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Nick Young & Julius Randle VS Baron Davis at Drew League! Swaggy TURNS UP!

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Julius Randle made his 2017 Drew League debut today joining up with former teammate, Nick Young. They faced off against Baron Davis and the game went down to the line with lots of highlights on the way! --------------------------------- Follow Us On Social! --------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2jZYaAj Twitter: http://bit.ly/2jWBBdE Facebook: http://bit.ly/2kTRHW5 -------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Other Channels: -------------------------------------------------- Main Channel: http://bit.ly/2jZTNWd BIL 2.0: http://bit.ly/2kiyjlY EastCoast Highlights: http://bit.ly/2ktrhNf WestCoast Highlights: http://bit.ly/2kiwPYD MidWest Highlights: http://bit.ly/2jWClPY The South Highlights: http://bit.ly/2jWVQrp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You Love Our Content, You’ll Love Our Brand, Shop With us: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop: http://bit.ly/2jxxecU ------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (184)
Christoff (1 year ago)
That man in the blue got broke by Casper at 6:45 lmao
King Netty (1 year ago)
Julius Randle finally made a dunk lol
Tony Montana (1 year ago)
Kuzma > Randle
C C (1 year ago)
Dude with the negative hairline was killing. Great talent in this league.
Jim Reaper (1 year ago)
Watching this nigga play gives me a headache.
Goat Vitamul (1 year ago)
Anyone els wandering where is DeRozan?
DGS SHOOTA (1 year ago)
They kicked Derozan off the team ?? 😂😂😂😂😂
Got Game (1 year ago)
If randle gets hurt trade him
Radovan Jelaca (1 year ago)
Swaggy looking below avg even in the drew league lol
Alec Gregerson (1 year ago)
freshley faded (1 year ago)
deon wright bustin their ass😂😂
Abraham Hernandez (1 year ago)
Damn Julius looking bad
This vid was WAAAAAAY too long!!! And poor B. Diddy is washed... He not even Big3 ready!! Smh
Travis Ezi (1 year ago)
Julius Randle is awful. can't believe he's in the NBA
uxpd (1 year ago)
patch can hoop
Alex Zuniga (1 year ago)
randle still dont go no j yet he working on it😴😴😴 kuzma coming for that spot randle if you dont start hitting jumpers best believe that
Nino Brown (1 year ago)
That play at the 3 min mark was just pathetic, he better not bring that shit this season
KyrieTRE (1 year ago)
Nick Young Blowing leads like the warriors. Swaggy L
Causatum (1 year ago)
say goodbye to the lakers randle...kuzma taking ur spot...still the same randle after 3 years...just bully his way to the rim
Devin Fuller (1 year ago)
Causatum you need bullies on your team plus this is the drew league bro chill out don't hop on the bandwagon cuz you seen Kyle hit a couple of threes I been watching him I know what he bout but we ain't see him in the NBA yet
adam diaz (1 year ago)
where u at julius?
Corey Flynn (1 year ago)
Not sure which is higher, the amount of people who actually think Randle was trying at the friggin Drew League or those thinking Kuzma playing hard at a summer league means he'll immediately supplant JR asap.
Dangitdanger I (1 year ago)
11:21 nice high five 😂
trav W (1 year ago)
That commentators Spanish Tourettes kicked in quick at like the 7:00 mark lmaooo
Lawrence Sugatan (1 year ago)
so ball is life just finna ignore the fact that Nick young walked out the gym mid-game WHILE he was on court
Josh Hwang (1 year ago)
Randle is cut, but that doesn't mean you have higher cardiovascular ability. Marathon runners vs sprinters body types are different. His game is down low bully ball and I want to see him lose more weight and work on his cardiovascular endurance more. And stop holding the ball too long to read the D. NBA teams are able to recover on D when you do that.
Josh Hwang (1 year ago)
Randle still holding the ball too long. I think Kuzma looked more impressive in summer league than him in drew.
