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EPIC CAVALRY CHARGE! New Update and Steam Release! (Rise of Liberty New Update Gameplay)

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Let's Play Rise of Liberty (Hold the Line) the Low Poly Revolutionary Era like Ravenfield Battle Simulator - Rise of Liberty Cavalry! Download Rise of Liberty here: https://store.craater.com/rise_of_liberty/BaronVonGames Thanks to Craater for the Rev Share program. All sales using this link benefit the channel, thanks guys :) Find me here: ●Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaronVonGames/ ●Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaronVonGamez About Rise of Liberty (Formerly Hold the Line): Revolution is a large scale battle simulator set in the Revolutionary War era. You will fight along side hundreds of other soldiers and be apart of the most intense battles a game can have! Made by 1 person in 5 days! note: these are only the major additions i am intending to add, there will be hundreds more minor additions. Download Rise of Liberty for free: http://bit.ly/RiseOfLibertyGame Thanks for watching! Baron Thanks for watching! Baron
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Text Comments (379)
BaronVonGames (11 months ago)
Hey Guys, if you're going to buy Rise of Liberty and you use this link, it benefits the game developers and myself so thanks: https://store.craater.com/rise_of_liberty/BaronVonGames If not you can just use steam. Love you Barons Brigade!
AandJSwinger (5 months ago)
BaronVonGames in
Wayne S Hancock (8 months ago)
BaronVonGames hi
Joseph Dewar (11 months ago)
they should add a crouching feature
Burrito Films (11 months ago)
BaronVonGames I
ravi ios (11 months ago)
BaronVonGames i
Bobby Daniels (25 days ago)
I'd love to see more rise of liberty
Bobby Daniels (25 days ago)
Gage Oconnor (1 month ago)
Then we fought Mexico for Texas
Toxic Chicken (6 months ago)
Baron do you have discord?
PowderedWigLouis (6 months ago)
you payed the spanish for florida after invading and annexing it by force ...just FYI
Bob Chou (7 months ago)
JP jp (8 months ago)
Manhattan ws taken by the English from the Dutch. We also bought Alaska from Russia.
Tristan Bernek (9 months ago)
We need Factions in rise of liberty. Having France, Poland, Russia, and Germanic forces would give this game a big boost
Nicky Mohd (9 months ago)
Student Owen Birch (9 months ago)
Yes they did have rifled barrels in some muskets in the revolutionary war
ErrolJustin (9 months ago)
Why if i play Rise of liberty demo I can't change the map
Reapers_ Ninja (9 months ago)
We bought some land from Mexico to build a railroad, I forgot what purchase it was called though @BaronVonGames
Chorfela (9 months ago)
The fps is hella low on mac
Skywarp056 (9 months ago)
im so glad you know your history. Respect man.
J.H Studios (9 months ago)
Wait,so are you American or British?
Jered Dahlgren (9 months ago)
ask the game desnier if he can do a ship battle.
Jett Crews (9 months ago)
The person who took a cannon ball
Luc Skywalker (10 months ago)
I meant to say they should add a tent with your team color that spawns clones of you in your army
He should make a little tent with your color and makes clones of you for your army
Duncan Harry (10 months ago)
its from the movie the knights tale.
Sola Fide Christian (10 months ago)
How do you get different maps?? It only allows me to play flat lands..
Ethan Carrow (10 months ago)
Looks like there lancers, dragoons were not labeled as cavalry but as mounted infantry, who could ride there horses to pivotal positions during battle
safeen the assassin (10 months ago)
Will it ever be released on the android
quilldog10 edko (10 months ago)
I want to sponsor your channel but it cost money so I can't
Stuadh (10 months ago)
Imagine if you could chose between cavalry, Officer or Footman
Little Moose Super Eater (10 months ago)
Shot this
rubin Robinson (10 months ago)
i love wary's
Colonel Henry Gaming (10 months ago)
Ironically he quoted Winston Churchill when he was a Colonist (Winston Churchill was a former British prime minister)
Steven Kennedy (10 months ago)
Add more RTS elements, like unit spawning etc...
Milo Notley (10 months ago)
Michael G. (10 months ago)
The patriot is one of the worst historical films ever made
PD-Gaming (10 months ago)
you are right on the we bying new York from dutch
Charlote Nurdin (10 months ago)
I want more of rise of liberty
Seth Leoric (10 months ago)
Is it free
ExO Balition (10 months ago)
He has got to make a Delaware river map. Wow I guessed this before watching the video and I just now saw it.
Kameron Hinson (10 months ago)
Can you please stop calling the British soldiers the bad guys
Jo Rondeau (10 months ago)
Thx(thanks) for putting humor to your videos. It's fun like that
Phil Cole (10 months ago)
Why are the americana the good guys it is good the rebelled but the americans were rebels
Cameron Thomas (10 months ago)
For England
Griffin P. (10 months ago)
baron u took bunker hill now u ar taking winter hill
Griffin P. (10 months ago)
baron i when to bunker hill and boy it is steep to run up
FOXY STUDIOS (10 months ago)
I would like the devs to add...Pioneers, Shock Troopers or maybe Gardner Gun!
