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lenovo IdeaTab A1000 Hard Reset, Wipe Data / Factory Reset, Password, Screen Lock Reset, Unfreeze

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🛠 You can visit my page: http://www.zfix.eu/ Software / Hardware Reset Idea Tab A1000 from Android System Recovery menu. If your tablet does not start properly or freezing... If your tablet is stuck on Lenovo logo or... If you have "Too many patterns attempts"... If you forgot you password and can't log in with your google account... If you want to erase data from the device... (video tutorial) For Hardware Reset!!! Attention !!! You will lose all your personal data !!! This is not a problem if you have a backup. Always make a backup if you have important information!!! Как сделать полный сброс / Hard Reset !!!Нужно учитывать, что данные действия приводят к полному удалению всех данных пользователя из памяти аппарата!!! Не удаляются данных с внутренней памяти и карты памяти. Но рекомендуется сделать резервные копии. Выключите планшет. Одновременно нажмите кнопку увеличения громкости, кнопку Включения. После того как начнется загрузка отпустите кнопки. В появившемся меню при помощи кнопку уменьшения громкости выберите пункт "wipe data/factory reset" и подтвердите выбор кнопкой увеличения громкости. В следующем меню выберите пункт "— delete all user data", после чего будет выполнен сброс и отобразится первое меню. Аналогичным способом выбираем в нем "reboot system now" через несколько минут планшет перезагружается. Related videos: Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Firmware Update: http://youtu.be/ktKCEMTYBKM lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Power on and Charging Failure Issue, dead after low charge : http://youtu.be/03mhJk-of5Y Lenovo IdeaTab A1000F - How to Flash Recovery Stock ROM / Install Firmware : http://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU lenovo IdeaTab A1000 Teardown - How to Disassemble / Take Apart : http://youtu.be/rgX0-UzZT3o Lenovo TAB A7-40, A7-50, A3500 - Hard, Factory reset: https://youtu.be/L2nFwCzfReg Photo Album: https://plus.google.com/b/116883850378439288406/photos/116883850378439288406/albums/5971054413939272273/5971417856772398802?pid=5971417856772398802&oid=116883850378439288406 ---------------------------------------------- iFixit manual: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Wipe+Data+-+Factory+Reset+%28Hard+Reset%29/24304 ---------------------------------------------- Specification / Review: Tablet PC IdeaTab A1000-F CPU: MTK 8317 DC 1,2GHz Display: 7.0 1024x600 LED GLARE System memory: 16G EMMC ANDROID OS ----------------------------------------------- Music:: "Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17pmEshAzg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (281)
rohkea vesi (1 month ago)
thank you bro!!!
j6c0b (8 months ago)
this video helped me greatly thank you very much, like
iTzKRiVaLiTys }:v (1 year ago)
La tengo guardada por q no me deja hacer nada
iTzKRiVaLiTys }:v (1 year ago)
iTzKRiVaLiTys }:v (1 year ago)
Amigo mi tableta carga bien y todo pero cuando la prendo me manda a donde se resetear y algo lo q dioses pero vuelve a lo mismo y se queda a y no no me deja hacer nada
Universe Forever (1 year ago)
My tablet is stuck at the logo and won't do anything but turn on and off now it still won't do anything
Universe Forever (1 year ago)
I do not know what to do
kpoper 1 (1 year ago)
I pressed reboot system now..but what shown is android trying to load then shown that android laying on the groud and its stomach is opened What should I do
Kawaii Girl 2468 (1 year ago)
ParTY SharK (1 year ago)
Спасибо большущее для тебя!!!)Всё сработало на 100%!!!)
salim Giles (1 year ago)
ayuda la mía se queda en el logo!!
salim Giles (1 year ago)
ZFix (1 year ago)
If you have still a problem you can try to reflash a stock ROM but be careful, you have to choose the correct ROM for your model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UcT7bl1dBU&feature=youtu.be
Navneet kumar Yadav (1 year ago)
Zamri Faizal (2 years ago)
baby zumbi
#VHVideos :d (2 years ago)
bro....when I try do the hard reset,the tablet sends me to "Lenovo logo " and i cant entry to options
rana abdullah (2 years ago)
but in my tap it says(setupwizard and craching:((((
CROSS BLADER (2 years ago)
It's steel stuck on its logo
JuanDan055 (2 years ago)
mee too
CROSS BLADER (2 years ago)
How long do I have to wait???
