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The Real Red Baron

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Text Comments (759)
William Kirk (8 hours ago)
I have read his book, with extra notes like the letter quoted twice. My take was that he was a patriot, honorable, and a man of his time. I do believe his head wound left him with damage that should have prevented him from returning to the front. In that his superiors should have insisted. A live hero can be just as much of a propaganda weapon as a dead one.
Leave it 2 the Canadians to kill him, wether from the ground or above , polite enough 2 bury him with full honors and shit on the french and Australians 4 fucking with his grave. How Canadian eh.
Ian Brannan (6 days ago)
It is actually generally an accepted fact that the Canadian forces are responsible for both the deaths of the Red Baron and the Black Baron. (Believed that it was Canadian ground forces that scored the kill)
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
Ian Brannan there were no Canadian ground forces in the area.
305dade8a (7 days ago)
Thank you subscribed
Blake Nelson (8 days ago)
but did he deliver pizza
Georg Gerdon (12 days ago)
How you guys like the German Movie Red Baron?
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
Georg Gerdon it made me want to be sick.
Adithya Avadhani (13 days ago)
How come he never referenced Schumacher?!
Clement Wong (14 days ago)
At least at the early stage of WW1, war was fought gentlemanly, soldiers respect their foes as men who follow the justice orders of their countries. Despite having brothers who were killed by the foe, they chose to pay him respect, simply because he won battles through equal fight.
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
Clement Wong you honestly believe that? How sweet
Godless Voice (19 days ago)
Defranco Nation! Sound off and make Philly D aware of this channel!
Godless Voice (19 days ago)
Videos like this make me a continuous watcher. I'm not bullshiting when I say you are my number two to Philip DeFranco
Mitchmeow (24 days ago)
"Fresh, jolly war." Yup, that good ol' lark from Verdun to the Somme
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
Mitchmeow oh what fun we had
Wellington S Firebrand (28 days ago)
His grand grand daughter turned to become a well known assassin who killed her own parents here in Brazil.
My mistake, friend. The girl whom I talked about is the daughter of his brother's grandson. Sorry, and regards. Here, somehing about the case (probably there's no stuff in other than in portuguese): . https://brasil.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,homem-morto-era-sobrinho-neto-do-lendario-barao-vermelho,20021031p20755 . https://noticias.ne10.uol.com.br/brasil/noticia/2015/02/26/suzane-von-richthofen-assume-ter-planejado-a-morte-dos-pais-com-o-namorado-534879.php
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
Wellington S Firebrand that is really impressive, in that he never had children.
Rob Bleeker (29 days ago)
Sadly that such a great pilot had to meet his end so early in his life.....However.....His knowledge on flying would had been very handy in the next war.....Maybe is was also a good thing he was not around any longer for the allies..
Jay Gill (1 month ago)
Will like to see an article or a documentary about William John "Snowy" Evans (the shooter), Not much out there regarding this man.. a true mystery!
Maddy G (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what the Canadian Corps was doing between the Battle of Passchaendale and the Battle of Amiens, eg during the German Spring Offensive? I have tried to find out but it's still a mystery to me.
Kris Aniyo (1 month ago)
Come on, Moby. Drop the limey accent and get back to making techno.
Mustachioed Bear (1 month ago)
They pizza nice. :-(*:-)*)
nick brown (1 month ago)
Australia knows.
Luiz Alex Phoenix (1 month ago)
Did he put his face in the middle of a video about the Red Baron? My god, put the actual personality first!
Hiren Patel (1 month ago)
Itd spoken Manfred Fon Richtofen
LONEWOLF1774 GAMING (1 month ago)
Judging by the information given in this video. I seems to me that maybe the red baron committed suicide. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that number one: he was an ace pilot and that he would have always known where he was in the sky. Like it was stated in the video he would normally engage at a higher altitude well out of range of the soldiers on the ground. Two: he literally under the command of man who wrote the book on dog fighting. He would have tried to stay high with the sun at his back. Three: Judging by his actions and what he wrote he may have been slipping into a state of depression. The reason he may choose to go out that way is so he wouldn't bring shame on his family name.
