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Mid Century Modern Table DIY

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Lets be friends! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson | snapchat: sharrahrobeson Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor and organizational videos every week http://bit.ly/1PugoDw Shop my jewelry here: http://bit.ly/morradesigns || Shop DIY materials || 3 angled leg plates: http://low.es/2aHkE5S 3 wood legs: http://bit.ly/2aHkueQ 18" wood round: http://bit.ly/2apYSix 16" cake pan: http://bit.ly/2agDqg3 Dark walnut wood stain: http://thd.co/2ancKvI Foam brushes: http://bit.ly/2aKuXqC #10 24 x 3/8 in screws (need 12 total): http://bit.ly/2adtmsI Gold spray paint: http://bit.ly/2apTLF9 Mint spray paint: http://bit.ly/2andYY6 Tape: http://bit.ly/2agDAUz Originally inspired by Sugar & Cloth on Pinterest! http://bit.ly/2aL2eSp Back in action for DIY projects!! This side table has been one of my glorious pinterest finds for a while and I finally tackled it! Pretty quick and easy to make! ||Wedding Wednesdays Line Up|| Ep. 1 The hunt for a wedding venue: http://bit.ly/1TAxcr4 Ep. 2 The hunt for a wedding venue part 2: http://bit.ly/1WPmWkA Ep. 3 The wedding workout: http://bit.ly/1TKgDJo Ep. 4 The bridesmaid proposal: http://bit.ly/1PISHtr Ep. 5 The planning for the ceremony location: http://bit.ly/1Q572kg Ep. 6 The reception place settings: http://bit.ly/298GVYz Ep. 7 The wedding photographer and engagement photoshoot outfits: http://bit.ly/295iiLl Ep. 8 The wedding rings and invitations: http://bit.ly/29x2G6x Ep. 9 The beautiful flowers: http://bit.ly/2a8hWav Ep. 10 The wedding food!: http://bit.ly/2avOJSO Ep. 11 The engagement photos: http://bit.ly/2aN4pS8 Ep. 12 The Wedding Decor Details: http://bit.ly/2aR3Nzo Ep. 13 The Hunt for the New Married Apartment: http://bit.ly/2blWieE Florals by Esther from Wallflower Inspiration: http://bit.ly/29QmFKZ Photography by Suzi Jacobs: http://bit.ly/29dmQ5v Furniture rentals by Archive Rentals: http://bit.ly/28RwZTa Sharrah's hair extensions by Lauren Ashlyn Collection: http://bit.ly/1sCIYuG Sharrah's engagement ring by Honey Jewlery Co: http://bit.ly/1tasbyJ Other jewelry by Morra Jewelry - http://bit.ly/1TVC3WT __________________________________________ Videography by Matthew Moran Editing by Dorian Tucker All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson https://robesonproductions.bandcamp.com/ Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (75)
janezUtube (24 days ago)
I cant find the video for Decorate Coastal style. Have I missed it.?
Zdena Landry (2 months ago)
Girl, your voice is so annoying. Go little lower.
H No (8 months ago)
wow. so dumb.
K Louise (1 year ago)
I'm halfway through making this and it is definitely not as simple as the video makes it seem.  I am now a frequent flyer at Lowe's. Two weeks into it I am still working on this table. Sigh.
Kimber Rose (7 months ago)
K Louise where did you run into issues? I'm considering this project. Would love a heads up. Thanks. 😊
Monique Liddle (1 year ago)
Great table! The only difference I would make is that I would use some type of adhesive to stick the edge of the cake plate to the wood top so the table won't fall apart. Fun Channel!
Angelica Guerrero (1 year ago)
I honestly think that if you were to buy this at a store like Target it would be less than if you did it yourself.
Armando Adame (1 year ago)
Angelica Guerrero tru!! I was so excited when I saw the thumbnail but then she said the price and I was like oh hell na shits too expensive
You're right. I saw a table similar to this at a local trendy shop near Philly and it was 55.00
dave_császár (1 year ago)
If I had gotten a dollar for every time she says "cute, fun, and cool", I could've bought the expensive table instead of making one
Juliana Oliveira (1 year ago)
Love this so much! Thank you!
mslatinamom (1 year ago)
Came out really nice. #SF
rneustel (2 years ago)
I'm going to do this as I've been going nuts trying to find bedside tables I like...and can afford. I'm going to use one of Amy Howard's spray lacquers. They come in some great colors.
jodi (2 years ago)
Even has some storage! This table rocks :)
Kitty Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Omg! I just came across your channel and I love your videos!!!!😍😍😍 such cute and fun ideas lol welcome to California btw:))!!! I'm also from there ugh!!!! Can we just be tube friends haha
Hanin Alyahya (2 years ago)
Very very very chic and elegant ! Thank u Sharah.
Letícia Ghisi (2 years ago)
basima alisrael (2 years ago)
Dixie Savage (2 years ago)
Underneath your wooden top makes for a great little secret hiding place as well.
Michelle Gabbert (2 years ago)
i enjoy watching these! more of them please.
