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First Windows 10 commercial.

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ED M (1 day ago)
Asus? More like Anus.
Brandon Pham (15 days ago)
I am using it right now
Diamond Life (15 days ago)
best ad 10 best os 10
Brenan Caro (21 days ago)
1:02 minecraft
Azizan Mythers (1 month ago)
RafikGamingYT (2 months ago)
Windows 8.1 is better! No fuc*ing updates!
Sqverb (27 days ago)
you are suing windows
Annousa batal (2 months ago)
cha cha cha.
Windows XP (2 months ago)
Sqverb (27 days ago)
new is better than old so windows 10 is better
Rao Eñe (2 months ago)
TheNoob Sheep (2 months ago)
Windows Xp is best
TheNoob Sheep (2 months ago)
Paul (2 months ago)
Balázs Channel. (3 months ago)
Where is offical Windows 10 commercial from offical Windows YT Channel?
Justin Gay (3 months ago)
Windows 10 is shit. 😐
Lazy Tech Nerd (3 months ago)
Am I one of those rare ones who actually prefers Windows 10 over Vista, 7 and 8?
Sqverb (27 days ago)
i am one of those
Exzotic Foxyz (4 months ago)
Mr. Cj (4 months ago)
Why Windows 11 10 is enough for us..... It's beautiful and powerful 😎😎😎
Mr. Cj (4 months ago)
Windows 10 ™ Good Operating System ☺
Ablute Google (4 months ago)
People saying Windows 10 is shit is the people who haven't spent at least a few months with it
anirban boral (4 months ago)
best os windows 10
GalaxysmartWiz YT (4 months ago)
i had windows vista and i had no problems with that operating system i had service pack which was quite fast i played minecraft back then when it got released it was slow because you tried to launch heavy programs on it
Shankari Chatterjee (4 months ago)
It's not real
Seledoon army (4 months ago)
Windows 10 is a fucking piece of cocksucking shit
CatCatMenMenThingIt (5 months ago)
i'm on windows 7
Sqverb (27 days ago)
i'm in mac
CatCatMenMenThingIt (5 months ago)
CatCatMenMenThingIt (5 months ago)
Windows 10 it New Windows!
Thomas_Boy YTChannel (6 months ago)
Windows 10 is free but the other apps such as Word, PowerPoint, etc. you have to pay
Sqverb (27 days ago)
also in older stuff
MisterNex28 (6 months ago)
Windows 10 it's one shit... i preferate Windows 7 !
Sqverb (27 days ago)
what do you think of windows 8 and 8.1
Towsif Alam (3 months ago)
I like Windows 10. I'm using Windows 10. But On Windows 10, People Can't Do Many Work with backdated and old softwares. Many People Can't Do Official Work With Windows 10. They uses Windows XP or Windows 7. But I Don't Want to leave Windows 10 Now.
WowCake (7 months ago)
Ethan Chase (7 months ago)
I <3 VISTA - 10!
LaserGorki (7 months ago)
Windows 10 not new for me we need a newer windows
Sqverb (27 days ago)
windows 10 is probally the final windows
Vũ Minh Khôi (11 months ago)
Wow it is the exact same soundtrack as the BMW i3 and i8 commercial late 2013
Mr scienceman 2000 (1 year ago)
still happily on win7 pro
Sqverb (27 days ago)
galaxysmartWiz YT enjoy windows 10
Gohel Darshan (3 months ago)
Pls don’t watch my video or subscribe windows 7 ultimate
Why you hate my videos? (3 months ago)
U mean Windows 7 professional
GalaxysmartWiz YT (7 months ago)
yeah windows 7 is much better than 10 but then my laptop auto upgraded it to 10 home
JimPlayz912 (1 year ago)
put it at 0.5 speed... Now the commercial is more realastic!
Boy pro (2 months ago)
Downvote this comment. Now this comment is more realistic!
