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NARS. KAT VON D. MAKE UP FOREVER. KEVYN AUCOIN. and more. It's a long one y'all...but worth your while. Thx for watching! INSTAGRAM: @COLOUREDBEAUTIFUL http://instagram.com/colouredbeautiful Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer - Caramel, Peach, Hydrating, Mattifying, Smoothing NARS Dual Intensity Blush - Frenzy Lip color: NYX Matte Lipstick in Sierra Foundation: Estee Lauder Doublewear - Sandalwood Highlight Powder: Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder Camera: Canon T4i Lens: Canon 40mm 2.8 STM lens Light: Ring light Editing: Final Cut Pro X CONTACT: Email: [email protected] (business only) PR ADDRESS: (product reviews, etc) colouredBeautiful 555 N. Benson Ave, Suite A Upland, CA 91786
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Text Comments (72)
Banaz Ali (3 years ago)
you are soooooooo lovely xoxo im from iraq
msdarla45 (3 years ago)
My first time watching.. Girl I gotta support the IE. new subbie
crownjewel602 (3 years ago)
I'm new to natural....what do you use to get your hair up like that!?!?
evelyn jones (3 years ago)
What a awesome crazy haul
im10ika (3 years ago)
Nice haul I wish I knew who was giving what discount. Last year in Dallas the prices weren't so great.
FashionableBeauty (3 years ago)
Great buys 😊
Jess WILLS (3 years ago)
i think this is the first video ive watched of yours where ive seen your personality, and i was laughing the whole time and looked up at the clock and saw that 30 minutes had passed! great stuff. and you were right the first time -- it´s 'all the rage´!
Amanda (4 years ago)
I love the long videos!! I could just listen to talk all day! Thank you for all that you do and for sharing a small portion of your life with us.
I just love you..your energy is awesome
Naturallyfab (4 years ago)
I always get so much valuable info from your videos! I absolutely love your style and personality! I recently went natural and did the BC. I discovered your videos in my quest for product and styling knowledge and have been glued to your channel ever since. I struggled with my new look for about the first two weeks, but watching your vids helped me embrace my curls! Now, I'm rocking my curls with confidence and pride! Thank you!
Starr Francis (4 years ago)
You have, hands down, the best personality that I've ever encountered on YouTube! I love when you go on tangents and just talk. Lol. I'm so glad that I've found your channel!! Yay! Lmao!
CriscianaLovely (4 years ago)
How can I get a certificate that will make me be able to go these shows?? I want to begin makeup artistry!
Sharline Lidia Laurent (4 years ago)
You rock!
Savannah Schmidt (4 years ago)
Hi! It's Savannah. We met at the preview party on Friday night, you complimented my hair and outfit. Great video! I was late to the party so I missed James Vincent's talk but I am now dying to try some of the items from the gift bag. Glad that you'll be at the San Francisco show, maybe I'll run into you there. Maybe you could do a meet up?
MelissaQ (4 years ago)
Love you girlie! Had a blast on blogger night. Yes I love the education that you get at these trade shows. You are hilarity! lol @ the rage. That Bioderma is great. I've been using it nonstop. Good thing I filmed my haul already. Need to get it up on the channel. Girl! You got the Nars DI Blush?! I got an Audacious Lipstick! I was just about to ask you about that lippee! lol I love corals! That Kat Von D liner though... I got some different things than you. Great haul!
Kayla_Nicole (4 years ago)
Great haul!!! I almost fainted when you showed the kevyn Aucoin lipstick as I am a LOVER of PURPLE lipstick for us Brown girls;) it was gorgeous.. I loved your personality" I'm sitting up here blurry" was hilarious,you looked beautiful as always:)
Tricia Flynel (4 years ago)
I love watching your tutorial and Hauls are very informative and entertaining. Thank you
Shirley King (4 years ago)
Not the" spit" girl, don't do that; your funny!
milesla105 (4 years ago)
Two seconds into the video and I'm loving the quality of the video.
The NARS dual intensity is designed that way. Dry is supposed to be just a wash of color. Wet is a more intense look.
Shataya Graham (4 years ago)
LOVE your vids, (and no you wasn't BLURRY 😉👍👌👏
I like ur hair style, do u have an episode on how u do makeup for beginners and hair style post for natural hair?
tysh11 (4 years ago)
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA JUNKIE ITCH, I know how you feel, Im getting it now because Friday is the IMATS in NY
TRACK PETERSON (4 years ago)
Ebony, for all the money we brown/black women spend in cosmetics you would think they would make more gifts give aways in more hues, shades, colors for med to darker skin tones!...you look lovely as always... 
Barbara Pierre (4 years ago)
Can you please do more kinky curly wig reviews?
MagandaMo (4 years ago)
I will definitely go to the SF show! Hope to meet you:-)
Angela Poe (4 years ago)
Love this video...I was excited for you...great haul!
OBabyxo (4 years ago)
That Bioderma is everything!!! It helps correct makeup mistakes without having to start from scratch. Love it!!
Pseegars23 (4 years ago)
I love watching your video thanks for keeping it real..
Grace Love (4 years ago)
Hi, How are you doing? You look beautiful what foundation are you wearing? Is that the BlackUp Line can you tell me about it. Like how long you can wear for the day if it makes you itchy or causes those brail looking bumps like mac cosmetic? 
A. Essence (4 years ago)
Loved this video. From start to finish. Keep talking and hauling..LOL
christabella201 (4 years ago)
Omgdness.....I just couldn't with you and this video....... You had me on the floor, I'm so happy you on a KVD start. She got some gr8 products girl! Love ya Sis!!