Nikki (2 years ago)
Hi~I have a lenovo tablet yoga 8 6000~ I followed this tutorial once when mine were stuck on the logo and it worked, it started as the one in the video and it worked till yesterday, when it got stuck on the logo again, I had fixed it once so i did the same, but now it got stuck on the "whiping data" part, if i power off and on the tablet it goes to lenovo logo and then "whipping data" again, i dont know what to do, do you have any idea or guide to help me ? You'll be my hero TT TT Tnx a lot !!!!
ZFix (2 years ago)
The tablet must be reflashed. You have to go to a repair service center.
Maimoona Maimoona (2 years ago)
thanku so much it really helped me alot
Ursulo Arco (2 years ago)
how to fix lenovo tablet..?? Encrypt State?? can u make that video??i need your help!! it says that.. " Can Get phone Encrypt State" how to fix that?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Ursulo Arco Did you try to factory reset it?
Ryan 7naga Sinaga (2 years ago)
Hi admin can u help me to preparing my tab lenovo? I can't open my tab because forgot pasword and and if I open my tab always say open with voice "please help me brother
rishitha g (3 years ago)
it is fantastic.it worked .thanks a lot
ZFix (3 years ago)
+rishitha garapati シ
HANAN alotaibi (3 years ago)
Thank you a lot 💐
ZFix от перегрева это выручит?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+HANAN alotaibi I thank you too.
mike harrison (3 years ago)
how do you make the word in english
Marija Tičinović (3 years ago)
you're the best!!!
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Marija Tičinović ツ
Dheptika Gopal (3 years ago)
how long did you wait
Dheptika Gopal (3 years ago)
how long did you wait
Dheptika Gopal (3 years ago)
i love u
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Dheptika Gopal 😉
Murmulis (3 years ago)
And what do if u erase data and reboot it and it still shows the f dead android guy
Murmulis (3 years ago)
+ZFix i know but still it didnt help now its at mechanic i hope everything will be ok
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Sandis Skrastins Maybe something happens during the update process. Look at this video how to reflash the firmware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UcT7bl1dBU Be careful, the link in the description is for Lenovo IdeaTab A1000F.
Murmulis (3 years ago)
+ZFix i was just letting my tablet get the new version and it showed the dead android guy i was looking how to fix it but the factory and rebooting didnt help :(
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Sandis Skrastins What was the problem before? The tablet goes after restart to Android System Recovery menu or you have a dead robot with an error message?
Jhammy Arimado (3 years ago)
I can't use my volume up. What am i gonna do? If i do the click settings, click reset. And click the DELETE EVERYTHING. What'll gonna happen? My tablet will be back into it's original state?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Jhammy Arimado Yes, this is the same. The idea of the factory reset with the hardware keys is for situations where the OS not start normally.
Julián Romero (3 years ago)
I have a tablet that does not leave the menu hardreset, and this is repeated
mahendra singh (3 years ago)
thanks for the video its working with my lenovo A1000....same way we can install ios (i pad) and windows operating system to this device please upload the link to download the softwares....thanks
Zzswami Zz (3 years ago)
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Zzswami Zz Cheers!
very thanks Brother
Vasudev Mr (3 years ago)
Hi how to fix idea tab A2107A??
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Vasudev Mr What is the problem with your tablet?
Amp Chompootawatsathit (3 years ago)
thank you :)
david vazquez (3 years ago)
Gracias! Muy útil tu video
Annie Rubio (3 years ago)
does it work if i dont have a memory card?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Annie Rubio Yes.
victor manuel (3 years ago)
Thanks veré thanks like
qamer qureshi (3 years ago)
Mine is an older version I don't have sim insert down it's located on d top help me find the reset button hope for an early reply
ZFix (3 years ago)
+qamer qureshi Wich model is your tablet?