Yuri DeKhed (3 days ago)
LONEWOLF1774 GAMING please stop, you're just re-enforcing the stereotype that gamers are dumb
BlackWing88 Cyper (1 month ago)
and now i want pizza
jimmy alderson (1 month ago)
'Oh hey i know you! You shot down a load of my friends' planes! Pleasure to meet you'
winddmmy (1 month ago)
when i was growing up my father was a member of the byram vets and one of the members who came to the u.s. in the "20s fly with him in the flying circus i wish i rembered his name he had some great stories.
TrappedJoel (1 month ago)
It didn't matter if he was the enemy, the Allied Forces acknowledged his skill and honored him as just a soldier doing his duty for his country. Something that I'm guessing only soldiers can truly understand.
Christen Lewis (1 month ago)
Doesn't Eric Hartman have like 360 air kills?
Yuri DeKhed (29 days ago)
Christen Lewis and you don't understand why that is?
Christen Lewis (1 month ago)
+Yuri DeKhed Holy shit we got an expert over here. My point is is that it seems like the red baron is way more popular in the mainstream.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Christen Lewis 352 actually but your point is?
lcyw20 (1 month ago)
Arch nemesis of Snoopy's Famous World War I Flying Ace.
a schuelke (1 month ago)
The Golden BB strikes again.
not BANGERTV (1 month ago)
Real pizza!
SpitefulAZ (1 month ago)
did he say on April the 20th?!?! yesssssss
zJoriz (1 month ago)
I notice that the German (and Dutch) ie and ei sounds are often getting reversed in English. Here's a helpful reference for future dealings with these languages: - The ei in 'Freiherr' is pronounced similarly to the i in 'mine'. - The ie in 'Wiesbaden' should be pronounced like the ee in 'cheese', but slightly shorter in duration.
labyrinthodont 6 (1 month ago)
If Ritchthofen had survived to WW2 and was in charge of the German air force, the Germans would have won the battle of Britain.
Danny Isambard (1 month ago)
He was actually going to go with Rash Bacon, but his mates changed it to Red Baron.
Fatt Philosopher (1 month ago)
Do Canadian Ace Billy Bishop
Warmonger HM (1 month ago)
Murray Mudpie (1 month ago)
Stupid Canadians stealing a kill from the Australians,
Samovar maker (1 month ago)
I swear I saw Vsauce in the thumbnail
Dylan (1 month ago)
If I support y'all on patreon, can I watch the videos without any ads or extra promotions?
Sugefut Sugefut (1 month ago)
Your Vsauce channel is pretty cool too...
What!? he's not a black gay muslim asian woman with disability and is a vegan?! That is RACISM!!
lagitanavderoscio (1 month ago)
Are you, Simon, married? I think I saw you wearing ring on a video.
mcstaal (1 month ago)
The Red Baron was an icecold killer if you read his diary. Often closing to under 10 meter and killing the pilot with a single shot to the head.
Claire (1 month ago)
Geez his house must've been haunted! :p I don't blame the French for not wanting his grave there, if it wasn't moved it would've been vandalised during WWII
Ryan Flores (1 month ago)
Great video
Ron Lewenberg (1 month ago)
Might be useful to understand just how bad bloody April was for the Royal Air corps. In that theater of France, the Royal air course offered a 104% casualty rate. They literally had more dead or critically injured Pilots at the end then they had coming in, because so many people were being killed and some knee Replacements were killed off in in the first day of combat. At a time when Pilots were assumed to have 11 days of active combat has their average life span, Pilots were being killed on average after less than a week here. It was brutal. For all the gallantry we ascribe to it, we had Pilots flying dangerous machines, which would fall out of the sky if they didn't pay close attention. Looking to get a jump on their enemies and shoot them before they were seen.
