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Making the Beat: Lady Gaga - Poker Face

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Head over to http://www.boyinaband.com to get the synth tabs and the text version of the tutorial to follow along with and to see my other snazzeriffic videos and blogs! Dave from boyinaband.com making the beat for smash hit "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Made using Reason 4 - focusing on Thor (because Thor is frickin' sweet). Oh, and Bluffing with my muffin = loltastic lyric. Got any requests for songs? Just comment / message me!
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Text Comments (94)
Lee Bryant (5 months ago)
trying Chvrches-warning call on reason 4 atm,damn that is hard,but I think the production on that song is stunning.great vid btw as always
Kvng Vuggotta (5 months ago)
Can you do a tutorial on how she does her deep vocals in this song
how many bpm?
awwwwwwwww baby dave
zach rementer (2 years ago)
First vid
Kelly Hacker (2 years ago)
Lohan Myles (2 years ago)
Has it really been 7 years since poker face came out?
Kvng Vuggotta (5 months ago)
Lohan Myles feel old yet lol i do
Lohan Myles 8 years 2016 - 2008 (sep)
Luke (2 years ago)
JimijaymesGuitarist (5 years ago)
Any chance you can reupload all your old tutorials in HD makes it so much easier to read settings
Yassine D (5 years ago)
sorry my bad, i checked, he uses logic indeed
Yassine D (5 years ago)
no in fl studio
Sheepskin Mcgrue (6 years ago)
The music is more than likely composed by Gaga but made by a producer. What's wrong with simple synths? I don't know how a synth can be "Cheesy". For that matter, why would you even be watching it if you hate Lady Gaga. No-one appreciates a whiner. Keep your hatred to yourself, it's people like you in this world that makes day-to-day life a pisstake. Just as you dislike Gaga, there are people who will dislike whatever music you're into. This is how the world works, respect that and pipe down.
KyuubiCore (1 month ago)
Dave is honestly one of the most open-minded youtubers I have stumbled upon when it comes to music tastes and, well things in general. This comment is posted 5 years ago and I know it's stupid to reply to it now but this just proves how quick people are to judge and say awful things to someone they don't know.
FlopsyGuitarBunny (6 years ago)
Yes, but how rich are you?? lol
FilthypopMonster (6 years ago)
lady gagas record label is Interscope...
lolmayonnaise (6 years ago)
wow that is a low pitched "hi"
Ed Gein (6 years ago)
You are a ducking genius man
TurkishMusicianPr (7 years ago)
@ImperialLobster For All high school kids . Right
ImperialLobster (7 years ago)
@TurkishMusicianPr well shes still a fucking freak.
TurkishMusicianPr (7 years ago)
@ImperialLobster she is electronic ??? Fuck you loser !
ImperialLobster (7 years ago)
@beninsky12 gaga is a scary freak bitch. long live proper electronic music!
mrsupernick2000 (7 years ago)
That is imposible
@Alex10Ani The program is called Reason. It is made by the company Propellorhead
Ruben Almeida (7 years ago)
please make Eminem´s Music Box please!! thank you
caroseldan (7 years ago)
@TheTerminator1 Totally correct, all daws process audio identically, its what you do with it that counts! :)
James Tinker (7 years ago)
@47th its just u , u sucked at fruityloops
Thomas Tang (7 years ago)
Thanks for the great lesson!
Outgunned (7 years ago)
@TSDREX actually u "hear" if reason itself is used,without any real daw usage...pretty a disadvantage,depending on reason lowering samples internal ( u know what i mean,sorry,not a native english speaker)... reason in combination with e.g. ableton makes a lot of fun,true. some ...i dont want to call it probs, but delay and fx like tha tneed some tweak to work as original imagined. so far i used every version of reason and dispite my remarks before, i love it :) never used record,but loved to^^
Mike Booth (7 years ago)
@nelmops Reason 4... but Reason 5 is what is used now and is alot easier to manage :)
forcesupreme (7 years ago)
@TSDREX Rewire trough Ableton for example :D
Olga Hope (7 years ago)
Omg this is so awesome!! What program did you use?