Michal Novotný (2 months ago)
Justin Gay (3 months ago)
JimPlayz912 that’s in a hard drive
TÜRK TV (1 year ago)
windows 11 ??
Sqverb (27 days ago)
they made an update to windows 10 instead of making windows 11
Vučina (1 year ago)
Windows 10, for me, is very good operating system if you install it on newer PCs. -I use it almost 2 years. It's very good. Better than 8.1, more stable.
Sqverb (27 days ago)
ItayDigital (1 year ago)
Employee - Bill gates! Windows 10 ain't sellin! Bill Gates - oki letz copeh appel'z sireh Employee - Biel Gaterz ur a friken jenius!!!111!!11!
MarkusTegelane (1 year ago)
A time when I was actually excited about Windows 10...
Gabriel Decidueye (1 year ago)
Windows 10 is one of better operating systems so far.
Crystal Dark Pinkie (1 year ago)
My Windows was Windows 7 for now it's Windows 10
Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit
gv3u (1 year ago)
Yeah Yeah The nutshack yeah?
Calvin Abad (1 year ago)
It's a mixture of Windows 7 and 8.1
xxboygamer12xx (4 months ago)
Calvin Abad Which is good.
Anthony Mondz (1 year ago)
Майкрософт потерпела разгром в телефонах с плитками. То же самое ее ожидает и с Windows 10. Даже настоящие поклонники восстали против их. Продолжай Майкрософт упираться рогами в стенку. Новое оформление не нравится большинству. И нечего нам навязывать собственный новоиспеченный на психическом уровне нездоровой мир.
B Christopher (1 year ago)
I want Windows 10 for Christmas
Sqverb (27 days ago)
agree but i don't selebrate christmas
What is the name of this song.
13joinus (1 month ago)
Hallway Swimmers - Indigo
Merc (2 years ago)
Why does everyone hate new Windows Versions -_- Microsoft made it way more practical and Windows Vista is one of the computers I always wish I had :/
ED M (1 day ago)
My experience: Contacted MS Support. I asked how to stop my laptop from freezing whenever I stopped using it for five seconds. They told me to 1. Shit in a Ziploc bag 2. Piss on the shit 3. Put the bag in the fridge 4. Take the bag out a week later 5. Open it 6. Take a huge whiff of it 7. Your problem cannot be fixed.
Sqverb (1 month ago)
all windows are good
Mein Liebe (3 months ago)
Windows update
AngelCraft (4 months ago)
bruh, vista was #bad
music201035 (4 months ago)
Windows 7 forever
dejilook (2 years ago)
0:10 illuminati
Mort_Brain (2 years ago)
I hate this already, maybe as much as windows 10 itself... But no I hate win10 more than this
ExplodingDanny (5 months ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Rainbow Paw (1 year ago)
Mort Brain Reported
Mort_Brain (2 years ago)
No, I'm Linux
Julian (2 years ago)
Mort Brain you even Ubuntu bro?
mr pro (2 years ago)
Finally i found it!
Corex (2 years ago)
Windows 10! The beloved Windows version is here!
TehMondasianSpartan (2 years ago)
Win-do-ws 10.
ryfresh (2 years ago)
I just watched a Windows 95 ad before this and the comparison is insane.
Nick (2 years ago)
Even though Windows 8 was not liked by many people the commericals were far better!
G4p tv G4PS HD (2 years ago)
Andrews Boss (2 years ago)
+G4p tv G4PS POE virgem fdp
Neodymium (2 years ago)
That eye part means Windows 10 users are being watched by microsoft, everything you do,they spy you!
Nossy Drelich (1 year ago)
yea and Apple copied from Xerox. They mainly took a concept and built on it and nothing wrong with that. One does not have to come up with original ideas all the time, building on existing ones work too
Antonio Lansang (2 years ago)
Yet another thing Microsoft copied from Apple's OS X. :P
Daniel Costache (2 years ago)
Windows 10 for other stuff about windows follow me on insta as microsoft.windows or microsoft buisness as microsoft
Jarppi (3 years ago)
Private things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TheNoob Sheep (2 months ago)
Windows 10 private things hahahahahah
_Bajiru_ (2 months ago)
*Exactly* 🤣🤣
like porrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
BlearRocks (6 months ago)
why didn't this get more likes lol
Ghufran Yousafi (3 years ago)
This OS is amazing!
