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Destiny The Taken King "How to Fight LIGHTEATER KNIGHTS" | King's Fall Raid

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Here's how to deal with the Lighteater Knights in the Oryx fight in Hard Mode for King's Fall raid in Destiny The Taken King. ► Follow Arekkz on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Arekkz ► Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/arekkzg?sub_confirmation=1 Reddit post by Taux: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3pzdry/spoiler_hd_heroic_oryx_bossfight_tips_and_diagram/ https://imgur.com/nUHpuBn Save 15% on Insert Coin Tee Clothing using the code AREKKZ15 https://www.insertcoinclothing.com/monster-hunter/ ► Like ► Comment ► Subscribe to our channel for more exclusive gameplay videos. Subscribe to Arekkz Gaming: http://www.youtube.com/ArekkzG Follow Arekkz Gaming on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ArekkzGaming Like Arekkz Gaming on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArekkzGaming Follow Arekkz on Instagram: https://instagram.com/arekkz/
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Text Comments (90)
Fikayo Owolabi (2 years ago)
could you do hard mode at light level 305
Bunnuna (2 years ago)
LuchoVena (2 years ago)
can the knights run in other directions? recently, my knight was glitching and running the wrong way to the closer corrupted light orb I couldnt find one and hid under the platform and ran towards the wrong orb
Dameon Chhay (2 years ago)
wanting to do raid every week ps4 or ps3 297 titan psn:preychhay I HAVE DONE IT PLENTY OF TIMES WILL HELP LOW LEVELS (290) WILL BE DOING IT EVERYDAY PS4:Saturday-(all day) PS3:week day-(2:00pm-2:00am)
Nick Silvestri (2 years ago)
arekkz, what attack value was twosixnine's defiance of yasmine he totally annihilated the ogres with it?
wow you speak quickly
Eskil Bjerkestrand (2 years ago)
Arekkz, do you play with subscribers????😜
Nth (2 years ago)
Lol he says "Some of us were three oh nine, and some of use were three oh ten" xD
Someone (2 years ago)
Richard Ruiz (2 years ago)
Jesus Rivera (2 years ago)
Looking for a raid squad. I'm on ps4 and my light level is 290
Jonny Nevanranta (2 years ago)
Awesome tactic. I've never thought of that. This must be the most easiest way to handle them. Thanks Arekkz for making this video!
AveryCL3V3Rman (2 years ago)
My team just killed him three times today and we got it down pretty well. Theres a few things that will help along with this video (which is also very helpful): -Team composition= at least 2 titans and 2 nightstalkers (for orbs and tethering vessel) or one hunter running celestial nighthawk golden gun -Floater titan always pops a Blessing of light bubble in dead center as first ogre comes up while second floater (person whose platform the relic is over) -both floaters burst down each ogre with Touch of Malice and dip back in the bubble for each next ogre -All platform guys snipe ogres to stagger them, but they should die quickly from the ToM's in the middle -Once ogres are dead, look across for your knight; you can kill it with two sniper headshots as it comes out of the ground -The last knight will be left alive due to second floater being in the middle, but as long as you have a decent relic runner, the aura should be in middle by the time the last knight crosses the middle, so just burst him sown then. -After the relic runner says he has the relic, everyone can get off if theyve sniped their knight, but make sure you dont die. Do not stay on the platform if you are still trying to kill your knight, its not worth dying for, because you can still kill them before the get your orb. -With the blessing bubble in the middle, everyone can jump in that once the runner has the relic and wait for him to get to the middle. -One hunter tethers the vessel to kill him quickly and make orbs, the other hunter tethers adds after you stun oryx -Once, stunned, DO NOT run straight for the corrupted lights; kill ALL adds first and then start the countdown and get back. -The other titan can use his bubble for the shade, or switches with the floater titan in the middle if he does not have his bubble back. -The warlocks are just for assurance for self-res, but not necessary. If youre having trouble with the shade, you can have once warlock bait him while he is charging and sacrifice himself and the res. But 2 titans is a minimum just for safety on the middle bubble, and the hunters are nice to have, but not necessary. If you are having trouble staying alive, you can all use self res (but still have 2 titans). Unfortunately, this is hard mode and the better solution is just stay alive. And as hard as it is for me to say it, this is not for everyone, and youre not good enough to stay alive, then you really just need to practice and get better. - Being 311+ definitely helps, but as long as you can stay alive, you can do it with lower levels. For example, one of our runs, we had one person 307, one 309, two 310's, and two 312's. So it's not impossible to do with lower levels, but you have to be good enough at the game and not die. The guy that was 307 died the least, but wasn't doing as much damage for ogres and knights as we needed, so made an adjustment and swapped the runner (me at 312) to help bring ogres down quicker. Hope these thing helped and good luck to everyone attempting it!
