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song " The Change " from the private Album 1979
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Joachim Mehr (1 month ago)
Much more of these peaces of gold...thanx
Manny Badabing (6 months ago)
Pretty awesome. I love prog.
luis fernandez (1 year ago)
Re-edition no CD?
Vinyltyboy (1 year ago)
hello, no re-edition, no cd. from the original record as all my music comes from the orig. records. regards.....joe
P E R F E C T ! !!
Julien Köhler (3 years ago)
Im the son of producer , Singer , and Guitar player : Volker Kappelmann
Towersopenfire (5 years ago)
Heavy as my grans cup cakes,Kapiiish?
lethe51 (6 years ago)
we need more young people like you
steveavison (6 years ago)
it would be wrong if you didnt like it my friend,
steveavison (6 years ago)
this is how it should be done, Class and more.
Eduardo Andrade (6 years ago)
Very Wonderful Song...I love It...
MatthewSandberg (6 years ago)
Is it weird If I liked this song?
Manny Badabing (6 months ago)
It means you like prog. It's not weeerd it's awesome.
Gerhad Hocke (7 years ago)
Perfekt !!

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