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This one's a long one my friends. Gather around by the fire, bring your loved ones over and show them this sick video. Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos! ►Get Games for Cheap! https://www.g2a.com/r/imaqtpie1 ►Come chat with me! - https://discordapp.com/invite/imaqtpie Follow me! ►TWITCH - http://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie ►TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/Imaqtpielol ►FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/imaqtpielol ►INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/imaqtpielol Edited By: ► TWITTER - https://twitter.com/2ndSequence ► CONTACT - [email protected] Artwork By: ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/lilyloo ► CONTACT - [email protected] MUSIC: ►OUTRO: Puppet - To Be Alive (feat. Aaron Richards) http://bit.ly/2dZcEfE
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Text Comments (1427)
Sam Kaeppel (20 days ago)
Seeing jhin and the old urgot in the same game is making me question my entire life.
ImNotMoose (1 month ago)
4:00 that’s what friends are for
Seaofblaze (5 months ago)
I clicked to see qt in costume. Why you lie to me qt you better than that
I Dont Know (5 months ago)
HOOollyy shit he squashed that fucking guy dude.. what the hell.. holy fuck,i thought he was gonna need my help,he jsut fucking he just put that bitch 6 feet under.. with his obpwl ddude waht the hell that bitch gotdeleted off that itsl iek one of those cartoons when thir on nail he just fucking smahed that dude
Kibzaim Mejia (8 months ago)
What a time to be an adc ;(
I freeaaaking love this guy! Holyyy
Miki Anderson (1 year ago)
that janna was useless lolololo
Ruben Olguin (1 year ago)
Everytime he goes vissy, turns around and goes back in, it reminds me of dunkey saying “I’m getting out, but you know me, I thirst for blood so I’m going back in!”
Tom S (1 year ago)
One puuuuuunch!!
Elijah Rose (1 year ago)
Serith The Shade (1 year ago)
7:50 illuminati confirmation >.>
Hugh Bo (1 year ago)
Jakob Sternberg (1 year ago)
Hahah love it 7:51
dido 666 (1 year ago)
pls dnt flame me what is the  sound effect from when qt deletes ppl (or gets deleted)
duc nguyen (1 year ago)
11.37 hahaha
Plyder (1 year ago)
nabil benadda (1 year ago)
Someone can tell me what's the anime symphonie already in 4:04 ?
Burgtastic (1 year ago)
One punch man theme
xristos genatos (1 year ago)
Mikielma1 (1 year ago)
Could someone please tell me what's the song @4:00?
Burgtastic (1 year ago)
One punch man theme
Mecanotech (1 year ago)
Fuck this editor gets me wet
Zoheb Mateen (1 year ago)
harvard tang (1 year ago)
"Urgot bursts pretty hard when he's like full items"
XSA Games (1 year ago)
why he talking slow?
chris lef (1 year ago)
ツDhefurz (1 year ago)
9:36 nice typhoon
Dipesh Malhotra (1 year ago)
will qt ever go naked?
Nate Norris (1 year ago)
how many people thought he was gonna play Brand because of the thumbnail?
Skander Regaya (1 year ago)
urgot = shit
MyGuy (1 year ago)
Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc (1 year ago)
One Punch....
Lân Phan Bạch (1 year ago)
chich chich chich = fuck fuck fuck
Danyiel (1 year ago)
Charles Coulson (1 year ago)
9088 Yhk (1 year ago)
Wow jest język polski ❤️
Ruben Niemann (1 year ago)
Jayce the One Punch Man!
Ryan Tan (2 years ago)
u said urgot
Ryan Tan (2 years ago)
TeamFaust1 (2 years ago)
My buddy wanted to go fishing but ran out of worms for bait...so I got some click bait.
Prison Mike (2 years ago)
ayyyy cowboy bebop
Shmaples (2 years ago)
Ayyyye was that some Donkey Kong 64 music I heard in there? <3
Cihan Depe (2 years ago)
Take a close look at 3:15 that is the face of a tilted man.
kurtsaidwhat (2 years ago)
4:01 The Hero Academy feels!
Burgtastic (1 year ago)
One punch man theme
Zero Innocence (2 years ago)
Holy shit, I just realized that the Olaf on the second half of the video was my friend. damn
Cjcast (2 years ago)
cant we 1v1 pls
LewdMusicGirl (2 years ago)
I couldnt stop laughing when the onepunchman music came on
PeachBag (2 years ago)
what's the song at 4.05
Burgtastic (1 year ago)
One punch man theme
Kaleb Bass (2 years ago)
ooooh kittie!!!!!!
