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Magic Gopher SOLVED

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Telling you what's really behind the Magic Gopher Play it: http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/study-break/games/magic-gopher Tags: Magic Gopher Solved, Magic Gopher Truth, Magic Gopher meaning, Magic Gopher game, Magic Gopher solved, The Magic Gopher, How it works Magic Gopher, Magic Gopher solution, Magic Gopher glitch, Magic Gopher British Council
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Text Comments (159)
ibrahim kushisha (4 months ago)
I had to know, it was terrible not t know! Thanks
Jon Manuel (9 months ago)
it doesnt know the number your thinking of...
ReResAllsorts (9 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH. this turned from super creepy to very smart
Mat Broadcast (11 months ago)
Chamaya Clothier (1 year ago)
I thought it was just a creepy game but now its explained.... xD
Amaranthus (1 year ago)
I did 3 an it came up with a squiggly line instead of a ball.
keen observer (11 months ago)
you calculated wrong !
Jono (2 years ago)
how does it know which symbol tho, didnt really explain that
keen observer (11 months ago)
the cart is designed so that 0 1 9 18 27 36 45 .....all multiples of 9 are the same symbol
H dude TV (2 years ago)
but how does it know the specific symbol it is
keen observer (11 months ago)
the chart is made up of all numbers that is a multiple of 9 being the same symbol
EspyPlayz (2 years ago)
i did thirteen and it didn't guess it
keen observer (11 months ago)
13, 1+3 = 4 13-4 = 9 and all multiples of 9 have the same symbol
Corrupted Player (2 years ago)
so its just luck?
keen observer (11 months ago)
no its the chart
fedge mijoi (2 years ago)
Yes but the symbole change everytime....
keen observer (11 months ago)
yes because it gives you a different chart each time lol observe the chart that they are all different but the multiples of nine has he common symbol
Cristian Morales (2 years ago)
so the magic gopher has 86% of getting your number right
elite squad461 (2 years ago)
U just ruined the game
Foreverjake (2 years ago)
what about 2 or 3 or 95 those aren't multiples of 9!
keen observer (11 months ago)
2 and 3 have only one digit you need two digit numbers! as for 95 , 9+5 = 14 and 95 - 14 = 81 which is a multiple of 9 ok?
Big nibba (2 years ago)
it has to be a 2 digit number so no 2 or 3 and 95 gets to a multipile of 9 somehow
Shivers Universe (2 years ago)
thx 4 ruining the game for me
Benjamin Feiring (2 years ago)
why the fuck did you come here then? stop complaining get lost
timoston (3 years ago)
comedyshortsgamer made me come to
KisaDe (3 years ago)
the game works by mic
Nasser ALMusallam (3 years ago)
Are you stupid ?
Sammy 123 (3 years ago)
I always get wrong number its a fake
keen observer (11 months ago)
you are fake !
iSuperJR (2 years ago)
you dont do it right kid
Sammy 123 (3 years ago)
It never works with me
GameDissolver (3 years ago)
no but comedyshortsgamer did a random number at the end he just chose 31 and the gopher got it
BlasterGAMES the symbol of 31 is the same as the symbols of multiples of 9 so he got lucky
Mackenzie Grace (3 years ago)
I don't get it
keen observer (11 months ago)
ok! the chart is made in such a way that the symbol for 9 18 27 36 45 54 ...... are all same symbol any number you add the two digits for and subtract that number will always be a multiple of nine
oFranco (3 years ago)
Go back to school
elrak0 2 (3 years ago)
But CSG said 31 and it got it right.
Fireball (6 months ago)
elrak0 2 lol
elrak0 2 (2 years ago)
BC Records (2 years ago)
no, but some numbers have the same symbol as the symbol of multiples of 9, pay attention to that video
elrak0 2 (2 years ago)
+Brothercasters Miscellaneous are you saying 31 is a multiple of 9?
elrak0 2 if you noticed, 31's symbol is the same as the multiples of 9 so Deji indeed got lucky
doge (3 years ago)
Red Gandhi.
Maciej sarkady (3 years ago)
that means its fake
Mat Broadcast (11 months ago)
Brad jones (3 years ago)
+Maciej sarkady he said 81
Jan Murić (3 years ago)
+Maciej sarkady Real "magic" does not exist. At least not on the internet flash games.
NGT Gaming (3 years ago)
GOOD but you kinda ruined my fun (no offence).
Rejoy Edakkara (3 years ago)
+ComedyShortsGamer look, this is how this game works!
Adrian Smith (3 years ago)
He said 35 is a multiple of nine
Erik Lutz (3 years ago)
Your number will always come out as a multiple of 9. All the multiples of 9 are the same symbol on the chart.
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+Erik Lutz You got it :D
Zoe Bell (3 years ago)
Benka (3 years ago)
OMG! I found the way to beat the gopher
keen observer (11 months ago)
yea right just lie ! you cant beat the gopher but just understand how he does his magic
Jan Murić (3 years ago)
+AcePlaysMC You understand that this is matemathicly impossible to bean. Unless you are stupid enough to not do the simple steps correctly.
