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Beyond Scared Straight: A Tween is Terrified on Her Prison Tour (Season 9, Episode 2) | A&E

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12-year-old Ashanti talks a big game but is quickly terrified by her prison tour in this scene from "Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law." Subscribe for more from Beyond Scared Straight and other great A&E shows: http://aetv.us/subscribe_ae #BeyondScaredStraight Find out more about the show on our site: http://aetv.us/BeyondScaredOfficial Watch full episodes here: http://aetv.us/BeyondScaredOfficial See some of the show's success stories in this playlist: http://aetv.us/BSS_SuccessStories Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - http://www.aetv.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/AETV Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AETV Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AE Beyond Scared Straight Season 9 Episode 2 Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law "Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.
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Text Comments (4913)
Urayji Ali (1 hour ago)
😂😂😂 gang , and you see women banging on the window you cry !!😅 I am dead
Destiny Lassalle (15 hours ago)
Did none of ya heard she wasn't afraid And the next thing you know she was afraid
Jakai Moses (1 day ago)
1:19 prison apocalypse😂😂
Sarah Weston (1 day ago)
Her face tho
Cholate Galeano soc (1 day ago)
1:16 her face got me dead xD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MarLena Clifford (1 day ago)
*I'm NoT aFrAiD tO gO oN a JaiL tOuR* *give seconds later* *whale sounds*
Alpha (1 day ago)
Poor girl but people go to prison for a goodd reason's
Archon Archangel (1 day ago)
"I ain't afraid of going to jail" Some time later:AAUUUUUGHGHGGGHGGHGHGHhh
Kesiokel Dil Kazuo (2 days ago)
When she said i am not afraid of the jail tour i am was like really?
Tutsirai the Samurai (2 days ago)
*THEY GON KILL MEE* 😭is it bad that I found this hilarious 💀
Tutsirai the Samurai (2 days ago)
When she said, *ghetto fabulous* it had me SCREAMING
Tutsirai the Samurai (2 days ago)
She didn’t even say fighting she said Fah een
Nataya Qualls (3 days ago)
That’s so me trying not to laugh
Basic. Ken (3 days ago)
“I ain’t afraid of no jail tour!” *cries the whole time she’s there*
Rosetta Y (3 days ago)
She's not so tough now.
VINNY _YT (3 days ago)
*lol she thought she was hard*
mark sos (4 days ago)
Jezz its so sad feel bad for her She is just a teen why would u guys do that to her that make fear out of her life so for my eg
Chucky Chucky (5 days ago)
Is dey gun kill meh! Is dey gun hurt meh!
Andrew Roberts (5 days ago)
She is the only one crying
Melissa the Neko (5 days ago)
I typed in "I'm ghetto fabulous" in the search engine in and this was I saw first.
Michael Howard (5 days ago)
Your a bad little girl Having fun in jall
Queen Maddie (5 days ago)
Did anyone see the inmate laughing at her crying I’m dead 💀😂
Allazaya Jackson (6 days ago)
how tf you bully people , in a gang but scary asf n a crybaby 😂 wtf .
Wolfy•Chan (6 days ago)
Goodie Shoe (7 days ago)
I instantly think *JAIL TOUR OR PRISON* is better then *school*
Terynce Taylor (7 days ago)
active super (7 days ago)
Zach Plaisted (7 days ago)
Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha you gotta love justice and law
Valeria Paniagau (8 days ago)
She was wrong she was a cry baby
Jahrell Jemerson (8 days ago)
"im scared of nobody" Tries to play victim instantly
turtle girl (10 days ago)
Ida Mataia (10 days ago)
Wolfie Who (10 days ago)
Funny how the girl acts tuff but SCREAMIN LMAO
Anjeza Hysenaj (10 days ago)
“I anit scared going prison “💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Avery Gasson (10 days ago)
Is it me or is everyone who comes on this show that is apart of the blood, constantly crying?!
PizzaIsLif3 (10 days ago)
Lmao DeKalb county has so much fighting
Logan Hetsko (10 days ago)
The mom’s hair looks like a synthetic wig
Whatever Whatever (11 days ago)
Man i thought she aint scared dang😂
Etana Houghton (11 days ago)
All of y’all got comments I had more reading the comments than watching the video dang
The G (11 days ago)
1:21 if u ain’t afraid to go on the prison tour y u crying
Olivia Petrowski (11 days ago)
Dat cry tho 😂😂😂
I'm not scared of anybody. (5 minutes later ) Her:EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
mewmewkissy kissy (12 days ago)
ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛɪᴛᴛɪᴇs ᴅᴏᴇ
Zhanna Vlogs (12 days ago)
“I’m not afraid to go to the jail tour.” First few seconds of walk-in: “are they gon kill me😭”
Caden Anderson (12 days ago)
Jennifer Miller (12 days ago)
I thought you said you was not scared of the jaul tour
Sudo Fight (12 days ago)
1:19 to 1:46 zombie Apocalypse 💀💀💀💀
Nevaeh Small (12 days ago)
i thought she said that she didn't care if she was gonna go to jail and i thought she said that she wasn't gonna get scared she is like so spoilt!
