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The Real Red Baron

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Text Comments (1993)
David Hill (3 days ago)
Indeed ww1 pilots were knights of the air with their sense of chivalry
Shawn Greenaway (6 days ago)
Germans fear Canadians via Roy Brown.
John Johnson (7 days ago)
Who is Eddie Rickenbacker
Acheron Parthenopaeus (9 days ago)
Fun fact: even in WW2 there were a lot of Luftwaffe pilots who agreed with the Flight Code Of Honor. One pilot going so far as to tell another "If i ever hear that you shot a man bailing out of his plane, I won't congratulate you. I'll kill you myself"
Taylor.I.21 (10 days ago)
Thought this nigga was v sauce
aaron stelmach (10 days ago)
He actually let enemies land next to him and they started talking like homies lol?
Brady Rieger (16 days ago)
He takes trophies like a serial killer would from his victims.
Dan Mahoniii (21 days ago)
The Pizza Baron is basically Tom Selleck
KingQwertzlbrmpf (22 days ago)
To say that WWI was basically just an attempt of a quick landgrab ist not entirely accurate. While there were war-factions in all european countries of the time pressing for just that, they were effectivly hemmed in by the intricate net of contracts and pacts that were faciliated by Otto von Bismarck in the decade earlier. This net of contracts was of such nature that any european country declaring war on pretty much any other european country would lead to all other european countries having to side with one side, leading to a war on all fronts. This was the deterrent that Otto von Bismarck created and it held the war factions firm. However, at the time of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Bismarck had been dead for a couple of years already and Wilhelm II, the current emperor of germany was a very weak leader, prefering hunting to politics. Some of the contracts that until this point had secured peace in europe were in need of renewal and Wilhelm II just didn't renew them. Most noticably a contract with the mighty russian empire had expired. This particular contract was to ensure that, in the case of germany declaring war or being war declared on, russia would stay neutral. This was because at the time russia had excellent relations with france and it was feared that in case of war russia would ally with france, forcing germany to fight a two frontier war. Furthermore, germany was allied to austria-hungary and bosnia was allied with the russian empire. For that reason austria hungary, although they'd really love to, could not just declare war on bosnia without the backing of germany. When archduke Franz ferdinand was assassinated this was a perfect justification for declaring war. Franz Joseph I, the current emperor of austria-hungary asked Wilhelm II for backing to declare war on bosnia. The next 48 hours were a true calvacade of miscommunication, missed communication and sheer stupidity. Basically what happened was that Wilhelm II was at a hunting trip and didn't want to be disturbed so he gave a blanket approval of support to the messanger of Franz-Joseph I, a messanger that unfortunatly belonged to the austria-hungarian war faction. With this blanket check of support austria-hungary declared war on bosnia and so did germany, faithul to their alliance. The russian empire on the other hand declared war on germany and austria hungary, faithful to their alliance with bosnia. The german military officials had long since planned various scenarios for war (as had pretty much any othe european state) and they intended to execute it. The problem was: This plan was severly outdated. It assumed that, in case of war with russia france would immedietly ally with the russian empire. Therefore the plan was to crush france first for then to concentrate the full might of the military on the eastern front. The plan assumed that france could basically just be swatted aside. Fun fact, while the austria-hungarian declaration of war on france was the frist one to be send, due to a mixup in the postal service the german declaration arrived first. All of this is of course the short version of things.
Isaac Kemp (22 days ago)
81 aircrafts
Sam Crawley (23 days ago)
My principal grandfather shot down the Red Baron and lost his po8 pistol
Yuri DeKhed (22 days ago)
Sam Crawley and his name was.....
Spooky Mulder (23 days ago)
I love Red Baron pizza. Lol!
Jackson Kim (25 days ago)
Snoopy hated him...
Dragon Blade (25 days ago)
Though it was one of the most gruesome wars, I guess you could call it a war of gentleman. The air battle part of it anyway....
Yuri DeKhed (22 days ago)
Dragon Blade but that's a myth
fumblerooskie (26 days ago)
I've read this account several times of how supposedly Brown was out of position to fire the killing shot. However, that only really applies if everybody was flying is a straight line, which is ridiculous given that they were in a dog fight, bobbing and weaving as they would have been doing. It's not hard to conceive how von Richthofen was killed by Brown, unless you're an Aussi and want to claim credit.
