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Mixed Race Girls (Hot vs Not)

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Text Comments (3607)
Royalrosewolf (3 days ago)
Gingers are awesome no matter what their race and I prefer pure black girls with natural hair!!! FTW
Low bone (4 days ago)
1:06 who is she?
Dragon God (9 days ago)
Whatever u fucked unfuck it 😂😂😂😂😂
imani yup (17 days ago)
"What are you mixed with saltine and cracker" I died
Challenger PKLOW-world (26 days ago)
Your goofy as hell 🤦‍♂️👎
Black Girl Is What Is (1 month ago)
Of course we are hot.
racoon killer 7 (1 month ago)
Im mixed as well
Dank Matters fish (1 month ago)
Him: but u look like ur made outta plastic Me: FAKE! I was tangled up in ur drastic ways...
Trinity Coster (1 month ago)
well guess I'm ugly cuz I'm a ginger kms
iiikayla YT (1 month ago)
I'm mixed race....
Sam and Tree (1 month ago)
I'm mixed but have very light skin and my hair is curly and blond instead of brunette.
YAMILET THABIZ (1 month ago)
Mixed girls the best mixed girls are better and look better then mexican girls
Astri the Octopus (1 month ago)
2:30 Are you a mix of Saltine and CRACKER?
Rainbow Metaphor (2 months ago)
But ginger black is pretty 🙇‍♀️😂
Red Honeybee (2 months ago)
But I’m ginger... 🤷🏼‍♀️ oh well, guess I’m screwed then
Angela Iglesias (2 months ago)
you should bring back this intro
Annie Mack (2 months ago)
Last one Have u seen Winnie Harlow she’s beautiful
SUMSHINE BLOSSOM (2 months ago)
The one u said was Asian and white was actually black and Asian Wich is blasian
1:14 fuck you she's beautiful.
mary sunshine (2 months ago)
Theirs not one subject that attracts bigots or controversy that this prick doesn't come running at like a rabid dog. No tact.
Im half europan (Slovakia) and half asian (Japanese)
Respect the weirdness. (2 months ago)
"Whatever you fucked, un-fuck it" I FUCKING LOST IT XDDDD
Sandii LovesU (2 months ago)
I'm mixed Black, & Puerto Rican💕🔥
Sandii LovesU (2 months ago)
He said whatever you fucked unfuck it😭😭😂😂😂😲
Aesthedits Chaquilla (2 months ago)
I'm a mixed race, Mom Jamaican dad Spanish
Maximus Perez (2 months ago)
We need a compilation of Onision's "hashbrowns"!!😍🤣😄
Im Dinahss (2 months ago)
Omg my fave @0:52 Justin Bieber’s ex from baby video
Kelly Owens (2 months ago)
Mixed girls are the prettiest idk what u on
Sean Icup (2 months ago)
2:15 😂💀
Ri Keller (3 months ago)
Blk&German and rs my first choice is a mixed woman relate better and not all are sexy but the ones I see are sexy nice bod and are more than just cute
Lieutenant ShitFuck (3 months ago)
jacinda -_- (3 months ago)
i aM tHe bIg oFendDeD
Caramel Frappes (3 months ago)
I am of Aztec descent (or at least that’s what my family tells me)/ Laoasian/ Spaniard/ and French! I’m not that special when it comes to looks but I’m not fully developed yet so...who knows?
An atrocious Bean (3 months ago)
Im mixed but i have paper white skin
three dollar jams (3 months ago)
0:53 omg she’s PeRfEcT
Death Beds (3 months ago)
My father is Mexican from Mexico and my mother is white and not from Mexico😂😂😂
I'm mixed, my mum is asian and dad europan, Even tho classmates call me Japanese girl °^° It's rude, but I don't really care
Angel (4 months ago)
Ugh both of my ex's are/were with asains ... Whyyy
Danny dero (4 months ago)
I'm the one to say there all ugly and I'm mixed
Cream Whiz (4 months ago)
I really do not understand why people in the comments are arguing what race is the prettiest. And this video is about mixed people and how beautiful they are and people agree with that and then there's people who get mad at them and say OMG EVERY RACE IS PRETTY WHITE GIRLS BLAH THIS BLAH THAT EXOTIC. Let us have a freaking compliment for once the only people you see in other videos are white girls anyways. Dang.
Aliyah Honings (4 months ago)
He is mean he looks pale white i think he's a fuckin looks like a vampire that just came from hell or more like a blob fish in salty water if your going to judge people or talk fukin shit ,which u are a piece of shit,you should go back to dare care,talk about your ugly self
K T (5 months ago)
“What are you a mix of?...saltine and cracker!?” 🤣🤣🤣
Us mixed men are the hottest. African, European, Native American and Middle Eastern over here, Ladies! Twenty two percent of my DNA is that Congo and the entire world knows what men from Congo are known for. Big ol' dick!
Us mixed men are the hottest. African, European, Native American and Middle Eastern over here, Ladies! Twenty two percent of my DNA is that Congo and the entire world knows what men from Congo are known for. Big ol' dick!