Ron Lewenberg (1 month ago)
+Yuri DeKhed a mistake. What I meant to say was "Royal Flying Corps" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Flying_Corps
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Ron Lewenberg wtf is the 'Royal air corps'?
Nova Cat (1 month ago)
The real life version of Char Aznable aka The Red Comet.
KrypTanko (1 month ago)
JARFINAZ (1 month ago)
There is an excellent book called about Richthofen called The Red Knight of Germany. I read it in high school - not assigned, I just found it in the library. I found a copy years later on a book selling website (not Amazon) as it has been out of print for years. It's almost 100 years old now. My copies pages are yellowed but still totally readable. If you can find a copy or even a transcript on line I highly recommend it.
RedBaron_LIVE (1 month ago)
Velokid93 (1 month ago)
Every time I look at the title I do a double-take: I read it pre-consciously as "Red Bacon" even though I know what the title says!
Niklas Fabricius (1 month ago)
I went to school with the red barons great grand children
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Niklas Fabricius that's really impressive, especially when you consider that Manfred died childless.
Bea R. (1 month ago)
I'm writing a book about the red baron's dog right now. He had a dog named Moritz in real life. I've been working on the story for more than a year. It's taken a lot of research to get accurate!
Sagat108 avb (1 month ago)
You must have been a very remarkable person. For this pilot to take out any personnel with just machine guns and spare some of their lives then he goes out of his way to land and talk to them. I feel like that he set the bar pretty high to let the world know that his skills does that make him a monster War.
sed8181 (1 month ago)
I bet the Red Baron would not be too happy to see his name on a box of frozen pizza in Walmart.
MICHAEL MYERS (1 month ago)
Those pies be good
Brethren of Yeshua (1 month ago)
Ich bin der Rote Baron
Jaz The MooseMan (1 month ago)
there is an old swedish pilot named "Bror-Inge Good" that flew the J29 Tunnan and the A32 Lansen who we called "Baronen" (swedish for baron), and sometimes we called him "Den röde baronen" (also swedish for "the red baron")
stumaclean111 (1 month ago)
I've been to the crash site and all four graves of von R. Only his skull was removed from Bertangles and moved to Freiburg after the war. In 1969, PJ Carisella obtained permission to open the original grave in order to obtain the plaque made by Harold Edwards, an Aussie soldier. Carisella uncovered the skeletal remains of Richthofen minus his skull. Having confirmed that no-one else had been buried in the plot, Carisella took the bones to the German embassy where, after much convincing, they were repatriated to the family plot in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 1925, Von R's brother recovered the coffin containing von R's skull from Frieburg and it was buried in an elaborate ceremony with a huge memorial and presided over by Herman Goering.
Patrick Freeman (1 month ago)
Please note that German "ie" is pronounced "ee", not "ai". So "Weesbaden", not "Waisbaden".
Ed in Burgh (1 month ago)
"Freeherr"? That would be the Dutch pronunciation.
An Leng Uy (1 month ago)
Gaaah!! Why can't I just fangirl over Kpop idols like a normal female!! But just look at him... he's so handsome~ Oh. Was. 😂😅 Please make a video about Karaya Eins!! My cutie Erich Hartmann, more like HEARTman. LOLs
This is more of a biographics video!! :)
Thomas K96 (1 month ago)
0:43 Same reason we celebrate Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson along with Most Confederates!
final_edit (1 month ago)
huh... i was born on the same day as the red baron
Celtic Jay (1 month ago)
Surprised jew tube allows this video
Lyonel (1 month ago)
I Live in Wiesbaden (Germany) and have Seen the Grave quiet often as it is on the Main Cemetry here.
Neigh Slayer (1 month ago)
Sabaton should write a song about him.
