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Get Baby Soft Pink Lips in just 1 Day Naturally at Home (Easy & 100% Works)

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In this video you can see How to Get Baby Soft Pink Lips in just 1 Day Naturally at Home and Make Your Own very effective Lip Balm at Home which is help to get Baby soft rosy pink lips. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5मिनट में आपके हाथों को इतना गोरा बना देगा ये की सब देखते रह जाएँ गए-Get Soft,Fair & Beautiful Hands" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iwi9WSgjrA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (3549)
Gaurav Gaur (8 hours ago)
Apne lips pe laga ke dikha
desi Haryanvi (10 hours ago)
Close up use kr Skte h kya
Harish Chaudhari (12 hours ago)
jar ase kahi laun nantar ghan jhale tar
prahlad sing (15 hours ago)
Why r u doing this in ur hand ??you don't have lips
MJ Muhammad Junaid (15 hours ago)
Boys b use kr skty hen🙊🙈
Moin Muhammad (16 hours ago)
Dono cheeza zrori h
Lela Word (20 hours ago)
Tbh I barely understand what she said
Zarin Tasnim Ahmed (1 day ago)
What can I use instead of beetroot ?? Please reply
Syedhabeeb Rahman (1 day ago)
App ne kabhi use kiya hai
AJAY TIWARI (2 days ago)
Sabita Mishra (2 days ago)
Ahmed Sarajuddin (3 days ago)
did you try it before?
Venkat Raman (3 days ago)
This video l am they my lip is very black you or cheering forord l hate you
Hussain Ahmed (3 days ago)
কালারিং কলকেট হলে কি চলবে
Zaina Sayed (3 days ago)
OCEAN PELECIO (3 days ago)
Just try normal colgate..put it in your mouth then leave it in about 5 minutes and it should do it work...it is real
Monir Sekh (3 days ago)
No I think Colgate is risky for applying in lips
mohd babu (3 days ago)
Waste of time After brush the lips become again dry
Tahir Mughal (4 days ago)
O nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Imran Hussain (4 days ago)
sabiya shadab (4 days ago)
apne apne lips par kyu nhi dikhya
Madam Yoongs (4 days ago)
actually i do this my way by just taking the toothpaste and add a little o a toothbrush and brush the skin off my lips to make it smooth. the coldness of the mint makes my lips pink temporarily tho.
Kanishka Verma (5 days ago)
Mam it doesn't work
Kenzo Abena glacier (5 days ago)
I never knew some people have their lips on their hand...show
Pragati Maurya (5 days ago)
I think that my lips if already better than your vedio
sourav das (5 days ago)
It's true ??
nic video
Dhdi Rjd7u (6 days ago)
Vitamin e capsul kahan milega
MANGESH SABLE (6 days ago)
U should try on ur lips not ur hand mam
Tejaswini Panithi (6 days ago)
What glycerine mam?
I don't understand anything she said
O’ Yaldson (7 days ago)
and of fucking course she's indian
Dhanashree Pillai (7 days ago)
Kamla Mainali (7 days ago)
Yeh fake hai es se kuch bhi nhi hua lips bhi nhi pink hue
Nivedya nivu (7 days ago)
pls not'nt do this ❌❌❌
Suprotim Ghosh (8 days ago)
just suck your lips its awsome don't try toothbrush bt the Vaseline mixture maybe good cause it's made by natural things ...
Arshi Khan (8 days ago)
starting me lips pink karne ki bat ho ri thi par end hote hote aapne lip balm bana dia kuch bhi bakwas karte ho ap log
Arshi Khan (8 days ago)
starting to lips pink karne se ki thi but and tak aate aate apne lip balm bana dia yha kisi chiz ka kisi se koi connection hi ni tha
Ashraf Ali (8 days ago)
Kannada please
shaik farheen (9 days ago)
we need to store dis lip balm in a refrigerator?? or we can store it normally?
Mr Yogesh (10 days ago)
So nice mam
Praveen Pulipati (10 days ago)
Thank you .it worked
smita gupta (10 days ago)
Meri to spoil ho gyi cream even fridge mei rakhne ke baad bhi
Jamira Mendonca (10 days ago)
I don't want to put glycerin
Stumpylong Ass (10 days ago)
I think it works lol
chand khan (10 days ago)
Agar pink ho gaye h to aap n dekha ya kyu nhi
Bhanupriya Elugu (10 days ago)
Do it on your lips not on hand if you do on your hand then your hand should become soft and pink but it is white
FAIZA BANO (10 days ago)
apne pink lips to dikhaiye mam😉
Madushan (11 days ago)
bulbul 0322# (11 days ago)
O hello lips jyda soft hote hai hands se
Aesa kuch nhi hota h bkws vdo h ...sb log iski vdo ko unlike krdo
FAIZA BANO (11 days ago)
lips pe krke kyu ni dikhayaaa🤔🤔🤔
Mine Co (11 days ago)
broken lips
Ankit kumar (12 days ago)
Chutiya bnaya hai
Sk Rafeeq (12 days ago)
it works
Angeline Songcuan (13 days ago)
Chocolate Milk (13 days ago)
Shes not using it on her lips because she knows it'll make her lips blacker!