Joshua Crusie (3 years ago)
When i push the down arrow to move the selection it just restarts.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Joshua Crusie Maybe you have a problem with the Volume down button. In the Android System Recovery menu you can navigate with the Volume down and select with the Volume up.
gamer Salazar 2 (3 years ago)
Thanks man,good video
Sornchai Prabngooloum (3 years ago)
Thank you guy.
Максим (3 years ago)
Devin Norgarb (4 years ago)
whaaaaaaaaat!!!! Thanx sooo fucking much!!!!! 
Gunther Postrado (4 years ago)
When I update my Tablet(Idea Tab A1000) it shut down. When it opens it optimizing the apps then i unlock it and it only show Unfortunately, SetupWizard has stopped, Unfortunately Gmail has stopped and etc. and it is unlimited...how to fix it?
ZFix (4 years ago)
if this happened after an update, this is OS problem. You have to reflash the tablet: https://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU Note - the link in the description is for A1000F.
Muy buen video de funciono 100% gracias
i don't have the key thing and i  can't go into recovery mode i just want to reset my password i don't remember it i have the a1000L
ZFix (4 years ago)
Try to connect your device to your Mac by same way, with the volume up pressed (switched off tablet) and check for connected device in your Apple configurator.
ZFix (4 years ago)
+QQ Fifa  I am not familiar with iOS but you must have a connected device in Apple configurator.
i have a mac
ZFix (4 years ago)
+QQ Fifa  OK, test the volume up button by this way: power off the tablet and connect it to the PC with micro USB cable while holding down the volume up button. Windows must see that a new device is connected. This means that the button works. But if your tablet start charging, you have a problem with the Volume up button. The tablet must be disassembled to be repaired button. P.S. If you have an internet connection and installed Google account on your tablet, you can unlock it with Android Device manager: http://youtu.be/9yx_XGgrLVE
Honey Lyn Baguio (4 years ago)
MY lenovo ideatab A3000H couldnt detect simcard any more... please help me
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Honey Lyn Baguio  How did this happen?
mokhtàr hàmi (4 years ago)
Thanks bro its work
francesca francesca (4 years ago)
I love you!!!!!
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Edgar Edgar  Your tablet stuck at Lenovo logo?
ZFix (3 years ago)
If your tablet switch on normally, you can do a factory reset from the settings.
Aswanth Daya (3 years ago)
He I found it is an old function it has changes menu but I last fpund it it was clear eMMC or something thanks for replying
ZFix (3 years ago)
I think the factory mode is when you power-on the tablet with pressed the volume down button. What is the problem with your tablet?
Aswanth Daya (3 years ago)
he zfix a littile help here my tablet is just going to factory mode not recoury
Sankeerth Tech Guy (4 years ago)
It's Edgar (4 years ago)
when i try to do it , i do the factory reset still nothing , then i reboot it and still it does not work
Aswinanda CK (4 years ago)
when i start the hard reset. it won't start the progress, just showing a lenovo logo then black screen. nothing happened. it also happens when i try to update the system, it restarts and the logo is on, but then black screen. nothing happened. please help :(
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Aswinanda CK  Try factory reset from the Menu > Settings > Backup & reset
I´ve learned a lot with this video my friend, and I could compose my tab
heba popina (4 years ago)
thnx i solved my tab by ur way, thank u
Romero (4 years ago)
gracias por el aporte amigo me fue muy util
Daisy Torres (4 years ago)
i did it and still wont open...help please!!
ZFix (4 years ago)
If your tablet stuck on Lenovo logo, then you can try to flash it.
Siti Norazhari (4 years ago)
But my phone volume up is cannot response
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Siti Norazhari  This is the link for A1000G ROM, but I have not tried it. https://doc-0g-80-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/401far9kggaubvuhekfhn3umq685usog/1419242400000/13568185791121754141/*/0B-Vtr-_JV6FOekttUU96blNsY3M?e=download
Siti Norazhari (4 years ago)
Siti Norazhari (4 years ago)
My Model tablet is tab lenovo a1000g
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Siti Norazhari  The full model of your tablet?