Cre mo (4 years ago)
Your eye shadow! please please please do a tutorial! That's a neutral I can work with!
TMC Natural Beauty (4 years ago)
Watched every minute of this haul and it was well worth my time. You made me break out my pad and pencil! Lol can't wait to see you play in your new makeup. Cyber Kisses
Gaby Walker (4 years ago)
Have you tried the illuminating primer by laura mercier? I love radiance and the one in bronze. I have normal to dry skin and that primer makes me glow.
PMC2u (4 years ago)
Long video, yes! You look gorgeous Btw
Reese Alexander (4 years ago)
It was great seeing you. This video was hilarious! Be sure to sign up for your Pro Discounts. XOXO
glamazini (4 years ago)
Ebony can I just say thank you for not going crazy with your eyebrows.  You are a blessing. Continue to let the Lord use you.
NaturalHairObsession (4 years ago)
Evelyn Inc (4 years ago)
Loved this entire haul!!!  I was actually reading the description box and was wondering if you could tell me what lashes you are wearing :-)....my apologies if I missed it in the video.
Kera's LuvTechniques. (4 years ago)
More Makeup, More Tutorials!
Alisha Oliver (4 years ago)
"Sitting up here blurry" - hilarious lol Great haul!
you have the bug,  welcome back!
Platinum D (4 years ago)
Yes, I was tuned in like I was watching Empire :-)
Julina Mzchozen (4 years ago)
Love the Haul!!! Awesome!!
Dahlia B (4 years ago)
I love your personality... I can watch your videos all day!!!
NancyGooGoo (4 years ago)
ROLFLMAO - I LOOOOVE when you get silly in your videos because it's always a surprise what you're gonna do!! Girl, you have GOT to tell us all about that Embyrolisse cream because it's been heard that that's what JLO uses! LMAO - I know ALL about that junkie itch! That KA lipstick is SERIOUSLY UBER gorgeous!! This video was just TOO much fun to watch!! Plus,I don't see blurry and I have FOUR eyes, not just TWO, okay?! LOL
kellha (4 years ago)
Did u have to give the nail disclaimer? Too funny.
mhfmful (4 years ago)
You were not blurry, just beautiful! Enjoyed the haul:)
coco4859 (4 years ago)
I LOVE your videos!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for "April Madness" 😁
KurlyMommy G (4 years ago)
1. You weren't blurry and 2. I'm drinking my wine and cooking dinner (They are lucky I'm drinking my wine otherwise who cooks on Saturday, and before a holiday) and this video gave me life. Now I have the itch and I need to get my makeup fix too.
respectedfemale (4 years ago)
August 28-29th is the SF one. Nice haul. My BFF and I went on both days and just. Smh. We have enough lashes, foundations, concealer, eye shadows, and brushes to last us until 2017! Lol. But she lives in the Bay so we'll going to the one in the City too. Smh. We need an intervention! And I feel you on the IMATS / Makeup Show preference. I went to my first Makeup Show last year and loved it! Went to IMATS for the first time this year and HATED IT! I will seriously NEVER go again!
PKNCRM (4 years ago)
Great haul! Your excitement is contagious! I am trying to on a no buy til the holidays in the fall. I know the addict urge- I am not a "planned" collector or MUA, I just like makeup a lot! I have to stop. Is there a MAA- Makeup Addicts Anonymous? LOL. At least you are in the beauty industry. You need your products for your profession So get that Pro card...I mean if you are going to buy...Sorry for being an enabler, but it helps me stay in the know of what I should consider purchasing when you haul, review and do tutorials.. Thanks for the great video! 
Danadane84 (4 years ago)
I loooove The Makeup Show I already have my list for Chicago. I wait to buy some items until I get to the show!
Face2fayce (4 years ago)
You had me cracking up during this video! Great haul!
50PLUS2013 (4 years ago)
QueenClayTerra (4 years ago)
Love the excitement in this video!! Can't wait for the upcoming looks
I never get bored with you sis. Thank you for posting videos
Alysha Lewis-Coleman (4 years ago)
No I don't have a team for this. May just sitting that day
BeautyisScience (4 years ago)
You are close, I grew up in Claremont and my mother is the owner of 8glasses Bottled Alkaline Water, your subscribers run DEEP, lovesome
kymyou2 (4 years ago)
What is the name of the korean face power? And where I can get please? Happy Easter
Beader4life (4 years ago)
I LOVE your "Psycho Hauls" lol. Thanks for sharing!
Leah Dennis (4 years ago)
Great Video. Love the earrings
ps_Ty (4 years ago)
You are too crazy LoL but I love it! Your personality is everything and I can't wait for more (but imma keep my mouth shut too).
Cynthia Everett (4 years ago)
Great video love how you keep it real!
bensona700 (4 years ago)
You are too funny..love your humor..btw beautiful makeup as always. .
Alexis S (4 years ago)
Your makeup is beautiful
Shlinda1 (4 years ago)
Love you sis!!!
Latin Makeup Lover (4 years ago)
You need to get her other 2 palettes. She has a neutral and pink one that's amazing. Im your skin tone and get tones of compliments when i use them.
ItsYourGirlTinu (4 years ago)
You are definitely right the skin sensual enhancer in sx 12 is too yellow. I am going to get sx11 to mix it 
Alwayz Alecia (4 years ago)
How can I achieve your hair colour, its beautiful
ItsYourGirlTinu (4 years ago)
I love your hauls Sis

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