Lebron (1 year ago)
RIP 11:19
BBALLKC2481 (1 year ago)
baron davis was building a house with all those bricks
kuzzo (1 year ago)
Somebody tell Julius that "bully ball" is out.
George Hennen (1 year ago)
That old dude looks like spoken reasons dressed up as an old man or a cross between George Jefferson and earl sweatshirt
George Hennen (1 year ago)
I didn't know George Jefferson could ball
Alex (1 year ago)
Randle still doesn't have a mid range lol Kuzma coming for that spot boy
The RealBeard (1 year ago)
Randle better step it up or Kuzma might take his spot
Orion Cameron (1 year ago)
Bob Blob (1 year ago)
"rim gets punished" major pause
trap star (1 year ago)
1mil grind💯🔥
King Cota (1 year ago)
That one ref who ejected derozan and now tech'd young wants to be a G league ref so bad. Mf thinks this an audition
sergiovalenzuela11 (1 year ago)
blue team can't make no lay up for shit
Solo (1 year ago)
Randle looks so much leaner & slimmer and faster.. look athis ball handling speedon the perimeter smh. Randle is a special player but we just need to figure out how to use him accordingly. Nance Jr is injury prone & I like Kuzma but he's not better than Randle.. he's a better shooter & that's it.
Josh Tyson (1 year ago)
Solo he's a better defender too plus the things randle is better at kuz is not far behind but the things kuz is better at randle is straight trash at like shooting and defending
kobedabest (1 year ago)
Baron Davis still have that big @ss booty
Tykree Llewellyn (1 year ago)
why does these nba players complain to these refs like your supposed to be way better than most of the players in the drew league.
Fresco SPEAKS! (1 year ago)
Randle snatches ankles from 10ft away at 6:46 lmao👏🏾
Ulysses Ramirez (1 year ago)
just a heads up ballislife, on AUG 2 jamal crawford and isaiah thomas' ATL league will be coming to play the drew league at LA SouthWest college! and Kevin Durant will be going to play at the drew league but no official date!
King Peterson (1 year ago)
Randle underrated af
13laZe9 (1 year ago)
The call at 6:45 was so bad
Kobe Brant (1 year ago)
MHP starting lineup next game 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Swaggy Demar Norman Powell Julius Shaun Williams
patrick jana (1 year ago)
barons jumper looks trrrrible...handles stil on point tho
Rage Quit (1 year ago)
lets just say i still wouldnt mind if the lakers were to trade randle
cbenji07 (1 year ago)
the nigga in thumbnail look like Spoken Reasons granddaddy
Nikeairon24 (1 year ago)
11:16 when youre not laker teammates anymore
stonedbori840 (1 year ago)
3rd year NBA player should be better, bottom line. Show up or ship out this year for him 📈
Austin - (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't know any of these players or the "most hated" one?
BrodieVisions (1 year ago)
Swaggy P's nickname in Drew League is the most hated player. Its also the name of the team.
Yeet (1 year ago)
why is he the most hated
Silo G (1 year ago)
Randall better practice some handles watch draymond cuz if not Magic gone pack that boy and ship em ✌ just say in undersized with no handles
ChromeVelocity (1 year ago)
Kush Lennon (1 year ago)
Homie with the George Jefferson cut was HOOPIN 😂
Jsimm100 (1 year ago)
Kush Lennon 😄😂😭
Sir Braxton (1 year ago)
davis raining bricks, randle still slow as dlo. nick young can go way hard if he wanted to lmao
Manny P (1 year ago)
I guess thats it for Demar Derozen lol
TY SO FINESSE (1 year ago)
Earl Sweatshirt hoopin' now? 😯
asvp_frostyy (1 year ago)
Julius randle is buttcheeks lmao, kuzma take his spot
Chris Gretzky (1 year ago)
randle is ass
xDELTAKILLx (1 year ago)
One Laker, One warrior drew league nice!
Daniel Olea (1 year ago)
Someone get they uncle off the court
Carlos Bailey (1 year ago)
Warrirriiiooorrs lol. https://youtu.be/VdLvu67l4TQ?t=4m28s
Mel The Dreamer (1 year ago)
that nigga George Jefferson out there hooping !
