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The Real Red Baron

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Text Comments (1797)
KnoxTN Yankee (6 hours ago)
Lay off that pretentious accent🇬🇧
ThreeDaysOfDan (13 hours ago)
I see the enemy, I know he can’t see me Combat red in tooth and claw Ready now for one more score Took a bullet in my brain Inside I’m the king of pain Outside you will fear my name I ride a blood red triplane
MxkeXutHxll (1 day ago)
His great nephew goes to my school
Guy Walter (3 days ago)
It's been proven that an Austrailian machine gunner actually got the credit for the kill. Forensic science has proven the fact
Mad Jack (3 days ago)
Freiherr is not a name, it is a title. It stems from the heilige römische reich.
tasman_devil (4 days ago)
Fair and balanced. Well done!
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz (4 days ago)
Yes... Warriors... we are a weird bunch. We respect strength. We respect honor. The Soldiers of the Allied Forces respected the Red Baron, because while he was an enemy... he was an HONORABLE, and WORTHY opponent. The Spartans of the movie 300, spoke truly. It is the wish of any good Warrior... to die an honorable death in battle. :-)
The Fibrillator (4 days ago)
Red Baron seems like he was a popular guy. I like his pizzas too.
nick SOULE (5 days ago)
Actually your wrong, they know how he was killed as a ground machine gun crew shoot him thru the heart and hence he crashed.... research...
yu77fd anonymous (6 days ago)
Can you please replace this guy with someone who can speak and spell?
Kaiser Wilhelm (7 days ago)
Why do people always call the Entente in the ww1 for the allies? There were no bad/good guys in ww1. The central powers can be called the allies as well.
moserr11 (7 days ago)
The Baron was a Knight of the air. A killer....a soldier. A gentleman. He shot Snoopy down for the love of Pete! (well not really). NOW find out why the Flying Circus earned its name!
Matt Zeiders (8 days ago)
All I remember he honorable man he never try to kill the pilot he just tried to kill the plane💜
Throughout history, Warriors have paid respect to their counterparts of distinction. Warrior, in this sense, can range from a boxer to a military general. There is an unspoken code of respect we hold for worthy adversaries. We admire bravery and fortitude. Jesus did not die from crusifiction. He died from a wound given in mercy by Casius out of respect saved for great leaders, usually generals who showed valor in battle. Or at least that's how the story goes.
Sicklehead88 (8 days ago)
in case you care for future videos: if you see a "ei" in a German name/word, it is pronounced like "i" is in English (see pronuncation for Einstein for exampe. you don't say eensteen). If you see an "ie" in a German word, it's pronounced like "ee" is in English.
AdamWayneone (8 days ago)
*Eighty men tried, and eighty men died, but he fought each one as honorably as anyone could in war time. He earned the respect. That's why.*
em1o smurf (8 days ago)
did you do this recently in biographics? loved that red baron pizza plane in the opener!
briansmobile1 (9 days ago)
The text is only visible after it's been read aloud. I find this to be ineffective.
NaziNightCore (10 days ago)
Sean Connors (11 days ago)
Well done, but I’m curious - you say that an impetus for The Great War was a “land-grab”. Could you elaborate please?
Carbide Jones (11 days ago)
pretty good
Ara Melkizian (11 days ago)
I buy the Red Baron cheese bread slices.
Beasthunter Sixsixsix (11 days ago)
are you related to michael stevens of vsauce?
Thomas Paine (11 days ago)
Manfred a real mensch. Deadly. The Red Baron also shot down Snoopy !
J. C. (11 days ago)
Praise be to the enemy, for they are the only ones who force you to do better.
Eddie Moyna (12 days ago)
Brett B. (12 days ago)
My great great grandfather came from Prussia fairly soon after Mr. Red Barry was born.
Brett B. (12 days ago)
1:02.... Wow, now that’s a name!
William Patience (12 days ago)
As a kid the Blue Max was one of my favorite movies so that in turn made me aware of the air war of WWI. My favorite pilot was Werner Voss.
DM 777 (12 days ago)
Peter M (12 days ago)
I feel as if he was depressed a few months before his death having committed suicide on purpose. Killing became less thrilling and he fell down from that high he had been feeling in the beginning.
R H (13 days ago)
He was the pizza guy....
Piggy and Bunny (13 days ago)
What's with the background music?
P Sheldon (13 days ago)
I can't listen to this guys horrid English accent.
sleazyfellow (13 days ago)
You should do a video on Micheal wittmann the tank ace. I think he's also got the record for most tank kills.
BIGNIC (13 days ago)
Some important info was not mentioned.
photrick (14 days ago)
The way he talks just makes this video unbearable to watch.
James Moeller (14 days ago)
As a professor of History myself at a Midwestern University, I must say you did a fine job of research. The story you are relaying is quite true and accurate. Well done! Regarding respect, there is nothing wrong with respecting your enemy. I visited Tokyo, Japan and paid my respects to Japan's War Dead at the Yasukuni Shrine. I did not honor them for killing my countrymen. I honored them for sacrificing themselves for their country, the same as any of us would do.
