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Binaural barber shop - ASMR Mens shave roleplay

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Welcome to the ASMR baber shop. Assisted by your personal British ASMR artist. You are here for a beard trim right? Sit down and experience the ASMR tingles. Triggers include personal attention, face brushing, shaving foam sounds, electric razor sounds, razor sounds, REAL beard shaving sounds, and softly spoken words. Thanks to our participant for this video Josh Thompson, who allowed me to use him as a live model to create these sounds. If you like my ASMR channel, you can support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3132814 Instagram: Beccascollective https://www.instagram.com/beccascollective/
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Text Comments (227)
HB2dixon (1 month ago)
If I wasn't the six o'clock appointment I might have been murdered. I love Becca.
Lazy ninja (1 month ago)
Is she saving a wizard
Ahmed Magdy (4 months ago)
Beautiful haircut ❤
Nancy Chodara (4 months ago)
why is it that NONE of you girls that do this shave/hair cut ever pretend to put a protective cape on the customer ??? Have you all never been to a salon.. or even seen one in action on T.V. ??
Weeple Loves Sheep (6 months ago)
Josh Thompson must have been biting back laughs since the "higoodevening" at the start
cubbz5 (6 months ago)
This was amazing put me to sleep twice
Chris Drummond (7 months ago)
It's like ASMR Downton Abbey.
Lex5576 (7 months ago)
LOL...2:30....Big Ben chiming in the background.  Very ASMRish on a quiet Sunday evening.
Robbie J (8 months ago)
Beautiful voice my dear lady.
Ella Justice (8 months ago)
Your hair looks nice 💕
Greynoone (8 months ago)
I'll subscribe if you tell me why the fuck a demi lavado music video is in your doctor roleplay Playlist o.O?
jmr1068204 (9 months ago)
This is the type of lady that one dreams of marrying someday...
You’re such a beaut 😍and your hair looks awesome!
Breaking Baz (9 months ago)
I want to make daily opponents immediately.
Breaking Baz (9 months ago)
I want to make daily opponents immediately.
Fabian Grujic (10 months ago)
Cool eyes
Mr. Devil 4304 (11 months ago)
What's with the right ear focus on the sound
Zachary Brewer (1 year ago)
Kidnap video?
Nicely done!
BlckCloud73 (1 year ago)
I think she'd make a great Money Penny.
Conrad (5 months ago)
BlckCloud73 A moneypenny roleplay from this lady could be quite excellent. Or her playing actual moneypenny in a film :D
james eadie (1 year ago)
I have a good stubble, but I use a straight razor, mind you made me fall asleep, must visit a real barber now . .
Realcls (1 year ago)
She looks like she could be one of those women in a Bond movie where you can't tell if she's good or working for the bad guys.
Ke'reth Makura (1 year ago)
A very pretty lady, I'd let her trim my beard.
Isaac dissonance (1 year ago)
holy fuck THAT accent!!!
The Nobodies (1 year ago)
hi guys im a hairdresser but guess what? what you all say my fucking hair looks like shit :D
DFW Boxing is Back (1 year ago)
As someone whom has had shaves all over the world, some tips for these shaving videos that NONE of them seem to understand; 1. Quit asking if we are okay. Or how we feel.men don't like chatty barbers. 2. This ASMR. Not a forum for woman to star in their own movies. 3. Barbers never show you all their products, how they use them etc. they just do it 4. Barbers never ask how you like the smell. 5. Put the bic razors away. Barbers use straight edge.
annabelle7123 (8 months ago)
I guess they are quite different from hair dressers then, they do ask if you are okay and normally present or show off their products... So why not barber if she is feminine? Maybe rose water might be a bit too much though... haha
GuyN0ir (1 year ago)
Good thing this isn't a real shave. It's a video.
SINister SINderella (1 year ago)
DFW Boxing is Back This is an ASMR video to help people relax/sleep, not an actual barber visit. Gotta jazz it up for the viewers to get more tingles etc. Don't be a party pooper
bannor216 (1 year ago)
Get outta town with that voice. Nah seriously, that voice tho.
Shinobi Wolf (1 year ago)
I thought she said "yes they are probably sterilized", and l was like... wtf kind of barber shop is this? but then l realized she said "properly".