AveryCL3V3Rman (2 years ago)
+KeviBowser Yah but the centurions' axion darts can kill you very quickly while youre going to the lights. Priority number one is survival, so killing everything helps insure safe passage for everyone
KeviBowser (2 years ago)
+AveryCL3V3Rman Really god explanation. But note, adds die from corrupted light (Unless I'm mistaken)
Aletheia RealGod (2 years ago)
+AveryCL3V3R Man, thanks for taking the time to explain it all so precisly. Exited to come back to try that shit up with my team!
Daniel Mendoza (2 years ago)
Yea, I beat Oryx yesterday, and the ogre add guy actually used the ToM with blessings, works out PERFECTLY, Ogres were off the grid in no time. When you get killed in the realm by the shade, it sometimes doesn't let you self rez.
Kyle (2 years ago)
Thank you for making a more informative guide on how to defeat Oryx with the new mechanics, unfortunately I have already beaten Oryx rendering this to useless for me. But, I can respect how quickly you produce these guides, and how useful this may be to other players. Appreciate it!
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
What's that auto rifle?
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
+Jay Boy Oh.
Jay (2 years ago)
+Ryan Cat I'm joking grim citizen is one of the old school auto rifles from year 1
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
+Jay Boy Is that even a gun?
Jay (2 years ago)
Grim citizen
CantWant (2 years ago)
Zhalo supercell
SharpedoGaming (2 years ago)
Off topic question but could you do like a thumbnail tutorial if you make your own they're very nice
Cesar Bermudez (2 years ago)
FFS more Destiny...
pureXpornstar6969 (2 years ago)
FFS more complaining
UpF1st FPS (2 years ago)
I don't get how you're able to stay alive on the platforms long enough for the Knights to cross. The ship that drops off the vessel was passing you when you were killing them.. If we don't get off the platforms as soon as our torn runner gets the relic we seem to die quickly. Great job though and thanks for the tips.
AveryCL3V3Rman (2 years ago)
+Trill Ridah You can snipe the knights as theyre coming out of the ground. Two headshots downs them, but dont worry about killing them if youre platform is one of the last two, because you can kill the knights form the middle aura as they cross. I just posted some more details above. Hope that helps!
Markii 1125 (2 years ago)
Arreks but how do u deal with the Knights when they spawn so late? Every one will be in the middle shooting the Relic Knight, and my teams Back Ogre Eaters will just have spawned. From then you cant freekin see them cus of all the ads, and they full on sprint to your orb. Idk man what u did in this vid seemed way to easy
RLprod (2 years ago)
kill em from aura when they cross middle. even if one escapes its not a big deal as long as Ppl stay alive you eventually kill orxy. Also kill ogres as fast as possible to get the knights to spawn faster
杰夫我的名字叫 (2 years ago)
i want to give my hunter and my warlock a gender change because female hunter armour sucks and so does warlock male armour, if only there was this edit button which allows you to change your guardian once
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
+Alan Bermudez The Titan stuff is starting to grow on me. xD
Alan Bermudez (2 years ago)
+Ryan Cat Yeah, the helmet is badass.
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
+Alan Bermudez Yeah, I like the helmet though.
Alan Bermudez (2 years ago)
^ The raid robes
Alan Bermudez (2 years ago)
+Lord Saladman The robes look the worst imo.