K (14 days ago)
Didn't Snoopy blow the Red Baron's ass out of the sky with an air to air Sidewinder missile?
Karl Karlos (13 days ago)
In his dreams.
RR Haskin (14 days ago)
Firstly I did enjoy your video. Since you mentioned the baron's autobiography... which I must assume you read.... you came to some very interesting conclusions. I've personally read the book twice. I do not know why you would get the idea that "Flying Circus" label was because of the color of the aircraft.. it was because of the way the group was moved around quickly and also because of the way they functioned as a group. "THE RED FIGHTER PILOT" is a fascinating read which is widely available in US public libraries, as well as the internet, such as http://www.richthofen.com/. Other WWI flyers and aces wrote books about their experiences and are also available to read online, as the copyrights have all expired making the texts public domain
Ryan Daley (14 days ago)
The Red Baron french bread pizzas are super good
Rabbani (14 days ago)
Reminds me of Rudel. Except Rudel was an ardent Nazi.
Karl Karlos (13 days ago)
Who or what is a Rudel?
Grahame Berry (15 days ago)
learn to breath dude while you are narrating, you perpetually sound out of breath!
Ass Nxjs (15 days ago)
how do we know what your telling us is the truth? Wikipedia is a hell of a thing
Brayden Worsfield (15 days ago)
He was shot down by a Australian Louis gun
Karl Karlos (13 days ago)
As if it's important.
Brian3642 (15 days ago)
Char Aznable
JPKLA (16 days ago)
well researched and delivered. well done.
Haman Karn (16 days ago)
He was better than you.
eric rinderhagen (16 days ago)
He wasn't a cuckold cunt like all these evil ass homos .
eric rinderhagen (14 days ago)
+Yuri DeKhed hidden pussy
eric rinderhagen (14 days ago)
+Yuri DeKhed fuck you whore bag cut cord
Yuri DeKhed (14 days ago)
Well here's a classy guy.
Let's Chat (16 days ago)
I can see the light box in his glasses.
Lew (16 days ago)
Great episode. I wasn’t aware of Richtofen’s practice of collecting trophies. Kind of creepy. I like the painted depictions of the air battles shown. Another german, Erich Hartmann, became the highest scoring ace of all time in WWII. Following the war he had the displeasure of a ten year stay in a russian POW prison.
Seemor Disillusioned (17 days ago)
They know exactly how he was killed , it simply does not fit the narrative they have spewed since his death . Regardless , attend , One enemy is a novice pilot with no kills and the second has been flying for years and is the high scorer for his country . If you cant figure out why one would garner more respect than the other then you should avoid making military videos . Always funny and kind of sad when a non veteran talks about this kind of topic .
Gilbert Farwynd (17 days ago)
My friends older brother shares the guys birthday 🎂 🎁 🍰 Crazy!!!!!!
Yuri DeKhed (14 days ago)
Gilbert Farwynd if that's 'crazy' to you then you must have lived a very sheltered life.
Jim Pauff (17 days ago)
I'm reminded of a quote that Albert Ball is supposed to have said, "I don't like this game anymore." By 1918 Richthofen would have agreed.
Melquiades Estrada (17 days ago)
Somebody please give this man breathing lessons. He's...... really difficult to....... listen....... to.
Rider In Red (17 days ago)
Hi, Vsauce, Michael here
CodexArgenteus (17 days ago)
This was really interesting; I like how he was given a military funeral by the Allies; really makes you think about the banality of war.
Brad Basham (17 days ago)
I always thought Eddie Rickenbacker shot him Down
Yuri DeKhed (14 days ago)
Brad Basham ha ha ha ha good one.
Ruttigorn Logsdon (17 days ago)
I believe now I know why they gave credit to an Airman rather than the Infantry for shooting down the "Red Baron" it is out of respect!
FLY3R -〉 DESIGN (17 days ago)
Low budget vsauce micheal
dcikaruga (17 days ago)
Von Ricthofen was also the first pilot to reach 50 confirmed kills during Bloody April, later in WW2 Werner Molder's became the first to reach 100. By the last few months of his life, nearly all the original pilot's he started his career with were already dead, he was pretty jaded, he left a letter to his adjutant to be opened if he failed to return, it curtly just passed command of his unit to another pilot.
clive kibbler (17 days ago)
that was really well made
PhaktTheIsolationist (17 days ago)
He was TWENTY-FIVE when he died. After his head injury, the stuff he wrote reflecting how he really felt about the war is eye-opening. You'd think it was written by an old man.
