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How to Talk to Your Barber | Art of Manliness

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Learn how to talk to your barber so you get the haircut you want. Thanks to Hudson Hawk Barbershop in Springfield, MO for their help on this video. Video by Andrew Edwards (http://www.andrew-edwards.com/) Editing by Jordan Crowder (http://www.jordancrowderfilms.com/)
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Text Comments (933)
Pedro Capitani (7 hours ago)
Tapered is the best!
Nicholas Wood (4 days ago)
“Shut your mouth and listen to your barber” Oh yeah we’re so tough cause we tell our viewers to shut up. 👌
hugomazoco (5 days ago)
I swear I have tried, several times in the last 11 years, but it never works. I keep driving 45 miles each way, every two weeks to get a haircut with my barber.
Who_cares614 Ig (7 days ago)
What if im black Im asking cause im black😂😂😂
Boi Hi (13 days ago)
Can I just ask a fade on sides but have something on the top?
Alex Upton (16 days ago)
Where I live, our "barber" options are the Walmart hair salon and a middle aged woman working from her basement. Around here our options are, short and uneven, long and shaggy with patches missing, or bald. Kmn
soulassassin0g (16 days ago)
How do you keep them from trying to make small talk with you before the hair cut even begins?
Adrian B (23 days ago)
I watched this video prior to going to the barber. Unfortunately my knowledge was useless as he didn't speak a word of English...
プー太郎、 (25 days ago)
Still waiting on the demonstration of communicating.
Gareth A (1 month ago)
Well, I'm decided. Not getting my haircut. Way to complicated apparently.
someasiankid (1 month ago)
I dont know what hair cut suits me
Khanh Kha Minh (1 month ago)
I had this problem when I first got a haircut in a foreign country hahaha. I went to Singapore to study, but the first time I got a haircut there I realized I didn't know how to describe my hair in English O.o. And now I don't know how to describe my hair in Japanese because I'm in Japan and I need a haircut... Woe is me!
Ali's Archive (1 month ago)
Solved my age old problem
daz rah (1 month ago)
I go to barber and say 4 back and sides, bit off top.. and come out scalped.. did I say something wrong.. ive been to about 6 different barbers in the last 2 centuries and no matter how many times I say nothing nada off top they take their fingers and proceed to slowly take more and more off top despite agreeing a length in mirror.. now I worry going in saying I want layers, a taper, no arch, short sideburns,tapered neck to go with my fat round face its like i'm telling them how to do their job... and give them a real reason to scalp me
see J vee (2 months ago)
I literally told a barber at the barber shop to cut half an inch off the top and this dude cut like 2 inches and messed me up so bad
Quoc Viet Nguyen (2 months ago)
I don't need a barber i need a guy who reads minds
Wally Yt (2 months ago)
HOW TO NOT GET FUCKED UP: dont go to a white barber.
joseph nicholas (3 months ago)
bro my barber one time was like "yo man my daughter passed away." and was like "oh really man, sorry to hear that. i remember seeing her in the shop." he was like "nah that was my son." then it was just quiet the rest of the time. to be fair his son was like 5/6 with long braids lookin like lil bow wow..
Ryan Ong (3 months ago)
barber that suck most is those that cut your hair whatever he wants and doesnt fucking care about your opinions ffs i hate those barbers
Matthew Torres (3 months ago)
as a barber this is a great video
Victor Martins (3 months ago)
But if you have a bird nest on the head instead of normal hair?
Spiro Corbett (3 months ago)
Sorry, but being groomed by another man is hardly manly. I will say that it is quite posh and not necessarily the opposite of "manliness"... but it certainly is not a qualifier. In fact; the male who can groom himself using simple tools and skills is far more manly than the one who pays another to do so. Man is a creator and to allow another to create would negate his Will. The Will is inherently a masculine portion of the human experience and to surrender The Will is to let ones manliness "fall away". I suspect that this channel knows little of True manliness, but i like it anyhow ;P
Smartieclock (3 months ago)
“The art of anxiety”
Shrek (3 months ago)
Limmy's Show - What is it you say again?
7620313 (3 months ago)
what if I DON'T KNOW what I want and what looks good one me lol
Jim Cole (3 months ago)
The difference between a good haircut and a bad one? Two weeks.
lion kille19 (3 months ago)
Weird but important subject.
