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Fashion Week as told by kids

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Bored of traditional fashion editor reviews of the fashion week shows, Stylight invited a bunch of adorable 8-12 year olds to review the most ‘avant garde’ looks from the recent SS16 shows and their reactions were priceless! From the runways of New York, London and Milan we got some seriously honest opinions on fashion from the eyes of children. Check out what the Anna Wintour’s of tomorrow have to say below... Kids comment Fashion Week ► Watch Now! ► More on: http://stylig.ht/kids_fw_SS16 ► More Fashion, Beauty, Stars & Shopping at Stylight: http://www.stylight.com ► iPhone App: http://stylig.ht/Apple-Str ► Android App: http://stylig.ht/Ggl_Ply ► Subscribe to our channel: http://stylig.ht/YT_subs
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mexbalt key (2 years ago)
why you can speak german and english
mexbalt key (2 years ago)
warum könnt ihr deutsch und englisch sprechen
Domantas Gaurilovas (3 years ago)
that kid is soooo harsh and yet so awesome. lol
mohammedis.se , shared it
Stella Moon (3 years ago)
what would her super power be? "Ugliness" hahaha

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