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5. Pat Metheny - Into The Dream

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Dave Ski (2 months ago)
Wow Pat all that and then some. Wow
Jazz Mandolin (5 months ago)
I like Metheny's music and I do own a Manzer but this guitar is just silly
Hans Gruber (7 months ago)
How many clip on tuners does he need?
freedomstreaker YOLO (7 months ago)
do u tabs for this?
Carlos Couto (7 months ago)
i hope someday pat metheny turns into thrash metal
Carlos Couto (7 months ago)
wait a sec, let me bring my ukulele k?
Jibraeel Danish (7 months ago)
I don't wanna be that guy but Does it djent????????
Steve from Yellowstone (8 months ago)
to be it looks like he's a bit self-indulgent. The song doesn't even sound that great
ReyyyyOk (9 months ago)
"Hey dude, wanna come over on the weekend?" "Nah, i gotta restring my guitar" "Oh, ok. See you next month."
Old Goat the Antichrist (10 months ago)
He is the greatest \m/
ctirre (10 months ago)
Saw him in concert recently.... Just incredible. Can't fathom his talent.
It's called the Manzer Pikasso. Made by one of the worlds best Luthier's, Linda Manzer. Quite a creation!
Aye Lmao (1 year ago)
Pat: “I need a new guitar” Linda: “Ok, how many strings” Pat: “… Yes…”
Matt Horwich (1 year ago)
So beautiful and unique. ..sounds like a harp ro me
Alraed International (1 year ago)
would cover soooo many octaves. good for indian music
Uli Gutzeit (1 year ago)
Der junge Mann kann sehr schön Gitarre spielen.
visog (1 year ago)
ralphq (1 year ago)
Marian Jung (1 year ago)
best musician ever
que som mais lindo e incrível
juveydave (1 year ago)
I'll never forget seeing him perform this. Ethereal.
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
taylors lakes melb send it tome jesus
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
in aus
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
i prayed god given me free guitars.
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
this instrument belongs inchurch
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
i want play for jesus this instrument use for gospel music.so beautiful.
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
i want this instrument wow
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
i want one jesus.i play guitar and harp.want one has both in one.send me one jesus for free.a generous donar.i believe all things possible
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
Christina Aquino (1 year ago)
what amazin invention instrument.thanku guitar makers
rbagel55 (1 year ago)
My god, I never saw a guitar like that before, and to be able to play this shows Metheny's sheer talent. I don't know what is more amazing, this instrument, or Metheny playing this
TheLastHylianTitan (1 year ago)
a one man soundtrack.
internetwarrior666 (1 year ago)
5. Pat Metheny - Into The Stupid.
Kevin Jones (1 year ago)
Man this is so ethereal....I don't know....
C Olsen (1 year ago)
I love the idea of having a harp on the back of a guitar
Pedro Talavera (2 years ago)
Is he playing the bass with the left hand?
n2112b (1 year ago)
michael jordan (2 years ago)
Wtf is that
Vichomen (1 year ago)
Pure art
rbagel55 (1 year ago)
I wonder what something lime this costs to build? My guess would be probably $20,000 US dollars or more.
jesstowns10 (1 year ago)
It's a "Pikasso". Personally I see it as a multi-harp guitar.
Rocky Forrister (1 year ago)
why it's a 42 string guitar
Romeo Lives (2 years ago)
Totally awesome!
Island Guy (2 years ago)
the things you can learn while messing around with your acoustic guitar in the living room
Pedro Talavera (1 year ago)
haha. some guitar right?...
ComboverSoul tig (2 years ago)
I don't own one of these instruments.
Island Guy (2 years ago)
too many strings anyway. the tuning would drive you nuts. the cost of the strings might force the average basement dweller to get a job at McDonalds
TerminalConstipation (2 years ago)
i'm staring at him, and i still don't know what he's doing is he playing that bass line with just his left hand? i don't understand how he does that.
Yu Ki (1 year ago)
Hammer on and sound? I don't really know neither xD He's awesome
Stephen Sheriff (2 years ago)
The string load on that beast has got to be half a ton! A regular steel-string guitar only has to support about 150-180 lbs of string pull; but this one...? Woooo! Kudos to the great Linda Manzer for engineering that crazy guitar to not only keep from collapsing into a pile of splinters, but actually making it sound and play so brilliantly. No easy feat! Pat Metheny is one of the very few people on the planet with the talent and skill to drive a guitar like that. No wonder Pat and Linda have had such a long and rewarding history of collaboration. Raucous applause!
rbagel55 (1 year ago)
I bet changing stings on it is a multi day affair. Yeah I don't know what is more amazing, the instrument, or Methey's ability to play it so well.
movax20h (1 year ago)
Does it have a metal frame, or is it mostly wood for structural elements?
Richard S (1 year ago)
Stephen Sheriff This instrument took 2 years to build (approximately 1000 hours), and when the 42 strings are tuned to concert pitch, the Pikasso is under approximately 1000 lbs pressure. It weighs 6.7 kg (14 3/4 lbs).