Dafaa (7 years ago)
@47th the only disadvantage about reason is you can't use Plug ins like NI Massive, etc xD but i just cut it up and put it in the reason since its a beast.
AurisDJ (7 years ago)
@47th sorry lool meant Fruity Loops as (FL)
AurisDJ (7 years ago)
@47th and fl
Tulene Ragonton (7 years ago)
Awesome Tutorial!!! I really appreciate your work. I am a Reason newbie and like how you explain how to make each sound. FIVE STARS!!! I was wondering if you can show a tutorial on how to make the sound for the song ROLL IT GAL. I am not sure what that sound is and how to reproduce it. Can you help? Thanks. ROCK ON ON!!!
nick20200 (7 years ago)
@HolyKatana I kind of forgot what i said but i can sort of guess saying something about reason not needing vst's. I know it sucks that it doesnt allow audio manipulation so thats why i rewire into ableton. I think of reason as one big vst ;) also what i meant was that some vst's dont have editable parameters *cough* nexus *cough* But, i honestly believe reason can produce a massive range of sounds, but yes, reaktor and etc can make a wider range.
Patrick Sovereign (7 years ago)
Although I do use Reason from time to time, I've been trying to wean myself off of it, as I was rather dependent on it for a while. It's very easy to use and has a very nice workflow, but there are certain limitations to it. For example, you can't edit audio in Reason. You can in Record, but I don't particularly want Record. That and I wanted a larger pallette of sounds to use (certain VST effects which don't have any equivalent in Reason; Illformed Glitch, for example).
Patrick Sovereign (7 years ago)
@nick20200 Uh, dude, VST plugins have editable parameters. You can make patches from scratch, just like in Reason. And to be honest, you can't get every sound from Reason. Thor and Malstrom are both very versatile synths (I can't stand Subtractor, though), but try getting some of the things you can do with Reaktor or Omnisphere in Reason. You can't. You have no idea what you're talking about, especially since, ohmygosh, Reason has thousands of presets, too.
Nicolaz David (7 years ago)
NICE!! Hey can you do Make the Beat: Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia AND/OR Tik Tok by Ke$ha thanks for ur vids man really helpfulllll!
primitive lifeforms (7 years ago)
@rheoguq Then I've been a beginner for four years.
misteradilost (7 years ago)
Mate.. You Rock! You're a pro in programming Synth's! Gotta give my credit.. Although I'm making progress in creating nice drumpatterns, I still have got to learn how to program synth's so i can add them to the drums.. By watching your vids, it is a new experiance to me.. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Holland
EnerG (7 years ago)
How come? you're doing tutorials when you could be working in a stereo making your millions?!?! Ur very good! KEEP IT UP
POPTARTSYUM (8 years ago)
lol this is how you get music for free legally
Gra55h0pp3r (8 years ago)
@rheoguq which reason u mean? go with the time ;)
basscase78 (8 years ago)
I cant believe you offer this stuff for free. These lessons are amazing! THX
theuncanspan (8 years ago)
@AZRFHj he had to be a former ace of base member to do this hah!
EvilOverlord96 (8 years ago)
"what a lyrical genius that Lady Gaga is"
Dennis Lantz (8 years ago)
do you have the kickdrum you're using in this sample for download?
Ruth Oxemberg (8 years ago)
Ezer Ben Simhon (8 years ago)
amazing, where do you get your ideas from ? is that all by ear only ? I really learned allot from your videos, thx
Michael Costello (8 years ago)
what system do you use i would like to use it for my computer
krisa (8 years ago)
ableton kills both reason and fruity loops.. with its simplicity that opens your mind to realy create. Not to mention that ableton got great inbuild synths too..
cryonicPAX (8 years ago)
@rheoguq beginners? never ^^
nick20200 (8 years ago)
@47th right on lol. If u didnt know it but the sound quality in fruity loops has to be corrected. When you export a song, the sound levels are all different and there are some sounds in the export which you dont hear in the program. it gets really frustrating after a while trying to see what the problem is. Reason also offers a much better versatility but fruity loops, to me, is much easier to use with samples. Thats all i am using it for lately.
