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Best ROM for Galaxy grand i9082 2016 XOSP(Xperia UI based)

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What is XOSP and how was it born? XOSP stands for the Xperia Open Source Project. The project was initially created by me @nilac) for the Galaxy S+ (my old device) years ago. Back then the ROM was called S+ Reborn. The vision was to create a minimal bloat free ROM which included Sony Xperia specific apps and various tweaks users would expect from a custom ROM. S+ Reborn became a success and was eventually ported to different devices so from there I rebranded and XOSP project was founded. I worked on the project for 2 years always trying to improve it. Eventually, Because of the fact Lollipop was buggy on my Galaxy S+ (Which I maintained xosp for at the time) I decided to take a break from development until I got my hands on the zenfone 2 which from there xosp development has continued ever since. Revisions and Releases Revisions include small changes such as bug fixes/improvments etc.. (there are 5 revisions until a new Release is made) Releases are the final "stable" builds with all new planned features implemented and bugs fixed. Based on CM 13.0 Removed many unnecessary apps and stuff as well as CM ones StatusBar Clock font style StatusBar Clock font size Added StatusBar Date & style options Added option for date style/position, left-right of clock Xperia Z5 inspired LockScreen style Xperia Fonts Xperia Battery Text prototype Time Contextual Headers XOSP Universal dialog for Shutdown/Reboot and Dexopting Process XOSPOTA Stock Kernel Snap Camera ViPER Audio Engine Theme Chooser Xperia based Bootanimation Custom Framework and SystemUI Xperia drawables XOSPFileManager Xperia Z5 sounds Xperia X Wallpapers XOSPSetupWizard Custom Materialized Stock Browser is custom themed Contacts is custom themed (Much more Xperia Style) Dialer is custom themed (Much more Xperia Style) Status bar logo Navigation Bar ON/OFF NavBar dimensions SlimDim HW Keys ON/OFF SlimSeek Bar Status bar Network Traffic indicator RAM Bar in recents options Toast Animations Long Press back to kill in Development Settings Ability to hide the Super SU status bar icon Dashboard Columns Dashboard double lines toggle Double Tap to sleep anywhere on the lockscreen On-the-go Mode Double tap to sleep on navigation bar SystemApp remover Omni inbuilt SystemUI Screen recording SuperSU Xperia Apps Xperia Z5 Home app Album App PhotoEditor PhotoAnalyzer Xperia Keyboard (aka textinput-tng) Music (former WALKMAN) Video SemCalendar AudioRecorder (Material Version) ClockWidgets Sketch SmartConnect WallpaperPicker (For Xperia X custom wallpapers) Weather App Weather Widget Walkman Widget Track ID SomcPodcast SemcDLNA Alarm Clock is not working with stock Xperia Clock so you will need to use a third party app In Snap Camera when you want to access the taken photos the app will crash, this issue will be fixed in the RL3 Revision 2 When you apply a wallpaper the phone will soft reboot itself but the wallpaper will be set eventually Calendar may force close when you configure for the first time the phone, which means when you make a clean install First time installing XOSP on your Grand, or coming from another ROM? Make you're running the latest TWRP Download latest build and GApps Reboot recovery Wipe data factory reset Flash latest XOSP Flash GApps Reboot Upgrading from earlier release or revision of XOSP: Reboot recovery Flash latest XOSP Flash GApps if necessary Wipe cache and dalvik Reboot I'll not support users and answer questions from users which: - Are running a custom kernel - Have flashed mods - Modified system files - Didn't follow proper instructions - Have not read through the thread to see if their question/issue has already been addressed Visit our website ! Join our community on G+ ! Follow up my latest news on the Official Telegram channel! Compile XOSP for your device ! ROM sources ROM sources Device:I9082 sources Kernel sources @nilac and XOSP Team CM for the base sources Sony Xperia Community @malybru for the banner nightwalkerkg for the logo XDA:DevDB Information XOSP rom for Galaxy Grand Duos, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082 Contributors osas514 ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x ROM Firmware Required: 4.2.2 Based On: CyanogenMod Version Information Status: Stable Stable Release Date: 2016-06-01 Created 2016-06-01 Last Updated 2016-06-06
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Text Comments (21)
Techno Ajay (1 year ago)
is rom mm toh setings khulti nhi h tumhari kese khul rhi h
Vishal Raj (1 year ago)
this rom want universal apps are not
Binay Adhikari (1 year ago)
What is The SIm Network Unlock Pin For this Rom?
Viral Kansara (1 year ago)
dual sim supported?
Vajroju Madhan (1 year ago)
please send rom downloding page
Duren Love (1 year ago)
Abdul Rahim Qureshi (2 years ago)
Hey I want full carbon copy of this ROM with lollipop pls
pratham mittal (2 years ago)
where is the link to download rom
Duren Love (1 year ago)
banadoo banadoo (2 years ago)
Nipun gupta (2 years ago)
when i click about in setting it just crashes ! help!
Ricardo Sandoval S. (2 years ago)
My question is... Can you uninstall any factory app of that rom? I installed xosp but I can't uninstall any app.
Tejesh Bhalla (2 years ago)
These apps are included in gapps you flashed.Which gapps have you flashed??
Ricardo Sandoval S. (2 years ago)
Mail, Navegator, I will like to keep as much clean and pure to native Android, but I can't :'(
Tejesh Bhalla (2 years ago)
Please tell which system application you want to remove??I'll help you..
Ricardo Sandoval S. (2 years ago)
In my case I installed the ROM totally clean, and I have problems when I try to uninstall even with he system apps remover that the rom itself has. I really don't know why. Same rom, same version...
Tejesh Bhalla (2 years ago)
+Rick Sandoval Seguel what bloatware you want to remove? The rom is actually bloatware free.Still if you wish to remove system apps you can disable them.

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