Benka (3 years ago)
+AcePlaysMC When you get onto the page with symbols choose one QUICK and Gopher will get it wrong
Flobster lobster (3 years ago)
i get it, and i will put it in 3 simple steps OK 1. no matter what number you get it will have to equal a multiple of 9 because it is just how math works 2. so every multiple of 9 will have the same symbol 3. the thing is every time you click "try again"the symbol for 9 will change to make it look like your number is changing but it isn't.  and that is how it works in 3 steps
Captain Kek (3 years ago)
Shock TBE (3 years ago)
Crippling Depression (3 years ago)
dude mind blown
Tlm Barnhill (3 years ago)
Rebel_ King (3 years ago)
it's always the same as 36 every number pattern is going to be 36
Will Campbell (3 years ago)
35 is not a multiple of 9
Kasper Knutsen (3 years ago)
Did not understand a shit
keen observer (11 months ago)
the cart is made in such a way that the multiples of 9 has the same symbol any number that you add the digits and subtract that number will be a multiple of 9
Hweezy (3 years ago)
So clever
S u i c i d e (3 years ago)
lol I was here bec of Deji
Lolamaster1 (3 years ago)
yeah but how can it know the number you picked like its a computer not a soul?
keen observer (11 months ago)
the chart is designed that way, that amy number you pick , if you add the digits and subtract the total from the number will be a multiple of 9
Jan Murić (3 years ago)
+Lola radmilo Simple Think of a number: 20 Add the two numbers togother: 2+0= 2 Subtract that number: 20-2= 18 That last number WILL ALWAYS be a multiple of nine. All multiples of nine are the same symbol. And it just shows the symbol of the multiple of nine.
Cool Kid (3 years ago)
cool thays actually pretty clever
ChildWithAnOpinion (3 years ago)
The question has been answered!! If you hover over it it knows what number you pick. So keep your mouse away from it ! cx
keen observer (11 months ago)
thats bullshit
TinyTank Games (3 years ago)
lol i fooled magic gopher chose the same number twice
keen observer (11 months ago)
it will not befooled
Okechi Chijioke (3 years ago)
You did explain how it guessed the number. It think it can hear the number you said.
Jan Murić (3 years ago)
+Gaming Cookie The thing is, it never guessed a number, but the symbol. And no, it cannot hear anything.
Theulitmatefart (3 years ago)
hell nooooo
Its Dash (3 years ago)
it was 36 you thicko
BenElliott-Smith26 (3 years ago)
same lol
Kys (3 years ago)
No if you guess 50 you'll win
keen observer (11 months ago)
50 5 +0 = 5 50-5 + 45 ( a multiple of 9) and all the multiple of 9 is the same
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+killer21 Nope 5+0=5 and 50-5 equals 45. 9 goes into 45, 5 times.
chlebski 0 (3 years ago)
hej darsh planet the magic gofer doesnt works it just works 5 time's or more
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+chlebski Gaebelein Really, I'm positive it works every time, maybe you're doing your math wrong
LeveledDoubt (3 years ago)
36 not 35
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+LeveledDoubt Yeah, I figured
Default Boy (3 years ago)
Me too +icetool34
Herman (3 years ago)
lol if you cant figure this out yourself... rethink your life
Kabir Kamboj (3 years ago)
35 isn't a multiple of 9
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+Kabbie Kamboj Yeah, while I was editing the video, I noticed, but too lazy to redo the video
Phillip3s (3 years ago)
u obviously dont know math.
DLC ENERGY (3 years ago)
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keen observer (11 months ago)
what the hell is this? your own gopher?
DLC ENERGY (3 years ago)
I'm not on crack... You're silly... You're silly... xD
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+Panda He might be....
Panda (3 years ago)
are you on crack by any chance?
Phantom X (3 years ago)
+iWarPanda look. this is Magic Gopher Solved
Phantom X (3 years ago)
Your just DUMB jk
iWarPanda (3 years ago)
+Corrupted Enderman I know but he talks about. its so damn complicated dat  NERD
Phantom X (3 years ago)
it is how it works
iWarPanda (3 years ago)
I dont know wtf dis means
Toks Brown (3 years ago)
woh there (3 years ago)
Noo Noo um :D csg brought me here D:
Jennifer Neeley (3 years ago)
Good job I never would go thought of that
EthanDo (3 years ago)
Smart nice job
DLC ENERGY (3 years ago)
NO. Rubbish job... All he should a done was show the picture with the multiples of 9 circled.... He failed at explaining why it occurs.... He said SOLVED on the video... This is no explanation, it's just pointing out the obvious... Most of us already knew....
S.Fadairo (3 years ago)
Darsh lol
DLC ENERGY (3 years ago)
Staaaan Darsh.... Staaan, Darsh, Darsh.... Darsh! You know what i'm talking about? Related to Aspen... SP...
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
Shaky lol 
SauceCSGO (3 years ago)
Ur smart dude, I also thought ur scump
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
Theulitmatefart (3 years ago)
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+zezo adam أنا أوافق
David Olatunji (3 years ago)
CSG  brought me here
Mike Battams (3 years ago)
Idk if I shoud like this vid or not because it was magic for me befor I saw this
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
joyisagiftnot (3 years ago)
You sound like OpTic Scumpii
Tanel (3 years ago)
+DarshPlanet huehuhe c:
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
+HardcoreGaming I see what you did there
Tanel (3 years ago)
+Average Sausage Vagina
Average Sausage (3 years ago)
has a
Average Sausage (3 years ago)
+Average Sausage dog
Bacon (3 years ago)
hey man
Bacon (3 years ago)
with me
Bacon (3 years ago)
do you want to do a video
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)
Ender Shard (3 years ago)
Sorry don't get it
keen observer (11 months ago)
the chart is designed that way, that amy number you pick , if you add the digits of that number up, and subtract that total from the number you choose the final number will be a multiple of 9 and all the multiples of 9 has the same symbol
Ender Shard (3 years ago)
Bruh not cud of csg
icetool34 (3 years ago)
totally didn't come here because of CSG...
ROMAN DUCHSTER (10 months ago)
icetool34 same
xXGameMonsterXx (3 years ago)
+icetool34 Same I really did not come here cause of csg
icetool34 (3 years ago)
+RED Heavy Who knows? That question may never be answered.
Clot Clot (3 years ago)
Lol I did
Hiruko (3 years ago)
perre mast (3 years ago)
DarshPlanet (3 years ago)

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