Pricilla Hernandez (1 year ago)
your braids are so cute!😇💖
Jeff Gates (1 year ago)
I hear Bells 🔔
Simple Grace ASMR (1 year ago)
I have to say, I find your videos particularly enjoyable for many reasons, one of which being the long pauses you make between sentences. It is the most tingly trigger ever and it's probably my favorite. You are a natural and it never seems forced. Much love!!
Ian Morley (1 year ago)
Great video! But I can unfortunately watch no more, because it appears you shaved off my eyes... could be problematic...
Ryse Up (1 year ago)
I cannot believe how ridiculous some of the comments are. I think you did an outstanding job, and your eyes are mesmerizing and beautiful. I think you have the best voice in the ASMR world, as well. Very attractive young lady and a great video. Thank you so much! SUBSCRIBED.
GabiN64 (1 year ago)
The gold eyes, she is a sith.
Laurie Eno (1 year ago)
You are as cute as cupcakes.
Jeremy Dixon (1 year ago)
very relaxing, thank you.
Mocking Moniker (1 year ago)
1) You rock that black shirt 2) You rock those braids 3) You rocked that makeup Your eyebrows rock too.
? No (1 year ago)
Mens lmao
Anthony Labrecque (1 year ago)
Diggin the sound quality and calming voice. Thanks for the content Becca!
Lloyd Partin (1 year ago)
thank you for video, by the way your eyes are amazing
+Lloyd Partin thanks for the compliment ☺️
amjan (1 year ago)
Why are you shaving my eyes? WTF girl??
juicer67 (1 year ago)
Wow! You sound like a young Judi Dench. If you said, "You're not sleeping here tonight, Bond," I'd never know the difference.
E B (1 year ago)
what a beauty .
Aemiliea Rhodes (1 year ago)
i have challenged myself to stay awake during this and am now convinced its impossible
Dylan Southern (1 year ago)
I think your gorgeous! great vid. keep doin you :-)
oblivious108 (1 year ago)
Has anyone ever told you that you have such beautiful eyes. ;)
InkMask (1 year ago)
oblivious108 just about the whole comment section, you're rather late, actually.
kayla hamilton (1 year ago)
thank you your so relaxing
ninjashadow2287 (1 year ago)
lovee this xoxo
Jacob Britton (1 year ago)
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, as soon as I close my eyes she says 'that's okay as well, people tend to fall asleep at the barber's' JESUS FUCK
Sensei Llama (1 year ago)
Why do ASMR women hate beards as much as they do? EVERYBODY WANTS MY BEARD GONE! Also, this is coming from an 11 year-old
Blob (1 year ago)
Mr. Sir if you have a beard at 11 you're either indian or have some serious growth speed/issues
Carlos Araujo (1 year ago)
Put me to sleep
cranebeg (1 year ago)
Beard Trim? What? Nooooo darlin' we both know what I'm here for......
Bleach boy gaming 10 (1 year ago)
Nice video
Travis Warren (1 year ago)
She is absolutely gorgeous!
Jan Holik (2 years ago)
a woman barber? hahahahaha please don't.
Weeple Loves Sheep (5 months ago)
cranebeg yes
Weeple Loves Sheep (5 months ago)
Blob (1 year ago)
nikita taheam uncommon
cranebeg (1 year ago)
Be calm with Sweeney Todd!
nikita taheam (1 year ago)
John Holik haha what's wrong with a woman being a barber?
there is something just a bit creepy about her
StonyRC (2 years ago)
Amazingly beautiful, piercing eyes!
Marissa Monroy (2 years ago)
Um, I need a hair tutorial ASMR version of your hairstyle.
Michael Karas Nguyen (2 years ago)
Just discovered this channel. Your video and audio quality is top notch.
Trek001 (2 years ago)
You "Are you the six o clock appointment?" Me "No... I am the five fifty nine"
joiles01 (1 year ago)
cranebeg (1 year ago)
Think about it folks. lol
gamer bro 2 (2 years ago)
you have good amsr's
Andy (2 years ago)
Why does she remind me of the Harry Potter films?
Jordan Copper (2 years ago)
higoodevening lmao!
Divine (2 years ago)
Never go full retard.
Shaunicans (1 year ago)
Divine You warned a year ago, but the states decided to go full retard. Look at us now....
