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Iron Golems Vs Zombie Pigman Minecraft Game

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I bet you think you know whats going to happen.. well come take a look as these bad boys battle it out .
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Text Comments (16)
Aleksandras Volkovas (4 years ago)
Zombie Pigman Wins!
Max Fiore (4 years ago)
cool but you need more zombie pig men when there fighting iron golems
Gamers jhz (4 years ago)
Walrus Arfarf (5 years ago)
Deonte Griffin (5 years ago)
Pig man is my favorite but I died once by one. Behind me.
juan david Cabrera (5 years ago)
jjajajjaja very good :D
Glenn D. (5 years ago)
Glenn D. (5 years ago)
20 iron golems vs 40 zombie pigman
Kevin Correia (6 years ago)
1:48 pigmas comemorando XD
M2Gamer989 (6 years ago)
KneW it :3
rockbandprincess1 (6 years ago)
That's too funny Adam ;)
Derick Willson (6 years ago)
this is OP
rockbandprincess1 (6 years ago)
Thanks! <3
Adam Smith (6 years ago)
haha this is awesome. how about the spider referee on the outside!
rockbandprincess1 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the suggestion The7martins. Will do :)
The7martins (6 years ago)
100 zombie pig-men vs 100 wither skelentons

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