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Craftsman Style House Plans

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Donald A. Gardner Architects features Craftsman style house plans that contain both a modern elegance and an appreciation for the original Craftsman movement. With its historical roots in the American artistic movement known as "Arts and Crafts," the Craftsman style house is a late 19th and early 20th century style characterized by attentive, manual refinement and a lack of machine-driven appearance. Because of their lasting influence and attention to detail, Craftsman style house plans are still extremely popular today. When you've narrowed your choices down to the Craftsman style, check out our vast selection of corresponding Craftsman style house plans. Search and sort Craftsman style house plans by square footage, number of bedrooms, stories, master bedroom location, and other important floor plan criteria. Craftsman style house plans imply a devotion to quality and simplicity. Donald A. Gardner Architects apply those same principles to the home plan design process. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and desire to find the perfect Craftsman style house plan. We'll do the rest.
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