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Span of management - With Graicunas formulae and easy explanation!

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Learn this module easily with the help of this video. It has sufficient subject matter which can be used to make notes. Suitable for class 11th, 12th, CA, CS, BBA, and MBA students studying Business Administration.
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Text Comments (11)
Ugbaad Abdi Nor (14 hours ago)
pls i wanna history of management
HONEY AGRAWAL (10 days ago)
Hay aab aap video q nhi dal rahi h
HONEY AGRAWAL (10 days ago)
+EasyMBA ok thanks
EasyMBA (10 days ago)
Will upload a video soon!
Siddhi Semlani (22 days ago)
Can u upload a video is administration Vs management
EasyMBA (17 days ago)
Shikha Sonowal (27 days ago)
Mam plz upload bureaucratization of organization ...n thnx for this vdo😊😊
Shikha Sonowal (26 days ago)
Before sunday upload plz...bcz my mcom exam started...30 sept...onward..
EasyMBA (26 days ago)
Sure would do that soon!
Sezal Shankar (29 days ago)
Thankew 4 the amazing vdo🔥💓
EasyMBA (26 days ago)
Thank You!

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