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[ENG SUBBED] Windows 7 Madobe Nanami Commercial

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Text Comments (143)
NANI Omae wa mou shindeiru
jack Pollock (14 days ago)
What the fuck
Snowdash the furry (28 days ago)
How do I downgrade from Win10 to Win7??
Shubhabrata Ray (20 days ago)
+Bob Devereux I think you missed the joke
Bob Devereux (27 days ago)
You can buy a Win7 key on ebay for cheap, the seller should provide a link for the win7 iso. Download, burn to usb/dvd, install, activate.
Cybernik The Robot (1 month ago)
Thanks Slazo for helping me discover this masterpiece.
Shubhabrata Ray (20 days ago)
Me too
Casketchowan _ (2 months ago)
this is amazing
남자아이Yung (4 months ago)
Jesus it's been 7 years
that kind of boi (5 months ago)
the problem is....that this thing is a rlly good commercial...like rlly kawaii and it tells you what u need to know basically about the os
Archyz Voidz (6 months ago)
Never Nuke A country Twice
TheGameCreator13 (7 months ago)
0:49 *E R E C T I O N*
Awesome PS3 Games (7 months ago)
Still better than 8
The Hammer Breake (8 months ago)
atitaya numsong (9 months ago)
Windows 7 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruby Rose (10 months ago)
not windows 7 for me. XP
E B (11 months ago)
Why isn't she a vocaloid/UTAU,isn't available on windows 8/10 and not available in English???? I wanna see her with cortana!!!!!!
Chin Theng Fong (8 days ago)
If mizuki nana has her own version of vocaloid or voice for virtual assistant, it will very gooooddddd, but if u like an alternative...her younger sister daisy x daisy mika has her own vocaloid....
goga shainidze (1 year ago)
Jib The Communist Boi (1 year ago)
Only Microsoft can make their operating systems into animes
Edson Ramon (1 year ago)
porque recién me entero de esto..
iiBlackRosesi (1 year ago)
when i was in google searching, i found this
sofacus (1 year ago)
gentoo is okay, but windows...
nope (1 year ago)
American Mapper (1 year ago)
Da fuq?
Jax Morrison (1 year ago)
Image what windows xp would look like
Dinosaur Nerd (1 year ago)
play on Linux logo as the hairpin, gentoo icon in the bottom right corner... quality shoop
Jamis Carter (2 years ago)
That clover reminds me so much of Fresh Pretty Cure!!
Daniel Silva (2 years ago)
I love how she is just so excited with Windows
Jorji (2 years ago)
やた!! すごいすごい、可愛い!!
Adam Stewart (1 year ago)
Isaac Rahman (2 years ago)
wow anime single pc windows 7
The Dinkster (2 years ago)
Sousuke Sagara (4 months ago)
2018 and I just found this.
Nothing (2 years ago)
Why does this exist?
Elibutt, an edgy nerd (2 years ago)
New waifu, right here
ItzJovikTheCrazy (2 years ago)
Her eye color are CRAZY
Regarante (2 years ago)
That's now how typical PC looks like.
natural_hype (6 months ago)
Regarante "Shoebox" computers like these were more common in the Pentium 4 era than now.
FoxyTails4991 (2 years ago)
leave it to me that Windows 7 is better than 8 and 10
FrostBug (1 year ago)
FoxyTails4991 I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 and I upgraded it to Windows 10 and in my opinion, it's the best operating system ever
Dylanrules22 (2 years ago)
Fight me xD. Windows 10 rocks in my opinion. Call me a cannot, I use Windows 10 Mobile and they are just as good as Android or Apple, if not better.
NintendoGamerChris (2 years ago)
That's just beautiful! I never thought Windows would ever be related to anime!
Gonzo Belboy (2 years ago)
There are actually anime girls for every windows operating system!
ItzJovikTheCrazy (2 years ago)
UHm okay
ItzJovikTheCrazy (2 years ago)
(He) is an anime girl? Why he if she is a girl xD
Danmandingo (2 years ago)
*She is so Kawaii.* *o______________________________O*
Kawaii x3
pecope the crazy furby (2 years ago)
windows eats mac
VintagePC's alike (2 years ago)
T-this is. This is a thing? What the fuck japan? Japan, you're even more bazzare than i'm used to..
Samantha Montrose (2 years ago)
i think you forgot the thermos paste, graphic/video cards, heat sinc/ fan assembally :P
natural_hype (6 months ago)
Samantha Montrose Technically you don't need a video card; most motherboards (even for 2009) came with integrated graphics.
Michelle Kastrilevich (3 years ago)
How to build a PC tower for weaboos
inox127 (3 years ago)
What's the font name ? I like it :)
へいぬMISTER (3 years ago)
fuck weeaboo's
spongygames (3 years ago)
+Whomba Wobble Lifeaboo.
へいぬMISTER (3 years ago)
+jakob kelly "I'm gonna fuck my _body pillow_" 
Jakob Kelly (3 years ago)
+Whomba Wobble They be like "Where the subtitles at?"
