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Best Microsoft Windows Commercial of all times

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The best Microsoft Windows ad of all times!
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Brown Man (2 years ago)
Dayum daniel
madmuffinz (3 years ago)
Good guy
xyzabcrocks (5 years ago)
linux ftw
LAnonHubbard (6 years ago)
Oh, to think I was just praising your comments on another video that slated Eric Hovind and here you are praying to the cult of Apple :(
UltrawomanLiz18 (6 years ago)
You want to make a Windows 98 joke into some nerdcore issue? get some proffessional help for gods sales! Even Windows fans- all thirty of you- are laughing at this. Fucking Windows 98! And Mac will run almost anything you want. Bootcamp it or... Hell, mine just deals whith whatever anyway. Microsoft still exists because corporations stick with the same thing no matter how awful! Husbands Law firm went Apple, productivity skyrocketed.
anrafla (6 years ago)
Most windows computers can go up to 16 or 32 gigs, it actually is very possible to get a virus on mac, and wait until you realize that only half of software will actually run on mac
biomancer (6 years ago)
Inspiring words Herbert.
kelski13 (6 years ago)
You must care just a little bit to take the time to comment. Thanks buddy! btw the cubs suck.
PawsPause (6 years ago)
Cool story bro
cubsfan099 (6 years ago)
nobody fucking cares
cubsfan099 (6 years ago)
fuck you
Brandon Andras (6 years ago)
ohh yaaa love my 12core mac pro wit 32 gigs of RAMMM BOYEE
kelski13 (6 years ago)
tosh sent me here
junk11111111 (6 years ago)
SOPA does not approve this message
Queen Chrysalis (6 years ago)
@watsupyo888 No, but you'll use Windows if you go to jail.
johle (6 years ago)
where you wanna go.................. today.
DrCerebro (6 years ago)
this didnt make any sense......
Manuel Rodríguez (6 years ago)
Linux Rules!!!!
jace888 (7 years ago)
what the ad is saying is that you will go to jail if you use Windows?
Cr4shm4n (7 years ago)
@wolkswagon4 what he said?
Therealguymins (7 years ago)
He killed Steve Jobs.
Agent1W (7 years ago)
Makes me wonder how he got 19 for FIRST-degree murder. I always thought it was either 25 to life or death penalty. Hmm...
Shannon Cawley (7 years ago)
@Splatpope I know! The irony. XD
The Crobat Cave (7 years ago)
@vistakid10 Where Do You Want to Go Today? was Microsoft's slogan in the 90's. On a side note, why would you name yourself after such a screwed up OS?
Jacob (7 years ago)
he was able to commit murder and only used windows 98? Wow!!!
王世强 (7 years ago)
cloksin (7 years ago)
@KatrinaMess Sounds a lot like the same system I have, and its not a Mac. Here's the funny thing you retard, there is no Apple variant of Unix, the Mac OSx kernel is based on Unix, Apple's OSes have ALWAYS been based on Unix. Try learning what you're talking about before you open your mouth again.
JAYFC (7 years ago)
the sex haver (7 years ago)
@KatrinaMess enjoy never knowing the touch of a woman
MommyIssues93 (7 years ago)
@KatrinaMess macs have viruses you just have to be a comeplete retard to get one
Hadgerz (7 years ago)
@KatrinaMess oh, cute..you think macs dont have viruses...
lollosmacintosh (7 years ago)
@KatrinaMess respect you!
lollosmacintosh (7 years ago)
@VloggerGal90 a mè steve jobs mi ha mandato per uccidere bill "gay" gates!
Solvalou (7 years ago)
Wow im sold, where do I buy a Windows 98 that you speak of?
UltrawomanLiz18 (7 years ago)
Sitting in front of my Apple.... A 40" Samsing flat screen for a monitor at the moment, Snow Leopard, four quad core chips, Laughing My Ass Off! Why? Because all that is upgrade. I run the Apple variant of UNIX. That's what Mac has on everything Gates has ever done. UNIX! And friendly interfaces And how DO Macs suck? no viruses, no system crashes, an app crash is always minor, and it will run every piece of software aboard at once, if you have the memory. I have eight gigs upgradable.
TheTsunamiSam (7 years ago)
guy:i was in prison bill gait put in money for bail then he gave me windos i sent him to prison and then swiched to mac
Lee is Still Gaming (7 years ago)
No, no! You have to use Windows 98 SECOND EDITION, you fool! First edition is a whole can of suck.
the747videoer (7 years ago)
@cosmin989 ikr too XDDDDDDD
the747videoer (7 years ago)
@Sheldetin ikr XD
IIVikingII (7 years ago)
This is probably Apple's mock commercial.
ViperTechnologies (7 years ago)
Bobothy Tomothy (7 years ago)
@VloggerGal90 are you pancreatic cancer?
Tununias (7 years ago)
@HappyFoxIsHappy it hasn't happened yet.
dwoodsky (7 years ago)
run steve! he's gonna lag u to death!!
HappyFoxIsHappy (8 years ago)
I think everyone is missing the point. If you don't use Microsoft software, you go to prison.
jakeypearce (8 years ago)
WinXP and 98= best commericals.
Billy Bob (8 years ago)
i use Microsoft, and I never got caught for murder.
Sam from Cadott (8 years ago)
Is this real?
