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Acer Aspire E1-571 - HDD, RAM Memory, Keyboard replacement, Heat Sink System Cleaning

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The procedures for HDD (Hard drive) / SSD, RAM memory, WiFi card, Keyboard / KB upgrade / replacement are similar for all models from Acer Aspire E1 series: E1-472, E1-510, E1-52, E1-532, E1-570, E1-572, E1-731, E1-771 and etc. This video tutorial will help you to disassemble / take apart the laptop if you want to change / upgrade your HDD, RAM memory, DVD drive, WiFi card, Keyboard. Also you can clean Heat Sink System and change CPU thermal paste / grease (if your system overheats). 00:13 - Keyboard / KB 00:53 - DVD Drive 01:20 - Hard Disk Drive / HDD 01:36 - RAM Memory 01:48 - WiFi Wireless Card 02:06 - Upper Case 03:09 - Mother Board / MB 04:03 - Heat Sink System Acer ASPIRE E1-571 - LCD Display replacement: http://youtu.be/06_AEdn7RmE iFixit manuals: - DVD Drive replacement: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Acer+Aspire+E1-571+-+DVD+Drive+Replacement/27788 - HDD, RAM Memory, WiFi Card replacement: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Acer+Aspire+E1-571+-+HDD+-+RAM+Memory+-+WiFi+card+Replacement/27779 - Keyboard / KB replacement: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Acer+Aspire+E1-571+-+Keyboard+Replacement/27789 ---------------------------------------- Photo album: http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/ZFix/slideshow/Acer%20Aspire%20E1-571 ---------------------------------------- Music :) _Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Stalling _Silent Partner - Redhead From Mars -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17pmEshAzg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (133)
Hamza Mg (6 days ago)
how to upgrade my CPU ACER ASPIRE E1-571 i3-2348m
Chuck Crabb (5 months ago)
Zfix - I would like to upgrade my Ram from one 4GB stick to two 8 GB sticks. is that possible with the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-571-F1 laptop.... Can u help me find a link to it.... Thanks
Agustín Villa Ortiz (21 days ago)
Hi, did you manage to put 16GB ram in you laptop?
Gabriel Luz (5 months ago)
Very nice! Thanks so much!
Ryley W (8 months ago)
you make connecting the keyboard back up look so easy... I'm trying to do it but can't seem to get it in all the way, the things that would hold it in place is in the right spot
Ryley W (8 months ago)
a bit after commenting I think I managed to get it in
Zishan Ali (9 months ago)
Battery prise?
hidan nonos (11 months ago)
The worst laptop i ever used The video is so great ofcourse 👌
SWEETY INFINITY (1 year ago)
Hi... Nice video... I subscribed to your YouTube channel, pls subscribe to my YouTube channel and support me... Thanks in advance 😇
Murat Yüksel (1 year ago)
1:50 there must be a white cable too?
Shane Archer (1 year ago)
Used this method to fix 2 x Acer V3-571 laptops with overheating issues, (mine and a friend). The only cost was a squirt of thermal paste that I already had, Thank You very much :-) . Both laptops now running at around 44 c on the core and barely a whisper from the fan..
not very helpful when it comes to keyboard replacement
Cayetanodel69 (1 year ago)
Hello! Just a question? do you think it is normal to have values from 56 to 83°c in the core (the two cores + package I don't know what that means) according to HWMonitor, with an outside temperature of 30°c with 50% humidity. My E1 571 is whether over a plastic table or on my knees but on top a wooden plank, the latest being hotter I think. I feel it s quite hot especially on some parts but I am afraid to open the computer and do a mess and not be able to reassambly it well and fuck it all up :). I mean do you think there could be dust inside, or is the E1 571 pretty sealed and airtight? Thank you very much! Cheers! :)
agapitus iboro (1 year ago)
@Zfit can you please list the tools used in this video
ZFix (1 year ago)
Phillips screwdriver #00 or #01, cutter, plastic opening tools, tweezers, brush, isopropyl alcohol, thermal grease
Desmond Townson (1 year ago)
my case wont come up no matter what it absolutely refuses to budge at the top right corner by the hinge.tried with screwdriver nd everythng.evryone on the vids for dissassembly just clicks but wont budge on mine,bending the case trying 2remove i need to remove the damn thing so i can gain access to replace left hing which is knackered.help pls :(
The Death (2 years ago)
If I want to clean the cooler I must replace the keyboard?