MarioSupersonic (18 days ago)
100% thought this was the dude from Vsauce XD
Veritas B. (18 days ago)
your merchandise links lead to an error
Based Xennial (18 days ago)
How man channels does this smug limey have?
frik van niekerk (18 days ago)
Awesome, please do a documentary on ww2 Ace Hartman think he shot down 352 planes of as I know the last one nr352 was on the last day of the war.
Mike S (18 days ago)
What's NOT to like about this guy? I've read a lot, (and watched a few videos, like this one , WHICH WAS GREAT by the way!) about the Red Baron, and he really was quite a personality! I wish more people would study history and historical figures (especially having to do with war) so they'd have a better understanding. What's sad, is that it's the bankers, politicians and greedy, industrial war complex, that starts and perpetuates wars, for their own gain, while young people (yes, sorry, mostly young MEN) are the ones who do all the fighting and dying!
PaperTonne (18 days ago)
Hearing your attempt at 1:01 to pronounce his name is a little torturing as a German. It is a great video nevertheless.
Fred 11 (18 days ago)
Who was the red baron? A pilot with extra skill
zesty sauce (18 days ago)
wrong he was and still is a pizza man
EphReinhard (18 days ago)
Great character, I just wish this Odysseus of the sky was not alone in this epic, and Werner Voss, the Achiless of the sky, was also celebrated.
notsosilentmajority1 (18 days ago)
Excellent video. Thank you for the education.
Mark M (18 days ago)
FRY-hair. ZOY-mer. Why do you Brits not learn to pronounce German correctly? Come to think of it, why can't you pronounce English properly? Or drive on the correct side of the road? Or cook? Or breed good-looking people?
Yuri DeKhed (14 days ago)
Mark M the food I agree with, as for pronunciation, not all British people are this bad. As for driving, it would be better if the entire world drove on the left, I wish we did. It makes much more biological sense.
Robert Wilkinson (18 days ago)
A fascinating story and individual that I’ve admired since I was little. He just seemed so cool!
Adrinopaulindromeus (18 days ago)
Great content, but do something about your face (if that is your face at all, sorry if I am mistaken).
notatthistime notever (18 days ago)
Having a metro do the narretion does a diservice to the subject.
Diego Piedmont (18 days ago)
man this is a british vsauce
Mrskeletal (18 days ago)
Ahhh, the long lost brother of VSauce
TheBloodBanshee (18 days ago)
Why are we all celebrating a semi-mass murderer?
ryan barker (18 days ago)
great info and research, but please no more of this speech pattern. sounds like captain kirk narrating after a good run. :)
Laz Toth (18 days ago)
The red Baron should be respected. Because you was a great pilot and a great flyer. In war on both sides you have. Good or bad. Just depends what side you're on.
TheRobloxNoob (18 days ago)
15 minutes of video that can be explained in less than 5
Julius Vinter (18 days ago)
He makes a GREAT frozen pizza! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
1111pyramids1111 (18 days ago)
Too much hand waving. Too much shine on top of the head. Too much hair on the face.
Audry Hitler (18 days ago)
He went on to sell pizza
hallodri cockschuft (18 days ago)
lol, thought it is V-sauce
Neo Dore (18 days ago)
Didn't know you also had this channel
Air-headed Aviator (18 days ago)
WW1 was unlike the wars that caught our curiosity afterwards. There was no “bad guy”, it wasn’t a fight against evil. All who perpetuated the war had selfish motivations for pursuing it, and all those who fought either were unwilling enlistees or overly patriotic young men. Thats why in reflection we see an era of chivalry amongst these men that transcends typical reason. Quite simply, it wasn’t personal.
Yuri DeKhed (14 days ago)
Air-headed Aviator I see you too have been suckered into believing in the chivalry of the First World War.
hllboi817 (18 days ago)
He was the reason i wanted to be a fighter pilot
Mar tin (18 days ago)
Why is the video called "the real red baron"? It's just a compilation of some facts about him. It's neither revealing a different person behind those facts, nor am I aware of a fake red baron. I'm not complaining, I'm just interested in understanding what's the difference to the common knowledge (like wikipedia entry).
jaybond vagabond (18 days ago)
Launch the red baron - grand theft auto san andreas
Paul Bryson (18 days ago)
You know I want to BANG BANG all over youuuuuu. You know I want to BANG BANG ALL IN YOUR FOOD!!!
Whaleshrimp (18 days ago)
Great story!
Keishin B237 (18 days ago)
Recently, my father began researching our family origins. As it turns out, my great-great-grandfather was a part of an Australian squad who took part in the shooting down of the Red-Baron. We've even managed to obtain his helmet and the gas mask he used. It's very cool stuff!
Aldozzy (18 days ago)
Sounds like every main character in fantasy stories lol.
Big Boy (18 days ago)
The good old Aussies got him.
useurname123 (18 days ago)
Didn't know Michael of vsauce have a new channel
Jon Blackwood (19 days ago)
This is the weirdest VSauce video...
NormalYT User (19 days ago)
Hello Vsauce

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