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WIG LINK: https://elevatestyles.com/curly-short-wigs/10636-bobbi-boss-synthetic-lace-part-wig-m989-davina.html?aff=249 INSTAGRAM: colouredbeautiful Camera: Canon 70D Lens: Canon 40mm pancake lens 2.8 Light: Ring light + Umbrella light Business/PR Opportunities only: Email: [email protected] SEND PR PRODUCTS TO: colouredBeautiful Attn: Ebony 555 N Benson Ave, Ste A Upland, CA 91786
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Text Comments (99)
Crystal Carreras (18 days ago)
@colouredBeautiful Are you still locked!?
MizNaturalist (22 days ago)
Miss you up here. Great to see you!
Komi Obeten (26 days ago)
Skincare please
Jocelyn Ferguson (28 days ago)
Why have you not been filming on a more regular basis???
Vi lia (28 days ago)
Hiiiiii there!!! How are you doing? It's been a while I heard from you. Hope you're doing wonderful.😍💕
Sherilee Hale (1 month ago)
Wishing you all the best hoping all is good, missing videos from you. Til next time. Missing wig play.
NEWDAY NEWYEAR (2 months ago)
Only 4 very off colors left. 😔
Mona (2 months ago)
Hey Happy New Year
Afrovinhemian Mystic (2 months ago)
Beautiful makeup look
Violinda Lola (2 months ago)
Where are you! We miss you! 😢
Midtown Blair (3 months ago)
Where are you? Chile....we sholl do need you Lol But seriously, I pray all is well & hope to see you soon 😊
Rose Derogene (3 months ago)
You can make everything work. Love your channel.
John 3:16 (3 months ago)
It looks good on you! I wish I could pull it off..
bensona700 (3 months ago)
Where is my diva!!!!
veverly sumlin (3 months ago)
Where have you been .you were my inspiration and go to when I 1st went natural. Looking forward to seeing more of you beautiful
rachel r (4 months ago)
Good 2 see you girl ,ur one of the first makeup YouTuber I started watching! Learned a lot and thanks for sharing! U are soooooo pretty! Slay on! 😍
Sheez not Shelbe (4 months ago)
I need her in my life
Renae Stewart (5 months ago)
Where are you haven't seen you in a min😍😍
Ashley Hodges (5 months ago)
Still Loving those earrings.
Jackie Gray (5 months ago)
Where are you???? Please Please come back!
Dianne Mitchell (5 months ago)
Bought this one too and loving it. People think it's my real hair. Lmao
Latarsha Hunter (5 months ago)
Please make a current loc update video... 🖤
Dianne Mitchell (5 months ago)
Ordered this one today
TaDonya Stephens Bey (5 months ago)
Love the wig sis, do you still have your Locs? I loved when you were going through your journey. As I have just started mine again for like the fourth time with three strand twists.
NAOMI HALEY (5 months ago)
Very beautiful!!!
Lady Tee (6 months ago)
How many inches
Leopard1inSC (7 months ago)
Looooong time ... luv, luv, those fros!!! I've been rockin' with you for years!!! You've always delivered. So nice seeing you here on YT!!! Looking forward to more videos ... 😙💕💕
PHD in Me TV (7 months ago)
Looks good!
Kem Possible (7 months ago)
Wow that looks very natural
701kimmie (7 months ago)
I would love to see your videos regarding your art and other pursuits! Do something new!
Unique Investor Concepts (8 months ago)
Sho did stepped up their Gaaaame! Nice running over to get her ok❤️Ty
Unique Investor Concepts (8 months ago)
Screaming ‼️‼️‼️‼️ there you are. Queen I had to look at the vid publish date again yup 2018!!!! I was looking for one of your Afro units you rocked a few years ago so I went to the ‘mommy unit’ and hit the subscribe button with your pic & BAMA here I am soooo good to See you Queen. #OriginalYoutuber Yezzz Hunni ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️MuchLoveSis
& dang!!! It's good 2c u back at it yes!!! & once again love this unit YESSS!!! U HAD ME ROLLIN WHEN U MADE THAT FACE GIRL IN THE BEGINNING OF THE WIG TRY ON!!!😁😁😁GIRRRLLLL!!!!???? I WAS ROLLING!!!😂😂😂😂😁😁😁LOVE YOUR HONEST EXPRESSIONS 4REAL!!!😊😊
MsAppleofhiseye (2 months ago)
I know she... was like Whaaaat...I was laughing
Ooooohhhh!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 girrrrrlllll YaaaaaaaSssss!!!! AmeN on this one!!!
OMG 007 (8 months ago)
Ms Bronzzilady (8 months ago)
Jnell P (8 months ago)
Love it!!!❤
Karol Towns (8 months ago)
I've missed you. Glad to see you in all your goodness!
Gathering TheNation (8 months ago)
The natural never gets old! Keep rockin it! This unit compliments you well!
Janice Missouri (8 months ago)
You’re so beautiful lady.
Janice Missouri (8 months ago)
Yes baby! yes! gotta have it!! yes yes yes...😂 I’m feeling it!! 😍
Tracey's Fashion Outlook (8 months ago)
Glad to see you're back!
DollFaceDeluxe (8 months ago)
She gave an attitude for real... But i saw the potential coming through.. Great Job!
Lisa Jackson (8 months ago)
You make a wig do what it do... yassssss!
Donna Deniese (8 months ago)
You are looking really good girl!
Michelle Wade (8 months ago)
Miltina Sullivan (8 months ago)
This unit is everything
xm452 (8 months ago)
Miss you!
Vee Seguin (8 months ago)
Still wondering why I don't notifications from this channel
funkyredhead1 (8 months ago)
Love your make-up as always! Love your commentary-Funny! Enjoyable!