Yuri DeKhed (22 days ago)
fumblerooskie well done for demonstrating your lack of knowledge of both physics and aerial combat. The final time brown fired on Richthofen he fired from above and the left. The bullet that hit Richthofen came from below and the right........simple really.
Cody Kaetzer (26 days ago)
Psycho Joe (27 days ago)
He was only 25 when he died too.
Dave Mulderij (28 days ago)
In German (and Dutch) a common mistake is made. So here goes: IE is pronounced as "ee" EI is pronounced as "AI" So it's Fraiherr, not Freeherr. Thanks :)
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
A 26.6 win/loss ratio? Not really the best eh?
Henrique Marques (1 month ago)
The name von richthofen in brazil is sadly assosiated with a murder case. Suzane von richthosen killed her parents with the help of her boyfriend for the family,s money. And yes. The brazillians richthofens are relatives of the red baron.
Packer McJabroni (1 month ago)
Shooting the breeze with the enemy after crash landing next to them is something only the Baron would get away with.
Yuri DeKhed (22 days ago)
Packer McJabroni you're not sure if I'm trolling or not. My channel icon is quite literally a troll face! PMSL
Packer McJabroni (22 days ago)
Yuri DeKhed Not sure if you’re ignorant or trolling in your response; maybe you skipped the entire multi paragraph narration starting around 8:00 in this video wherein you’re challenging the context displayed during this time as ‘didn’t exist’ in the text forum about the same content, either way your attention to this detail is quite funny. Please review all of the subject matter before openly challenging others regarding it. Although if you prefer the path of ignorance you’ll have an expansive career working at IGN in their review department.
Yuri DeKhed (22 days ago)
Packer McJabroni proof of why exactly? Oh and when did he chat to the British then? Maybe if your comments were a little more coherent you'd get better answers.
Packer McJabroni (22 days ago)
Also I believe you believe I was referencing his last flight. Please also apologize for inconclusive inference as I was referring to his engagement with the British squadron. +Yuri DeKhed
Packer McJabroni (22 days ago)
Provide six examples of accredited proof by the end of the day. +Yuri DeKhed
kate baxter (1 month ago)
chivalry my ass! He was a flying serial killer. It is a bit different to fight in the air but to go to the trouble to loot the bodies for souvenirs is sick and disgusting
Mr. Nutz (1 month ago)
Did i enjoy the video? Yes Did i watch it till the end? Yes Did i subscribe? Yes What did i learn from the video? Yes....
Adrian Everett (1 month ago)
In a nutshell death before dishonored. Like ill explain 200 likes
Alexandru Popescu (1 month ago)
He was a serial killer. He enjoyed collecting human trophies. For such bloodthirsty individuals war is the best time of their life. In peace time, we put such animals in solitary confinement.
Brendan Garvey (1 month ago)
It should be noted Richthofen was not the best aerobatic pilot, but he was a crack shot. That was the secret to his success.
ja da (1 month ago)
Because "Manfred von Richthofen" did not easily fit on the side of a plane... or pizza box... ^_^!
Sandro Algra Barradas (1 month ago)
I was expecting to see a video deconstructing the myth. Glad to know there are still historical figures who live up to their reputation. Sure, the man was a killer. But at the very least he and his enemies seemed to respect one another. If only wars were fought like this today... Well, it'd be better if wars weren't fought at all. But you get the picture.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Sandro Algra Barradas myth is the right word
London Brucks (1 month ago)
mushy (1 month ago)
Did anyone used to play the old 3d DOS game the red baron(1&2) That was such a fun and beautiful game for its time. I loved flying straight up stalling, and spiralling down and gaining control before crashing
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
mushy that takes me back
Eric Undertaker (1 month ago)
Hermann Goering was In the squadron
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Eric Undertaker even led it for a while
Alexis2andsoOn (1 month ago)
Who's the fake one?
Matthew Barry (1 month ago)
It's almost sweet/sad how much respect they had for the Red Baron after his death. Everyone got dragged into a war, kinda makes you think
Luke Lemire (2 months ago)
Who else watches these to help you fall asleep?