Doctor Spartan? (4 months ago)
What I don’t get is what’s wrong with keeping the natural neckline. I think that if you have medium or long hair the natural neckline is best. Even if you have short hair, there’s no shame with a natural neckline. My hair is about 5-5.5 inches long everywhere, so I’m basically along the border between medium and long hair in my opinion. This video seems to be designed for men with short hair and a taper of some sort, which I’ve noticed to be the case with most men.
Jzerious (4 months ago)
it wont look good with your face
BlindSloth721 (4 months ago)
Nothing says manliness like being self conscious of your neck line.
John (4 months ago)
Asked the bitch to cut 2 cmm and dumb bitch cut off 2 inches. Trust my fucking barber yea u funny so you shut the fuck up
Luke J. / Nexus (4 months ago)
fuck this dude is so hot
Ismael Kimou (4 months ago)
Who else isn't white but still watched 😂
Scoper720 (4 months ago)
I always say 2 on the sides, and short on top, and at the end my hair is down and I say cut the front short too. When I go home it's always crooked. My 'friends' look at me weird and say stuff whenever I do it, I do feel a little sad.
Bora Dasci (4 months ago)
What do u say if your barber doesnt speak english
Spiro Corbett (3 months ago)
you smack him in the face and treat him like dirt.... but tip him well.
ie p (4 months ago)
In a nutsell: -dude cut like this *10 min later* -Nah, its okay now, thanks
andrew ashworth (4 months ago)
I literally went to this barber today
T0pMan15 (4 months ago)
Perpetual Blues Machine - Keb Mo backing track??????
Michael Benyaminov (4 months ago)
terrible fuckin barber tho
HITMAN JJs (4 months ago)
Who needs barber when u are already bald
I just tell the girl i go to to "just make it shorter and look nice you have complete creative control". So far i have been getting the best consistently good hair doos for about 4 years now
Brian Nova (5 months ago)
Who the fuck goes to white barber shops not tryna be racist but whit barber shops don’t give you a hair line and the don’t be looking crisp
Liam Cope (5 months ago)
If I took this videos advice, I’d be walking Into the barbers with a fucking list
Gideon U (5 months ago)
Onions have layers.
Will Be FAMOUS (5 months ago)
Great informative video... but no fade mentioned
Yash Pandit (5 months ago)
Amazing video...helpful!
Hartia (5 months ago)
... you don't.
Malik (5 months ago)
Step 1. Don’t go to a salon.
Wazly (5 months ago)
what if my barber doesnt know how to speak english and i dont know how to speak his language either ?
East Watch (2 months ago)
i showed my barber a 360 degree photo of the haircut i wanted then, he turned my phone off and said "o...k..."
Jimmy Mankle (5 months ago)
Just show him the photo
Harry Potter (5 months ago)
I got a round face and I’ve had hair down past my shoulders, a Mohawk, combover and like a fully shaved head so I’m just gonna go ask what they think would fit my face and get that
Karate Bro (5 months ago)
Always pompadour is my selection
Nikalogy (5 months ago)
I always remember jokes at the barber.
Lovis Kern (5 months ago)
nice vid!
dogs world (5 months ago)
With your mouth bitch
d zero (5 months ago)
Hudson Hawk ? Like the Movie? "Bunny, Ball Ball" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSHT8GnIxnQ
Elite SaintYT (5 months ago)
Diegoo 47 (5 months ago)
My barber don’t even got a license
Marko Ilić (5 months ago)
Great, now I just gotta translate these expressions to my native language so I could use them. xD
Tropi Cano (5 months ago)
Wtf his this ? Only whities would come up with this stupid ass crap
Abdurr Pat (5 months ago)
Yeeee i dont think my barbers do this. I mean i pay 7 quid for a haircut
Zach W (5 months ago)
me to barber: Just a trim (show him the style i want) What he hears: Yo fam, fuck my head up bruh.
alex zarate (5 months ago)
SongoFlow SF (5 months ago)
I wanted a man bun and the person was flicking Russian AND GAVE ME A FUCKING BUZZ CUT
Haymeister (5 months ago)
is that the 6’8 gaming powerhouse known as drdisrespect?