CLXXX Music (8 years ago)
@nick20200 oh orite
nick20200 (8 years ago)
@rheoguq no offence but thats it definately NOT the case. you may not realise it but all the sounds on vst's can be easily made with reason, if it means using loops or synths it can be done. I admit vst's are so much easier to use, all u do is put notes in, but there is something about making your own sound which doesn't come with vst's. making the sound you want gives you freedom about how you want it to sound. I tried finding a nice sub bass and i had to go to reason and create it with thor.
BorderHopper408 (8 years ago)
Wow Impressing sounds mostly like it
Meteotrance (8 years ago)
as a reason user i say , reason is like any other software if you have shit skill you do nothing except shit, even if you have the best sequencer or hardware in the world. if you have skill you can do massive hit music with this thing !!! ^^
Laurence of Eurabia (8 years ago)
the beat was the only reason i liked poker face
Greenielid (8 years ago)
how come you always start with beats already in there? how do you get them to there?
Kdeejay1987 (8 years ago)
good work
CLXXX Music (8 years ago)
@jakemarkjane lol... i have used reason... and reason is not the best.. vsts are more versatile protools is industry standard and if i misunderstood what your saying then sorry your has no punctuation so i tried my best to understand it
High Horizon (8 years ago)
lolgood job man :)
In2Tech (8 years ago)
Wow Thor is pretty good I just started using it after being hooked to Subtractor for years
Judih Weinstein Haggai (8 years ago)
very cool instruction - thanks!
tobebius (8 years ago)
ive actually discovered something useful, easy to follow and non egotisical on here! thanks mate.
Ma-ma-ma-mahhhhh This is misinterpreted in spanish because "MA-MA" = "SUCK / Fellate / Oral SEX" jajajajajajaja Bravo. =) Excellent tutorial!!! Arriba!!!!!! Congratulaciones!
outphase78 (8 years ago)
Jason Julian (8 years ago)
Wesley Webb (8 years ago)
Reason 4
Christopher Rodriguez (8 years ago)
Can u Do Bad Romance from Lady Gaga
Jacob Hirschman (8 years ago)
super helpful
uexp4 (8 years ago)
zomg this is complicated as shit for me
grillepcd (9 years ago)
where can i get this programm? i want it tell me please
Ca1mdownplz (9 years ago)
Just a quick question. Did you mean for only occelator 1 and 2 to be on on the saw synth?
Derek LeGendre (9 years ago)
I'm going to attempt to make it lol. I'm quite like this song and to be able to make it would be amazing.
Mark Murt (9 years ago)
wow, really great! do you think this is better than fl studio?
philbertmill2 (9 years ago)
orange circle (9 years ago)
Its a tutorial! If you want to hear the beat listen to the song....sigh.
Rewind (9 years ago)
Filter it?
Gregory Devine (9 years ago)
Im Sorry I Stole Your Gurl-The Friday Night Boy-My REQUEST PLEASE
CLXXX Music (9 years ago)
its reason its pretty good for beginners its good for making beats
MNCHNtoSTHLM (9 years ago)
This is of course included in my comment.
Wille Tannergaard (9 years ago)
Very good tutorial! But i didnt like that "echoing kinda plup thing" (as i think u called it) at 5:30 its too weak
Felix (9 years ago)
"Paint your face with random designs, dye your hair white and make dodgy insinuations about your sexuality on the Johnathan Ross show, then youre pretty much on the way to becoming a pop star!" lol XD
MNCHNtoSTHLM (9 years ago)
omg r u the producer? or how often did u listen to that song? This ace great man.
Subie_ Will_IV (9 years ago)
hahaha. great vid !
Tim (9 years ago)
wow, great video tut.. i'll try a remake :)
filipinorice (9 years ago)
freakin aamzing! 5stars
j hiu (9 years ago)
man you are gr888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888
Tanax13 (9 years ago)
This was great. I don't have Reason though. Considering to do a tutorial for Cubase? Keep making tutorials!
MysteryNomad (9 years ago)
Another great tutorial - 5 stars man and thanks.

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