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Lady GaGa Poker Face Marching Band

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Allen High School Eagle Escadrille plays Lady Gaga. The Escadrille is the largest single High School Marching band in the world.
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Silly String (1 month ago)
my school only has like 60 kids in the band lol
dd03 (10 months ago)
For all of you who keep saying we dont march that is our traditional show .. we march then we line up like that for the tallenettes and collor guard to do their thing while we play... then we spell our eagles and play the fight song.. we only do this before and after uil season
Aaliyah Holland (1 year ago)
They bigger than my whole school. High school and junior high put together 😳
Alex Giese (3 years ago)
Kurt Tumbagahan (3 years ago)
A band this size with no screamers?
Spike Rover (3 years ago)
The screamers probably get muted out
Claire Smith (3 years ago)
That's a big band
Alice Huang (3 years ago)
Lot of fucking people
Ryan Shipley (4 years ago)
There's gotta be 200 trumpets.
urenda573 (3 years ago)
120 is bigger than my whole band! (Middle school)
Ryan Shipley (3 years ago)
Whoa. +spadeplaladin5 
spadeplaladin5 (4 years ago)
not quite. 120 actually
Derek Smith (4 years ago)
imagine a drum corps this size ;) ;)
Devin Surine (3 years ago)
Now Imagine the super bass drum splits with that drum corp.
Green Wood (4 years ago)
I thought it was called MARCHING band for a reason
Zack Poling (5 months ago)
Them not moving has nothing to do with how large they are.
Zack Poling (5 months ago)
They don't move because this isn't their marching performance. This is the color guard's dance routine.
dd03 (10 months ago)
lonewolf Therian well we do march this is only a part of our traditional show
lonewolf Therian (1 year ago)
Just because it's marching band does not mean they are suppose to March
Bracken Alexander (2 years ago)
+spadeplaladin5 I've seen that traditional show and I really love it. I've always wanted to march Grandioso.
Robert Lopez (4 years ago)
Out of 900 kids, I'm sure one of the has to be a screamer. WHERE IS SHE/HE?
___yaakov___ (4 years ago)
Damn, that's probably their whole high school right there.
nascarboss22 (1 year ago)
My middle school sounds better than them. At least we can move!
Kai Weber (2 years ago)
XD we have 120 students in our high school. It doesn't sound near as impressive when we play it.
Ivan (3 years ago)
The whole school is almost 6000 kids
Drifting in the Wind (4 years ago)
Did a bit of research. Over 900 members in 2013. They hold a world record for it.
KRATER BEATS (4 years ago)
i thought the impacts would be bigger ... such a big and and the color guard sucks ....
Jesen Lee (4 years ago)
dd03 (10 months ago)
They did march before this... look up allen eagle escadrille and youll see our full traditional show
Jadestar (4 years ago)
That is a lot of people, my band has only 50 people and more than half are color guard.
Koukou Vagias (4 years ago)
zoom out all ready!
Peter Ohmart (4 years ago)
I still believe that a moving show can be completed with pyeware. We had 388 in our marching band. We had a great deal of room on the field. This band, best as I can count, has 484 in the marching band. The software would help them see how it would effect them. I still think the show could be more interesting with movement, & they can move with a basic show
dd03 (10 months ago)
Get ya fax str8... that is our traditional show .. we march then we line up like that for the tallenettes and collor guard to do their thing while we play... then we spell our eagles and play the fight song
AbbsIsAwesome (4 years ago)
All those people down there don't have the first clue as to how hard it is to teach 850 kids at the same time. If the director just spent a minute with each member, they would be on the field for two and a half hours. Just to teach us a simple drill, for example, marching onto the field in our traditional show, took them a whole week at summer band camp. And that was with spending 4 hours each day for the whole week. We know we aren't the best, but we do love what we do and we are proud of it.
Barsidious Black (4 years ago)
All is forgiven, What I meant was there is too many people in that band in order for it to be visually appealing on a large degree. I understand where you're coming from though.
Peter Ohmart (4 years ago)
forgive me for being rude, but you are talking out of backside because you mouth should know better. Any marching band, no matter how small or large should be completely respected for their individual abilities. For a a high school, the color guard is the one group who has the movement and for the most part were pretty much on. Congrats Marching Band and Color Guard.
