened, and angry?
Haley Springfield (1 month ago)
Purple is absolutely your color
Almost two years later and this is still relevant!!
TheCustomaryNm (1 month ago)
Let's be real....these companies don't make the darker shades because the only result will be more empty boxes in the dressing rooms. Until this stops, don't count on these companies making many more of these shades.
Hanna Dziubek (1 month ago)
If you plan on shipping a foundation product to a diverse country then you have to consider the fact, that (suprise!) everyone would like to use it. Come on. What's also strange is the fact that some companies have let's say 20 shades, but really they have 10 because half of the shades look identical to others. Sometimes they all have one understone. Who are you sending this to?
Alaya Perez (1 month ago)
“It doesn’t look like it’ll match me, however i thinks it’ll match my keyboard” 😂
Shannon Lott (1 month ago)
Gurl....shade em.....Shade UM...... SHADE THEM!!!😎😎😎😎 I will find you the biggest tree I can!!! By 2050 NOBODY will be able to wear any of that make up based on shades of mayonnaise!!!
Blackcat111222333 (1 month ago)
*cough cough* NEUTRAGENA *cough cough*
Chickendestroyefier (1 month ago)
I know this is an older video, but I would love to see you do an updated version of this. Also, super relate to the shoe thing. I am size 11/12 depending on brand. Some shoe companies try and pass off a 10 as an 11, and it is super frustrating. Since so few places where i live carry an 11
Lucy Brooker (1 month ago)
All makeup is midtoned , you never get a good range of really light or really dark shades , it's just not right xx
Annie H. (1 month ago)
wayy late but i felt it when u we’re talking ab ur friends and her shoe size.. im a size 2.. in kids🤪🤩 it’s guccie tho i guess
Alex Love (1 month ago)
So I just want to say, I'm not a POC obviously, but I can kind of relate to this. I am EXTREMELY pale and it is very difficult for me to find something that matches me. A lot of the time, if there is one that matches me, it is the lightest shade there is. I KNOW there are people paler than me, and like she said, it's not very difficult to make lighter shades. I literally have a concealer called "white", and that is one of the only highlight shades I've found. It's also difficult for me because I have a lot of freckles. So of course I can't understand completely, or close to that at all, but I can feel the struggle too.
Asha Bell (1 month ago)
Artistry is also awful. All of their darker shades look like ghost on brown-deep colors.
Cheryl Clarke (1 month ago)
Love you so much Jackie :)
Mumhil Naqvi (1 month ago)
no joke people say stuff like “its very expensive to bring out a diverse line” GIRL MAYBELLINE IS AN 8 DOLLAR FOUNDATION WITH 40 SHADES.
shebecca nelson (1 month ago)
Adrijana Ivić (1 month ago)
Some brands have such a bad shade range not even white people can wear them lol
Adrijana Ivić (1 month ago)
Clarissa Vera (1 month ago)
I’m loving this hair!!!!!
Swatch Me Beauty (1 month ago)
Turn up! I'm 💀
Marissa Patton (1 month ago)
I wanna know if Almay ever wrote you!
Bucky Bun (1 month ago)
Yeah white people are pissed too. Me and about eight people in my friendship group are pale asf and we got proper heated over the lack of some shade ranges. And I mean we were all on the same page and we were all pissed with what some brands are playing at. Just bc we got our shades doesn't mean we're fine with the brand's lack of inclusivity and diversity with their face products. Everyone deserves their shade as a fucking basic right. Not as a "bonus".
Paula de Almeida (1 month ago)
Brazilian girl here, learning a lot not only about make up. ❤️
Deyala Al Saihati (1 month ago)
Ok tbh, I really hate when they say that POC are "trying" to be included. Like no boo, they're not trying to be included. They ALREADY should be included. They are not a damn afterthought, so if a brand released shades that don't really include POC then they fucking should throw the whole brand away. Because seriously, POC aren't an after thought to not be included and released "later". Like honey, Boo boo, sweetie what was you thinking?
Nico Ben (1 month ago)
lol deep for germans ;) I live in germany and I am to fair and have to use concealer as a foundation because they do not offer my shade. Especially in winter. For germans it looks so much shades what they offer in the states but I reallycan't understand what this companys think... There are so much black people in the states so its not nice to exclude darker people.
andy (1 month ago)
I'm white as hell and yes, like she said in the video, even white people are fed up with almay. I've NEVER heard anyone say their go to product is from almay (or even heard anyone say they use almay). Almay is just trash across the board tbfh
kaitlyn bane (1 month ago)
I hate that she felt she had to defend her right to have an opinion
Kate Moreno (1 month ago)
Almays “deep” wouldn’t even fit me and I’m medium/tan ... like what???
Isabella Sandore (1 month ago)
MsChunkyMonkey13 (1 month ago)
TBH im not shocked white woman have had everything handed to them for awhile.
