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How To Highlight Text in Adobe InDesign Tutorial

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Support Me! Check Out My Design Resources: http://bit.ly/1QniFxp Get 6 Free Design Fonts, Templates, & More Each Week!: http://bit.ly/2PSCYd6 Design Books and Tech Recommendations: https://amzn.to/2ND39CT *Creative Market and Amazon links above are referral links to support this channel. :) This video shows a workaround that allows you to quickly and easily highlight text in Adobe InDesign. #adobe #indesign #tutorial
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Text Comments (38)
warburgaby (1 month ago)
great :)
Abar KAYITGAN (1 month ago)
In microsoft word this process takes a second
Alexa Nieto (6 months ago)
Martina T. (6 months ago)
awesome :D thanks a lot!
Broes Vanmullem (6 months ago)
thank you
Rob Reichgelt (1 year ago)
Awesome! Thank you :)
kelllsey12000 (1 year ago)
Thank you for this! very clever & concisely explained : )
Melissa J. Frost (2 years ago)
this is so out of focus i cant even tell whats going on... may want to figure out why your screen recording is blurry af
Matt Borchert (2 years ago)
Video is clear might want to check if youtube had it set to a very low quality setting for you. Click the gear icon then go to quality - 1080p HD.
rassel racelis (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Wicus Studios (2 years ago)
Thank You!!!
P Browne (2 years ago)
Thanks...simple, fast, and clear.
I am using the latest indesign but it wouldn't let me enter the shortcut for the new character style. How did you do that?
Summer A. (3 years ago)
Thanks alot.. but for some reason it didn't work for me... I wanted white text & black highlight and when i chose the black for the highlight it automatically changed the color of the text & vice versa... do you know why?
StrobistDude Bokeh (3 years ago)
I guess you can't set left and right offset so you can have even space top, bottom, left and right?
Ida Whittet (3 years ago)
It worked, much appreciated!
Eric Gallant (3 years ago)
Great tip! Thanks.
Barbara Scott (3 years ago)
Perfect instructions. Thanks so much!
Karine T. Knudsen (3 years ago)
Thank you for this great guide. Do you know if this possible in Photoshop as well? I really need it. I don't seem to have "underline options" in Photoshop.
Karine T. Knudsen (3 years ago)
+Matt Borchert That worked. I did, however, also find a couple of fonts that is a little similar to the "highlight text": http://www.1001fonts.com/earwig-factory-font.html http://www.1001fonts.com/tinsnips-font.html I will give them a try and see how they turn out. There is a lot of text on my document, so I'm trying to find an easy way.
Karine T. Knudsen (3 years ago)
Thank you very much, Matt. I'll look into it and see if I can get it to work.
Matt Borchert (3 years ago)
+Karine T. Knudsen If you go to Window > Character in Photoshop that will give you a lot more options for your text including to underline or strikethrough (among other things). I don't think Photoshop has a built in highlight function either, but here is a quick tutorial for this: http://thedigitalhippies.com/digital/how-to-highlight-text-in-photoshop-cs6/ - you don't need to do the multiply step if you simply place the box under your text instead of above it.
Ajamila Dasa acbsp (3 years ago)
very helpful tip to get almost what I wanted, thanks.
Invulgo (3 years ago)
Thanks :D
TheTripleTKA (3 years ago)
So this isn't really highlighting a text. This is makeshift. How can inDesign not have this option? Freaking MS Paint has highlight option. Thank you for this nice little trick! Awesome. Don't why I didn't think of this. LOL I was going around drawing boxes and crap! 
IsThisAlex (4 years ago)
Unfortunately, this doesn't work when you have the smaller, standard Mac keyboard. I found this in Adobe's InDesign help: "You cannot use letters or non-keypad numbers for defining style shortcuts. If your keyboard does not have a Num Lock key, you cannot add keyboard shortcuts to styles." Stupid move if you ask me.
kelllsey12000 (1 year ago)
yeah, I have a mac so you can't use the keyboard functions, BUT you _can_ copy the shortcuts, so you don't have to keep doing it individually
Matt Borchert (4 years ago)
+IsThisAlex Yeah that stinks, sorry to hear that =(
Mitzu Taimatsu (4 years ago)
Thank you, it was very helpful!
Vans Cooper (4 years ago)
How could I add padding to the left and the right using this technique?
Matt Borchert (4 years ago)
+Vans Cooper Nice workaround! Indesign makes some simple tasks a bit odd to actually achieve. Still not sure why there isn't an easy built in way to do this.
Vans Cooper (4 years ago)
+Matt Borchert After some pondering myself, I will use the paragraph rule to achieve this. Well, if it needs to go with other content then I will have to use embedded text frame (not that elegant either).
Matt Borchert (4 years ago)
+Vans Cooper I'm not totally sure to be honest, I would likely just use spaces, although that isn't exactly elegant.
Clang2 Clang2 (4 years ago)
Gauthier DS (6 months ago)
Still need help bro?
Mary Lou Brown (4 years ago)
This tutorial works very well until the last step. Does not allow me to enter a shortcut. Allowed me to enter a new Character Style but - no shortcut. Tried every which way. Oh well at least half way there!
primiita (4 years ago)
is it possible to change the color to custom colors?? Thank you!
Matt Borchert (4 years ago)
Yes, when you're setting this up you should be able to set the highlight to be whatever color you want.

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