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A Slient Voice Best Anime Moive Ever Eng Dub - Must Watch

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Kira- sama (3 minutes ago)
HAH I did not cry on this totally emotional movie that is two hours worth it!!!........ JUST SOMETHING GOT IN MY EYE.....;n;
Scotty boy (12 minutes ago)
Yes I agree this was an awesome anime 5 stars for it
TYWAN BURKS (20 minutes ago)
This is so great I'm so happy i saw this channel
Namita Khot (24 minutes ago)
All's well that ends well as my friends .🤗🤗🤗 This anime have a great thing that we won't say anything but it is a expiration say whole thing Thank you for listening😆😆😆🇯🇵🇯🇵🌌🌌✨✨😍😍🤗🤗😄😄
Mark christian Abejuela (27 minutes ago)
Lyra Thomaston (6 minutes ago)
Omg I was so close to crying! Its hard for a movie to make me cry.. A movie has made me cry before , but this is my second closest to making me cry.. I never knew how hard it was for the deaf..I’m gonna make this a gachalife movie and tell them inspiration from this.. I really hope people understand what others could be going through I also can’t speak fully either , I can’t fully say my S.. My tongue goes outside if my teeth instead inside like it’s supposed to. I just wanna say. *Nobody is perfect* Also here is one name in English that I know Satoshi = Ash
Sikimatsu (1 hour ago)
If anyone dislikes the movie I will shoot you in the stomach gouge you’re eyes out rip open you’re abdomen pull out you’re intestines tie it around you waist tie it on a bridge throw you’re twitching body in a river and watch you’re bleeding body turn the river red
Omg I had no idea that it was dubbed I’ve only seen subbed
Coffeeh (1 hour ago)
I already watched it xD
Stefan Vasic (1 hour ago)
OMG... what a movie... 💦😃😀
zoiperi (1 hour ago)
It would be good if dub was not gay haha
Flora Cassidey (1 hour ago)
This is sadder than any other anime I have ever seen.
GACHA ANIMATION (1 hour ago)
Omg i love the ending in this movie than "your name" is like wtf.
Handsome Boi 69 (1 hour ago)
This movie made me cry so many times that my house was literally a pool
Al Zoë (1 hour ago)
This never fail to make me cry 😭
Mr youtube (1 hour ago)
I like this movie because idk
Kaylee Searcy (1 hour ago)
Can you pleeease post the movie 'Your Name'?? I haven't watched it yet and the trailer looked amazing. Please post it and I would be forever grateful😣
pritam limbu (1 hour ago)
best anime i have ever seen
Aaaaaaaaaaand..........here comes the tears......
Shiro Shinkai (1 hour ago)
Dub? Oh no no no no
ImNotGay 123 (1 hour ago)
Who's bitch-ass disliked it
ImNotGay 123 (2 hours ago)
Gianna Akter (2 hours ago)
Omg this was so beautiful. It brought me on the verge of tears. 😭 ❤️
Thank you SOOOOO much
Silent Scream (2 hours ago)
So is every one going to ignore the fact the mom is awsome?
Mustache Monkey (2 hours ago)
I agree that it is the best movie, I saw Wolf Children and I thought that was the best, but this is way batter!
Jua'n Marque'z (2 hours ago)
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Anime Fan (3 hours ago)
This is so triggering for me
Heidi Hairul (3 hours ago)
How dare they not kiss!
tina tinapayy (3 hours ago)
I wish there is a part 2
Rojane Jane (3 hours ago)
That was really really nice it made me cry thank for the lesson learned
Annika ꧂ (3 hours ago)
31:38 miNetAA
Julie Rosenkilde (2 hours ago)
pєαch cσσkíє (3 hours ago)
I cried so much this is my favorite movie
Cassandra Evergraden (3 hours ago)
OMG I cried so much that my trash can got filled up
_.Lilli._ (3 hours ago)
It's just Beautiful . ❤️
Glitter vlogs (3 hours ago)
OMG in thumbnail he/she wrote moive instead of movie.
Glitter vlogs (3 hours ago)
Thank u so much!!! I just wanna see this movie, I loved it.
Aaliyah Show Games (3 hours ago)
Tastedeon 24 (3 hours ago)
When japanese people want to make you cry dang they will make you cry a rivet from your eyes
Cloud Smoker (3 hours ago)
i can relate myself with that guy at some points.. i couldn't stop my tears. this is a beautiful story.
Keviin Rod (3 hours ago)
Wow... I felt that pretty hard ngl
Fatima Greene (4 hours ago)
I cried through the movie but best anime ever😊
Angel Michelle (4 hours ago)
I keep gettin this in my recommendation for a while.. decided to try it. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤗
nonoy dustin (4 hours ago)
I remember watching this i felt sad for that girl
Karushi-Sensei YT (5 hours ago)
Man i cried😅😅😅😂😂
Lashay G (5 hours ago)
I almost thought Shoko was gonna die!!!😭
Ahmed B (5 hours ago)
Phils eyelash (5 hours ago)
Jasmine Jackson (5 hours ago)
This made me cry
Mu Ja (5 hours ago)
Gavin Price (6 hours ago)
yuo all wrong your name is best movie ya tards
Jordan Prilo (6 hours ago)
I love this movie and I wish that I could be their for someone and help them out of depression I go went through depression and someone helped me I want to help people in return
Oliver Skogsberg (6 hours ago)
I liked everyone exept the blond girl in glasses it fellt like she was not mean to the deaf one just so she culd make everyone else feel bad for themselfes. If she axepted them like they tried to do with themselfe the gang whuld not have splitt upp at the low point.