Talvz (2 years ago)
shave my balls
Bandito Lover (2 years ago)
Well hello there
douce409 (2 years ago)
'Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.' I am sure it came from somewhere else first, but it reminded me of the secret song at the end of Alt-J's An Awesome Wave, anyone else?
Krafft Wardbanger (2 years ago)
A beard can get infected? Oh hells teeth I didn't know that *screams like a strangled nun in an armchair for eight hours*
Weeple Loves Sheep (6 months ago)
you know what a strangled nun sounds like? that's worrying...
Ours Pole Nord (2 years ago)
becca ta bouche est toute déformée (o__o)
QuickASMR (2 years ago)
You are gooooood! I'm defenitly subscribing! Enjoyed it so much
Bob Smarts (2 years ago)
Great work!
KillUrSelf (2 years ago)
Andrée Erickson (2 years ago)
That church bell in the back round
FROSTYNARWALL (2 years ago)
I go to the barbers every 6 weeks to get a shave. By that time ive gone to full mountain man again. I've always loved the experience and now i can have it whenever! Although im wondering if there is beard braiding coming anytime soon?
E B (1 year ago)
so true but females do it better online
segsuc (2 years ago)
Is a female barber uncommon? I have no male barbers at mine, lol.
Elliot Doxsee (2 years ago)
You're very pretty! Great video
Eli Miller (2 years ago)
dont get me wrong she's hot and all but... idk?!?
Eli Miller (2 years ago)
is it just me or theres something really strange going on with her eyebrows....???
exstaci (2 years ago)
Dammit the trimmer just sounds like a vibrator.
wamblue (1 year ago)
exstaci ... Bust a nut. 🍆💦💦😜
Valerie Marlowe (1 year ago)
exstaci tHaTS wHaT iM sAYiNg
1984gmiller (2 years ago)
Ruined by your annoying mouth.
cranebeg (1 year ago)
What is annoying? I like it.
+1984gmiller what an unimportant thing to be miserable about
M3rcury's Laboratory (2 years ago)
holy eyes!! well, I don't know if they're religious or spiritual, but they are awesome.
derpasaurs (2 years ago)
I think of game of thrones when I see her and i dont even watch the show
Antonia Nica (2 years ago)
You're so beautiful! 😍😍
Bebang Buyayyeng (2 years ago)
This ASMR channel seems like the videos have had so many hours of planning and design/scripting . Audio lighting distance background tools. It's like you had a crew or something.
Bebang Buyayyeng (2 years ago)
Is she using a greenscreen? it feels like the background is a projection on a greenscreen. Eitherway if it was a real barbershop recording, nice. If it was through a greenscreen, coool!
Austin Kennedy (2 years ago)
Asmrtists always use green screens, real shops don't promote sound quality
BH (2 years ago)
Seems like greenscreen, the lighting in the background does not match the lighting of her face
Slade KF (2 years ago)
ASMR and accents! Heck yes! SUBSCRIBED!
Raging Rapids (2 years ago)
She scares me.
Jonathan Vera (1 year ago)
Be calm with Becca ... Ttrenzas
cranebeg (1 year ago)
If she scares you, there are no other safe spaces, you are helpless.
+Incubus311 Boo
ZigXag (2 years ago)
Props to the guy in the background for imitating her on the binaural mic. It def made it super realistic!! So props to that guy! He the real MVP
Wheez The Juice Brah (2 years ago)
Zyphera (2 years ago)
Oh my! You are so great at this. Subbed now!
Dorian Emin-Jeong (2 years ago)
shave my pubic hair pls
0neKingD0wn (2 years ago)
The mixed feelings of stumbeling on an other Asmr page....i can already see the bigillion hours going down the drain gawking/snoozing at her videos while sitting in this chair...Thx Youtube....who needs a social life anyway.
heinäsirkka (2 years ago)
Those are the most satisfying-sounding clippers ever.
Jeff Lamb (2 years ago)
Those slow eye blinks though...
demonsty (2 years ago)
soft talk is way better than whisper. GJ
Bushido Brown (2 years ago)
her smile/grin is op, i love it
Lil wannabe (2 years ago)
Very pretty
Shawn Lewis (2 years ago)
"Higoodevening!" - Becca 2016
Susie Que (2 years ago)
you're the last customer of the day, and I'm going to snip you into little pieces with these tiny scissors ... Please hold still ? 😃
some nig (2 years ago)
very pretty

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