Tolunay Gürsoy (2 years ago)
bunun neresi unbelievable o.ç
Rustam Kaunas (2 years ago)
One Punch Man theme song! Instant subscribe!
ZippoBolter (2 years ago)
wtf i thought it was kacyetron in the thumbnail
Ejjss Ejrnd (2 years ago)
Fck u QT .. U made me play twitch in series for dm5 and i lost :/
Linaewen (2 years ago)
8:00 Stop this guy i can't stop laughing help me xDDDDDDDDD
Scouty (2 years ago)
dat opm music
ahmad nafeh (2 years ago)
gabriel silva (2 years ago)
esse cara e racista nano merece ter esses escritos todo troxa .i.
Hashim Al-Hanbali (2 years ago)
what's the song when he got a pentakill
Erik Haftbor (2 years ago)
6:34 Alister ofmg i am cryin tears
Erik Haftbor (2 years ago)
iamaqtpie ur bae
Stoned Gaming (2 years ago)
clickbaitorino redemption
kello the greek (2 years ago)
i won 1v1 faker and imaqtpie
smallcat is name your cat? shauahauahauhsusahia holy shit
DRACO TACKO (2 years ago)
Qt When face reveal?
DoktorSo (2 years ago)
I love the sound effects man! So well edited!
Your Daddy (2 years ago)
God your fat
arif urus (2 years ago)
twich looks like you
Stephen Kring (2 years ago)
when he does the urgot wall trick... ahahahahhahah
Renato Franco (2 years ago)
I like so much the alistar editing
hader daddy (2 years ago)
i main urgot :(
Alyssa Alvarez (2 years ago)
We gamers rise from the ashes of the phoenix. Come join us and be eternal. https://www.facebook.com/groups/phoenix.gaming.2017/
Charlo (2 years ago)
Thanx for putting more than one game in a video
Mihnea Ghior (2 years ago)
why are u so ugly
Derek Cheung (2 years ago)
What's the overlay music at 4:04?
TheSigler88 (2 years ago)
That Alisar in the first game was great
Markrendy Macapaugay (2 years ago)
Andrew Shaw (2 years ago)
oh he ia strange
JC Morrison (2 years ago)
porque en la foto pones falta publicidad?? es prohibido creo
TeaTime (2 years ago)
that kitty at 07:41 knew sugar daddy urgot wanted her sweet ass badly
無我是李興 (2 years ago)
He is ugly
DEATHWINGS5000 (2 years ago)
I stopped playing league in season 4 and I still watch your videos qt feel special
Manslaughter (2 years ago)
you sound retarded
Allen Preshy (2 years ago)
4:02 where is that soundtrack from???
Charlee Kaewdee (2 years ago)
I lost my shit when urgot was "hopping" through the wall lmao
javielito 07 (2 years ago)
he's losing and he's a challenger!?!?!!?!?
月光moonlight (2 years ago)
me gustan tu videos, pero no te entiendo ni mierdas, algo mas sad que esto?
Lenny M'Lady (2 years ago)
who has better caps lock titles? NB3 or Imaqtpie?
bittersweeTune (2 years ago)
Editor can you stop those pokemon battle sounds already please? you arent trying anymore.
Hussein Elsayed (2 years ago)
Your edits are the best <3
Gabriel Loko (2 years ago)
Ernesto Espejel (2 years ago)
penta kill in 6:46
kfjdhfkjahhkajlsad (2 years ago)
guacamoles and tacos lmao GJ QT
Eduardo O. (2 years ago)
song at 4:02? please
J Villen (2 years ago)
urgot carried me out of silver
Ggdh Hgdf (2 years ago)
you are noob
I like cake (2 years ago)
nc clickbait
macaak (2 years ago)
one punch man
Grant Martinez (2 years ago)
wtf is this thumbnail and this title and the fucking items what the shit
Blopa Blop (2 years ago)
6:57 ADC dmg right here, holy fucking molly
ApexBro 1 (2 years ago)
new editor on this vid? i didnt like the editing as much
matson hako (2 years ago)
i dont watch this guy much but he has best sounf effects so maybe i should sub
Petr Fritsch (2 years ago)
You have very nice cat. :)

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