Rumple (1 year ago)
it is crucial yes
mode zour (2 years ago)
O meu deu um problema ao ligar ele quebrou tipo o botao de ligar está duro me ajude pfv
veenee (2 years ago)
very helpful, thanks!
Lelu PL (2 years ago)
Arslan Ejaz (2 years ago)
Hello Sir, i just want to know that i can change processor to core i5 or i7 ?? does the processor is soldered to motherboard or not???? @Zfix
Cm Cm (1 year ago)
i have this model of laptop with an i3 2.3 and 1 gb nvidia and i can remove the procesor.
Arslan Ejaz (2 years ago)
Brandon Gaudet (2 years ago)
Vijay Fabre (2 years ago)
Squivels (2 years ago)
Great guide, nice music, very well presented, you are an asset to the self-repair community, thank you sir!
x3nuqi (2 years ago)
Sergiu Constantinescu (2 years ago)
Are there any special screwdrivers or tools that I need in order to open it up? Thanks!
Like a Régua TV (2 years ago)
i made this procedure but my notebook doesn't works now.. When I press power button, the power led lights up and the HDD led lights for less than 2 seconds. after that, only power and charge leds stay on and LCD doesn't works.. The cooler works but I got this problem right now. can you help please?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Like a Régua TV Check the fan cable 5:39
TheCasualHazeFox (2 years ago)
+Like a Régua TV You could try and redo this process again and then undo it in reverse by this video playback. It sounds like you left a connection unplugged or maybe you broke something but ultimately most likely a connection is still unplugged. Can't tell you where. Check around 3:35 and on and see if they're all together.
Amine El Kbaish (2 years ago)
thank you for the video <3 I lost some screws, please I wanna know if the M2.5 x 7.5mm screws they can work too or not ?
Amine El Kbaish (2 years ago)
+ZFix ok, thanks
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Amine El Kbaish Sorry but I don't remember the sizes of the screws. What is the size stamped on the bezel. The screws should not be longer than the original.
Patrick Carmody (2 years ago)
Hi, another question, I have a stick from a previous pc and I was wondering if it would work with my Aspire E1-571 laptop. The model is RAMAXEL RMR1870EC58E9F-1333. Would this be compatible? or how could I find out if it is?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Paddy Carmody No, the memory modules for PC are bigger - 240pins, for the laptops they are 204p.
Zhen Lin (2 years ago)
How much thermal paste u have to put in? As much as it cover the metal?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Zhen Lin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIVq6ZC01tc
Samuel Motta Muzelli (2 years ago)
I have a Acer aspire E1-572-6_BR648, i need to do all that you do on video to place thermal paste ? or i can just open the part of back to get acess to the processor ?
ZFix (2 years ago)
RAM - No
Pepe the Frog (2 years ago)
+ZFix RAM?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Muzelli Plays To get access to the CPU and the cooling system you have to remove the main board. You don't need only to remove the memory module.
Zhen Lin (3 years ago)
Can u make a video about how to move all the parts to a new case? My case had some broken plastic for the screws, and I need to move all the part to a new case in order to get my computer back to normal. Also what is the size for the screw on the fan, the screw that is really tinny, so whats the size so I can buy a proper screwdriver for it.
Zhen Lin (3 years ago)
+ZFix Ok, it's fine
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Zhen Lin No, sorry, I don't have such a model in my hands.
ElidoGamer (3 years ago)
Is it possible to put a graphics card in this computer?
ElidoGamer (3 years ago)
+ZFix ok, ty for reply :D
ZFix (3 years ago)
+ElidoGamer No
Vidar bjørge (3 years ago)
Thank you,I just saved 120$ on a repair of a broken wire to the charging jack inside computer.By following this video(slowly) I could safely take my computer apart,and put it back.Works like a dream!!!
ZFix (3 years ago)
Now you can start repair busyness :)
Vidar bjørge (3 years ago)
+ZFix Yep,Norway is a high cost country.That price is allso just for opening the computer,if parts must be changed,it is additional.In my case it was just a matter of soldering one wire back in place.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Vidar bjørge 120$ for a charging wire... Unbelievable.
Dimas Dwi Nugraha (3 years ago)
mr.zfix, is it just my laptop or this acer version cannot play fallout 4 smoothly ? i have the same laptop (Acer Aspire E1-571g) 8Gb ram Intel i5- 3210M CPU @2.50Ghz Nvidia GforceGT 620M.1Gb is it possible to upgrade it to 16Gb ram ? will it make me play fallout 4 smoother ?