Audio Empire (5 years ago)
i got to say this i know bands that have less then 100 people and they have better quality then this band. Also in marching band you are supposed to march and well u didn't march. Its easy memorizing the music all by itself you have to march and play at them same time for it to be great
Landon Childers (5 years ago)
That's a big band holy cow
Sam K (5 years ago)
That band Is massive... I can't imagine playing with so many people. O.O
Joel Pichardo (5 years ago)
lol basically a quarter of there highschool
ふふふYoung (5 years ago)
Joshua Zeigler (5 years ago)
I don't think they could do drills if they wanted to.
miss.rockerX Rome (5 years ago)
OMG 850 members in total !!!! THAT'S CRAZY 850 !!!!!
DamageInc110 (5 years ago)
I've heard 150 piece bands play louder and stronger than this crap.
courtcourt1897 (5 years ago)
You're gonna need a bigger field o_o
zeek gidcumb (5 years ago)
why dont they march that is bs they need to march i would like to see that
Roxie Northrop (5 years ago)
*cough* PHS Band is way better *cough*
Tomaz Hilton (5 years ago)
I must say.. they sound really weak.... i know HS bands that sound larger than them but only have 200 members...
Dustin Miller (5 years ago)
Alright Guys, today we will learn set one of the show... All right, we have the show learned. now, single file back to the band hall. I will come in last, so see you in 25 minutes. Come on guys. You have potential to be an amazing band. But instead, you have what we call, big and nasty... Its a shame that all of those extremely talented musicians are being held back by the 450 other kids in your band.
Amir Olumroti (5 years ago)
they play like a super weak band in this video. If a black high school had a marching band that size they would put that school to some serious shame
Gazorpazorpfield Bitch (5 years ago)
We literally only have 60 people in our band ... that is middle and high together...
hagans94 (5 years ago)
is that the entire high school?!?!?!?!?!?!
Guillermo Tapia (5 years ago)
rctrumpet1993 (5 years ago)
It would be cool if they moved
laura ross (5 years ago)
That band is huge my band is like 1/10 of that
A hs (5 years ago)
You do realize that there is audio leveling going on, with the computer removing any dynamic contrast. Don't believe me, watch the whole band crescendo at 1:00. Do you think the initial 20 tubas playing is the same volume as the entire 600 players (including 20 tuba)? Go and continue living in your world of ignorance and low comments...
Johnnie Arp (5 years ago)
Any audition you go to will require you to be technically accurate. That means articulation, tone quality, correct rhythms, and DYNAMIC CONTRAST.
jherick ito (5 years ago)
wow guiox your band is astonishing
Sheneil Foster (5 years ago)
Now if they only had drill
GravitySmashify (5 years ago)
How about actually cutting people and limiting it to only the best people? Dont just stand there because you have a big band! Its obvious they didnt have any before or after school rehearsals, they just went out there and played.
KOblivion (5 years ago)
Youtube > Search > Worlds largest marching band > First one > We move.
KOblivion (5 years ago)
Its on a camera, it sounds unbelievable in real life. the freshmen aren't as good as the seniors either. We split it into 2 groups and still haven't wont uil at plano east. (Possibly because we beat their football team 56-nut at home coming)
Perfect Irony (5 years ago)
That's almost too big it limits what you can do
Animequeen362 (5 years ago)
It upsets me that the band had to just stand there. When we did Poker face, everyone was moving around.
Mark Peters (5 years ago)
very impressive to have THAT large of a marching band for a High School How many members are there ??
NonCreative Amateur (5 years ago)
Is this a 5A school?? thats nice! you have a lot of peeps! i love big bands!
Drew Alewine (5 years ago)
I wonder how the band behind them watching felt? Lol. I bet they were like, umm, wtf? lol.
UniFootballFilms (5 years ago)
the sound isnt weak, its just the recording.
Doug Foster (6 years ago)
the A band would probably be DCI Caliber
wowiamninboy (6 years ago)
You say you are always better in band and football? Well, I'll give you football. But marching bands? Not a chance. There are so many bands within an hour's drive that put Allen to shame. Duncanville, Marcus, Coppell. Your band is so large that you don't even really march. And the fact that you only care about how you sound in your expensive-as-hell stadium shows just how much class you really don't have.