Nghia Nguyen (2 years ago)
Great video Arrekz keep it up. This confirms that they do spawn diagonally like we speculated.
AN7H3M (2 years ago)
Anyone know the outtro song?
crimsondemonx (2 years ago)
omg this was the most helpful heroic oryx guide, no other video ive seen clearly explained where the knights spawned thank you for you're guide.
Poke Shirley (2 years ago)
It's sad that I never have done a raid........ I'll never be 310 light :(
Son Goku Anims (2 years ago)
i was 328 and i havnt done a raid till a few weeks ago
TheoreticalBear (2 years ago)
+RLprod I never screwed up once, and I was never away from the game while we were doing the raid.
RLprod (2 years ago)
+Ryan Cat You were probably talking shit or screwing up a lot. I've never been kicked.
Alan Bermudez (2 years ago)
Really? Wow, that is fucked up. I'm glad I have people to do it with then.
squalltheonly (2 years ago)
I love it how bungie releases new content without fixing the glitches and bugs on said content. The bombs in oryx sometimes don't deal the sky they are supposed to, you have to go to orbit and come back.
AwesomeGoldenGamers (2 years ago)
buba457 (2 years ago)
Arrekz, do you not have Touch of Malice? Just wondering because you weren't using it during Oryx.
Eric Morgan (2 years ago)
I have ToM and quit using it on oryx there is no point really. any weapon as long as everyone is firing will stun him.
Sir Pancake Gaming (2 years ago)
+Arekkz Gaming are u ever going to do a subscriber playing stream
buba457 (2 years ago)
Oh guess I wasn't paying attention. Great video! All your guides helped my team a lot
Arekkz Gaming (2 years ago)
+buba4577 This isn't me playing, this is TwoSixNine. I am the platform runner in this fight and yeah I have Touch of Malice.
CyborgChimp17 (2 years ago)
Just what I was after! Thanks Arekkz <3
XXXLOLXXX XXXx (2 years ago)
People should stop playing destiny if they think oryx is hard.... Fucking noobs
杰夫我的名字叫 (2 years ago)
+XXXLOLXXX XXXx im guessing it was hard for people going in blind but oryx is actually really easy when you know what your doing, im not really sure about hard mode because i havent tried it yet
XXXLOLXXX XXXx (2 years ago)
+Ali Alsuwaidi oryx challenging? hahha Lol we killed him the second time, the raid was easy too... it was just a waste of time
Nicholas Kowalski (2 years ago)
I'm stuck at Oryx.
Nicholas Kowalski (2 years ago)
+XXXLOLXXX XXXx Just beat it due to a team who who doesn't die by Ogres!
CantWant (2 years ago)
+XXXLOLXXX XXXx stop being a douch
The Duke Of Legends (2 years ago)
+XXXLOLXXX XXXx why should he lead by your example?
XXXLOLXXX XXXx (2 years ago)
Stop playing the game noob
Deadshot_ Jazz (2 years ago)
ct123192 (2 years ago)
Why use a zhalo supercell?
TheRealTClutch (2 years ago)
That's not him playing, he's the platform runner
harborwolf22 (2 years ago)
+TheGoldenBrian Have'nt been able to beat oryx, got to him with all my characters I'm hoping to finish him off next week with my normal raid group
ct123192 (2 years ago)
+harborwolf22 Yup that will work pretty good for this part. Good Luck if you haven't done it yet!
harborwolf22 (2 years ago)
+TheGoldenBrian I infused a 312 hard mode raid sniper into my 1000 yard stare, so that's at 312 and I use it. Does great damage (more than he was doing with his sniper) I need to buy the fire version from the vanguard and get that leveled up too
ct123192 (2 years ago)
+harborwolf22 I usually use Touch of Malice and try to be hyperaware of my health. If you have a good sniper hung jury is a great option
Golden Eagle (2 years ago)
I really want to do the hard mode raid but my raid team cant even beat the warpriest
Whos Frosty (2 years ago)
Pleez notice me
AwesomeGoldenGamers (2 years ago)
BF and GF (2 years ago)
Whos Frosty (2 years ago)

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