Beeah Robinson (1 month ago)
You Rock Jackie, I tried IT brand and the color was so off, I actually call them and told them so, they told me they've gotten lots of complaints on their darker colors and they are working on it....time will tell...BTW I wear a size 11 shoe and you're right about that to, the saving grace on that is European shoe brands do beautiful, beautiful size 41 and 42 but quite expensive
anguis (1 month ago)
Ugh I love that lipstick sis you rockin 💕💕
Gabrielle Taco (1 month ago)
Smh white people
Anja Alv (1 month ago)
Juliana Ellsworth (1 month ago)
You look so gorgeous in this vid. Work the purple girl
Madeline Claire Rose (1 month ago)
I’m white and the physicians formula looks too light for me...
Sis -••- (1 month ago)
It cosmetics thinks oh we already got a butt load of brush profits but we want more! Let’s make face products with 10 shades!!
Ridwan Cosmetics (1 month ago)
Boiii.... you should live in Taiwan, Korea, Japan or China! I’m dead struggle finding my shades (I’m abit of light and medium), I’m so pissed with all brands here. Even maubelline only release white or light skin tones! Danggg!!!! I have to order Fenty Beauty from my husband every time he travel to overseas
who dat boy? (1 month ago)
Alexis Arp (1 month ago)
Love your look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan Katharina (1 month ago)
Your makeup look is so beautiful!💜💜💜💜
Lorena Suarez (1 month ago)
This is NOT ok
TaeTae's Girl (1 month ago)
Ariel Harmony (1 month ago)
I use Almay deep and I come from a family of blonde haired blue-eyed black people and I mixed race.... soooooooo Deep who?! I’m light af It’s stupid they think it’s deep
Ariel Harmony (1 month ago)
And Come to think of it the physicians formula darkest shades is too light for me?! My skin is the same color as caramel? WTF
Chyanne Simpson (1 month ago)
How is almay still a brand
Jamie Moran (1 month ago)
I love Jackie, and this video is super important and amazing, but the makeup and the lights just make her look like a HuniePop character, and I'm not mad at that at all.
Rebbecca Nolen (1 month ago)
I have a horrible time with shade ranges too! But I have the opposite problem 😅 it's really hard for me to find something light enough for me. My skin is luminously white.
Aria Schumacher (1 month ago)
The it cosmetics powder on the darkest color is my color.... I’m white as fuck
Ishrah Ahmed (1 month ago)
It’s almost as though brands don’t see colour or refuse to see colour.It’s about time people realised that they’re are shades darker than light/medium or medium.
Courtney Palmgren (1 month ago)
So I am very VERY light and I even know that this stuff is so wrong people need to include everyone and let everybody be able to enjoy makeup.
fatimah skeets (1 month ago)
When It cosmetics called the shade "rich" they're referring to rich white women
JayLah Vidales (1 month ago)
Love her intro
Niqz Niqz (1 month ago)
Ofcourse asian brands would cater to asian people, its almost lucky if they come out with five shades
Antonina Trzaskoma (1 month ago)
when I go make up shopping with my friend (she has beautiful almost white skin) there is huge problem for her to find foudation or concealer in her shade . There is not too many brands with good shade range which typical teen can afford. It’s very sad when I pick the palest concealer in shop which is too pale for me and it’s still darker than her foudation
Asia The Orient (1 month ago)
Come on Jackie! SAY THAT GIRL! 🔊❤️
Annon Yasuragi (1 month ago)
Some makeup brands only see the like tan, and like light tan shades. Super light skin tones, and darker skin tones are just forgotten.
Shirley George (1 month ago)
You shouldn't have to make a video like this. In this day and age you think that they would be more inclusive. Makeup is for everyone. Come on makeup companies! Get your act together!!!
Zohra Bhati (1 month ago)
She is looking *GORGEOUS* 🖤
dots more dots (1 month ago)
I love the vibes and music and just everything <3 ya
Camiyl Berry (1 month ago)
I love that look!! 😍😍
katie crowley (1 month ago)
6:56 that's like my shade and I'm a pasty white girl how TF is that the darkest shade???
Harper Soileau (1 month ago)
Almay doesn’t really go that light either. They’re just firmly in the middle
Katie Pitman (1 month ago)
I know exactly what you are talking about too, I'm sooo pale, I have the same troubles. I too shouldn;t have to be limited in my choices, if I do find my shade, then it's almost always the wrong tone, I'm cool tone, and if I do happen to find BOTH shade and tone (which I've only ever found 2, and have tried almost every foundation from Sephora) then it's hard to find the finish, I have dry skin, so I like a dewy or at most, a natural finish. So I empathise with you.
Tasha Vernon.D (1 month ago)
Admiring your makeup throughout the video!!!!! :-)
nothingnewnow (1 month ago)
Toria (2 months ago)
Size 11? Honey I'm size 13 and can only find men's shoes in my size
Micaylamuah (2 months ago)
*Cough* Not all white people are rasist Jacky *Cough*
Savannah Disney (2 months ago)
i feel like drug stores really don’t be understanding this, like they stay in the middle and i know there are a lot of light shades but for a lot of brands like l’oréal , maybeline etc. they don’t make light or dark enough shades. i never find a shade light enough and my closest friends can’t ever find a shade dark enough. it’s time for inclusion :(
glue stick (2 months ago)
I'm gunna be honest here, you look abousutely STUNNING

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