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Video No #3 | Chapter 2 | Scientific Management | Principles and Techniques given by FW Taylor | XII

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After watching this video you will be able to understand the following contents :- Scientific Management Principles : 1.Science, not rule of thumb 2.Harmony not discord 3.Cooperation, not individualism 4.Development of each and every person to his/her greatest efficiency and prosperity. Scientific Management Techniques : 1. Functional Foremanship 2. Standardisation and Simplification of work 3. Work study( which includes-Fatigue, Time, Motion & Method study) 4. Differential piece wage system. Please take a moment to Like, Subscribe, and Comment on this video! View Our Channel To See More Helpful Videos - https://www.youtube.com/tarunanejaclasses For Downloading notes:- Visit www.tarunaneja.com We provide Tuition classes and home tuitions as well For Class related enquiries contact # 8800655354
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Text Comments (34)
Khushi Singh (1 month ago)
pls sir remaining chapters ka video bhi upload kr digiye
rajesh sinha (1 month ago)
Ok h sir
Chaal baaz (2 months ago)
Best ever lecture sir awesome
Rajesh Sharma (2 months ago)
Thanku so much for uploading this video
Aman Soul (2 months ago)
Thank u sir ...you help me a lot...
Jai prakash (3 months ago)
Thanku sir
Puja Singh (3 months ago)
Nice sir
Akshat Singh (3 months ago)
Update kijiye na*
Akshat Singh (3 months ago)
Sir aap ki web site mai chapter one ke notes ko 18-19 ke hesab se update lijeye na plzz
GAMERS ZONE (3 months ago)
Sb easy understand ho gia Thx a lot
Tejpal Singh Chauhan (4 months ago)
Sir your all video are nice but mujhe ch 4 organising k videos Nahi mil rahe how can I find it
anirudh singh (4 months ago)
Thanks sir..
Gaurav aryan (4 months ago)
Sir vedios jaldi jaldi upload kardo chapter 3 & 4 ki
Tarun Aneja Classes (4 months ago)
sure my dear..
Gaurav aryan (4 months ago)
Awesome sir👍
Tarun Aneja Classes (4 months ago)
thnku so much :)
Ayush Jaiswal (5 months ago)
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
Arush Jaiswal 17/9, ground floor moti nagar, new delhi 15
Ayush Jaiswal (5 months ago)
Sir "planning "chapter please
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
Arush Jaiswal haanji sure....
saket kumar (5 months ago)
Sir chapter 3 upload kar do please jaldi
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
saket kumar sure will upload soon..
Sandeep Pandey (5 months ago)
Seven feature hai Sb
Sandeep Pandey (5 months ago)
Characteristics of management principal
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
2.) https://youtu.be/Q3UUkBTB46g First videos is related to principles, meaning and its features And second video is related to 14 principles of henry fayol... In dono k notes tarunaneja.com pe jaakr download bhi kr skty ho ap....thanks....best wishes from Tarun Aneja Classes
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
Sandeep Pandey 1.) https://youtu.be/knjXleVohpg
Sandeep Pandey (5 months ago)
Sir 2 chapter ki video hai.... Characteristics ki
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
Sandeep Pandey topic??
Sandeep Pandey (5 months ago)
Nice video sir
Sandeep Pandey (5 months ago)
Tarun Aneja Classes. Great
Tarun Aneja Classes (5 months ago)
Tarachand Parida (5 months ago)
nice video sir ...bahut badia explanation thii
Gurwinder Singh (5 months ago)
Thanks sir for uploading this video
sunny ranjan (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir for uploading this video

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