SWU TV (1 year ago)
until yall except Randle for who he is, yall go stay mad. KUZMA coming tho!!! 💪💯💯🏀
SWU TV (1 year ago)
Die Hard Lakers Fans Only, FOLLOW www.instagram.com/swu_thebrand
Ryan F. (1 year ago)
lol that old head at 5:30 acting all hard because of that weak ass dunk... boy if you dont
Just Aaron (1 year ago)
Swaggy with the warriors oh nah he gonna fuck up they bench ... I give it a few months before the release him or trade him by the deadline
J TW (1 year ago)
Young_ Ronny you sound crazy as hell
Uncle Jemima (1 year ago)
Young_ Ronny if he doesn't know his role he will get straightened out by Kerr fasure he will play the same part Ian Clark plays
Just Aaron (1 year ago)
He's too much of ball dominate player and not a team player
Ronald Danglad (1 year ago)
was it just me or could davis' team just not shoot a 3 for shit
Anthony Turner (1 year ago)
I was there today they shoulda got more highlights of #15 he was popping off
Damarez McWright (1 year ago)
This game was trash asf honestly for pro players
patron papi (1 year ago)
A point guard makes all the difference in the world lol white squad can barely get it past half court
J.G M (1 year ago)
this dude randle playing that bully ball shit in drew league smh.. i wanted to see his jumpshot.
Brian Lee (1 year ago)
Randle still looked winded and out of shape and still shit on defense. What's all that crap about him getting in crazy shape over the summer. I still see the same guy.
evooms (1 year ago)
Randle is still trash. Kuzma will start over him in 10 games
Jordan Rogers (5 months ago)
You don't watch basketball
DragRacer223 (6 months ago)
Jason well? Lmao
Gil Michaeli (1 year ago)
evooms Randle is not trash dumbass! Kuzma still didn't play vs the pfs of the league!
Jason (1 year ago)
evooms kuzma hasn't had to bang with the pfs in the league yet. literally almost all the pfs In summer league gonna be chilling in the g league
De’Aaron Rose (1 year ago)
RANDLE😑 lookin and playing the same. Ion see no improvement. He better play up to expectations or he out💯
elias mehrzai (1 year ago)
Donald Hartley nigga it's the drew league. He's playing at like 30%.
ipwnukazu (1 year ago)
ipwnukazu (1 year ago)
im guessing demar didnt want to come back lol.
Jalendiallo Diallo (1 year ago)
Lol randle does not look any more athletic lol
vankov (1 year ago)
where's derozan?
B and E Bros (1 year ago)
When does he say u suck
Jaylen Bruce (1 year ago)
... and randle still doesn't have a jumper
Dom Egoz (1 year ago)
I can already hear osn screaming
RandomGuy (1 year ago)
The center gaurding Randle looks like he 40
brandonb72 (1 year ago)
Kuzma > Randle Sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️
tiger te (1 year ago)
lmao I know this man derozan ain't quit bih
John MangO (1 year ago)
nick young out here getting butt hurt at a drew league game.... novice
davidking360 (1 year ago)
randle ass as hell. how you STILL a role player on a fucking drew league team. smh
LA Lakers (1 year ago)
iakkeem gordon lol it's the drew league even at 50% he should get buckets. He obviously look like he's struggling tho he's a bust #7 pick smhh
If you want to see a nba player go 100% in a drew league game look up Lou William's 50 point game and record breaker
He's not playing 100% this is not a nba game this is a drew league game they are not on nba level so he's not going to go nba level against these duds
Freeman (1 year ago)
can't wait to see Randle play with Ball.. Gonna be so much easier for the team the way he runs
BallinWorldwide (1 year ago)
Most Laker fans haven't turned on DLo and are upset he's gone. There's a also a lot of Laker fans that are still iffy on Julius Randle, so they wouldn't be turning on him.