Scotty Allen (2 years ago)
this is one of the baddest whiteboys on guitar in the world
Tommy Kelly (2 years ago)
Beautiful song that sounds very Oriental in style... speaking of style, what's with the Yahoo Serious hairdo?
Dennis O'Brien (2 years ago)
Even more impressive when you see it live. The Master at work.
PyroFreaqz (2 years ago)
This is beautiful
Allison Pratt (2 years ago)
Totally bizarre and beautiful!!! I'd love to try playing one, too!!
Rik A (2 years ago)
Estoy harto de ese anuncio mierda de Samsumg!!!!!!!
scotty (2 years ago)
Imagine changing the strings on that.
Nero Elred (5 months ago)
according to lil bro that is learning music and music theory at a conservatory: Pat took several to learn just how to tune that bitch.
eddiebonesw (1 year ago)
It's all one string. Just find an end and pull.
Oliver Schellenberg (1 year ago)
Luis Jr. (1 year ago)
scotty there's soo many strings on that thing o_0
Some Dude Next Door (1 year ago)
scotty one snaps and the rest just follows along
intothewide films (3 years ago)
Hi, Pat is playing on this tune, "Slow", available on Logan Richardson new album SHIFT. A Blue Note Records & Universal Music Japan Album. Listen to this piece, watch the video and please share it if you enjoy, Logan, Pat and all the band are incredible and the music really deserves it. https://vimeo.com/141777336 Thank you and see you ;)
Donald Record (3 years ago)
Person: "Pat, this song is in Open G Tuning" Pat: "SHIT! I'll catch up with you in about two hours."
german gotti (3 years ago)
creo que la puesta en escena mas la musica crean un ambiente unico,eso es para mi la mejor expresion de los pensamientos de cada musico.el instrumento es solo una herramienta mas.
Horacio Del Rio (3 years ago)
Cuerdas por doquier. Adoro la música de pat!!
dimonsca (3 years ago)
Есть альбом с этой композицией,забава зачаровывает,отколоться нереально.
Lorenzo Parenti (3 years ago)
ThePizzaBoy94 (3 years ago)
Heatpod Music (3 years ago)
What the hell is that....THING...he's playing?!?!
Mark Glenn (2 years ago)
+Rich Nelson Linda Manzer is a genius.
Rich Nelson (2 years ago)
+Strat TelePaul That's actually a good description. The guitar's real name is the 42-string Pikasso.
Strat TelePaul (3 years ago)
+Heatpod Liam Hiatt It's like a guitar factory exploded and they pieced together what was left.
Roman Vselenauy (3 years ago)
брынчит что попадя
Claudia Marcela Padula (3 years ago)
La guitarra Picasso,llamada así, dada su semejanza con las pinturas cubistas de Pablo Picasso,tiene 42 cuerdas.Fue hecha por la luthier Linda Manzer en 1984 a pedido del virtuosísimo Pat Metheny quien quería una guitarra con la mayor cantidad de cuerdas posible. Es la única guitarra-arpa que existe y tal vez el instrumento más extraño que se haya inventado. 
Gerardo Carbajal (1 year ago)
Claudia Marcela Padula al contrario a ti gracias por compartir tu sensibilidad y cosas que hoy en dia se han ido perdiendo
Gerardo Carbajal Gracias
Gerardo Carbajal (1 year ago)
asi es solo pat busca eso y mas
ricardo moyano (3 years ago)
hola claudia, la guitarra-arpa existe desde hace mas de doscientos  años ... en francia blas sanchez la toca desde hace decenios y aca hay informacion sobre este poco inteligente e incomodo instrumento https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harp_guitar mejor aprender a tocar un arpa ! feliz 2015
Young Hyde (3 years ago)
Pensemos, si él tenía otra mano!
Valdemar L S Jr (3 years ago)
excelente! Belíssimo! Melancólico...
Manolis Diamandakis (4 years ago)
ok pat, now tune it!
Desmond Alfred (4 years ago)
Pure genius!
Beautiful... <3
Douglas Stansfield (4 years ago)
I would hate to have to tune that thing!   Love the sound of it and would love to play it!    Great song!
DJHeisenberg (4 years ago)
seems somewhat unnecessary, but still a lovely piece
Mollz (4 years ago)
I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining.. just curious
Mollz (4 years ago)
I just don't get why he uses the frets. I mean he doesn't even touch the strings connected to that piece until he strums a bit of the top strings. Or does someone have an explanation? Or is it just that he's doing it for some backing sound without actually plucking, because if so, it's inaudible
David De La Cruz (4 years ago)
That is not "Tapping", it´s called "Hammer On", a similar method that doesn´t involve the right hand (tapping does), so he can play the bass by pushing hard the frets with his left hand.
gornardwuchiria (4 years ago)
Its a method called 'tapping' where you tap the fret board with your finger to create a sound at that point without picking or strumming with your other hand. He's using it to play the base line on the six string part of the guitar.
Jared Allen (5 years ago)
Im gonna guess its about $42,000 too
Kel S (5 years ago)
my birthday

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