Fred Finklemyer (2 months ago)
this guy is a religious bigot, don't watch his videos
Giovanni Garcia (2 months ago)
It's not the soldiers who start wars.
Vagina Crusher (2 months ago)
“His machine gun ornaments the entrance of my dwelling” yup I’m a fan
Anonymous (2 months ago)
baron hyatt (2 months ago)
1 2 3 4 50 or more the bloody Red Baron has run up his score many men died trying to in that spree of the bloody Red Baron of Germany
M Smith (2 months ago)
Australian and Canadian infantry - the Giant Slayers of the Western Allied Armies in the 20th Century.
M Smith (11 days ago)
+Yuri DeKhed It certainly was. It took most of the war and continuous lobbying to group the Australian formations into one entity and have a 'native' commander. As soon as that happened, what do you know, we got multiple breakthroughs using home-grown tactics like 'peaceful penetration' and the first 'all arms' ( except the Navy of course ) coordinated assault tactics involving infantry, tanks and aircraft. Not quite blitzkrieg though, vehicles were too slow.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
M Smith the first war was something of a 'coming of age' for them.
Stephen Phillips (2 months ago)
As a former Australian soldier, it makes me proud we honored this man for his bravery, and gave him the respectful funeral he deserved. ...
Dirty Bong Water (2 months ago)
It's a pretty good for frozen pizza
Joe Mama (2 months ago)
I played the hell out of the WWI air combat simulation game "Red Baron" back in the day. I think I still have the CD around somewhere...
RAINY DAY (2 months ago)
John Curry (2 months ago)
Brown (who was given credit for shooting him down) has been quoted as saying, "Any man would be proud to be the one to get to claim 'I shot down the Red Baron', but all men would have been more honored to capture him alive just to shake his hand." The respect as a warrior among fighting men was real on both sides.
mcbrite (2 months ago)
shit's the bomb, bra!
josiah taylor (2 months ago)
Why would someone give a down like?
Icy Uranus (2 months ago)
he wanted to die. the killings he did and his near death experience caused him not to want to resign with prestige but he also did not want to kill the pitiful pilots on the other side any more. his final run was his gift to the opposition to give all an opportunity to take down his greatness and be a part of what he knew was a wartime legend
MrTrustUK (2 months ago)
One of the many attempts of Germany to colonize Europe just as they are doing now
Rodrigames 19 (2 months ago)
Michael Schumacher
average animations (2 months ago)
major600 (2 months ago)
I saw an excellent program about the forensics of his death. The evidence they presented overwhelmingly favored the theory that he was killed by Australian ground troops. One expert suggested that he may have flown so dangerously low because PTSD following his head wound clouded his judgment.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
major600 this!
Russ (2 months ago)
This guy knows very little don't waste your time.
harvey gregoey (2 months ago)
A Aussie shot him
Lemon Squeezy (2 months ago)
Simon Whistler do you know how to read and speak clearly without pausing after every word like you are out of breath? Please get someone to replace you.
13bm90 (2 months ago)
ijirving (2 months ago)
Weird, I'm Canadian and distinctly remember in school learning that an Australia ground soldier shot him down. They mentioned Brown got credit, but it was widely settled that Brown didn't shoot him.
VictorLepanto (2 months ago)
I think that this French spitefulness was a major factor in making the Versailles Treaty such a disaster & paving the way to WWII.
John True (2 months ago)
Thank you. He was born on the same day as I was. And I was not previously aware that he was in Prussia, where I have ancestors but doubt the two of us are related because of this. But it is a fun bit of fact to further connect me to a man remembered by his present and onto our time.
Rick Johnson (2 months ago)
There was a terrible movie made a few years back showing Richthofen as some kind of conflicted, tormented soul who hated killing and hated the war. Quite at odds with a man who ordered little silver cups for every plane he shot down.
KAY B 14 (2 months ago)
"weisbaden" (whitebathing) ? :D
Apoorva Pakhle (3 months ago)
I had been reading a lot of peanuts the last month. After seeing this video so much of it has started to make sense. Great video!
