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Beautiful Water Painting

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Annqualise (5 days ago)
my life is a lie
Melih Kara (8 days ago)
bu bildiğin ebru sanatı.
Pikminfan67 (14 days ago)
Can you stop dipping car parts into the water?
Rachel Animal Lover (22 days ago)
I can imagine someone titling this "How dogs are made" 😒😂
Rachel Animal Lover (22 days ago)
*drops car into water* heh woops
Brenda Calderon (22 days ago)
I am late but now they use this method for nails for nails the call it watermarble
Nader (28 days ago)
Emily Medler (28 days ago)
That is so cool!
picasadeluxe (29 days ago)
That looks toxic , in my view at least the contact glue must be dangerous for the skin.
Georgia Bartlett (29 days ago)
Can I drink the water? Because then I would black white poop and pee
Tanisha Chowdhury (1 month ago)
starz0120 (1 month ago)
It's beautiful!
Pankaj Dhameliya (1 month ago)
baked 3d model
how its works ?
John (1 month ago)
Who else put this in 2x playback speed because they're impatient af? Lol
SweetApple111 (1 month ago)
Whats the cost to do this?
Navii Animates (1 month ago)
You think the wheels were metal like those ones but no
12:25-The best i hv seen so far😄
Noel Dapar (1 month ago)
how can i learn dis?
reticent reb̷el (1 month ago)
I wonder what would happen if you put your head in
Art With Kishlay (1 month ago)
Amy wicaksono (1 month ago)
Tidak terbayang kalau ada cicak jatuh
alex vernando rambe (1 month ago)
Sarbjit Singh sohal (1 month ago)
Howard Kanowitz (1 month ago)
Amazing, but what do you use to transfer the image to the water first?
504 Ninpan (2 months ago)
Wow nice job!!! Paint is very cool .
Michel Guerrero (2 months ago)
from where we can order the films?
Hadir Malak E (2 months ago)
Please the name of this music
Princess Hernandez (2 months ago)
PowerOf One (2 months ago)
Russian Botts at it again....
Marcus_ Sux_Sox (2 months ago)
You didn’t take the time to learn about it so you called it water painting it’s hydro dipping
follow Jesus! (2 months ago)
And to think I just use Rust-Oleum spray paint.
Amazing world (2 months ago)
Wow...!!! Nice to watch...Greetings from DUBAI....!!! 💖💖💖💖
Keith B (2 months ago)
Mexicans and their cars.....bahaha
Jerry B. (2 months ago)
OK I didn't learn anything except to go slow when dipping. What materials were used? What was he spraying. Am I supposed to know all this, well I don't because my mother never told me about it.
Chandan Kishore Chutia (2 months ago)
Never knew such things are possible
ShamirAryanSyed (2 months ago)
He painted his whole car
JORGE CLAVIJO (2 months ago)
Soy el único que habla a qui español
Man in the room (2 months ago)
Anwar Alfakhri (2 months ago)
Hi, could you tell me please from where can I bought this water painting.
Amy Michelle Wiley (2 months ago)
I don't understand how this works. Can anyone explain? What liquid is used? How does the design transfer onto the liquid? Thanks.
stephen john gray (2 months ago)
load of crap ....it's water transfers not water painting,FAIL.
Bonnie's World. (2 months ago)
wow. It looks amazing
Julia Mical (2 months ago)
Thats so cool!
Ostap Bender (2 months ago)
Master Xaipres (2 months ago)
Cost a lot of money to paint someting with this technic . For me the question is how difficult is this to create this and why the price is so high .
SolarMoney2112 (2 months ago)
Kattif z (2 months ago)
Watermarbling witch craft
Alexis Creek (2 months ago)
So that is how those military helmets are made
Rukodelie Goplay (2 months ago)
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Всем привет! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
aster n. (2 months ago)
I have far too much spare time
diane le blanc (2 months ago)
Friggin cool...😎
kara schulz (2 months ago)
Lol this theme music in from a cermercial
Hearing Visions (2 months ago)
Its pva glue (stuff you use as a child at school) with a imagery on. Its placed in warm water and sprayed with activator ( like clear lacquer ) that breaks down the glue.. Dip your stuff through it and it transfers to the object. The glue then dry's and hardens. Cold water wash it down and leave to dry n fully harden somewhere warm 24hrs. Final product lasts a long time.