Sqverb (27 days ago)
Daniel Söderström (3 years ago)
('v')b best. commercial. ever.
Nick (3 years ago)
Windows 10 is a cheap piece of shit not even worth a cent! Windows 8 was better than this!
King Kevin Music (3 months ago)
Seriously, Windows 10 is really the worst operating system. I mean... look at what Windows is doing with there updates! You FUCKIN have to send your information to Microsoft or you can't use Windows! Windows 10 was for free to become millions of idiots that are gifting there information to Microsoft and then they can sell it for millions... Windows 8 wasn't so. You can control every thing you want and not like Windows 10 that you HAVE to activate Cortana! 🤦‍♂️ Nick you are damn right with all your comments
Mr. Cj (3 months ago)
Really, then why are you watching this video ??? 😒😒😒
Timur Productions (3 months ago)
I suggest not because you should go get yourself a copy of windows 10 from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
Seledoon army (4 months ago)
ExplodingDanny Fuck you too mr EXPLODINGFUCKINGDANNY you windows 10 sheep
Przemek (5 months ago)
You must pay extra fee for download a file? Really? So where do you live? I pay 55 PLN (about 15 $) per month for 100 Mb/s Optic Fibre connection with no limit. I can download as many OSes I want.
Alberto Andreas (1 year ago)
Windows 10 , U are a shitty Windows! U bricked the most of peoples computers, I would make a linux based Windows(Windows 11) from OpenSuse!
Calvin Abad (1 year ago)
Albert PC I also use Windows 10 on an ASUS G11CD Bluetooth gaming PC
Alberto Andreas (2 years ago)
That was in 2015,I use now Windows 10 and I do not have any problem.
Dani F (3 years ago)
Cortana and Siri are sisters from another misters
Sqverb (27 days ago)
google and elexa
AJ Jonesy (6 months ago)
That means Siri's mother divorced her husband and remarried and had Cortana
David Gois Costa (2 years ago)
+Dani Moreno And about Google Now? Haha!
xVaricode (3 years ago)
All my friends regret updating.
Timur Productions (3 months ago)
*All my friends are dead*
WoozyWig 514888 (6 months ago)
LOL! Windows 10 has Start Menu, Start Button, everything that Win 7 has plus more
ItayDigital (1 year ago)
I miss the start menu I miss the start button not being there I miss fucking everything
how 2 hack 4 you (3 years ago)
minecraft windows 10 beta is relased :D
Kusuma Yogi (3 years ago)
demonic people, dajjal
Kusuma Yogi (2 years ago)
no because there one eye seeing all
Rajasa Mahaputra (2 years ago)
+Kusuma Yogi I think u read conspiracy sites too much ._.
Kusuma Yogi (3 years ago)
we always see the one seeing eye in every windows commercial, the illuminati symbol. like windows 8 commercial, damn you satanic symbol and deminic people. #sorry my english bad, but I hope u understand what I meant, I dont interest to windows 10. really dont want, still with windows 7 not geniue. haha
Destination U.P. (3 years ago)
Apollo Gaming (3 years ago)
+Rimlikoolkid Hallway Swimmers Indigo
MultiLyNaTik (3 years ago)
Майкрософт потерпела разгром в телефонах с плитками. То же самое ее ожидает и с Windows 10. Даже настоящие поклонники восстали против их. Продолжай Майкрософт упираться рогами в стенку. Новое оформление не нравится большинству. И нечего нам навязывать собственный новоиспеченный на психическом уровне нездоровой мир.
Ashton Ross (3 years ago)
I knew it indigo 😂
Luka Spahr (3 years ago)
Amazing ad!

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