Lol Lol (5 months ago)
Avry M (5 months ago)
I'm thai and greek...so um...Yea.
Jëttå (5 months ago)
And I also like black gingers I don’t get why he dislikes him so much
Jëttå (5 months ago)
The girl with the black and white skin I actually prefer people with something unique like that
Haunted Doll (5 months ago)
the girls he likes just look average to me.
ThAnKs.PeTe. (5 months ago)
Dee White (5 months ago)
It’s called vitiligo
Elliot Ness (5 months ago)
You're fucking gay all those women are HOT!!!
dangerous will (5 months ago)
You racist
Unknown 101 (5 months ago)
Latina and white mixed 😂 I am white AF ( skin colour ) with blonde hair and green eyes but my body is curvy AF 😂 and i don’t like it tho😂
Sapphire The Fourth (6 months ago)
1:11 Rose Granger-Weasley? Is that you???
Briana Iozzo (6 months ago)
pls no middle part....
Maitri Cooper (6 months ago)
What the fuck is on his arm?
Mariah :PP (6 months ago)
They arent all mixed with white & black
Phebe Totays (6 months ago)
i think your gay
Des Tiny (6 months ago)
i kinda look like the girl he said looked like a man lol
Lilly Kawala (6 months ago)
Your sloppiness my friend is !used offence ton her
rachel wozzz (6 months ago)
50 mexican 25polish 25french fight me bitches
ff cc (6 months ago)
Whose the girl in the thumbnail
KaritheKoala (6 months ago)
I’m mixed with Polish and Kenyan :) (white and black)
ff cc (6 months ago)
Whose the girl at 1:05 do u know?
oo oo (6 months ago)
Pasty ass... is a term that comes to mind but I'm not really offended or anything.
Chrysan Tea (7 months ago)
I'm korean, chinese and thai 💕 is their any other biracial??
Jacknife1007 (7 months ago)
those black gingers were fucking hawt
the dark world (7 months ago)
Whatever u fucked unfuck it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gigi Mcbride (7 months ago)
Lol none of em Will date u👌🏽 They look too peng for u🙌🏽
Art Child (7 months ago)
hEy I'm OnE oF tHoSe but im agender
HomophobiaIsGay (7 months ago)
I'm mixed and my mom always says she likes mixed. My mom is a bunch of European things and my dad is japenese.
JaNelle Warner (7 months ago)
Milosrdni Andzeo (7 months ago)
DriftVacation (7 months ago)
O my fucking god your hilarious. Never stop.
Lit AF (7 months ago)
A flying fuck 😂
Nkosana Zwane (7 months ago)
are you gay??
Redeemed (7 months ago)
I mainly like 100% white girls.
Chris de Haan (7 months ago)
Dude have the sexappeal of shower curtain
Natasha (7 months ago)
I’m half Mexican half Indian but look like both and neither. Like if you look at me you don’t know what the hell I am but if i told you i was Mexican you’d see it and if I told you i was Indian you’d see it.
Astri the Octopus (7 months ago)
I'm a quarter black, quarter Puerto Rican, and half white. Black super curly hair and tan/Carmel skin
Astri the Octopus (7 months ago)
"Whatever you fucked, *un-fuck it* "
Liesel Thiart (7 months ago)
im mixed..shout out to the mixed girls...<3
Charles Lee Ray (7 months ago)
I'm mixed and a fucking deformed ape
Philip J Fry (8 months ago)
I'm mixed (white dad, black mom) and I kinda look like 2:14 except with a little lighter skin
Ava and Amaya (8 months ago)
2:15 funniest part of the video
Beata Jarmalavičiūtė (6 months ago)
"Whatever you fucked - unfuck it" 😂😂
007 XXX (8 months ago)
If I judged you I bet you would not like it..
Vlogs by Jay (8 months ago)
Im mixed
Jeera Blade (8 months ago)
Name of girl 1.05 please
Madasyn Gockley (8 months ago)
Im mixed but everybody's beautiful
Kaniyah\-/ Hill (8 months ago)
I am mixed
geek gurl 552 (8 months ago)
I'm mixed with redish/brownish hair. I'm irish. 😂
Samar's Gadgets World (8 months ago)
Only white guys should mix with other races! Not other races should with white girls lol because they really look beautiful and blonde damn! I will be lucky if I can get a blonde girl and btw I am Brown lol
Baby Girl (8 months ago)
Dude.. You don't look perfect.. Now do you. Lol 😂
Mamii Narahara (9 months ago)
am proud of being Asian mixed with black
therealoriginal cèe x (9 months ago)
lol mixed girls are black
Annie Mcmahon (9 months ago)
That’s vitiligo?? Educate your self
Ellena Crystal (9 months ago)
Is it weird that when I see a mix of white and black, I'm like: Are you gray?
Im Not Hitler (9 months ago)
I'm mixed and I died laughing at this
Callie Green (9 months ago)
Whos parents here are both mixed

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