Grayson Savoie (6 years ago)
well im from allen high and we dont care that its weak we only care when we play games in the $60 million stadium and we look at the other teams band and football team we always are better allen is the best high school ever
Jasmin Lopez (6 years ago)
that how much we are going to have by the time we go area and state lol. People are failing their grades so its pretty bad :\
lovestheclassics14 (6 years ago)
the band didnt even do anything
Brandon Wright (6 years ago)
i have like 52 people in mine. xD
Jasmin Lopez (6 years ago)
I have like less than 90 something member in my band xD
Jasmin Lopez (6 years ago)
they probably didn't have it memorized.....
gettelch (6 years ago)
Way better than lady gaga her self
topem97 (6 years ago)
i have 38 members lol
Riley Scott (6 years ago)
You do know that the mic can NEVER truly capture the sound, right? This is amazing for such a large marching band.
Aaron Omar ST (6 years ago)
theres probably no drill because they dont have enough space to march around
Shutong Hao (6 years ago)
@F35AJSF This is obviously a colour guard feature, so of course it's not.
Philip Buhrke (6 years ago)
size might be Impressive but the drill certainly is not.
Germaine Mapp (6 years ago)
i wasnt talking about this band. i have never seen this band in person. I was talking abt FAMU (Florida A&M Univ.) I was referring to a college marching band not a high school.
Shutong Hao (6 years ago)
@scsuhootiehoo191 you must have played against another city then. Because as of 2012, we have about 850 members of colour guard, drill team & band. So about 700 actual band members. We are in fact the largest high school marching band in the world. Come see us again sometime and maybe you will change your mind. (ps. Everyone else who sees us live seem to be impressed with our size)
Shutong Hao (6 years ago)
@xsulacrosse we are louder in person. The band is bigger now than in this video. It's hard to be accurate with 700 musicians on the field. And we do move, but this video is obviously a performance of the colour guard, not the marching band. Go check out some other videos of us marching our competition shows. We may not move around the field like a 200 member band, but that's obviously impossible since we are 4 times that size. We do make different designs, which are pretty cool and different fr
Shutong Hao (6 years ago)
@anonymous10001000 this is the marching band of Allen High School from Allen Texas. Currently, we have 850 members of combined colour guard, drill team & band!
Renato Branda (6 years ago)
Very cool :)
Barsidious Black (6 years ago)
What you guys need is 6 marching bands each consisting of about 100 people and about 10 colorguard members(bands A,B,C,D,E, and F). Then you guys would have a good marching band.
hi (6 years ago)
What school is this, and how many members?
normiereee (6 years ago)
I'm in the band, and this appears to be 2010's colorguard feature.
kevin johnson (6 years ago)
dude its no about being loud its about articulateing every note not that u would know that
FallingAmazements (6 years ago)
Sexy marching band you got there. :D
Kaitlin Simmons (6 years ago)
We march in the show stupid -_- This is one song
Kaitlin Simmons (6 years ago)
Shut yo mouth! It's the camera's fault!
Germaine Mapp (6 years ago)
I've seen them...even played against them...they are no where near this big...matter of fact in 06 my school (SCSU Marching 101) outnumbered FAMU abt 260 to their 180...trust me FAMU is about 350ppl smaller than this band...
deadclock7 (6 years ago)
I'm ALEC DICKSON! the coolest kid in band!
deadclock7 (6 years ago)
I'm in this band.. dumb bitch
deadclock7 (6 years ago)
No becasue we suck
deadclock7 (6 years ago)
Nahh 200
deadclock7 (6 years ago)
We have a bigass band hall!
anna clark (6 years ago)
Holy shat. That's a huge band.
kudziharmon97 (6 years ago)
Damn how do they all fit in one band hall???
R Burke (6 years ago)
tuning has to be a pain in the ass
Barsidious Black (6 years ago)
there have got to be at least 100 clarinets in that band
Enn Tropy (6 years ago)
haha they're not dancers they're flag twirlers. its the color guard. i agree though.
WelliGuess (6 years ago)
it was good but the guard was pretty dirty and the pit was so small D;
John M (6 years ago)
That looks like the whole school...
TomAndJerry87 (6 years ago)
Holy band gods...
Nathan Disantis (6 years ago)
mother of band
97trainman (6 years ago)
My tiny 80 member band is louder than that.
socaldesigner (6 years ago)
for that size band, the sound is pretty weak
97trainman (6 years ago)
Purdue university does a better job
Jon (6 years ago)
With a 200+ band with a 40+ piece color guard, it's hard to do a drill
MARCUS LYONS (6 years ago)
I can only imagine
Adrianna Benford (6 years ago)
how can they? There wouldnt be any room on the field!

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