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Easy How To: Men's/Boys Fade Clipper Hair Cut

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Step by step, easy to follow directions. How to do a men's or boy's fade hair cut with clippers. Subscribe for Weekly Hair Style Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/c/Hairhowto For Cosmetology Charts : http://www.cosmetologycharts.com Let's Hang Out !! Join me on: Subscribe to my Beauty Vlog @ http://hair-howto.com/ Join me on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hair-HowTocom/151746791651526 Follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/hairhowto Follow me on Instagram @ http://instagram.com/hairhow2 Check out my Boards on Pinterest @ https://www.pinterest.com/styleshair/
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Text Comments (79)
Fabio Pinheiro (1 month ago)
rose496900yt1 (7 months ago)
Good tutorial , Thanks for sharing this .
Carolyn Goody (9 months ago)
Looks Sharp!
theherobrine79 iscool (1 year ago)
I love the hair cut. I have to learn how to cut hair on my hubby and my 3 sons aged 13, 9 & 8 and possibly grandma. I mean who is going to cut my hair :) Great job!!!!!
Sarah Hicks (1 year ago)
thank you!
Overcoming Obesity (1 year ago)
I don't understand this looks like a crew cut
Jess Ross (2 years ago)
just because you asked nicely..and I have 3 boys I need to cut hair for
Jess Ross (2 years ago)
like their page ...Ross Boys [email protected]
Jose Garay (2 years ago)
Nice job simple haircut now I get to work on my boys.
Jose Garay (2 years ago)
Is your 3 open or closed
Jen Tallon (2 years ago)
you are go at fades good job
StylistCheats (2 years ago)
+Jen Tallon Thank you :))
Monica Torres (2 years ago)
I'm excited about doing a fade on my boyfriend and his being a great sport! about it all. your video is going to help aton...lol... thanks for the information and video
Your video was very helpful thanks.
Ethan Todd (3 years ago)
nice clippers!
Free Bird (3 years ago)
Hi there my first Hair cut everrrr. :) Thanks to your Mom I will give this a try... Let's beat chase :)
Christina Giles (3 years ago)
I am doing my husbands hair tonight. Your video was very instructional and helpful!!!! Thanks
Tina Carey (3 years ago)
Very handsome son!
April Potts (3 years ago)
I can't really tell how its fade but still nice haircut
Lina04 (3 years ago)
you did a better job than most "professionals" in vegas... i gotta find a better place to take my kids or ima have to cut it for them:/
Jeremy Lagos (3 years ago)
this is my thoughts about the boys' haircut http://i57.tinypic.com/20sgmkm.png
julio jeffrey (1 year ago)
Jeremy Lagos bi
Ruth Maldonado (3 years ago)
Very good clipper cut!!
ldchappell1 (4 years ago)
My mom tried to cut my hair once back in 1969 when I was 11.  Oh boy, did she mess up!  She went to town with those clippers and took off way too much. These days it would have been considered in style but not in 1969. I was so embarrassed I tried to hide it with a wool cap but all that did was make my friends wonder why I was wearing a wool cap . By the second day some kid had yanked off the cap and everybody laughed. Luckily my hair grew back quickly and within a couple of months I forgot all about "Clipper Mom Gone Wild"  BTW, Great tutorial.  = )
Keef (4 years ago)
Cutting men's hair is not easy. Its a skill acquired through hard work and dedication. Take your sons to a qualified experienced barber
Sara Rosalinda (3 years ago)
Oscar Carcamo (4 years ago)
good video! thanks for speeding up some of the parts!  cutting my son's hair later today.
carlie phillips (4 years ago)
i said fade not wat ever the hel she i doing
CrizzleQueen G (4 years ago)
Seems simple enough. Gonna try it!!!
Chacha Durazo (4 years ago)
this was great! thank you! i just bought my boyfriend some clippers (what a romantic "thinking of you" gift-- or is it a subtle suggestion? :P) and I'm going to try cutting his hair. I hope to keep most of his length on top though (like a middle ground between high and tight and a rockabilly) so I probably won't use the clippers there. If you have any suggestions about how to transition from ~2.5" long hair (thick, curly, mexican hair) on top to a buzzed side, I'd love to hear it! (also, not sure what number to stop on, i think like maybe a 3?) thank you so much!
ChewieFedYou (4 years ago)
good job lol
hgib3 (4 years ago)
Thank you for the video, it was very helpful. I may have to buy another clipper set to help me with fading my son's hair, I already have the Wahl Peanut. I finally understand what the lever on the big clippers do- 1/2" change.
StylistCheats (4 years ago)
yayay !! that's awesome !!!
Dolores Belleza (4 years ago)
i'm gonna cut my husband's hair tomorrow and your videos sure gives me a confidence to do so..this will be my first attempt hopefully it turns out good...thank you, all your tips is very helpful especially for beginners like me.
georgech2k (4 years ago)
+Dolores Belleza Cant believe you really tried, hahahahaha.....I give you a thumb.