Trena Tucker (8 months ago)
Thank you just ordered me one. Gives me a break from wearing crochet fro. I pop this on and keep it moving.
Benenia Cox (8 months ago)
Very pretty
Wandia Gachari (8 months ago)
They need to put your face on that package. BEAUTIFUL!!
Urban Eve (8 months ago)
I love you for bringing these gorgeous free form FROS!!! YAASSS! LIFE!
ngwilson12 (8 months ago)
You and Davina better just work then!!!
Kera's LuvTechniques. (8 months ago)
Luvly! Dont Stay Away Too Long This Time Sis💜
Juice's LLC (8 months ago)
I wore your last BB Afro Wig at my wedding.. she was everything as you are!
DivaDollFlawless (8 months ago)
Clicked on this video so fast! The queen is back! Gorgeous as always. 💐💚
Leticia Carrigan (8 months ago)
Aww! it's good to see you again friend💖🙌💖
Trice (8 months ago)
I was a little worried but of course you worked your magic and made it beautiful!
1MysticStar (8 months ago)
And it never fails!!! Giving us the "goodness" as always! I LOVE it!! It doesn't matter how long of a absence you have, I can ALWAYS count on you to bring it when you grace us with your presence! You definitely rocked that wig! I wouldn't have known how to fix it. I don't have that type of vision. Lol! As always, thanks for sharing you! Much love!
Rarest One (8 months ago)
Speak Easy (8 months ago)
You are so hilarious to me!😀
qtbeddecor (8 months ago)
Nawwww!!! Bobbi Boss should PAY you to brush out their wigs!!!! You, and your paddle brush has worked wonders!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
dibsimmons (8 months ago)
Girl you got me screaming, they have learnt. Love your reviews, nothing like a funky fro. Carry on sis!
Beaute' Naturelle (8 months ago)
Beautiful 😍 Beautiful 😍Beautiful 😍 now can we get a makeup tutorial??? Starting with the eye color in this video queen...😩😍😍
Nvi Warren (8 months ago)
Heeey giiirl so happy to see your face popup in my notifications. Glad I didn't unsubscribe !!!
USJamaicangirl (8 months ago)
We miss you so much, welcome back for a little while at least!! Love your videos!
Deitra Lake (8 months ago)
I love it! It’s sooo you!!!
Shanaenae Omgee (8 months ago)
I’ve been waiting for someone to review this! You never fail me!
songbird501 (8 months ago)
Sheeeeeeessss back!!!!!!
Latresse (8 months ago)
Beautiful 😍 can we get a makeup tutorial??? 😩😍😍
Plushdiva75 (8 months ago)
Good seeing you and Davina
zerosurrender (8 months ago)
I'm just happy to see you and Davina in all your funkdafied glory!💜
trelawnygal 876 (8 months ago)
I love you ❤️❤️❤️
Diamondeyez (8 months ago)
YASSSSSS QUEEN!!!!! 👸🏼Making me think of my childhood in the seventies! Those were the BEST of times! We were so PROUD to rock OUR own hair!!! ✊🏽Naps, Afros & All!!! WERK THAT FRO! 😊🙌🏽
ariana La Negra (8 months ago)
Diamondeyez thank u so much 😄😅
Diamondeyez (8 months ago)
Lola Hollywood 🤣😂Thanks so much Doll! That’s that good old WINE I drink that’s keeping me lit! You’re beautiful as well. 💞💋
ariana La Negra (8 months ago)
Diamondeyez 53 is not old u have time. But wow I thought u was like 30. Keep it up. 😻
Diamondeyez (8 months ago)
Lola Hollywood 🤣😂I’m an old Diva!I’m 53yrs old. Thanks Doll. I was ten yrs old in 75. LOL! My momma had me wearing an AFRO! 😆
ariana La Negra (8 months ago)
Diamondeyez u look really young to be a child of the 70s😊
discolady2 (8 months ago)
Sister I like your yellow eye shadow I won’t be bold enough to wear it but your rocking it
Colie Walls (8 months ago)
Gorgeous!!...and I so miss your videos Lady...but I understand and am happy to see one when you create one!🤗
tanji2936 (8 months ago)
Yes ma'am, great vid 💯💯and may I say,your aging in reverse 👏👏👏
GRACE KALE-LEE (8 months ago)
Yes! You uploaded!
Extreme Beauty Factor (8 months ago)
Glad to see you back you are one of the one who started me on makeup ..... Beautiful wig love you girl!!! ❤️❤️
Freddie Buckley (8 months ago)
You still can rock a wig, looking good as always! Glad your back
Lacie S (8 months ago)
Do. It. Girl!!!
RainyZ Bluz (8 months ago)
Miss you
PixelatedTwix (8 months ago)
Serving all kinds of melanin magic in that unit! 💜
Francesca Lunar (8 months ago)
Girl. its great to see you again 🙂🙂🙂🙂...This Afro looks amazing on You 💂‍♀️💂‍♀️💂‍♀️ as always beautiful...thank you for sharing and welcome back 😘😘
brownshuga24 (8 months ago)
Hey Ebony! Dope results as usual, Hun!!
tmac827 (8 months ago)
Funk it out then Diva! What!!!
Simone Morgan (8 months ago)
Beautiful, You & this funky-fro wig. I always enjoy your videos. Peace & Luv
Sori Yazz (8 months ago)
Still beautiful!!! They need to give you COINTS 4 real. You started the brush out. Been with u 4 tears so I know!!
Priscillaq Wilson (8 months ago)
Girl I'm dying at that face @1:18 You make it pop!
Sori Yazz (8 months ago)
Priscillaq Wilson LMAOOO. I lol as well
Talea Montgomery (8 months ago)
I’m glad to see your lovely face! I was just wondering where you were! The struggle is real but again, glad to you and giving me life with this wig!

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