KiberNet Vio (3 years ago)
The Great Agitator (3 years ago)
Weebs are a fucking menace.
namon2345 (3 years ago)
That reason why I install Windows 7 Japan(Not language pack).I bored English version because i see and another people use it as normal.
Lance Decena (2 years ago)
If you think that was hard wait until you try the Arabic version of Windows 7, everything is mirrored
Hermann Chan (3 years ago)
I cant believe my win 7 is that kawaii~
EternalVarik (4 years ago)
And the best part is that it is nearly as easy to build a PC as she makes it sound. 
へいぬMISTER (3 years ago)
+OtakuTheSel .3. Well... once you get out of your little hobbit cave, you'll see the Japan is acctually not all "RAINBOWS, HAPPINESS, SUNSHINE, KAWAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDESSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU \(^-^)/ " And you'll see that Japan is a typical east asian country with some odd, lone, advanced culture. With people who are literally working themselves to death.
elina (4 years ago)
Hermann Chan (4 years ago)
Hey You (4 years ago)
choo kawaii
Tunaan360 (4 years ago)
Even Anime chicks are MasterRacing. Praise GabeN.
Sleipnir Gaming (2 years ago)
+Tunaan360 Anime, Master race and Dreamtheatre. You are a fine human XD
Bucky (4 years ago)
Chuu~! Windows is so kawaii!! ^-^
juicedup14 (4 years ago)
i want to die (4 years ago)
da hell
guynamedjoe (4 years ago)
ilyktosk8 (4 years ago)
kawaii as fuck
MatthewP (4 years ago)
kawaii intensifies
Mistah Moseby (4 years ago)
my brain doesnt like this but WHY
TheMazza202 (4 years ago)
k den 
likeicare300 (4 years ago)
I remember when I watched anime, but then I was 13, and I stopped.
ratelslangen (4 years ago)
Anime and master race. Oh microsoft, you know what i like.
JTCPingas (4 years ago)
:D PC master race forever!
LovablePWNER (4 years ago)
Oh god too much kawaii, too much master race, I'm having a heart attack send help
DredFurst (4 years ago)
so kawaii
kueller (5 years ago)
Well it's still the most popular and most supported OS. Also you say it like advertising isn't a huge part for sales in the rest of the world.
Pesthuf (5 years ago)
So... if they want people to move away from windows 7, they just need to make a commercial where she's an old, ugly hag? Japan is easy to control.
LordCentillion (5 years ago)
Because... there IS no way to do that. IE is only there to help you download better browsers (Although I wouldn't put much emphasis on 'help').
wallakfir90 (5 years ago)
If commercials here was like in japan,i would never skip commercials again.
Vexed (5 years ago)
0:50. Adorable.xD
RAPTOR948 (5 years ago)
All commercials should be like this... I would be on my way to building my own PC so fast, it would be obscene...
Mr.DT (5 years ago)
No... we all thought of it
ramon2471 (5 years ago)
you wanna know why!! JAPAN thats why
Mr.Internet (5 years ago)
"english is kill" "no"
bugwhak (5 years ago)
what is english
KickMyNose (5 years ago)
That's Japan for you
Diego Ruiz (5 years ago)
Id buy more stuff if commercials were like this .....
BaqFish (5 years ago)
Microsoft you idiots. Just advertise the Xbox One like this in Japan and you'll get your market share.
Arcarat (5 years ago)
I dont know if thumbing this up means I agree or disagree with you XD.
GodofsomeWorld (5 years ago)
The only commercial that i would actually rewind to watch....
Kevin Santoso (5 years ago)
Forgot to put the screw lol
Diego Genovez (5 years ago)
wait for me!! *runs with a toast in mouth*
Dio Jinsoku (5 years ago)
im jealous of japan...........cuz of the anime comercials
vikingdrizzit (5 years ago)
so im guessing when she had to use windows 8 she killed herself
declinefan (5 years ago)
That name. "Mado (window)"be "Nana (seven)"mi.
TheLitho182 (5 years ago)
no dude, you're not alone :)
superenixman (5 years ago)
because women exist in this plain of reality too
Ollin Villalon (5 years ago)
Windows... always missing a screw xD
Alex Ganz (5 years ago)
xRei Mei (5 years ago)
the clover reminds me of shugo chara
Jamis Carter (2 years ago)
the clover reminds me of fresh pretty cure.
brylidan (5 years ago)
i'm using windows 7 because of this ... ( ._.)
videoseeker117 (5 years ago)
DPWRepublic (5 years ago)
1. take some luggages 2. move to Japan....
tankbuster999 (5 years ago)
How to build you're own windows 7 ... With adverts like these no wounder they're so smart xD
tankbuster999 (5 years ago)
A animation because actors became to main stream / Because know one would act like that for money xD
vegebuu4 (5 years ago)
now that you say it xD
havencast (5 years ago)
Window 7~ LOL JAPAN!!!!! XD
JK Charlz (5 years ago)
Michael McClements (5 years ago)
I wanna move to japan :<
Suad Dizdarevic (5 years ago)
I gota have it

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