issa belieber (6 hours ago)
1:06:09 I love You ❤
Zhai Inuyasha (6 hours ago)
I crying until now after I finish watch life so meaningful so pls learn appreciate little or big. Be good to any one😭😭😭😭😭
Shai (6 hours ago)
the beginning....kids are assholes
Lauryn M (7 hours ago)
Bro I was so so sad because I was in that girl wanting to kill myself i kept telling myself I wonder it fell like to be deaf and people just bullying her that made me so mad but I couldn’t stop crying it felt in this movie but I’m just alone and my dark place but it not y’all understand
Alex Rider (7 hours ago)
Gloom Girl (7 hours ago)
Holy crap I've never cried so much but this is so beautiful and more people need to know about this!
time4ever (8 hours ago)
What is the name Shape of the voice or The silent voice??🤨
Jazztiger07 1234 (8 hours ago)
Is there a sound track
Christian Sitchon (8 hours ago)
Her classmates really suck
Justin Moody (8 hours ago)
That was seriously deep stuff at the bro I almost cried even though normally a don’t from and show or movie so good movie
Rylix MSP (8 hours ago)
Tyam youtube for this
Drop dead amazing
Kari Solomon (8 hours ago)
Why was he bleeding? Was it impact on the water, or did he cut himself from the utensils on the table?
Kari Solomon (8 hours ago)
+Christian Sitchon I hadn't thought of that. That's a big possibility. Thanks!
Christian Sitchon (8 hours ago)
Maybe there was a sharp rock that cut hit body
Priya Banra (9 hours ago)
This is so good........... Loved it 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😘
Mystical ADriana (9 hours ago)
I have watched this 3 times and now is the 4th time I LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOOO MUCH
Jae Johnny (9 hours ago)
YAS ❤️🥰💔😭
xGacha MoonTXuki (9 hours ago)
Good thing you didnt had a copyright on uploading a movie
WhatTheHell (9 hours ago)
This is so relatable. And it was depicted so creatively that even who never felt that way might understand what is happening inside a person who is lost within the crowd. The crosses really were suitable. (SPOILERALERT) Even though I still don't understand how he could just wake up from a coma, tear off all the patches and stuff and casually leaving the hospital unnoticed and seemingly unhurt. At first I thought he was dead. But I guess I can forgive that "mistake" in the movie when it comes to the rest of the plot which was beautiful, heartbreaking and, I say it again, relatable.
Gabby Johnson (9 hours ago)
ifeel sad for the poor girl
mozack sohar (9 hours ago)
Christian Sitchon (9 hours ago)
This is the anime i really cried
Zero Two (9 hours ago)
It triggered me when he couldn't understand what she said I was like Me: *BOI SHE WAS SAYING I LOVE YOU!!*
Movie is great but I am disappointed by one thing she try’s to tell him she loves him and it is never mentioned again
Kunaie (9 hours ago)
watching this in the dubbed version feels weirder when you watched the subbed one over and over again *feelsweirdman*
It's not the best when it's dubbed.
oo F (10 hours ago)
Help I can’t stop crying
shadow tails (10 hours ago)
How sweeeeeeet!!😫 I stayed up till 1:44 am watching this anime!😳 so earth it though!
Liam S Dreemurr (10 hours ago)
Hey you 33 people who dislike this movie I understand it's your opinion but.........THIS MOVIE'S THE BEST ANIME MOVIE EVER CREATED
FeAr CKW (10 hours ago)
js finished the sub now rewatching dub
F U Fun University (10 hours ago)
Live life to the fullest LIFE is PRECIOUS 💙
Maple Leaf (10 hours ago)
My heart, oh just so AMAZING I have never seen such a beautiful movie! My new favorite thing ever
Sophie Bunny (11 hours ago)
"Sho Sho!! You- YoU dIeD"
Jasmin Garcia (11 hours ago)
I so cried from happiness and from sadness so totally my new favorite movie a moving story live it 😄😢😭😊
masi mori (11 hours ago)
I love it so much
Vinn tage (11 hours ago)
xdinvestedtable 91 (11 hours ago)
I cried
Jaden Clarke (11 hours ago)
I’m done this is too good of a movie I was attack with so many emotions I couldn’t help but cry
no name (11 hours ago)
I'm so glad this came up in my recommendation this is a beautiful movie and I definitely want to buy it on dvd
Levi Hangka (11 hours ago)
Who else is not gonna relate at this story?? We all know what are the consequences if we bully someone..even she is being bullied is didn't do anything...she just kept smiling...i can really relate this story...
Sam Bam (11 hours ago)
Yass! Thank you so much!! I've been looking for this movie ever since I saw an AMV of it and it tugged at my heartstrings and I was finally able to watch it thanks to you. And let me tell you this movie is amazing, it hit me right in the feels man. Loved it <3 ~ Link to AMV ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qijjcHoyAEw *it's great 10/10 would recommend*
Leon (11 hours ago)
Damn this movie good, now i just gotta show it to my uncultured swines, that I call my group of friends.
Cinna Bon (11 hours ago)
AAAAAAHHHH WHATS WRONG WITH MEEE- I cried multiple times watching this! I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHH! 😭❤️

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