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HOW TO: DIY BATHROOM MAKEOVER 5 | Create Unique Bathroom Storage

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Text Comments (61)
Luvenia Waiters (10 months ago)
I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.
No you are not the only one with bleach stains on towels
Suganya Suganya (1 year ago)
super mam
Egor Savchenko (1 year ago)
I made it myself thanks to woodprix website
Easter Stedman (2 years ago)
Go to woodprix if you'd like to build it yourself.
Lily Whisperwind (2 years ago)
I'll try something like this in my country style bathroom. Thank you! I love your necklace holder too. You're so creative!
Maria Guild (2 years ago)
I love your Mom's channel, and I'm so excited to be finding you!! Now I just need to see Greyson PAINT!!!!...He makes the most amazing art!...Question I saw you drilling screws directly into the wall...when ever I do this they fall right out because of the dry wall I guess??..Do you have to find studs first??
Melody Lat (2 years ago)
Wow I just came across you channel. I love your videos already! Can't wait for more Ps you're so pretty 😊
Kay A (2 years ago)
I'm a renter can I use command strips instead of drilling for the baskets???
Denise Anderson (1 year ago)
Kay A --- You can as long as you get the hooks to support the amount of weight for what you're hanging AND the stuff going into it.
Justine Davis (3 years ago)
you are amazing like such a life SAVER! GREAT IDEAS your so helpful
Alina (3 years ago)
@howtolive can you please share with where we can purchase these baskets from? I've checked Joann as a previous commenter mentioned and also checked multiple sources online but I've been unable to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Alina (3 years ago)
@how to:live your style
Alla Skalikeu (3 years ago)
you have the best diys I've ever seen, even pinterest doesn't compare! why am I just finding this channel!?!?! wish I found this long ago, I'm gonna do this diy tomorrow I have no storage space in my bathroom
Lindsay Allan (3 years ago)
Great ideas! Do you happen to know the dimensions of the wire baskets you used? Thanks!
Veronica Aguilera (3 years ago)
Love all your ideas...how did you make the hooks?
radicalaccounting (3 years ago)
I have a tiny crappy bathroom without any personality. Going to think about your ideas of using a theme (in your care wood) and usual things to give it some style. Great video!
Aurora ASMR (3 years ago)
You're so pretty
Brianna Dodd (3 years ago)
Where did you get the wire baskets and do you make the hooks?? If you do please make a video for it! Thanks In Advance!
Brianna Dodd (3 years ago)
+itsalivia23 Thanks
Liv (3 years ago)
I've seen some just like it at tjmaxx hopefully you have one nearby!
gaby2me (3 years ago)
romosweethearrt (3 years ago)
I would like to know where the baskets are from too please
Sumi Renu (3 years ago)
That's really an great idea pretty girl. I am definitely subscribing for your channel and i will implement your cool idea too
sallianne piltz (3 years ago)
Barb Nauman (3 years ago)
Very, very cool!  I have some small wooden crates that I got at Crate & Barrel-they're about the same size.  I've hung them on the wall in my laundry room that's right as you come in from the garage.  I stick my keys, umbrella, ball caps, etc. in them.  It's a great look, and helps keep me organized-no easy challenge!!:)  Big hug for you, Sharrah!!
L1558 (3 years ago)
If only I didnt have cats who like shiny dangling things lol
MsSassyMT (3 years ago)
Love this!
Jenny X (3 years ago)
How did you make the hooks?
Crystal Torres (3 years ago)
Such a simple and easy idea!  i need to try this
💞love this idea💞love you're makeup can you please do a everyday face makeup tutorial 💁
Mary Marks (3 years ago)
Great idea.  Yeah, I have bleach stains on some of my bathroom towels.  I think it's from a facial cleanser that I use that has benzoyl peroxide and just little bit will discolor towels.  But that's ok when  you have guests you bring out your best towels.  Thanks for sharing such an easy towel storage solution.  Love ya!
Tamela Bowie Interiors (3 years ago)
What a great idea! There are so many options on the type of storage container that a person could use to really personalize their space. I'm thinking in a young child's bathroom to use crates spray painted in primary colors...thanks for sharing!!!!
RAY y (3 years ago)
It's beautiful actually
Dawn Thomas (3 years ago)
Great idea using the baskets! Thanks for sharing!
tigergreg8 (3 years ago)
The storage for towels is an awesome idea. You could also incorporate that into your kitchen too. Maybe not with heavy dishes though, hehe O_O
MrsLoretta (3 years ago)
Cute idea..and Sharrah..you look so pretty!! hugs Loretta
Dahlia 42k1 (3 years ago)
I like the baskets!
MegaAmerica66 (3 years ago)
Love those wire baskets, where did you get them?
aisha (3 years ago)
+MegaAmerica66 you can get it from Joann
Faye Evans (3 years ago)
Great video 😍💖💖💖
Ann marie White (3 years ago)
Love love the basket ideas for towels pure genius!
j81jevon (3 years ago)
Definitely have those stains as well!
Grace Fuller (3 years ago)
Your definitely not the only one
John Tippins (3 years ago)
Those stains most likely aren't bleach but are from peroxide.  Check your 1) make-up remover 2) facial cleansers 3) toothpaste etc.
Scrapdillyishious (3 years ago)
I don't even use bleach, and on my nicest organic towels they have "bleach looking stains".  I'm guessing it's some of the color washing out?  So odd... if I had known, I'd have bought WHITE instead of a color. lol
1329melissa (3 years ago)
also, more diy's on branch themes! please!
1329melissa (3 years ago)
love it! AND YESSSSSS, I have the towel stains too! how does it happens! lol god bless =)
Beccalovesunicorns (3 years ago)
Like all of my nice towels have bleach stains 😂
TheRockChild (3 years ago)
Good job, looks really nice. But I think its time for new colored towels.... haha.
klhtrading7 (3 years ago)
Love the jewelry and towel holders -- brings the outside inside in such a pretty functional way.
Humayoun Raja (3 years ago)
Yes please make a video on the hooks!
Cece Charles and MORE (3 years ago)
Awesome towel holder!!!!
Anaid Mariam (3 years ago)
Yes! Towel hooks tutorial, and I love this idea! I'm not creative enough to think of hanging baskets as wall mounted storage. If only my bathroom wasn't covered in pink tile...
Elyse Macdonald (3 years ago)
Love you guys I love this channel I watch your mothers channel all time I love this bathroom series
DennygirlJO (3 years ago)
You're human. It is ok to have bleach stains. Awesome tutorial. I shall be trying that also!!!
BohistaNordica (3 years ago)
Where did you get the wire baskets, please?
sweetie (1 year ago)
aisha (3 years ago)
+BohistaNordica you can get it from Joann
Cassie Coffey (3 years ago)
I love this idea! I have been looking for baskets like these for months, where are they from?
etarime (3 years ago)
It's amazing how much this bathroom has transformed! Great job 💜

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