ZFix (3 years ago)
Dimas Dwi Nugraha (3 years ago)
thank you very much for the info Mr.Zfix
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Dimas Dwi Nugraha I don't know this game but I checked the requirements. 8GB RAM is OK, but the processor and the graphic card are near to the minimum requirements. Try to change some settings for best performance: http://www.gameranx.com/features/id/31572/article/fallout-4-guide-settings-to-turn-on-or-off-for-best-performance/
Adv Sajal Pratap (3 years ago)
hey, can i replace intel i3 processor into intel i5 in this model(e1-571g) ?? plz answer me
ZFix (3 years ago)
This is the processors filtered by socked (FCPGA988). TDP of your processor is 35W. http://ark.intel.com/Search/Advanced?s=t&SocketsSupported=FCPGA988
Adv Sajal Pratap (3 years ago)
+harry wheeler (Coolguy891011) if you want exactly answer just go to the service center of Acer l..
harry wheeler (3 years ago)
I have that pc too and need to upgrade the cpu is it possible?
Adv Sajal Pratap (3 years ago)
A BIG THANK U FOR REPLIED,, FULL MODEL IS ACER ASPIRE E1-571G(intel i3 2.3Ghz processor ) .. more details http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/laptops/52297/acer-aspire-e1-571-review
ZFix (3 years ago)
+KSPS Theoretically yes. Give me the full model E1-571-XXXX.
Tahir Nazir (3 years ago)
nice thanks
Satya V (3 years ago)
+ZFix: Hi, can you please make a video demonstrating the step-by-step upgrading process of Hard disk with a SSD on this Acer Aspire E1 571 6837 model? Thanks.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Satya Srinivas e There are many applications to clone your HDD: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2421302,00.asp I use clonezilla. About the HDD caddy, I'm not sure what you want. If you want it inside the laptop you can use HDD caddy adapter like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/9-5mm-SATA-3-III-2nd-HDD-SSD-Hard-Drive-Case-Caddy-Adapter-Swap-laptop-DVD-ODD-/281643820662?hash=item419347a676:g:4zwAAOSw34FVFY8B
Satya V (3 years ago)
+ZFix Alright. But the thing is, I wanted to know the process of "how to clone the OS and made it available on SSD". Also I wanted to knew, whether we can use a HDD/SSD caddy for Acer E1 571 6837 model. So that I can use my HDD with caddy, as a secondary memory drive to store data.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Satya Srinivas I do not have one now. The replacing is the same as with the HDD.
Camp Boss (3 years ago)
your video was very helpful, thanks
Larry Litmanen (3 years ago)
This laptop is so bad you NEED to replace all those parts just to make it usable.
Maphukka Jeezuz Peeze (3 years ago)
My Problem is that there is a cable through the hole when you have disconnected the 5 connectors so i can't remove the blue thing ^^' It's a white cable and it seems that it belongs to the WiFi card I can't get it out there because it's immovable
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Maphukka Jeezuz Peeze Can you post pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/187342218141149/
Maphukka Jeezuz Peeze (3 years ago)
At 3:50
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Maphukka Jeezuz Peeze Tell me on which minute of the video.
QueVoces.com (3 years ago)
I have a E1-571G the fan doesn't spin... Do I have to replace it? What is the part number of the fan?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+QueVoces.com This is the P.N. AB09005HX10G300, but you can also search it like E1-571 cooling fan.
Matteo Sicari (3 years ago)
you misesed one wi-fi's wire at 6:29. or i am wrong? i just see one "golden" connector. (by the way, do you know how those wifi's wire are made? and how they are called? i broke one of them :(
Matteo Sicari (3 years ago)
+ZFix ah, thank you very much for the answer, sir!
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Andrea Giudici This model is with one wire only. If you broke the connector you have to change the whole antenna. This is WiFi internal antenna and you can try to find it by the laptop model. If you can't find it, you have to disassemble the laptop and remove the antenna. This antennas are similar for the most of the laptops. The difference is in the length of the coaxial cable.
Regie Paler (3 years ago)
is this same as the Acer Aspire E1-431 ?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Regie Paler Not the same, it's similar.
jas Vicenzio (3 years ago)
Made the same as you. Now after cleaning it wont start up. Tried all, nothing. If o plugin with battery one led is on, but still dont start up. What to do? Where am i wrong?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+jas Vicenzio Do you have a light on the Power button when you try to switch it on? If no, check the power button flex cable - 2:36 Check the Fan connection - 4:09
Leoking99 (3 years ago)
Plz reply i have this computer and im wondering if it can run a game like Rust and if not what could i upgrade/replace on my computer and roughly how much you would think it cost
Larry Litmanen (3 years ago)
+Leoking99 Rust on this laptop? I guess you can try Rust from Steam for less than 2 hours because you can return it for free if it will not play. But i have this laptop and it is a complete POS, COMPLETE. If i were you i would save money for a nice gaming PC or a console to satisfy your gaming needs.