Shubh Gupta (13 days ago)
It is compalsary to use Colgate
Neelam Basnet (13 days ago)
i use this my lip not become pink and tecout my skin
Ayaan Md (13 days ago)
Mam is it for permanent or for few time?? Plz tell me.
abhishek dixit (14 days ago)
तू पागल है क्या ऐसे कुन करता है
Ajaj Molla (14 days ago)
Maina use kiya par Mara lips black hogaya
Anushreeya Sahoo (14 days ago)
mam can u show your pink lips?
Guys, she *obviously* didn't use her lips for a demonstration because it makes your lips dead af, duh. Y'all dumb, lmao.
Gladys Oghomeh (15 days ago)
Did I hear pink vagina at the end?
Rajendrer Kesoth (15 days ago)
bkvas h because agar Ye acha hota to. Aap lips pe Krte
Md Salman brother (15 days ago)
Are yar itne sare kam koin karegi
Pranath Khatri (16 days ago)
Abhey chutiye itna lauda lasoon kaun karega
Pranath Khatri (16 days ago)
Does anyone understand what she said omg annoying voice
Zoe Princess (16 days ago)
Fake fake fake
Bãdãl Kúmár (16 days ago)
Why don't u try on ur 💋 lips instead of doing on hand?
Anwar Fareed (16 days ago)
Kya sach me aisa hoga
Kabugho Monica (16 days ago)
i ll not do this again.i tried it last night and now my lips are big and dry
Kanishka Agarwal (17 days ago)
Please don't try this at home it can damage your lips . Why you are trying this in your hands please try this on your lips
Shar Nay (17 days ago)
Honey and Colgate sounds tasty!!!
Saim Mahal (17 days ago)
Apka whatsapp no den de koch parsonal baten hn jo comet me nhi bta skta
Sro Har (18 days ago)
Are you mad, you first do it on your lip. Pagal lady.. koi lip Ko brush karta hai kya😤.
rajit kumar kiro kiro (18 days ago)
Its awesome
santosh kelva (19 days ago)
Santosh sen
Keerthi Keerthi (19 days ago)
Ranjeet Sangha (19 days ago)
Bavkoof u don't know Colgate badly damage our skin
Music Sagar (19 days ago)
if it works to is bandi ne khud pe try karke kyu ni dikhaya..
RIYA DESHMUKH (19 days ago)
Lips pr krk dikhao
mujeeb ur rahaman (20 days ago)
khali brush sai karatha to bi lips pink hota mam
Vikash Nayak (20 days ago)
Aap apne Hoto par Karke dekhiye Na
Bidyabhusan Hazarika (20 days ago)
Ruby Jahan (21 days ago)
maine try kiya...Poori vaat lag gayi..Wo juice or veseline mix hi nai ho rha..
Honey Rani (21 days ago)
I feel my lips become bigger.. because my lips become dry and turn black after that.... And now I'm applying vaseline it's pain my lips is cracking .. 😭😭😭😭
Melissa Ch (22 days ago)
english please
Melissa Ch (10 days ago)
Arun Kumar yes 😂
Arun Kumar (10 days ago)
Melissa Ch sjshdk
V r alvar seshadri (22 days ago)
U could have tried on ur lips only no so that we can see the changes on the lips
Seema Chauhan (22 days ago)
Fake please don't use this it's dangerous
Rekha Das (22 days ago)
I see your pink lips madam please see our pink lips
Kapil Tiwari (9 days ago)
pagal hai kya tu 😲😲😲😲
vicky Yadav (10 days ago)
Bleach (23 days ago)
what I use : *Water*
Liezel Santos (23 days ago)
It make my lips dry and darker
shiv kumar (23 days ago)
Scrap krna krna pdega honey roj
shiv kumar (23 days ago)
Honey se roj krna pdega kya
KIRU MADHU (23 days ago)
no it didn't work for me .
moiz Hindi songs (23 days ago)
Please friends. Don't use this type of step and itis dangerous ,or damages to our lips please this not truth
Rakib Hasan (23 days ago)
please you show on your lips!!!!!

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