Krazy Kipper (11 months ago)
No, under the British as a colony fought for new Amsterdam
PD-Gaming (11 months ago)
baron its said der gons
more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty more rise of liberty
Andreas Dazos (11 months ago)
Rule Britannia!
Deirdre Shaughnessy (11 months ago)
The Dutch surrendered
Deirdre Shaughnessy (11 months ago)
The colonials did not buy New York they surrendered to the British
Sabin Oliver (11 months ago)
Arrg me mateys, I plunder both of dee' sides; colonists and British alike. Way I sees it, they both only good for pillagin' some booty.
Anne Guthrie (11 months ago)
British are good not bad
Rashid Hatim Parker (11 months ago)
That’s was a axe gun,that was actually a real weapon,I always wanted to use that in like some paintball mixed with Napoleonic warfare.That would be lit 🔥
Jacob Crigger (11 months ago)
He forgot Alaska from Russia
Claire Gauthier (11 months ago)
You can order your troops by doing 4 5 6 7 8 on the bottom of the screen
What if you could light stuff on fire
MegaMiller Gaming (11 months ago)
Let him develope the game to where he wants it to be at and then let the mods in
Unused Account (11 months ago)
Cavalry wasn’t used In the revolutionary war
Cool Games (11 months ago)
RTS made
Saturnian guy Blake (11 months ago)
he could add a french team or a team select
Brady Scianna (11 months ago)
no it was smooth barrel it was in the civil war when they had rifles
Lenzai Baco (11 months ago)
I mean i like you to be the colonist
Lenzai Baco (11 months ago)
Aww man i like to be the blue/colonist :(
Ali Alabbodi (11 months ago)
Fish Fish (11 months ago)
The Americans where called the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
Fish Fish (11 months ago)
The Americans where called the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
The Strategy Gamer (11 months ago)
no, the British forcefully took New Amsterdam from the dutch and renamed it New York
Lennon McCartney (11 months ago)
Love it
Lennon McCartney (11 months ago)
Love it
Russian doge (11 months ago)
Tea and crumpets!
Kaga Kitsune Carrier (11 months ago)
USA didnt buy Florida from spain but they like borrow it for 300 years and the contract should ended at i think 2080s
Isaac Rankin (11 months ago)
Napoleon sold it for 11m 10c per acre
Ruslan Olson (11 months ago)
i got rise of liberty for 13 dollars i supported him
Alex Manalang (11 months ago)
Baron never made a peanut butter sandwich that day…
bisma aditama (11 months ago)
Hi baron
Damien Lau (11 months ago)
i know what the second hill is so the battle of bunker hill actually mainly happened on breed's hill so the second hill behind breed's hill is actually bunker hill
Kyle Gillie (11 months ago)
there is musket drop
Stuffed Toy Crocodile (11 months ago)
this game looks more better than its past self
Dakota Hickman (11 months ago)
I love it
OlalLeGrand -fun (11 months ago)
I thought it was TAB! :(
Creflo Chery (11 months ago)
Baron play more as a captain (with a platoon of like 20) on a secret mission.
Danightmarefox (11 months ago)
You know what would be cool being able to fight over sea like being in two ships blue on one side red on the other and there’s be a plank to cross to the other side and mabey a few ship cannons I don’t know this game is gonna be a very good one
Bawi Lian (11 months ago)
Wow bro you did good at the voice like a french talk
Danightmarefox (11 months ago)
“It’s a lance helloooo!” A knights tale
iisourpurple (11 months ago)
The pistol is 100% accurate the Aimee is on the top to the right
Communist Cat (11 months ago)
americans,revolutionaries,rebels,communists...-Baron 2018
Xmage555 (11 months ago)
More of this plz
Colton Schmidt (11 months ago)
Communist? You mean colonist. You said it when you were naming the nicknames for the rebels.
Edis Ljubovic (11 months ago)
Can this be a series?? Please!!
Big Jake (11 months ago)
Yes they did have rifled berrled but mosed of the rifled rifles were used cor sharp shooting
Nationalist Iraqi (11 months ago)
The muskets in the revolutionary war would hit the sides and when its out the musket, it would usually go left or right
Jamie Cowley (11 months ago)
Shouldn't the cavalry use sabers?
Gareth Lloyd (11 months ago)
this would be awesome as an first person multiplayer rts
Ampster Gaming (11 months ago)
the movie he quoted was a knight's tale
tomasz koralewski (11 months ago)
he should add horses for players and NPC's to ride on
Fire Marko MM (11 months ago)
And there should be like a serbian rebelion. That will be nice, like with the jatagan swords.
lionking 234 (11 months ago)
Are you making a discord? Baron because im a huge fan of you
BloodStorm Wolf (11 months ago)
Last I checked dragoons are armored melee infantry, not calvary
BloodStorm Wolf Dragoons are rifle equipped cavalry.
It’s Ya boi (11 months ago)
BloodStorm Wolf no they are not my good sir
Cat master Streaming (11 months ago)
I live near Summerseat

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