Johnny Lin (12 days ago)
They be looking like zombies. Paid actors playing zombies like the walking dead. Banging your plastic barriers all day so a reality show can get money. Sigh.
BURRITO BOIII (12 days ago)
She looks like a mutant hoarse while she was crying
Mia _D (12 days ago)
“I’m not afraid of going to jail tour” *at jail tour* *starts making whale noises*
maddiey cross (12 days ago)
So much for ghetto fabulous
hi iamfaith (12 days ago)
"i am getto fabulous "
Amya Williams (12 days ago)
I feel really bad for like I know she did all that stuff she is only twelve and they see she is screaming and crying like shoot I would probably die if I was there
M Creativsquad2 2 (13 days ago)
You Are Beautifull Read more
dxrkousen (13 days ago)
Im dead
Maya Archer (13 days ago)
She looking rat asf when she crying
juliAnn martinez (13 days ago)
1:20 1:24 = me on the first day of school
Truly Queen (13 days ago)
Shhhid stop being bad this won’t be happening
Ninja Last (13 days ago)
Amiraclep891 Pirtle (13 days ago)
How she acted all bad then said she wasn't scared then started crying
domm guy (13 days ago)
How come they don't notice Ashanti sister is crying as well
domm guy (13 days ago)
I ain't afraid to go to jail tour later wow she cries
Paschelle Feaster (13 days ago)
Y’all I go to the same high school as her 😩😂
Emily Tan (13 days ago)
I am not afraid when I am going to jail.... One hour later... *Crying*......Is they gonna kill me? Is they gonna hurt me?😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ainsley Snyder (14 days ago)
I love how she acts all tough and badass and as soon as she goes to jail she starts crying like a whale
Rhisy 36 (14 days ago)
Ashanti: I'm "*Ghetto Fabulous*" Her Gang: We're so proud of her *They see her crying in prison* Her Gang: Get yo cry baby as-
Aayan Wani (14 days ago)
It’s Nyaaa (14 days ago)
*”I’m not scared to go on the jail tour”* 1:07 throws a tantrum 🤣💀
Chassidy Sanford (14 days ago)
She know she ain't in a gang looking like Felecia like if you watching in 2019
Of Course Gabby (14 days ago)
*Im not afraid of going to the jail program* *at jail*: *weee waahhhh ahhhh*
berry •nice (14 days ago)
oh she TUFF tuff
Nova! (14 days ago)
I need more why is this so short?
The lost Gurl (14 days ago)
Tashara Holmes (15 days ago)
When the ladies was banging on the door she said is they gon hurt me is they gon kill me
Tekitha Mckay (15 days ago)
These comments tho 😂
Milan Pollard (15 days ago)
I'm dead "they gone kill me .is they gone hurt me"😂😂😂
African Barbie (16 days ago)
“Am not afraid to go to jail tour” *Starts Kim Kardashian crying*
Ashley Smith (16 days ago)
Dumb girl I'm not afraid 5 minutes later after she arrives 😫😥😫😥
TheDeathRider93 (16 days ago)
That’s me when the ice cream truck passes my street
Seni Leni (16 days ago)
I ain't scared *Just enters the prison* Tantrum and horrible cry
Sasha Wells (16 days ago)
😂😂😂 but in gang.. stay in school hunny🤗
Jake Guirnela (16 days ago)
She’s crying because of the prison.
Jake Guirnela (16 days ago)
Someone else crying as well in the back!?😐
Jake Guirnela (16 days ago)
Hahhhhaa!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. This girl is So scared and Funny.
Jake Guirnela (16 days ago)
Bro? This girl is evil
Apple Fam (17 days ago)
Who else thinks this is wrong? I mean this will scare her fore life
jacquees lover (17 days ago)
Yo TENGO (17 days ago)
Ninja Last (18 days ago)
The girl before:I ain’t scared Later:wawawawa
Gacha Bruh (18 days ago)
She obviously said she wasn’t scared but when she walked..
Aliyhaa Skater (18 days ago)
She said i’m not gonna be afraid of jail. Next minute I see her in tears
RLDRandom ploice (19 days ago)
Wow, she be like lil pump then 1:16 she turned into recorder
TyJia Stephens (19 days ago)
I would leave her in jail forever
Tyrese Swaby (19 days ago)
Infinity Mario: I HATE PRISONERS
Lianna Marie (20 days ago)
“I’m ghetto fabulous” Yassss😂😂😂Yass Queen
selftaughttumbler 06 (20 days ago)
1:20 - 1:25 the girl right behind her has me DEAD 💀 😂
vincent damico (20 days ago)
This whole video made me laugh so hard she said I ain’t afraid of no tour then 5 min later 😭😭😭 and I’m just like😂😂 like if you think this was her karma
BRAZY.CECEEE (20 days ago)
“ghetto fabulous” lmao 🤪.
Kiera Office (20 days ago)
No what ? It always be tha tough ones saying they not scared and stuff when them inmates get in they face they ain't hard then they ain't talking bout " im not afraid of going here or there " they gotta relize man that stuff is not cool hanging with bad influences 🤦that's why I do me and not act hard cause ik my worth ..

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