Pierre LeDouche (1 month ago)
The only thing I can add is the caveat that PVA glue is water-soluble. Even when it's dry and cured it will soften and get sticky if exposed to moisture either directly, as in cleaning the item in water. Or if you live in a place like southern Louisiana which gets hot as hell and for six months out of the year has 90% humidity, in which case dried PVA glue will soften from the water vapor in the air. The simplest way to avoid those problems would be to seal the piece with some acrylic varnish, or even just Krylon clear coat out of a spray can.
Hearing Visions (2 months ago)
Sandra G yeah sure, the trick is having something deep enough. I used my bath tub for car interior bits and fascias. (open windows and use a fan, the fumes from activator are lethal strong) Can search ebay for "hydro transfers" or something like that theres quite a good range to choose from. Practice makes perfect but its not that hard to grasp. Water depth is key depending what you want to dip. Good luck 🙂
Sandra G (2 months ago)
Hearing Visions is this something you could do at home? Where would you purchase this?
this is exactly how you do marble nails 😂
Joe Martin (2 months ago)
stephenmwyatt2 (3 months ago)
I am less interested because it looks impossible for me to do it, and I dont know why
bexnmoo (3 months ago)
I love the wood one
Luke Peterson (3 months ago)
So let me see the whole car
Alejandra Cruz (3 months ago)
A no ma esta chido
Maheshkumar Kumar (3 months ago)
Working machines howmeny rs
SpaceThingXx owo (3 months ago)
Lolitabonita (3 months ago)
i whish u really show the technique for me an artist i see the potential to do so many art with that tec...never seen something like that so detailed...loove it...i tried like in paper but no so perfect like yours...
Saad Alaa (3 months ago)
I want some info about all that i'm from Egypt
Beredskaps Boden (3 months ago)
What’s with the classical music?
Mr Logical (3 months ago)
*I found this video HIGHLY DIFFICULT TO FAP TO... But in the end I pushed through at the criscendo.* 💣💥💦
pattty008 (3 months ago)
That's the coolest thing! Unfortunately the website doesn't work, so company didn't stay in business. Bummer.
Jaishea Kenebrew (3 months ago)
Pawan Vishwakarma (3 months ago)
Szopex (3 months ago)
Wooooow Ale kozak :D
Nukes for Dayz Nk (3 months ago)
Iris 1981 (3 months ago)
but still awsome
Iris 1981 (3 months ago)
at least it will be a fashion car
Luke Grainson (3 months ago)
If you put a rubix cube in this you could rig the rubix cube
01102 01102 (3 months ago)
12:22 That looks sick, like real fire flames
Lorraine Mars (3 months ago)
Bernard Tapie (3 months ago)
did he put all these different pattern on a single car ? the result could be...interesting !
Allison Ober (3 months ago)
Isn't that called hydro dipping
Moon (3 months ago)
I want to do that to my phone case
Just Carly (4 months ago)
Amazing, but I want to know how he prepares that water
Just Carly (4 months ago)
Amazing, but I want to know how he prepares that water
Selamican Karagoz (4 months ago)
this is ebru turkısh
Smash Animationz (4 months ago)
If that happens to a wheel what will happeb if he put his hand 'o'
DJ TBOne (4 months ago)
LOL Water painting. It's called Hydro dipping
lady imaginas (4 months ago)
Que desperdicio de agua
Denmark Samson (4 months ago)
What is the name of paint
Lesly Campos (4 months ago)
So basically water marble, neat
Mika Baggins (4 months ago)
Christine should try this
بنوته كيوت (4 months ago)
Krishna S (4 months ago)
You did not tell how to prepare that solution
Krishna S (4 months ago)
You did not tell how to prepare that solution
Anahi Serrano (4 months ago)
Parshwa Vharate (4 months ago)
How do he draw on water
hypoeddy (4 months ago)
Reminds me of information stored on the surface of a black hole. Anyone else get that?
pro yt (4 months ago)
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Brian T (4 months ago)
This is fucking sorcery bruv😂😂
Pierre LeDouche (4 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful. And it amazes me that after 40+ years of painting, airbrushing, model building, knifesmithing, mold making and casting, et. al. that this would be the first time I'd ever even seen or heard of this form of artistic coating. Fascinating.
Yo ski (4 months ago)
I watched the WHOLE THING!!!
arkansaswookie (4 months ago)
What happen's if the dude sneezes during the dipping part?

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