007 BaTMaN (5 months ago)
This dude asking his barber about how to talk to barbers meanwhile i still haven't got the courage to tell mine that my names not brian...oh well
Callum Mcardle (5 months ago)
This video definitely helps I normally get the usual short back and sides but I never know how much I want off the top so I just say just a trim on the top I notice that every time I say this it can be completely different each time you just need to say what you want in detail
mydejavooo (5 months ago)
My barber just stared at my dreads.......and walked away.
Kappa Nonamé (6 months ago)
"my ass hurts from all the guys at my construction job" -gran torino
Abdullah Baloch (6 months ago)
Lmao 2, 3 will look so jokes 😂
sadman sakib (6 months ago)
Just show them a picture !
East Watch (6 months ago)
i legit showed my barber a 360 degree photo of the hairstyle i wanted, so he proceed to turn my phone off after acting like he looked at it lol.
Kitsune LV (6 months ago)
My hair is so stupid it sticks up at the top of my head and it falls foward at the front.I also have a swirly thingy on my hairline that messes everything up.what should i dooo?
willem dafaq (6 months ago)
For people who have never been to a barbers
Legion (6 months ago)
This is awesome! why is this not commonly taught?
Hazemos (6 months ago)
After watching this video now I'm pretty sure my disappointment is caused by poor barbery
Hoss Ironvein (6 months ago)
if i told the barber to take off an inch, it would be brain surgery...
WITE FOX (6 months ago)
Who ever doesn’t say all of this is a dumbass I came here learning nothing new
Anna-Maria (6 months ago)
I expected this to be a parody...
GoofyBoy Omar (6 months ago)
My barbers fucking Mexican I can’t even talk to him lol.
Tropi Cano (6 months ago)
Yoo wtf is this shit 🤣🤣 god dam what Americans don’t know how to talk to their barbers holyyy shit
ApexYT (7 months ago)
Thx! Now I can get my Odell Beckham Jr. hair!
Sebastian Öhman (7 months ago)
Do your barber glue on your mustache? how much is that?
siZeDcuBe (7 months ago)
Idk what "2 inches on the side" would look like
Ryan Kilkenny (7 months ago)
My barber never gets it right, even when I show them a picture
Scott Johnson (7 months ago)
Good stuff. I’ve grown my beard out for 6 months and my hair for 2 months to give the barber something to work with
Daniel Sadjadi (7 months ago)
The art of douchebaginess.
bashpr0mpt (8 months ago)
Is it me, or does this video echo?
J Rod (8 months ago)
Just fade it.
I'm David Hasselhoff (8 months ago)
You use you mouth and vocal cords
Charlie Ennis (8 months ago)
I would just like some more hair on my head.
Asperates (8 months ago)
Me: Don't cut too much on the top Barber: Alright, no problem. Me: Alright, thanks--*hears the hair clipper* Barber: *cuts top* Me (in my head): Alright, he better be doing this shit good.. Barber: *Still cutting top hair* Me (in my head: Crap, I need my glasses, i can't see shit in the mirrior... 5 minutes later.. Barber: Ok! You're done.. Me: *Gets glasses* Me (in my head): Where do you live? I just wanna do something important to you. Me: *leaves the place like I liked my new haircut*
Lord Roo (8 months ago)
By a conair. Tell your Barber.... No money for you Hipster cuts!
i treid giving them a photo they fucked up bad
Tony (8 months ago)
god, i hate going to the barber. i get mass amounts of anxiety, i have no idea what hairstyle i want and i dont want to sound like an idiot. i just say the same style over and over but i hate it, i want something new but its the only thing i know... i wish i wasnt so fucking awkward...
Sofa Faso (9 months ago)
nah this era we have smartphones so i usually just show particular photos of what hair style I needed. then after the cut if i'm happy with the final touch i'll take photos of myself from all sides then saved them at one folder album. so the next haircut in time then voila, just show my phone lmao, not much talking needed thereafter. works pretty well during my travel at other cities and outside countries too
gerardo a. guzmán (9 months ago)
Just befriended my barber and got a good cut. 10/10
Byron Velasquez (9 months ago)
Thanks bro!

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