Siti Norazhari (4 years ago)
How to download rom and where to download rom
david borrero (4 years ago)
Thank you !!! it works perfect
ZFix (4 years ago)
ravfore flores  - Is this hard reset uninstall the update of Lenovo? - No, Only reset the settings and erase installed applications and accounts.
ravfore flores (4 years ago)
Is this hard reset uninstall the update of Lenovo?
mohammed aejaz (4 years ago)
Thanks bro its work
Dexite (4 years ago)
hey I did the factory reset perfectly but when it turns on the lenovo logo comes up and it just freezes there :( can you please help?
ZFix (4 years ago)
Strange, problem after reset can happen only if the tablet has a hardware problem. Try firs this, open the tablet and disconnect the battery for ~ 60 sec. This video will help you with removing the back cover:  http://youtu.be/rgX0-UzZT3o   But if the tablet is in warranty, don't do this, go to the service.
Dexite (4 years ago)
nothing really.. it was lacking memory but still worked perfectly. not it wont even go beyond the lenovo logo when I turn it on
ZFix (4 years ago)
+DEXlTE  What was the problem of tablet before the reset?
Wong2163 (4 years ago)
My tablet turns on makes a noise then stays on the same screen didn't work can anyone help😣
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Catchmeifyacan2 21  Try to flash the tablet with a stock ROM. This video is for model A1000F: http://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU
Anindra Misra (4 years ago)
This was a great help. Thanks a Lot. You saved my Tab and time.
Oxybage Gameplay (4 years ago)
Hay dude i have the same problem but my tablet stuck in the first lenovo logo (the big one) i tried the factory reset, but no, and i tried to flash the rom but my pc dont read my tablet can you help me?
Oxybage Gameplay (4 years ago)
+ZFix ok men, thanks, u are very helpful, i gonna send it to a technician, thanks
ZFix (4 years ago)
It's not easy, and you must have some experience. Otherwise you can damage it more. Ask for help from a technician.
Oxybage Gameplay (4 years ago)
+ZFix How i can fix it? Or i cant?
ZFix (4 years ago)
I thing you have a problem with the micro USB connector.
Oxybage Gameplay (4 years ago)
+ZFix yea i have the battery indicator ony tablet, but when i connect my table my computer say "the last dispositive that you connect at last dont have working good" and my table dont connect
NeWsOnG (4 years ago)
Thank you so much!! This instruction is great, my tablet is working now:))
Really good one. now i done it & my tab is reset & working fine...........................so............goo................d
bosmanbing (4 years ago)
i already did the factory reset like in the video. but after reboot it still stuck on Lenovo logo
ZFix (4 years ago)
+yanuar aidi  Next you can try to change firmware: http://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU The links in the video are for IdeaTab A1000F (check your model first). If the problem is SW this will resolve it. But if you have a hardware problem, the tablet must be checked in a specialized service.
Irving Macias (4 years ago)
Will this delete game data and what do u mean personal data plexus help and what will it delete
Om Kalekar (4 years ago)
no use of these video
Tameem Verina (4 years ago)
its worked thanks a lot...
Chenie Dequitos (4 years ago)
Please Help My Tab was System Halted .I Passed All The Test Except The Bluetooth and Gps was Failed .Please Help .:'(
ZFix (4 years ago)
to Jessica Neadley: Next step is to flash new firmware: http://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU The links in this video are for Lenovo A1000F. If your Lenovo A1000 is different model, you will need another ROM. Read everything carefully!!!
Jessica Neadley (4 years ago)
I have tried what you have suggested but I then
Jessica Neadley (4 years ago)
don't worry I eventually got the link up thank you I will try
Jessica Neadley (4 years ago)
the link you give doesn't come up
ZFix (4 years ago)
to Jessica Neadley Did you try this? http://youtu.be/03mhJk-of5Y
Jessica Neadley (4 years ago)
My lenovo tablet like this froze and I reset it but now it won't turn back on what do I do? 