StylistCheats (4 years ago)
yayay !! that's awesome,  sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been out of town on business. thanks again for commenting :))
Dolores Belleza (4 years ago)
guess what...it was not that bad for my first attempt..thank u again
StylistCheats (4 years ago)
Thanks Dolores, soo happy to help :))
Peny Laramee (4 years ago)
Thank goodness, a tutorial I could follow!
StylistCheats (4 years ago)
thank you !!!
peter talar (4 years ago)
A very easy to follow tutorial.....well done !!!!!!!!!!!!
StylistCheats (4 years ago)
Thank you !!!
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
Hi Kelly, thanks for such a nice comment :)) yes I have other videos on my channel, with other ways to cut boys hair.. if you cut the top with scissors if you want to leave it spikey.. I would post a link but youtube doesn't let me.. but if you go to my channel you will find them under hair cuts.. thanks for watching :))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
thank you :))
Kelly Bentley (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for this video. I have been giving my boys buzzcuts but just the basic same length all around. Now I will try the blending to leave longer on top. My 11 yr old likes to have a little length in the front for a little spike, any tips on how to achieve this?
Caty Abril (5 years ago)
Very helpful, thanks
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for commenting..your gonna do great.. I have some blending tips and techniques in some of my other video's on men's clipper hair cuts.. it won't let me put the link in the comments.. you can use thinning shears to blend .. also maybe use a #3 then go down to a 2.5 with the handle on the size ..then go down to the 2.. check out the other clipper cut videos.. you'll see what I'm trying to describe ... thanks for watching =))
AnneliselovePhone (5 years ago)
My boyfriend wants me to cut his hair but I'm really nervous D: he does a 2 on the sides and 4 on top. Your videos have been really helpful so far, any tips for blending? Thanks so much!
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
thank you so much =))
Lisa DuBoise (5 years ago)
Thank you nice hair cut. You're a pretty good teacher, this was really easy to follow.
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
because this is how he usually gets it cut and this is what he asked me for :))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
Awesome Trisha !!!!! Thanks for commenting !!!!
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
thank you :))
rara jojo (5 years ago)
can i be next i like the way you cut hair
cellojpk2013 (5 years ago)
Your welcome anytime :)
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
I totally agree, I was just talking about that with someone recently ...especially in a salons, most men are not asking for that type of edging. I feel like that is a new style and mostly see it at barber shops. I like it, but it's definitely not for everyone.. thanks for commenting :))
cellojpk2013 (5 years ago)
I like this one a lot but a lot of my clients do not like the forehead edging do u notice that as well?
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
I will thank you :))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
thank you I will work on it :))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
awesome, I'm so happy it helped you :)) thanks for watching !!!
Youngs91303 (5 years ago)
Thanks!!! I cut my 2 little boys hair at home and your vids are very helpful! Thumbs up.
May si si (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! I love all the way your cutting style. If possible l'd like to see more of men/women cutting style by you please.
MrDakota383b (5 years ago)
Nice job! Thanks ;-) let me know if you ever need another model :-)
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
yes, watch as videos as you can, to pick on other ppls techniques.. I also subscribe to behind the chair magazine it has lots of good tips in there.. and cut as many haircuts and different textures as you can, so you can get used to all the different textures.. when I first learned to cut hair I did alot of free haircuts just o get the experience, it payed off in the end..
Eddy Paz (5 years ago)
Hi Betsy I am trying to Learn how to cut hair, what are some tips you could give me?
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
I use both Wahl & Andes..but in this video those we're my Wahl Clippers :)) thanks for watching !!
Barry Achenbach (5 years ago)
What brand is your clipper?
Catee Stychno (5 years ago)
Good lesson, thanks
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
yes go back over it again to touch up with the same number guard you used the first time.. the top was a 4 then the fades down to a 3 1/2 then tighten the edges with a 3 .. thanks for commenting :))
Ismael Blanco (5 years ago)
At 4:24 when you touched up the hair, did you go back to a #3 clip and push the taper lever down to make it 3 1/2? Thanks!
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
yay !! glad I could help :))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
thanks so much emily :))
Kate Shuttlewood (5 years ago)
Awesome job!! Great model!!
Stephanie Williams (5 years ago)
Great video my bf as a cowlick in about the same spot so very helpful!!
emily c (5 years ago)
love it nice job love the hair it turned out great love it :)))
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
Thank so much Dom for your kind words :))
DomBarber (5 years ago)
A very easy to follow tutorial.....well done !!!!!!
StylistCheats (5 years ago)
hahaa awesome !!!
Mr.Nice Guy (5 years ago)
I was going to cut my sons hair but I guess I'll do that after I play some Black Ops

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