6eggc (8 years ago)
i have a chewing gum in my mouth and i only use windows software
wutzerface77 (8 years ago)
He killed them using the Windows 98 Disc. Ha!
Derick1259 (8 years ago)
@takason1 if i want a fast computer, i would just build it and overclock the processor.
Nik Neuy (8 years ago)
microsoft is deep down dirtier than this guy...
antisteo (8 years ago)
the kill command only exists in unixoide OS
Luna041406 (8 years ago)
@pktomi I have one somewhere...a real one. It was on 34th street in Manhattan, I believe the Bank of America billboard went kaput. I have one for Macy's on 34th somewhere too...damnit. LOL
Tomi Lengyel (8 years ago)
Whomst (8 years ago)
every buttfucker here who prefer linux should jack his nerd penis off to fucking pedo hentais
Nickleus (8 years ago)
lmao =)
Greg7042 (8 years ago)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 That's brilliant! That made laugh!
Matt Sheedy (8 years ago)
he prolly stole windows
dapigistalkin (8 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA I laughed my ass of ur comment xD
Shannon Cawley (8 years ago)
@748cowboy Whatever floats your emo boat.......
PowerLeef (8 years ago)
@SMGJohn Depends...
jack .embry (8 years ago)
hi im a murder and im a pc
wutzerface77 (8 years ago)
Randomkaoz (8 years ago)
HAHAHA that is funny like hell, I'm a 1st degree murder and i'm a PC LOL.
Shannon Cawley (8 years ago)
Ive been in prison for murder, and bill gates sent me on a mission: kill. steve. jobs.
Millenxz (8 years ago)
Driving Gamer (8 years ago)
i wanna go Microsoft heaven today
Homeless bought Windows LoL xD
a fantastic man (9 years ago)
Haha, funny =D
sharktribe (9 years ago)
apple + option + esc = force quit
Semir313 (9 years ago)
hahahah funny shit good one
hanrinch (9 years ago)
first degree murder by using windows 98......
Flpyii (9 years ago)
to get more business
tt3socal (9 years ago)
ya but when they freeze or or have minor problums you get a fucking beach ball thing that tells you to stop every thing mac has no alt control delete but eventhough atleast you have a mac people with no ps3 or mac are poor
D15H (9 years ago)
I love running all different versions of Linux on my computer (I use windows vista) but once in a while it makes a great change and a bit of fun! :D
TENNSUMITSUMA (9 years ago)
what the fuck does your life story haveto do with windows Oo
Martín Roque (9 years ago)
=/ Yeah, you're right, i miss reinsalling my SO every month because it failed, and that amazing advenure of finding crack and serials for every software i download. I don't know how can I live without an antivirus or without all the drivers for all of my hardware.
Flpyii (9 years ago)
well.. macs can run bootcamp and actually run microsoft windows on it.. so they can basically use any software
ignas2526 (9 years ago)
Even if Windows is better, Macintosh has better iron, and unlike Microsoft, Apple cares about nature.
Alam Brito (9 years ago)
LOL ^_^
overcastgabriel (9 years ago)
i love mac+windows
Martín Roque (9 years ago)
=) every time i see a mac or pc ad makes me love Linux a little more =)
TrueYears (9 years ago)
OH wait LOL HAHHA I am such an idiot LOL I meant to say MAC not PC LOL
TrueYears (9 years ago)
that is the MOST stupid thjing I ve heard.......... think of PC's as the body for unlimited speeds you see. Unlike. PCs. Mac have a barrier, they have a LIMIT. I wouldnt want to drive a Lam...... I would custom my ride and add rockets -_- because I have money..........see PC dont have set backs like Macs........ More hardare is Compatibe with PC that Macs................... hardware speaking because Windows Sucks balls...............
TrueYears (9 years ago)
omg,.... youre right! but then why would I wanna buy a 2k pc that I wont ever fully exploit it..............
Zły Wilk (9 years ago)
Ryan (9 years ago)
M$ = mSTRING It's Microsoft As in software... (WINDOWS = LINUX )>MACINTOSH
Kni7es (9 years ago)
Think about it this way: Macs are like the Lamborghinis of the computer world. Not everyone drives a Lamborghini. A Lamborghini is more expensive then, say... a Chevy. But if you had the money, would you drive a Chevy, or a Lamborghini?
Aaron Powell (9 years ago)
yea, windows is stupid.. good one. only if more people would believed you. . ...
Aaron Powell (9 years ago)
Vista Ultimate= ultimate head aches!!!!!!! lol :-)
Aaron Powell (9 years ago)
yea, u'd want to goto an Apple Retail Store!!! :-)
Aaron Powell (9 years ago)
very true.. Macintoshes r VERRY professional (they dont call it the Mac PRO for nothing!!). . ... yea, people only think windows is professional becoz its actually harder to use and looks boring, i know this is weird but its true, the same thing applies for Windows Mobile. . ...
firecad2006 (9 years ago)
so M$ drives you to murder? make scants, using M$ would make you want to kill your self for ever buying it.
Games5522 (9 years ago)
Aside from the lack of games.
velocity211 (9 years ago)
this guy makes me want to buy it.
Jason Diaz (9 years ago)
Hey he's telling the truth Amen!
Yz (9 years ago)
alright he convinced me
Danthious (9 years ago)
HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I'll buy 2!!
kyle2796 (9 years ago)

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