Sheepie Mezz (2 years ago)
Great DIY Sharrah! Loving your choice of colours in the paint and the stain. Job well done girl! SF
Darling Doni (2 years ago)
OMG love!
Darling Doni (2 years ago)
OMG love!
passion (2 years ago)
does anyone else think that she looks like emma roberts kind-of
Kimber Rose (7 months ago)
passion she does!! I think she's super pretty.
Markee Reimers (1 year ago)
yes a lot
Mrs Olivia Tipton (2 years ago)
Please teach us how to refurbish a table with chalk pain lol haha Can you tell I have a project I want to do?!
Isabella Arden (2 years ago)
1:23 lol
Donna Doble-Brown (2 years ago)
You are so talented!
Shelley Nichol (2 years ago)
This looks so amazing, love it.
Stephanie Luff (2 years ago)
Love it! Seems a bit wobbly, no? Maybe it's the leg placement.
Sarah Martinez (2 years ago)
This is my favorite DIY of your whole channel. Bravo! Love it
Marie (2 years ago)
That looks really nice Sharrah! P.S. I live Florida, and after a walk outside, I want to make my bed in the freezer. So I totally get you girl!
Oli Arti (2 years ago)
scream queen?
Siong C (2 years ago)
Why two top plates were placed facing inward and another one facing outward?
Gloriam Ad (2 years ago)
great video ! PS: you look like Emma Roberts !
Molly Flanagan (2 years ago)
Does she remind anyone else of Emma Roberts.x
Brianne Beebe (2 years ago)
So cute!
Kitty Rodriguez (2 years ago)
It really is I just came across her channel and I'm so obsessed lol
MEIN leben jetzt V & E (2 years ago)
Why did you worry about making the screws presentable when you just cover it with the wood round anyway
Linds M (1 year ago)
Evangeline Gabriella so you can use the inside for storage, I think.
Lyn Reyes (2 years ago)
it can be a storage too
tHana Caitriona (2 years ago)
A great easy DIY! I always am frustrated with the price of little bed side tables but now I can make my ownLooking beautiful as usual💕
Gymworldtumbler17 (2 years ago)
I really like the fact that you left the table top removable, because now it's able to double as small storage!
HI CAM (2 years ago)
That is such a great DIY side table. Looks so professional
Kelli King (2 years ago)
Love the side table! I would paint mine a coral color and go with the same color stain. did by chance use poly acrylic on it to seal it?
kofi1980 (2 years ago)
Great idea Sharrah, love it! I'm gonna give this a go if I can find the materials 👍🏻 SF
Hannah Boyd (2 years ago)
it looks soooo good!
Janice Napoleon (2 years ago)
Looks great!!! Good job!!!
KD Kelly (2 years ago)
Great for "secret storage" too! ^5!
Kitty Rodriguez (2 years ago)
That's what I was thinking too lol especially since she mentioned she lived in a small space lol storage is EVeRYTHING!!!
itscarolinemary (2 years ago)
Looks really awesome! Did you just put the wood block on the stand? Would it fall off easily?
Only if i have those materials 😂😭
Carla Bethany (2 years ago)
Great job! I was just thinking about making a table.
Malia Hayes (2 years ago)
If only Sharrah could make this for me!😂
shaivi b (2 years ago)
love it!
mrazik131 (2 years ago)
the smell must be bad from the stain and the spray paint,...i leave it outside for a week ;o)
Mandy Foalima (2 years ago)
So beautiful! Congratulations on your engagement and many blessings in your life together!
Sugar & Cloth did this table!
Amy West (2 years ago)
+J Young you should go check out Decor bee new Channel She's doing Thrift store hunts .follow me around and future DIY's vids :)
+J Young Thank you love bug... 😘💕🙋🏾
J Young (2 years ago)
Denise I love your channel. Everyone please check her out!
shaimaa anwar (2 years ago)
i like the color and the design so cooool
Martin Urzua (2 years ago)
The best surprise ever !!!!!
Lulubell (2 years ago)
Simple and cute!
Lauren T. (2 years ago)
This so amazing! Great job, Sharrah!
Elaine Howard (2 years ago)
Wow, what a beautiful little occasional table. You made it look so simple to put together. Thank you for sharing this DIY project. Hugz xxxxx
Dancer Doll (2 years ago)
love it....I would definitely copy yours. DIY'S scare me so I always copy what the pro's do. Thanks.
A. Christopher (2 years ago)
Cool, like the wood stain colour, how many layer of coat have you paint? Did you paint the protection coat too? Sorry haven't done this before, just curious too.
jodi (2 years ago)
She only used one coat. Since the wood finish is really thick and dark, you only need a coat, and the. You wipe off the excess with a cloth. You don't need coating, since it is 'wood finish'. It makes the wood smooth. I thought you people would know that by now...
Cadet Heat (2 years ago)
Great job! It looks amazing!
Stephanie Figueroa (2 years ago)
When your too early and you don't now what to comment
Joselyn Santiago (2 years ago)
you are really preety!
Joselyn Santiago (2 years ago)
awesome this is really nice!

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