George Tulk (3 months ago)
They were all just boys doing what they could for their country and what they thought was right. They all deserve respect I get there were horrible people who did horrible things in war but they are in civilian life to. There should of never been hate between the soldiers as they really had no other reason to kill other then they were told the opposite side is the enemy and they had to. I’m glad they gave the Red Baron a proper funeral sure he killed a lot of our men but you can tell it caught up to him and that he was just a boy who became a man.
Matthew Cardinal (3 months ago)
Roy Brown, man who shot down the barron was from my hometown, distant relative by marriage somewhere i think. Not often im proud of being a Carleton Place kid
Matthew Cardinal (1 month ago)
+Yuri DeKhed like i said, im from the land of fuckin stupid. People around here couldnt hit themselves between the legs with a wooden spoon let alone what Roy did
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Only brown didn't shoot him down did he!
Matthew Cardinal (3 months ago)
Didnt know the ground fire thing though. Makes sence, most of us here are fuck ups.
Cherry Dragon (3 months ago)
So even if countries are enemies. Chivalry still exists between soldiers. Pay respect for worthy opponents. Especialy if the take down ALOT of people on your side. A enemy to watch out for is also an enemy one can respect for having such bravery and skills. No matter the side. One should try to respect one another as soldiers fighting for their countries. Even during wartime.
CallMeLuci (3 months ago)
As stupid as this sounds, while watching this video I was actually eating Red Baron French bread pizza
jieson toling (3 months ago)
Now i know were they get the inspiration for CHAR of the red comet.. This is really nice😁
Andrew Fishman (3 months ago)
You left out the part that Brown's nickname was Snoopy. That is why the beagle many years later took up the fight from the top of his doghouse.
Percy Goodbeard (3 months ago)
This goes to show it doesn't matter if you were elite; you were still probably gonna die
Richard Gunton (3 months ago)
All I see when I think of him is Ade Edminson.
UnlicensedOkie (3 months ago)
Red Baron pizzas are amazing too
Major Misfit (3 months ago)
Theres something to be said about honor among warriors even those from across the lines of conflict
C3surfstheWeb (3 months ago)
Besides the fact that this was the most cruel war, in some cases (like the "christmas truce") there was always a glimp of respect and honor on both sides. Manners and Honor were fundamental for the "Knights of the Sky" as they were named.
Yuri DeKhed (3 months ago)
C3surfstheWeb even though it is mostly a myth.
Minias (3 months ago)
War is hell. Dont let it make you a demon.
MummyChunks (3 months ago)
That guy is on the pizza!
superpapiringo (3 months ago)
We need one of those for the drug war in México instead of these pussies and corrupted pilots... And land army... And marine army... And commands... And politicians...
superpapiringo (3 months ago)
We need one of those for the drug war in México instead of these pussies and corrupted pilots... And land army... And marine army... And commands... And politicians...
Arwyn (3 months ago)
Rthe red Barron's school record sounds like mine
Francis Leon (3 months ago)
This man deserve a full length Hollywood movie but Zionists won't let it happen!
Yuri DeKhed (3 months ago)
Francis Leon well in that there have been a number of movies about him, including at least one Hollywood movie by united artists kinda shits all over that point doesn't it.
Richard Smith (3 months ago)
Respect is earned, not given. He earned it. And therefore received it. He may have well been hated, but he was respected
bigbenhoward (3 months ago)
Has Simon's speaking tempo changed, or am I just noticing it for the first time? It's really distracting and herky-jerk in this video. Taking a breath every second or third word really kills the momentum of the sentence and distracts from the topic.
superdimentiobrolyX (3 months ago)
Why we celebrate him despite him being on the enemy side is no more complicated than he was a cool badass
Alexander Challis (4 months ago)
Rittmeister von Richtofen: (the logo is on the free version) https://www.criticalpast.com/stock-footage-video/Baron+von+Richtofen
Wheels Lifts (4 months ago)
Richtofen.. reminds me of call of duty lol. Sounds like a really skilled pilot. I respect his achievements, even though he was fighting for the other team. While this was ww1, even in world war 2 alot of the soldiers fighting for Hitler weren't supportive or complicit in his ideology. Hell, there was even a guy in the nazi party that stopped the Japanese military from raping Chinese women in ww2.
