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ASMR ✂️ Men's Haircut & Beard Shaving

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Back with a new ASMR Haircut video Hope you'll enjoy it lot of trigger scissor sounds beard shaving with razor and more. Please don't forget to subscribe! #AsmrHaircut #AsmrRoleplay #menshaircut
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Text Comments (45)
Nxtflix z (2 days ago)
Idk if it my headphones but I can’t really hear it and it’s max volume
Wanda Stoesz (4 days ago)
Amazing tingles. Well done!
V Luz (6 days ago)
Muito bom!
GilJohnASMR (7 days ago)
Nice video man! Hope we can do a collab ? :)
Rafaelle Moura (7 days ago)
Eric Geers (8 days ago)
Great vid! But one tip. L and R channel is reversed..
ASMRBean (7 days ago)
Hey Eric! What you mean by L and R reversed
English Vinglish (8 days ago)
Great job dear Definitely future 🔮 will be bright 🔆
BorlandRIP8 (13 days ago)
Very few talking, efficient , just like I like ..thank
Gary C (14 days ago)
I've said it before, but, still - the KING of ASMR Haircuts :)
Blxckz- (14 days ago)
you should flip the video so the sound goes to the side you are doing the action 😁
[gsk]crossfire (8 days ago)
it's not the video. just needs to change mic settings or directions
Blxckz- (14 days ago)
just to make it more realistic
paulo mega (14 days ago)
Super,bravo. ..
HonestlyLoveGaming ! (14 days ago)
Ahhh great video!
Jocelyne Humbert (14 days ago)
Ok,ok good like 😴😉
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
TerraLunaX (14 days ago)
This is awesome, I like your videos! Subscribed!
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Welcome 🤗
Lance Pitter (14 days ago)
Great work man, this was awesome!
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Thank you so much 😉
maconheiro2012 (14 days ago)
good work
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Thank you😊
Best haircut lot of tingles
Daisy Stephanie (14 days ago)
Perfect!! Great roleplay 👍 Also, I like your voice 👌😴
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Stevil Knievel (14 days ago)
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Next video 😉
Stevil Knievel (14 days ago)
Jacob Lee (14 days ago)
NEW SUBBY HERE !!! (: great video very relaxing! please check out my channel i post ASMR videos too thanksss 😊👍🏽
Taylor Madison (14 days ago)
This was definitely one of your BEST videos! I replayed it twice for the terrific tingles! Great job!
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
😁 thank you
Zeeth (14 days ago)
20 min, niceeeeee
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Benjamin Parsley (14 days ago)
Not a lot of ASMR haircut role plays give the tingles for me but your vid was one of them. Thank you...I was half way thru the vid and found myself falling asleep. Keep up the great content!
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
I always like to hear that my videos really work thank you so much for your words 😍
Franton Veira (14 days ago)
My friend you just got another subscriber. You take great care in what you do. This was a display of excellence. One of the best haircuts I’ve experienced!
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Wow thank you so much for the support 🙏💕🙏💕
Bob Maple (14 days ago)
Great, but the audio channels are still backwards :)
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Isaac Barnes (14 days ago)
Great vid
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Thank you
Robb K (15 days ago)
Awesome timing!!! Time for some calmness and tingles to fall asleep to...and i hope it doesnt offend you that i think your damn cute too! Peace n love.
ASMRBean (14 days ago)
Enjoy Robb 😘

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