Jak Lawrence (1 month ago)
The English and Germans had no real beef in the starting of the war. The Germans even tried to keep the British out of the war by promising not to invade France. There was no animosity between the soldiers and front-line officers other than being pitched on opposite sides of somebody else's war, fuelled by notions of nationalism. The Xmas football game embodies that idea more than anything else. It was a gentleman's war, fought by young men and boys who signed up for glory and ended up sitting in the mud for 4 years.
Todd Starbuck (1 month ago)
Wiesbaden should sound like Veesbadden. Germans make the second vowel long. Because they're weird.
Steven Fox (1 month ago)
Just nitpicking: In German, 'ei' is pronounced like the English letter 'i', so basically you would say 'Fry-Herr von Richthofen' The same error is commonly made with Newton's "old buddy" von Leibniz. Wiesbaden on the other hand is pronounced: 'Weesbaden'
mechasentai (1 month ago)
German Fokker xD lol
DrewPicklesTheDark (1 month ago)
Well I suppose dying a hero is better then becoming a villain 20 years later...
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
DrewPicklesTheDark well that there is complete bullshit
jecos jecos (1 month ago)
It was a Australian gunner who shot him down and he landed in Australian ocuppied field
Yuri DeKhed (29 days ago)
jecos jecos why not? The guns on Browns Camel fired the same ammunition as the ones firing at him from the ground!
jecos jecos (1 month ago)
If it was the Canadian Piolet shot him down the bullet would not been found
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
jecos jecos yep, Cedric Popkin I believe.
Mike Witte (1 month ago)
Biggest hero of europe in ww1
terry waller (1 month ago)
I thought Snoopy shot him down.
scott walker (1 month ago)
i would say richthofen was a superb hunter in the air..while Voss was the bravest pilot .
Addy Verkruijsse (1 month ago)
I actually know some of his family members, i went to a private school with one of his grandgrandchildren. I actually found out about his last name when we went on a trip to china when we were put in groups. I saw his full last name when i took his pasport to compare it with mine (because i’m dutch and he is german)so i said : thats looks familiar to the red baron, and i knew that it couldn’t be just a concidence. So he showed me his family tree and it was pretty cool to see all the history behind his family tree.
Addy Verkruijsse (1 month ago)
Yeah, iknow sorry. My english isn’t very well. He is not from manfred but from one of the others, (i didn’t asked him specificly) apart from that it was just a fun to get to know some one of the von richthofen family tree.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Addy Verkruijsse wow! That's inmpreasive, especially as he died childless!
olstar18 (1 month ago)
I seem to remember that one of the conditions to pass the war declaration was that they would not take any land but it would be a punitive war instead. Ironic how if they had informed the other countries of this it might have been a much smaller war.
KendrixTermina (1 month ago)
I always sorta pictured him as more of an uptight poised type of figure, but, then again hes famous for flying a plane in a war back when planes were new.
Confector Tyrannis (1 month ago)
i wonder if he's done one on Rommel, I'd like to watch that
Jayson La Faber (1 month ago)
He was shot by an Australian solider
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Jayson La Faber yep. Cedric Popkin
MrFloppyXXX (1 month ago)
First mistake within the first minute of the video. In the first world war there were no allied forces. The combined armies of France, Great Britain and Ireland and the Russian empire were called the triple entente. The term allies is from WWII.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
MrFloppyXXX this!
Dean Minns (1 month ago)
Upon his death Von Richtofen was replaced by Hauptmann Wilhelm Reinhard, who in turn died (of a training accident) in July 1918. So who replaced Reinhard? None other than the infamous Hermann Göring, who was to become Hitler's right hand man during WWII.
Patrick Doyle (1 month ago)
Simon, you seem to have picked up a habit of taking pauses and breaths at odd times, often multiple times, in the middle of a sentence. It's ok to use for emphasis, but it's a bit much when it's in every <breath> single <pause> sentence.
gabe fimbres (1 month ago)
I like that they showed him great respect by giving a proper funeral and honored him for being a worthy foe. You dont hear anything like that these days, instead you hear about soldiers having their bodies mutilated and not being buried at all or in mass graves if they are lucky.