ISSO1407 (4 months ago)
Not even one correctly pronounced german word/name as always :D I mean come on. By the rule of randomness you have to get one right sometimes, right? (the following is for the stupid comments before me) Well whatever, i wonder how well the muricans would like their own country if over 50 years of self pampering in school (encouraged by the government) didnt happen and they would have get told in detail for about 5 years straight in school on how many occasions they fucked over the native americans and other countrys in the world (in the last century), how much they would still hold on to their patriotism. Thats excactly what happens in german education. Theres a short while on everything before WW2 (stonage - egypt - ww1 and stuff) in year 1~4 and depending on which school form you continue on 5 - 9~12 its WW2 almost exclusively and nobody in germany is overly shy to talk about the stuff that happened, even though english speaking people like to ..joke.. about that all the time. In short, in germany rules educated sceptisism (annoyance) and well some ..other countrys.. blind patriotism. That and its troubled past just left germany as a country that just doesnt stupidly wag its countrys flag at every chance it gets at others faces to proof supperiority. Its americas job to be the most hated country on the globe and offending everyone they interact with by doing exactly that for quite some time now.
pgabrieli (4 months ago)
very well done video. just one thing: one shall assume the fabric serial numbers were torn from airplanes, not uniforms :-)
Ron Raum (4 months ago)
Actually it wasn't a landgrab war. There was no chance of the annexation of land. The FEAR of annexation is what led to ww1, but there was never any intent. You can learn more by watching Extra Historys the seminal tragedy
KnoxTN Yankee (4 months ago)
Lay off that pretentious accent🇬🇧
ThreeDaysOfDan (4 months ago)
I see the enemy, I know he can’t see me Combat red in tooth and claw Ready now for one more score Took a bullet in my brain Inside I’m the king of pain Outside you will fear my name I ride a blood red triplane
DelilahsFuneral (4 months ago)
His great nephew goes to my school
Guy Walter (4 months ago)
It's been proven that an Austrailian machine gunner actually got the credit for the kill. Forensic science has proven the fact
Yuri DeKhed (4 months ago)
Guy Walter most likely to have been Cedric Popkin
tasman_devil (4 months ago)
Fair and balanced. Well done!
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz (4 months ago)
Yes... Warriors... we are a weird bunch. We respect strength. We respect honor. The Soldiers of the Allied Forces respected the Red Baron, because while he was an enemy... he was an HONORABLE, and WORTHY opponent. The Spartans of the movie 300, spoke truly. It is the wish of any good Warrior... to die an honorable death in battle. :-)
Yuri DeKhed (4 months ago)
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz sigh
The Fibrillator (4 months ago)
Red Baron seems like he was a popular guy. I like his pizzas too.
nick SOULE (4 months ago)
Actually your wrong, they know how he was killed as a ground machine gun crew shoot him thru the heart and hence he crashed.... research...
Shrek Wazowski (4 months ago)
Why do people always call the Entente in the ww1 for the allies? There were no bad/good guys in ww1. The central powers can be called the allies as well.
Yuri DeKhed (4 months ago)
Kaiser Wilhelm and who stated that the term allies means good? Or are you reaction to something that isn't a thing!
moserr11 (4 months ago)
The Baron was a Knight of the air. A killer....a soldier. A gentleman. He shot Snoopy down for the love of Pete! (well not really). NOW find out why the Flying Circus earned its name!
Matt Zeiders (4 months ago)
All I remember he honorable man he never try to kill the pilot he just tried to kill the plane💜
Yuri DeKhed (4 months ago)
Matt Zeiders strange that his main rule of combat is (and this is s direct quote translated for you) "Aim for the man and don't miss him."
Throughout history, Warriors have paid respect to their counterparts of distinction. Warrior, in this sense, can range from a boxer to a military general. There is an unspoken code of respect we hold for worthy adversaries. We admire bravery and fortitude. Jesus did not die from crusifiction. He died from a wound given in mercy by Casius out of respect saved for great leaders, usually generals who showed valor in battle. Or at least that's how the story goes.
Sicklehead88 (4 months ago)
in case you care for future videos: if you see a "ei" in a German name/word, it is pronounced like "i" is in English (see pronuncation for Einstein for exampe. you don't say eensteen). If you see an "ie" in a German word, it's pronounced like "ee" is in English.

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