Dark Grand Priest (1 year ago)
Sway lmao you're gonna hate how he dribbles the ball up the court thinking he's a PG. after he starts missing open jumpers ur bitchass will ask to trade Randle cause he can't "mesh with Ball". I see Fake fans like u turning on Randle same as DLO just cause ur in Love with Lonzo.
Adam Smith (1 year ago)
Randle is the same Randle. Loving Kuzma and Nance Jr. more than Randle right now.
BallinWorldwide (1 year ago)
He ain't getting bulled by draymond in the post lmao. Maybe zach randolph, but not draymond.
G Money (1 year ago)
@Josh Hwang Don't tell me "Randle is very stagnant when attempting to read the defense" when Kuzma would actually get hurt against NBA bigs at the 4. I truly feel people are using the Kuzma hype to diminish Randle as a player but he is clearly our best 4, is the only player who can play with Brook, and at 23 years old has shown he can be something very special. Randle will be a perennial all star no doubt. Kuzma will be a great player for us but if we ever start him at the 4, it's because we're in full tank-mode (which makes no sense for this year since our pick is gone)
Josh Hwang (1 year ago)
G Money Randle is inconsistent and is very stagnant when attempting to read the defense. Any statistical increase will be shortlived.
G Money (1 year ago)
I still don't understand this logic, we have a stretch 5 who can't rebound (he can do alot of other things, but definitely not that) and instead of wanting to start the only guy on our team who can actually grab boards at a fantastic rate, playmake and push the offense, and has done exceptionally well in the paint when our team couldn't stretch the floor for sh*t (especailly after the all star break when we lost lou and swaggy's minutes were essentially terminated) you guys want to start unproven talent. Nance is a great jack-of-all-traits guy but he isn't good at any one thing and therefore still needs to develop. I also doubt he could make up for Brook's rebounds and grab his own 10+ with starters minutes. The laker fan's saying kuzma should start at 4 are just delusional or just not thinking it out thoroughly, we'd get killed both defensively and offensively. I don't care how good he looked on perimeter D during SL or even during the NCAA season, the 4s and 5s in today's league will out muscle him every time. Randle will be a tipple-double with 12+ rebound machine in the offense we have in-place, just wait.
Adam Smith (1 year ago)
Thistle Town Gang 700 I like to see Luke Walton try that. Start Kuzma or Nance then bring Randle off the bench. Cause Lonzo played with a athletic PF in TJ Leaf in the starting 5 at UCLA and I can see Larry Nance being similar to that if he starts.
Harrison Brooks (1 year ago)
Damn randle still ain't got no right hand
King Peterson (1 year ago)
Adam Smith how tf is he struggling
Godwin Nwakudo (1 year ago)
And... most NBA players don't have a left hand lol
Adam Smith (1 year ago)
Harrison Brooks I know right. Till he works on his right hand, his jumpshot, and finishing around the rim. He gonna continue to struggle.
Richard Price (1 year ago)
😱😱😵 kekekekekekeke😂
Richard Price (1 year ago)
that man in the thumbnail right in the middle got the LeBron flop lineup going on
Raul Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Damn randle really does look like he slimmed down
JEEZUS LOUIS (1 year ago)
I can already hear the KEKEKEKEKE'n right now
Jordan Coleman (1 year ago)
jalewis210 cool ass kekekekekeke
3G Bloke (1 year ago)
why is this camera so zoomed in ffs, this nigga a professional peeper??
IceSo (1 year ago)
3G Bloke your profile pic is legendary
Robbie Johnson (1 year ago)
Derozan said I ain't coming back so they got another league guy 😂😂
Manny P (1 year ago)
Robbie Johnson i said same thing 😂
Brendon P. (1 year ago)
cross at 3:17
Deadvoice (1 year ago)
N30ZxJersey thx
YaBoyBruceBruce (1 year ago)
N30ZxJersey 🐐
Adrian The great (1 year ago)
Hey ballislife I love your videos I've been subscribed since day one and I'm following you guys on Instagram Can I please get this comment hearted ❤️

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