Docholland45 (1 month ago)
A pizza pioneer
Jean-Luc Martel (1 month ago)
we used to celebrate our foes when they were badass and honerable, now we simply use fake news and BS to destroy them.
William Cox (1 month ago)
AWM (Australian War Museum) has a youtube channel in which they posted footage of Richthofen's military honors funeral.
Jeff M (1 month ago)
Saw his flying boots at the AWM years ago!
William Cox (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYhuF2UEI6E My song references the Australians' likelihood of being the agents of the Red Baton's destruction.
Steve Arizona (1 month ago)
The Red Barron descended to a lower altitude in pursuit of an Allied plane that had taken a shot at his brother, Lother von Richtoffen. Lothor was a rookie pilot and stayed high above the battle. It was considered "unsportsmanlike" to shoot at rookie pilots who were 'standing off' at high altitudes. Manfred was a tad pissed that this Allied aircraft violated the 'Gentlemen's agreement' and shot at his brother. Hence; Manfred went after this rule-breaker and....got himself killed in the process.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Steve Arizona by the time of his brothers death Lothar had 29 confirmed kills, hardly a 'rookie' (he was in fact more prolific than his older brother). May shot at his cousin Wolfram who was on his first patrol. As for it being a rule, that's just bullshit, almost every combat had pilots circling above, to prevent bouncing (May himself was performing this role for his flight) these days we'd call it top cover. If you are going to write a short essay try to get the facts right.
Steve Arizona (1 month ago)
(Not so) Fun Fact --- Adolph Hitler was ALSO a "messenger" in the trenches. :-o
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Steve Arizona he even won an award for bravery
MacX85 (1 month ago)
That butchering of German names... "Zoomer". It's actually pronounced "Tsoimer"
MacX85 (1 month ago)
"Manfred *von* Albrecht" ? Pretty sure the "von" belongs" to the last name.
Ed in Burgh (1 month ago)
true, good point. He well and truly butchered the Baron's name!
MacX85 (1 month ago)
Sure, but it doesn't belong between your first names.
Ed in Burgh (1 month ago)
the "von" in the name is a mark of aristocracy. (Lit. "of")
Greg Plambeck (1 month ago)
His brother Lothar was also credited with 40 victories and survived the war, only to die in a plane crash in 1922.
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Ron Lewenberg lothar was actually more prolific than his brother, he got half the score of man Fred but spent much less that half his brothers time in the air. Wolfram was in fact attacked by May just before Manfred chased him.
Ron Lewenberg (1 month ago)
A third member of the family, their cousin Wolfram was in the same Jasta and would have 8 kills. He would later become a Field Marshal in the Luftwaffe
John Howerton (1 month ago)
The show 'Everybody Loves Raymond' initially had the lead character called The Red Barone.
P Cochran (1 month ago)
Yes, he was hit by Australian ground fire. Captain Brown wasn’t anywhere near him and the eyewitness accounts make it very clear what happened. Who Killed the Red Baron is quite exhaustive about this point. If you can find the book.
CybershamanX (1 month ago)
Funny how YouTube recommended a video titled "History Buffs: Tombstone" while watching your video. I sense the AI algorithms think there is some sort of tenuous connection between Red Baron and Tombstone. ;) (For those who don't live in the U.S. those are both names of brands of frozen pizza.) :P
Zen Lizard (1 month ago)
A decent summary, but your pronunciation of German is atrocious.
MacX85 (1 month ago)
Yeah, he doesn't give a fuck... "zoomer" (Zeumer)
John Lee (1 month ago)
Hans Joachim Marseilles vs Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Barron)?
Benjamin Robinson (1 month ago)
Because all real warriors should be respected
Yuri DeKhed (1 month ago)
Benjamin Robinson why?

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