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Funny Commercial: iPad VS Surface RT

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funny commercial lollolol
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Guardianek (11 months ago)
Thx dude new ringtone XD
alex z (1 year ago)
micro$oft, JUST STOP DOiNG A F#CKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zephylr Designs (4 years ago)
i saw a surface in best buy for $800
what You Saw Wast The Surface Pro Series, They Are Advertising The Surface RT Series. Surface Pro Is Built For A Tablet laptop replacement. Surface Rt, Just a tablet
TheseVidsAreFunny (4 years ago)
what you saw was a more advanced version.
TheseVidsAreFunny (5 years ago)
actually, it runs a type of windows called "rt". it is considered a tablet but more advanced. if you look closely you can see the keyboard comes seperatley. and it does not talk like siri
KoolFilmZ (5 years ago)
And does the surface rt talks like siri
KoolFilmZ (5 years ago)
Surface rt is a laptop not a tablet
OreoLivesOn (2 months ago)
no it's npt

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