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How To Make An On Click Highlight Text In HTML / Javascript

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Create an on click highlight box using HTML and Javascript. Website: http://www.assasain14.com Forum: http://www.assasain14.com/forum/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Assasain14 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Assasain14/155119524551668
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Reavo End (8 months ago)
Can this same trick be applied to div tags? i.e. <div id="txtarea">highlight target</div> and then the SelectAll function called from some other element?
K Knight (2 years ago)
thanks very useful
Kyee71 (2 years ago)
Nice!!! and very useful with certain apps, thanks buddy good stuff!!
sambt5 (7 years ago)
@matheussousuke lol i was talking about 1st comment
Leon Parker (7 years ago)
Nice music. Awesone. :D
Leon Parker (7 years ago)
@sambt5 @sambt5 You cant be, because for each hour, at least 400 k videos are posted, so, if you want to be the first, you gonna have to pay youtube for an ad program. : )
Assassin (7 years ago)
@SuperSafeZone Thanks.
SuperSafeZone (7 years ago)
nice tutorial
sambt5 (7 years ago)
1st I'm never 1st on videos ahhhhhhhhhh I feel so sad. :(

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