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Taken 2 Fight Scene (GTA5)

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Bryan Mills family has been Taken by the Albanian Mafia and he is under attack. During his past troubles from the Albanian criminals, they are seeking revenge on him and his family. With his particular sets of skills, he wrecks and slams everyone to bits and batters the living shit out of them in this epic fight scene worth the effort, enjoy :)
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Gabriel C. Arone (1 year ago)
I think GTA 4 fighting sistem better for This video
Marchiz Productions (1 year ago)
Gabriel C. Arone The GTA4 fighting style is more realistic than here on GTA5. Yes I definitely agree with you, I remembered watching the 2nd Taken movie, not as great as the 1st one. For the 2nd Taken movie had Liam Neeson getting captured by the Albanian gang, he had a quick cut editing fight scene, but for me I managed to make it at least fun to watch lol 😂

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