Leoking99 (3 years ago)
Furi Kitten (3 years ago)
Well that answered my question (HDD has major sector problems after battery ran out one night) needed to know where and how to get at it *Yay*
r3playretro (3 years ago)
Thank you for this video! Great help
Yuvaraj Subramaniam (3 years ago)
i have E1-571 in night i worked for long time by keeping in my bed suddenly switched off and then i tried to turn ON. The blue light just blinks no response  i can not even hear the sound of hard drive are fan running. I tried to run without battery even same thing exists and tried fn+esc and fn+esc+power for more than 60 sec no response what i have to do
Yuvaraj Subramaniam (3 years ago)
Only once 
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Allis Yuvaa When you switch on the laptop, how many times flashing the light. Remove the charger and the battery and hold the power button 60 sec. to reset it.If still no change, the laptop must be disassembled for inspection. If you do not hear sound from the fan, the problem is the motherboard or fan.
Glauber Machado (3 years ago)
Muito bom explica todos os passos para a manutenção.
Patrick Carmody (3 years ago)
I own an Acer Aspire E-571 and am wondering if it has two RAM slots or just one. It looks like two might stack one on top of the other but I cant figure out. Help?
Steve Thea (1 month ago)
I need to clean my Acer aspire v3-572g-55ft plz upload disassembly? +ZFix
Steve Thea (2 months ago)
The worst part is screws! What about screen replace? +ZFix
Patrick Carmody (3 years ago)
+michael herring thanks dude
Satya V (3 years ago)
+ZFix Thank you so much sir. I appreciate your help!!
ZFix (3 years ago)
Yes, you can use it.
Đorđe Gajanin (3 years ago)
ZFix (3 years ago)
This is a region based model. This is why you can't find info in English.
Đorđe Gajanin (3 years ago)
Honestly I don't know how you found it I was searching on the website for atleast a hour, but thanks though, and its even in a language I speak. 
ZFix (3 years ago)
Đorđe Gajanin (3 years ago)
It's not that model , the model name says Acer Aspire E5-771g-37RX , I can't find it on Acer's website, it isn't super slim so I don't know how the ram is upgraded.Acer's website says it the model name is somewhere E5 or in some countries E5. 
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Đorđe Gajanin This is spec for E5-571G-38VF: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.MLXAA.001 Two memory slots, 4GB DDR3L installed memory, 16GB maximum. If you have 2x2GB memory modules, you have to remove one of them but this is new model and most probably you have 1x4GB module and one free memory slot. The bad news is - this laptop is ultra thin line and you have to fully disassemble it if you want to change / upgrade the memory.  P.S. There may be little difference in the specification depending on the full model of the laptop.
Ricardo Milian (3 years ago)
A fantastic video. I have an Acer aspire e1 571 and the union beteween the chasis an the screen is broke. Other people said me that is a commun problem. Why? Now I have to change the chasis.. Again a very good video.
ZFix (3 years ago)
Thank you Ricardo Milian. Yes, this is a common problem with this model. The places where the hinges are attached is not firmly. For a few broken plastic bushes, you should change the base chassis.
Stefan Jovanovic (4 years ago)
Hi, i see that this pc has connecting port 13pin sata for optical drive, i have acer e1 -532 a little bit diffrent from this one with 2957u celeron, i was thinking of upgrading with ssd via 13pin to 22pin sata optical bay adapter, do you know does my model has that 13 pin sata connector, thank you. 
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Stefan Jovanovic  According to the specification, this model doesn't have an optical disc drive. However, the motherboard must have SATA 13pin connector. Can you give me the full model?
ThatPedal (4 years ago)
That's the same laptop I have
ZFix (3 years ago)
ThatPedal (3 years ago)
No problems at all! Perfect fast working thanks :D
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Joshua Cameron  I hope that you have no problems with it. :)
Xulambu (4 years ago)
obrigado me ajudo bastante 
Movie Scenes (4 years ago)
Thank you so much, this helped a lot.
Manuel Altmann (4 years ago)
Matteo Sicari (4 years ago)
thank you very much! very helpful video!
Bryan (4 years ago)
Man I love watching your videos you can learn so much

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