ShowTimesz gg (4 years ago)
thanksss ^^
Angélica Bojacá (4 years ago)
I need help (first, sorry for my english) I make that but this don't make anything Appear the same menu What i should make with my tablet?
Angélica Bojacá (4 years ago)
Mmm nothing I made that! apear the same menú  I will bring to lenovo 
ZFix (4 years ago)
Tell then us what happened.
Angélica Bojacá (4 years ago)
Oh ok Thanks! I will try! :D
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Angelica Bojaca Use Volume Down for navigation and Volume Up for OK (not like other models - Power button for OK).
Angélica Bojacá (4 years ago)
No. I don't know, a day appear that menu and  i can't exit of the Android System Recovery menu.
wilfredo muñoz (4 years ago)
Gracias, justo lo q ocupaba... mi tabelt se me pegó y no podia apagarla ni reiniciarla... pero justo vi q era... me fue de gran utilidad. Thanks !!!
Aynahful (4 years ago)
It's not working for me
Aynahful (4 years ago)
I tried again and it worked!!! Thanks
Aynahful (4 years ago)
ZFix (4 years ago)
Ok, when you switch on the tablet with the Volume Up and Power button - what happens?
Aynahful (4 years ago)
Forgot password, so can't do anything else
ZFix (4 years ago)
All is OK with your tablet? You can't enter the Android System Recovery menu? You can do a factory reset from the settings menu. 
Siobhain Cunnane (4 years ago)
Thank you. Your patience and effort have paid off.  Child's tablet now up and running following your actions precisely!  You are great for sharing this.
Md Adil (4 years ago)
RAul Ramirez Sho (4 years ago)
thanks and thanks match thanks i am from colombian thanks my friend
shaunda777 (4 years ago)
This fixed my child's tablet! Thank you so much.
sang Le (4 years ago)
It wont work for me
thank your are good
pushpendra singh (4 years ago)
thanks a lottttttttt very very helpful for me
Jamyilah James (4 years ago)
Thank you so Much
saurabh bhardwaj (4 years ago)
saurabh bhardwaj (4 years ago)
thank you sooo much :) you just got a like from me
PACKERSFAN 6906 (4 years ago)
umm if i hard reset, would it erase my music too?
PACKERSFAN 6906 (4 years ago)
thank you sooo much :) you just got a like from me
ZFix (4 years ago)
Wipe data / factory reset will not erase information from your storage (files from folders Download, Music, DCIM...).  But it is better to keep your important information. If you want to erase all your information, you must use option "Erase USB storage"  from Factory data reset menu.
Akash pokhriyal (4 years ago)
Please help, the tablet just shows lenovo logo and shuts off, it doesn't even goes to recovery mode.
ZFix (4 years ago)
Try this solution: http://youtu.be/_UcT7bl1dBU !!! Read the description carefully !!!
mt tintin (4 years ago)
Khalid Monawar (4 years ago)
Thanks for all the help and support , i can't wait till the next video
ZFix (4 years ago)
I upload some photos here: https://plus.google.com/photos/116883850378439288406/albums/6031034563533688513 Check do you have enough free space. As you see at the pictures, I have ~12GB free space and the user data is 117MB. You can copy to the laptop the files from folders "Download" and "DCIM" and erase them to free more space.
Khalid Monawar (4 years ago)
Hi , I made a backup file and tried restore data , but it was blank so I thought it was loading , I left it like that for like 10 min but nothing happend
ZFix (4 years ago)
Currently I have one such tablet and now I am preparing a video for this.
Khalid Monawar (4 years ago)
Hi again I was at the system recovery menu , i went to the restore tab , i pressed it but nothing happened
krlos romro (4 years ago)
+ZFix cuanto tiempo esperaste con la tablet encendida para que cargara bien en la ultima opcion que utilizaste en yu video
ZFix (4 years ago)
Do you make a backup file first (backup user data)?

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